Cryto! 21 June 2014

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02:15:28 * dorotea churns the sea of milk
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05:55:37 * crytoweb455 slaps SpaghettiCode around a bit with a large fishbot
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12:20:33 <iceTwy_znc> loggy, pointer?
12:20:33 <loggy>
12:21:45 <iceTwy_znc> dorotea: still not haha
12:23:57 <t0p1_>
12:23:59 <t0p1_> Commander X interview ^^
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14:18:06 <iceTwy_znc> digging through old code is so derpy
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16:03:40 <dorotea> heh
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19:50:46 <iceTwy_znc> where's dorotea
19:50:50 <iceTwy_znc> dorotea: how come you support Ghana?
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19:50:57 <dorotea> iceTwy_znc:) what do you mean
19:51:06 <dorotea> iceTwy_znc:) why do you support nazis?
19:51:09 * dorotea grins
19:51:18 * iceTwy_znc grins
19:51:31 <dorotea> iceTwy_znc:) I've written too many papers about ghana to not support them
19:51:38 <iceTwy_znc> oh I see
19:51:40 <dorotea> 4 papers just this semester alone
19:51:45 <iceTwy_znc> ah, okay
19:51:48 <dorotea> It's to the point where I need to GO there
19:51:48 <dorotea> lol
19:51:55 <iceTwy_znc> aren't they like, the Switzerland of Africa?
19:52:01 <iceTwy_znc> economy-wise
19:52:06 <dorotea> It's not a bad country, yeah
19:52:17 <dorotea> they need to diversify their economy, but heh
19:52:42 <dorotea> they did the worldbank+imf loan things early last decade, and it fucked everything up
19:52:46 <dorotea> so they stopped
19:52:59 <dorotea> and went back to what they were doing before, because that was working, just slower than they wanted
19:53:14 * dorotea grins
19:53:24 <iceTwy_znc> oh okay
19:53:30 <dorotea> It's a neat country
19:54:00 <dorotea> most people speak french and english and their tribal language
19:54:03 <iceTwy_znc> I might put a ring on it
19:54:08 * iceTwy_znc coughs as his sick reference bro
19:54:11 <iceTwy_znc> at*
19:54:18 <dorotea> and sign language
19:54:23 <dorotea> adamorobe sign language, iirc
19:54:52 <dorotea> they've got a pretty high deaf rate in their akan group (huge, I want to call it a tribe but it's thousands of people)
19:54:52 <iceTwy_znc> woah that's impressive, do they still have a large base of people who speak it fluently?
19:54:58 <dorotea> ye
19:55:13 <iceTwy_znc> nice, good to see that some ancient languages are being preserved
19:55:15 <dorotea> akan people have like almost 30% deaf rate
19:55:19 <iceTwy_znc> lolwat
19:55:27 <dorotea> so, as is obvious, everyone has to speak sign
19:55:28 <dorotea> :P
19:55:28 <iceTwy_znc> crap genes I say
19:55:31 <iceTwy_znc> lol
19:55:32 <dorotea> basically
19:55:45 <dorotea> but that's the major issue they have, not others
19:55:51 <dorotea> perfectly normal otherwise, just deaf
19:55:52 <dorotea> lol
19:56:04 <dorotea> so, hey, go for it
19:56:05 <dorotea> lol
19:56:24 <iceTwy_znc> would you imagine going to a village exclusively for deaf people
19:56:46 <iceTwy_znc> I guess they wouldn't speak a word between them cause that's useless
19:56:54 <dorotea> yep
19:57:02 <dorotea> it would kick ass
19:57:05 <iceTwy_znc> the silence would be enjoyable for a moment though
19:57:15 <dorotea> haha nah
19:57:18 <dorotea> deaf people are loud as fuck
19:57:37 <iceTwy_znc> really?
19:57:41 <dorotea> (if you can't hear the sounds you make...)
19:58:03 <dorotea> there's no way to be quiet if audio isn't a thing you do
19:58:04 <dorotea> lol
19:58:15 <iceTwy_znc> the only time I grunt is when I lift heavy weights but other than that I don't think I'm especially loud lol
19:58:19 <dorotea> quiet is something that is assessed from "can I hear?"
19:58:40 <dorotea> yeah but what would happen if you got pissed at somebody, or were excitedly telling a story
19:58:45 <dorotea> your voice gets louder
19:58:52 <iceTwy_znc> definitely
19:58:58 <dorotea> if their sign is like fr/en sign, their signs get more vibrant and larger
19:59:43 <dorotea> it's like anything else tho
19:59:55 <dorotea> quiet mumbling nobody notices, but if someone's yelling everyone hears
20:00:12 <dorotea> the level of noise would be lower in a deaf community, but the same thing would apply (for a hearing observer)
20:00:42 <dorotea> EXCELLENT
20:00:46 <dorotea> house hunting app for africa
20:00:55 <dorotea> 28 countries supported at launch
20:01:12 <iceTwy_znc> o.O
20:01:37 <dorotea> awesome
20:01:40 <dorotea> they support ghana
20:01:54 <dorotea> I should probably get on mxit
20:01:55 <t0p1>
20:02:00 <dorotea> since that's the largest african social network
20:02:55 <dorotea> According to a study by consultancy World Wide Worx, Mxit had 7,4 million monthly active subscribers in July 2013, of which 6,3 million are in South Africa.
20:03:17 <iceTwy_znc> and the remaining 1.1 million are in Ghana lol
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20:03:24 <t0p1> commander X interview on lorx live last night ^^^^ ]
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20:04:10 * dorotea has no idea who commander x is or why I'd listen
20:04:18 <iceTwy_znc> isn't he some Anonymous guy?
20:04:20 <t0p1> you dont need to :)
20:04:45 <dorotea> yes I do
20:04:52 <t0p1> its for those that do waant to listen, yes he is exiled in canada :)
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20:05:13 <dorotea> If I listen to something, I don't do anything else. The audio doesn't say how long it is, but however much time that is, is time I cannot spend doing other things
20:05:17 <dorotea> so yes, I do need to know
20:05:17 <t0p1> its a great convo on all things anonymous and internet freedoms
20:05:35 <t0p1> its about 2hrs
20:05:41 <dorotea> Okay, so it's a huge rehash of everything else I've ever heard
20:05:50 <dorotea> other people can listen to it, then :)
20:06:04 <iceTwy_znc> lol Anonymous
20:06:26 <t0p1> not exactly, convo is all stuff relevant to today unheard convo
20:06:53 <dorotea> if it's relevant to itself then it's not relevant to me
20:07:04 <dorotea> it must bring me new things, new views, or I don't care
20:07:04 <dorotea> lol
20:07:05 <iceTwy_znc> iunno if it's the summer, but I've had an urge to play video games lately
20:07:13 <dorotea> If I've heard it before, no reason to listen again
20:07:14 <t0p1> how do you know its not relevant if you havent listened to it
20:07:25 <dorotea> because you have yet to make an argument that it's relevant
20:07:26 <iceTwy_znc> like, shooting some shit up in DayZ or something haha
20:07:55 <t0p1> we discuss everything from assange and his ego to snowden and repatriation
20:07:57 <dorotea> iceTwy_znc:) I've been playing WoW, gonna travel tomorrow and play minecraft
20:08:34 <dorotea> sounds cool, but that's stuff I've heard lots about already
20:08:56 <dorotea> which means it has to fall into "novel viewpoint" bucket or I don't pay attention
20:09:20 <t0p1> I will pay you a euro
20:09:47 <t0p1> informed viewpoint may I add
20:09:59 <t0p1> novel would imply this is just fun
20:10:12 <dorotea> it is
20:10:27 <t0p1> informed or fun?
20:10:32 <dorotea> fun
20:10:39 <t0p1> wrong answer
20:10:47 <dorotea> don't ever take it too seriously, it's the future of the world
20:10:55 <t0p1> and its fuxxed
20:10:56 <t0p1> lol
20:11:05 <t0p1> see I laughed ^^
20:11:13 <t0p1> never take anything too serious
20:11:18 <t0p1> except this
20:11:53 <dorotea> no, never take serious things seriously
20:11:58 <dorotea> it'll kill you
20:12:28 <t0p1> I once got stung by a wasp on a bus, that was a serious mode moment
20:12:48 <t0p1> maybe I should lighe up
20:12:54 <t0p1> lighten ^^
20:13:07 <dorotea> I had one of those fuckers fly into my soda before I drank it and I didn't see
20:13:08 <dorotea> that sucked
20:13:15 <dorotea> still funny in retrospect
20:13:43 <t0p1> hindsight is so full of comedy value
20:14:05 <dorotea> yep
20:14:15 <t0p1> I hate hindsight
20:14:27 <dorotea> and if you're applying hindsight to the future and foresight to the past, you get something like the present
20:14:28 <t0p1> actually thinking about it I don;t
20:14:43 <t0p1> reverse perspective
20:14:48 <t0p1> interesting
20:15:58 <dorotea> you may find my weird rejection of your audio recording obnoxious, but I assure you it's to maintain a usefully different perspective on the world :P
20:16:23 <t0p1> time is a value, value your time
20:17:30 <t0p1> I believe the value of time is worth sacrificing to listen to that convo, we are to arrange glenn greenwald and julian assange on air at the same time for a joint show
20:18:13 <dorotea> that's a show I'd listen to
20:19:02 <t0p1> Commander X is speaking with Glenn, I have friends speaking with Julian
20:20:32 <dorotea> I don't listen to glenn much
20:20:38 <dorotea> the value there is them speaking to eachother
20:20:46 <t0p1> exactly
20:20:47 <dorotea> not in any individual person
20:21:01 <t0p1> the simplest ideas are the best :)
20:21:06 <dorotea> context is key :)
20:21:22 <t0p1> context is my middle name :)
20:22:10 <iceTwy_znc> heeeeeey dorotea
20:22:16 <iceTwy_znc> 2-1 for Ghana :D
20:22:31 <dorotea> AGH
20:22:37 <dorotea> you fuckers and your world cup
20:22:42 <dorotea> breaking twitter's shit
20:22:50 * dorotea keeps getting logged out
20:24:45 <dorotea> excellent
20:24:58 * dorotea hopes ghana woops germany
20:27:06 <iceTwy_znc> they're leading the game
20:27:09 <iceTwy_znc> almost scored a 3rd one
20:28:28 * dorotea tries to figure out how to watch
20:28:41 <dorotea> oh good, espon lets me
20:28:53 <iceTwy_znc> aaaaaagh
20:28:55 <dorotea> ghana is red?
20:28:59 <iceTwy_znc> Germany came back
20:29:00 <iceTwy_znc> yes
20:29:05 <iceTwy_znc> 2-2
20:29:06 <dorotea> excellent
20:29:17 <dorotea> shhh
20:29:22 <dorotea> penalty kick
20:29:28 <dorotea> awh
20:31:41 <dorotea> hmm
20:31:45 <dorotea> ghana is really tight
20:31:48 <dorotea> almost too tight on them
20:45:00 <dorotea> man
20:45:10 <dorotea> germany can't hit the broad side of a goal from the inside
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20:48:30 LunaElektra (LunaElektr@DE1896E5.92A4CD35.427D0962.IP) has joined #crytocc
20:49:47 * apx slaps dorotea around a bit with a large trout
20:49:55 <apx> doesn't look alike
20:50:10 <LunaElektra> lol
20:50:34 <LunaElektra> oh the ubiquitous fishy-slap :)
20:50:48 <apx> ya default slap
20:51:02 <apx> it used to be different
20:51:09 <apx> but then I took an arrow to the knee
20:51:13 <apx> *badumtss*
20:51:32 <LunaElektra> must be nice to be secure :\
20:52:10 <dorotea> lol
20:52:46 <LunaElektra> ;)
20:54:22 <dorotea> haha fuck yeah
20:54:26 <dorotea> THERE HAS BEEN BLOOD
20:54:58 <iceTwy_znc> it's a draw
20:55:01 <dorotea> yep
20:55:03 <iceTwy_znc> and Muller is fucking down haha
20:55:06 <iceTwy_znc> he's bleeding pretty badly
20:55:10 <dorotea> yes he is
20:55:58 * LunaElektra yawns
20:56:21 <LunaElektra> are you guys still offering help setting up TOR/Raspberry?
20:56:37 * LunaElektra does list...
20:56:59 <dorotea> so, nigeria or bosnia/herzegovina
20:57:20 <dorotea> still? there's probably a guide for that
20:57:30 <LunaElektra> where?
20:57:31 <dorotea> tor + raspbian is likely easy
20:57:37 <dorotea> I don't know, you have google just as I do
20:57:39 <LunaElektra> think Gregg had one, lost link
20:57:57 <apx> LunaElektra wipe the mmc, dd the image and fire up the pi
20:58:04 <LunaElektra> yep
20:58:17 <LunaElektra> I dunno what ya mean
20:58:30 <apx> whats the issue?
20:58:31 <apx> getting the os?
20:58:48 <apx>
20:58:53 <apx> Beginners should start with NOOBS.
20:58:55 <apx> lawl
20:59:05 <LunaElektra> so Sven isn't here then?
20:59:17 <apx> dafuq?
20:59:18 <LunaElektra> why? makes you feel more entitled? lol
20:59:27 <LunaElektra> c'mon :)
20:59:30 <apx> it's written on the page
20:59:31 <dorotea> I'm so confused
20:59:35 <LunaElektra> everyone starts somewhere
20:59:42 <LunaElektra> thanks apx
20:59:44 <apx> huh? never said you're a noob
20:59:46 <dorotea> are you looking for someone to hold your hand? cause that's what the guides are for
20:59:47 <dorotea> lol
20:59:53 <LunaElektra> ?
20:59:57 <LunaElektra> nope?
21:00:03 <dorotea> then why ask about entitlement
21:00:04 <LunaElektra> why would you assume that? lol
21:00:14 <dorotea> why reject help?
21:00:14 <LunaElektra> you used noob.
21:00:18 <dorotea> I didn't
21:00:23 <apx> the fucking OS IS CALLED NOOBS
21:00:32 <LunaElektra> okay, brb gotta read
21:00:36 <apx> -.-
21:00:37 <dorotea> yes
21:00:39 <dorotea> yes you do
21:00:40 <dorotea> <3
21:00:47 <LunaElektra> ?
21:00:50 <apx> Y U CALL ME NOOB
21:00:51 <LunaElektra> oookay
21:01:36 <LunaElektra> for the record, stuff won't change until ya stop with the nonsense
21:01:41 <LunaElektra> lulz or not
21:01:43 <LunaElektra> :)
21:01:56 <apx> such confuse
21:02:11 <LunaElektra> over what?
21:02:13 <LunaElektra> LOL
21:02:19 <LunaElektra> there's no confusin
21:02:24 <LunaElektra> er confusion :)
21:02:30 <dorotea> here's a good one
21:02:42 <dorotea> you're telling us we're saying nonsense
21:02:45 <LunaElektra> thanks :)
21:02:47 <dorotea> that's why there's confusion
21:02:51 <dorotea> because we're not, you are
21:02:52 <dorotea> lol
21:02:59 <apx> ^
21:03:02 <LunaElektra> how so?
21:03:13 <dorotea> I've explained one instance already
21:03:15 <LunaElektra> what's confusing about me?
21:03:17 <LunaElektra> O_O
21:03:18 <dorotea> perhaps you should read up
21:03:20 <apx> stop asking so many questions
21:03:32 <apx> y u no rtfm
21:03:35 <LunaElektra> LOL stop censoring my ability to ask
21:03:42 <LunaElektra> seems silly
21:03:45 <dorotea> okay then I'm done here
21:04:03 <dorotea> there can be no censorship where I have no power over you.
21:04:04 <LunaElektra> ok
21:04:29 <apx> Seriously
21:04:37 <LunaElektra> apx stop asking so many questions
21:04:38 <apx> I literally just googled "raspberry pi install tor" and got results
21:04:42 <LunaElektra> ...
21:04:48 <LunaElektra> okay, I gotta get this done
21:04:51 <LunaElektra> so as you were
21:04:59 <LunaElektra> being confusing or whatever lol
21:05:35 <LunaElektra> no, I think if you want to actually help, you just do
21:05:41 <LunaElektra> like the rest of us 99%
21:05:59 * LunaElektra shrugs
21:06:02 <apx> you speak so much urandom
21:06:11 <LunaElektra> simple, I know. but that's how it is with me.
21:06:21 <LunaElektra> not really LOL
21:07:05 <dorotea> you're like a really advanced megaHAL
21:07:08 <apx> ^
21:07:16 <dorotea> It's impressive, really
21:07:22 <LunaElektra> I have no idea what that means
21:07:35 <dorotea> google some of the words and find out
21:07:42 <LunaElektra> no...
21:07:57 <apx> seriously what the fuck is wrong with you? use the internet like it's meant to be used
21:08:12 <LunaElektra> I'd love to
21:08:13 <apx>!
21:08:15 <apx>!
21:08:17 <apx>!
21:08:19 <LunaElektra> but when dealing with nonsense
21:08:24 <LunaElektra> I can' really
21:08:25 <apx>
21:08:25 <dorotea> what do you mean no? Why would you not search to find an answer to a question or lack of knowledge?
21:09:00 <dorotea> what justification to you make, with access to all the knowledge of the world, for not partaking in it?
21:09:08 <dorotea> s/to/do/
21:09:19 <LunaElektra> wha? yeah, not megahal or watson
21:09:32 <LunaElektra> and stop making yourself feel superior over code
21:09:37 <LunaElektra> weird.
21:09:38 <LunaElektra> lol
21:09:55 <apx> I'm out. he's trolling
21:10:03 <LunaElektra> I'm a she
21:10:07 <LunaElektra> I don't troll
21:10:09 <LunaElektra> ever.
21:10:09 <apx> HAHA
21:10:15 <apx> 4chan-she?
21:10:17 <LunaElektra> but this is you trolling
21:10:24 <dorotea> yeah, this shit is like a perl text transform over this corpus
21:10:29 <apx> like she-with-a-dick?
21:10:31 <apx> :D
21:10:36 <LunaElektra> okay, sorry gotta get this done
21:10:42 <LunaElektra> carry on
21:11:20 <LunaElektra> the majority of us online shouldn't have to stop to deal with your trolling
21:11:22 <dorotea> excellent, megaHAL can be plugged into pidgin
21:11:23 <LunaElektra> it's weird
21:11:31 <LunaElektra> abusive and bullying
21:12:00 <LunaElektra> my gawd still
21:12:04 <dorotea> it's none of those things, not trolling, weird, abusive, or bullying. We're trying to help and you're rejecting it out of hand. What can we do?
21:12:05 <LunaElektra> so silly.
21:12:19 <LunaElektra> huh?
21:12:22 <LunaElektra> where?
21:12:28 <apx> it's sexism!
21:12:32 <LunaElektra> I've received no help from here
21:12:32 <apx> go ahead, say it!
21:12:39 <LunaElektra> ???
21:12:44 <apx> k:D
21:12:54 <LunaElektra> yeah, not sexism
21:12:59 <dorotea> I suppose my link that gives you both a guide and an automated script to do what you asked does not constitute help, then. I see.
21:13:05 <LunaElektra> occupation of time for your nonsense, could be
21:13:08 * LunaElektra shrugs
21:13:10 <apx> look what the hell
21:13:14 <apx> apt-get install tor
21:13:22 <apx> modify the .torc file
21:13:25 <LunaElektra> can it go in Torch?
21:13:26 <apx> you're fucking done
21:13:33 <dorotea> what is torch
21:13:37 <apx> ^
21:13:38 <apx> no idea
21:13:43 <LunaElektra> ugh, is there a guide for the modify?
21:13:49 <apx>
21:13:54 <dorotea> some chrome modification
21:13:55 <dorotea> funky
21:13:55 <LunaElektra> all there?
21:14:04 <LunaElektra> I hate chrome
21:14:15 <LunaElektra> well Torch runs off of some Chrome stuff
21:14:17 <dorotea> you use it every day
21:14:29 <apx> uhm
21:14:32 <dorotea> chromium is chrome without proprietary codecs mang
21:14:33 <LunaElektra> chrome? no ie or Torch
21:14:39 <LunaElektra> oh okay, neat
21:14:41 <dorotea> torch is chromium
21:14:42 <dorotea> lol
21:14:49 <LunaElektra> ah kay
21:14:55 <dorotea> modified with torrent support, looks like
21:14:56 <apx> how did you manage to get onto IRC? you behave like wtf is computer
21:15:02 <dorotea> and some video shits
21:15:07 <LunaElektra> yep, does have a built torrent
21:15:16 <LunaElektra> I don't like it, usually I use bit
21:15:23 <LunaElektra> er built in
21:15:36 <LunaElektra> well not via a client
21:15:37 <LunaElektra> web
21:15:38 <dorotea> you're on windows then if it's IE
21:15:39 <LunaElektra> ??
21:15:45 <dorotea> oh, for irc
21:15:46 <dorotea> I see
21:15:57 <dorotea> you don't link your thoughts together very well, I suggest working on that
21:16:01 <dorotea> it would help lots with clarity
21:16:12 <LunaElektra> my thoughts are linked together very well
21:16:22 <LunaElektra> don't ever be demeaning with me again.
21:16:26 <LunaElektra> my boundaries.
21:16:28 <dorotea> not for those communicating with you
21:16:51 <LunaElektra> yeah, I don't issues with communications in writing ever
21:16:57 <dorotea> I'm totally respectful of boundaries, but this is a text interface and I can't know yours.
21:16:57 <LunaElektra> er don't have
21:17:33 <apx> are both of you female?
21:18:01 <dorotea> apx:) I am not, but many online seem to think I am. I'm just not very "masculine".
21:18:01 <apx> because I don't get shit of what just happened ^_^
21:18:27 <apx> [23:16:59]  <dorotea> I'm totally respectful of boundaries, but this is a text interface and I can't know yours.
21:18:41 <apx> I can't rate whether you're masculine over IRC or not ;)
21:18:41 <dorotea> (masculinity and maleness being the difference between gender and sex)
21:18:50 <apx> ask
21:18:53 <apx> ahk
21:18:55 <apx> :F
21:19:00 <dorotea> :)
21:19:41 LunaElektra_ ( has joined #crytocc
21:19:43 <apx> why "dorotea"? that's a female nick right?
21:19:47 <LunaElektra_> gah, power ottage
21:19:52 <dorotea> It is, yeah.
21:20:03 LunaElektra has quit (Ping timeout)
21:20:03 <LunaElektra_> can I get those links again, please & thank you? :)
21:20:17 <dorotea>
21:20:21 <dorotea> :)
21:20:23 <LunaElektra_> thankya :)
21:20:26 <dorotea> np
21:21:01 <LunaElektra_> and no, no troll, no bot
21:21:04 <LunaElektra_> very human
21:21:16 <LunaElektra_> previously angry (sorry) not at you guys etc.
21:21:17 <apx> if you were a bot, I'd love to see your code
21:21:22 <LunaElektra_> LOL
21:22:25 <dorotea> heh
21:22:34 <LunaElektra_> me too, some Tuareg test though O_O
21:22:36 <dorotea> apx: shh
21:22:42 <dorotea> turing, not tuareg :)
21:22:48 <LunaElektra_> whoops
21:22:51 <LunaElektra_> sorry lol
21:22:52 <LunaElektra_> :)
21:23:09 <LunaElektra_> and don't Q my loyality, I love y'all :)
21:23:13 <dorotea> tuareg is northern african nomadic group who tried to launch azawad in mar 2012
21:23:17 <dorotea> :P
21:23:19 <LunaElektra_> LOL
21:23:24 <LunaElektra_> whoops
21:23:32 <LunaElektra_> sorry damn screen glare, outside*
21:23:38 <dorotea> they wear alasho and are partially matrilineal
21:23:38 crytocc387 ( has joined #crytocc
21:23:43 <LunaElektra_> really?
21:23:45 <LunaElektra_> neat
21:23:46 <dorotea> yep
21:23:51 <dorotea> I wrote a paper on them
21:23:51 <dorotea> heh
21:23:58 <LunaElektra_> matrilineal, very few nowadays
21:24:04 <LunaElektra_> cool
21:24:07 <LunaElektra_> what for thesis?
21:24:16 <dorotea> I wrote on 6, only identified 8 "major" groups left
21:24:22 <LunaElektra_> I'd like to read it one day
21:24:23 <LunaElektra_> :)
21:24:27 <dorotea> no, just a final-paper for an anthropology class
21:24:31 <LunaElektra_> cool
21:24:36 crytocc387 has parted #crytocc ()
21:24:37 <dorotea> it got cited in a book recently
21:24:43 <LunaElektra_> sweet
21:24:44 <dorotea> googled myself last weekend and found that
21:24:48 <dorotea> yeah, heh
21:24:56 <LunaElektra_> so nice when that happens, eh?
21:25:07 <dorotea> I guess so, I'm still confused as to why people listen to me :P
21:25:07 <LunaElektra_> give props where due
21:25:15 <LunaElektra_> well except with hollyweird LOL
21:25:16 <dorotea> oh I don't mind that
21:25:26 <dorotea> I don't want credit
21:25:34 <LunaElektra_> yeah, but it's an accomplishment to be proud of
21:25:40 <LunaElektra_> so why not? :)
21:25:45 <dorotea> proud isn't something I do
21:25:52 <dorotea> was not raised that way :)
21:25:55 <LunaElektra_> yep, hard to do
21:26:09 <dorotea> pride is a ... bad thing I guess
21:26:15 <dorotea> you spend time being proud instead of working
21:26:15 <LunaElektra_> I agree
21:26:19 <dorotea> means less work gets done
21:26:20 <dorotea> lol
21:26:24 <LunaElektra_> vvery true
21:26:31 <dorotea> (that's what my mom taught)
21:26:48 <LunaElektra_> gah -v not voice lol
21:26:53 <dorotea> :)
21:27:02 <LunaElektra_> =good mom.
21:27:05 <LunaElektra_> :;)
21:27:09 * dorotea grins
21:27:10 <LunaElektra_> GAH! glare.
21:27:21 <LunaElektra_> and idiocy, but oh well
21:27:22 <dorotea> do you have a sheet?
21:27:23 <LunaElektra_> LOL
21:27:31 <LunaElektra_> no, I should get one
21:27:33 <LunaElektra_> lol
21:27:35 <dorotea> you could use it to reduce glare :)
21:27:40 <dorotea> or cheesecloth
21:27:43 <LunaElektra_> too damn shiny O_O
21:27:47 <LunaElektra_> LOL
21:27:48 <dorotea> thin, lets light through, but blocks glare
21:27:56 <LunaElektra_> huh neat hack
21:28:04 <LunaElektra_> life*
21:28:19 <LunaElektra_> okay, brb going to read
21:28:25 <dorotea> :)
21:28:48 <LunaElektra_> so just sven's bot here then? no site, or do I get tor, and it magically reappears again? LOL
21:28:58 <LunaElektra_> like some lost trek through the darknet O_O
21:29:23 <LunaElektra_> gah.... no antiglare moving inside.
21:29:40 <LunaElektra_> (or cheesecloth...) LOL
21:30:04 corpsshoal (corpsshoal@93842250.F486B232.2044A653.IP) has joined #crytocc
21:30:54 <dorotea> haha
21:31:02 <dorotea> he's been working hard and staying away from irc
21:31:25 corpsshoal has quit (User quit:  Connection closed)
21:37:37 <LunaElektra_> how come
21:37:38 <LunaElektra_> ?
21:37:48 <LunaElektra_> he said redo of the anon site
21:38:08 <dorotea> he's been shitting code everywhere lately
21:38:14 <LunaElektra_> LOL
21:38:32 <LunaElektra_> yeah, he said he still had botpie here tho
21:38:33 <dorotea> he launched a scribd replacement in a weekend, for eg
21:38:41 <dorotea>
21:38:44 <LunaElektra_> OH!
21:38:52 <LunaElektra_> yeah I saw he shared that on twitter
21:38:59 <dorotea> automirrors public pdfs to internet archive <3
21:39:01 <LunaElektra_> don't understand it enough yet
21:39:20 <LunaElektra_> huh, maybe you explain that to me after done with this Tor stuff? :)
21:39:27 <LunaElektra_> please & thank you.
21:39:29 <LunaElektra_> ?
21:39:37 <dorotea> kk
21:39:43 <LunaElektra_> :D
21:39:55 <LunaElektra_> k brb
21:40:11 <iceTwy_znc> My Win7 partition is completely fucked up lol. getting a black screen of death
21:40:16 <iceTwy_znc> can't play games, duh
21:40:23 <LunaElektra_> O_O
21:40:27 <dorotea> nuuuu
21:40:35 <dorotea> I have debian, thus don't have that problem
21:40:36 <dorotea> lol
21:40:44 <apx> osx + bootcamp. windows is top
21:40:52 <LunaElektra_> linux, looks confusing lol
21:40:55 iceTwy (iceTwy@iceTwy.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
21:41:00 <dorotea> I paid for goat simulator because it's gonna ship for linux shortly
21:41:02 <LunaElektra_> wb
21:41:17 <dorotea> ubuntu or opensuse are very easy to use
21:41:22 <apx> goat simulator is shit
21:41:28 <dorotea> but some linuxes can be complicated, yes
21:41:29 <apx> the map is like 10 square metres
21:41:34 <dorotea> excellent
21:41:39 <apx> huh?
21:41:45 <dorotea> I will happily pay 8 bucks for lulz
21:41:51 <LunaElektra_> omg, I love them, they have video for us retards! YAY!
21:41:54 <LunaElektra_> :D
21:41:56 <dorotea> just as a fuck-you to what games the industry makes today
21:42:08 <apx>
21:42:19 <dorotea> AAA games are a joke and you know it
21:42:26 <dorotea> they take like a single risk per year
21:42:26 <apx> I even felt bad pirating the game because it's so darn fucked up bad
21:42:27 <dorotea> it's silly
21:42:52 <dorotea> I want more experimental cheap games
21:43:41 <dorotea> wow
21:43:48 <apx> sup
21:44:01 <dorotea> someone is linking to a political statement of theirs, via a bitly link that wraps an link
21:44:05 <dorotea> this is so disgusting I can't even
21:48:29 <LunaElektra_> I need an SD card? or this where the modify comes in?
21:48:34 * LunaElektra_ scrolls u[
21:48:37 <LunaElektra_> er up
21:49:16 <LunaElektra_> oh nm, found other link, fruit* :)
21:49:21 <dorotea> :>
21:51:30 <dorotea> heh
21:51:40 <dorotea> google wallet can track my purchases on amazon from the emails
21:51:45 <dorotea> that's fucking cool
21:52:06 <LunaElektra_> LOL
21:52:10 <LunaElektra_> doesn't sound it
21:52:19 <LunaElektra_> okay, I have no idea what this means
21:52:21 <dorotea> google tells me when the packages are to arrive
21:52:38 <dorotea> which would be neat if I hadn't already set amazon up to text me
21:52:38 <dorotea> lol
21:53:46 <LunaElektra_> will this too work from here?
21:54:09 *** LunaElektra_ is now known as LunaElektra
21:55:23 <dorotea> I don't know?
21:55:50 <LunaElektra> lol me either
21:55:52 <dorotea> what do you mean by "work", and what constraints does "here" imbue on your actions
21:55:53 <dorotea> :P
21:55:56 <LunaElektra>
21:55:58 <LunaElektra> O_O
21:56:18 <LunaElektra> stop talking like a robot with no empathy
21:56:31 <LunaElektra> you're human; no lines of code* (per say)
21:56:38 * LunaElektra brings human* back ;)
21:56:44 <LunaElektra> like sexy, with JT
21:56:48 <LunaElektra> lol
21:57:15 <LunaElektra> okay, going to read figure this out then... gah
21:57:34 <dorotea> I don't suffer from much empathy, no, and you telling me to change that does not help :P
21:57:46 <LunaElektra> that's a shame
21:57:56 <LunaElektra> I think you do, but you ignore it* :)
21:57:58 <dorotea> if you say so :)
21:58:00 <LunaElektra> LOL
21:58:21 <LunaElektra> you wouldn't have been this patient with me, without it ;)
21:58:40 <LunaElektra> no airs please, humans + code = GOOD.
21:58:55 <LunaElektra> wtf O_O
21:59:22 <dorotea> haha
21:59:24 <LunaElektra> ok... read/understand/it's like looking at a foreign culture/nation/language/people*/alien
21:59:38 <LunaElektra> O_o ffs
21:59:45 <LunaElektra> fml
21:59:58 <dorotea> yes, and I am well educated specifically in how to do exactly that
22:00:03 <dorotea> :P
22:00:20 <dorotea> seems to work well
22:00:51 <LunaElektra> LOL
22:00:56 <LunaElektra> anthro's
22:00:58 <LunaElektra> ;)
22:01:22 <LunaElektra> do I need to be closing browser/windows down when installing this?
22:01:29 <dorotea> I only took one anthro class :P
22:01:32 <LunaElektra> I'm thinking I do... lol
22:01:45 <dorotea> I don't know, I'm unsure as to why you'd ever close a window
22:01:46 <dorotea> lol
22:01:56 <LunaElektra> .... funny
22:02:00 <LunaElektra> yes, on winblows
22:02:01 <LunaElektra> ;P
22:02:32 <dorotea> I know, but I run linux and so the only time I close a window is when I reboot. which is probably once per month or so
22:02:53 <LunaElektra> I know, you're lucky you understand that LOL :/ and can*
22:03:09 <LunaElektra> okay brb, hopefully I don't exploded my pc, os or myself :)
22:03:15 * LunaElektra crosses fingers*
22:03:20 <LunaElektra> er -d
22:04:08 LunaElektra has quit (User quit:  pray for me... O_O)
22:04:15 <dorotea> oooh
22:04:29 <dorotea> 9 dollars per 12oz for tor marketplace purchased coffee
22:04:50 <dorotea> iceTwy_znc:) It would be absolutely perfect if my first purchase on a silk road site was coffee
22:10:09 LunaElektra ( has joined #crytocc
22:10:15 <LunaElektra> WOW
22:10:21 * LunaElektra falls outta chair
22:10:41 <LunaElektra> sorry, small things amuse me :D
22:10:55 * LunaElektra hugs dorotea apx
22:10:57 <LunaElektra> :)
22:11:00 <apx> :-*
22:11:08 <LunaElektra> it says TOR!
22:11:17 * LunaElektra jumps up & down!
22:11:46 <LunaElektra> I know less exciting for you all
22:11:52 <LunaElektra> but very for me :X
22:14:35 <LunaElektra> so the lag, is between this browser and whatever, as it's protecting*
22:14:39 <LunaElektra> sorry, dunno the terms
22:14:40 <LunaElektra> lol
22:14:55 <LunaElektra> it's minimal though
22:14:58 <LunaElektra> O_O nice
22:15:03 <dorotea> tor's not bad these days
22:15:10 <dorotea> pretty fast, just high latency
22:15:12 <LunaElektra> very nice
22:15:19 <LunaElektra> what's that mean?
22:15:25 <LunaElektra> sorry, I ask tons of Q's
22:15:33 <LunaElektra> hope that's okay with you lol
22:15:53 <dorotea> fast means speed of data
22:16:03 <dorotea> latency is time it takes for data to go from here to there
22:16:18 <dorotea> for example, I could ship a harddrive full of data somewhere
22:16:25 <dorotea> might take a week to get there, very high latency
22:16:37 <dorotea> but if I ship 1 petabyte of data, it's a lot of data
22:17:21 <dorotea> and it's very fast to get there as well, because you plug the drive in and it's accessible
22:17:29 <dorotea> but you must wait 1week for it to arrive
22:17:31 <dorotea> :P
22:17:33 <dorotea> (latency)
22:18:26 <LunaElektra> O_O
22:18:29 <LunaElektra> WOW
22:18:51 <LunaElektra> oh okay, thanks
22:19:29 ghostm0th (hope@CBEACCF3.B499EA1.75398329.IP) has joined #crytocc
22:19:36 <LunaElektra> snarky but decent explanation
22:19:37 <LunaElektra> ;)
22:19:42 <LunaElektra> I like >:)
22:19:55 <LunaElektra> wow... sorry
22:20:00 * LunaElektra closes mouth
22:20:43 * dorotea pops cherry in LunaElektra's mouth
22:20:49 ghostb4t has quit (Ping timeout)
22:21:08 <LunaElektra> LOL
22:21:23 <LunaElektra> ha-ha-ha ;P
22:21:40 <LunaElektra> it's like being in another dimension...
22:21:41 <LunaElektra> O_o
22:22:02 <LunaElektra> HOLY!
22:23:48 <dorotea> I am concerned that neither site is using ssl
22:24:09 <dorotea> I should get in contact and offer to set it up
22:24:27 <LunaElektra> question, why did Twitter just try to cookie me?
22:24:31 <LunaElektra> through Tor
22:24:44 <dorotea> because there was a twitter widget in a page you accessed?
22:24:52 <dorotea> they don't care where you are :P
22:25:00 <LunaElektra> no, I know that
22:25:01 <dorotea> send a do-not-track header, twitter will honor it
22:25:09 <LunaElektra> hmm okay
22:25:17 <dorotea> It's a setting in your browser somewhere
22:25:23 <LunaElektra> widget?
22:25:30 <LunaElektra> yea, I usually check that off
22:25:30 <dorotea> the little tweet buttons?
22:25:32 iceTwy has quit (User quit:  WeeChat 0.4.3)
22:25:36 <dorotea> called `widgets`
22:25:43 <LunaElektra> but it said by using Twitter you agree that*
22:25:51 <LunaElektra> ... without consnet
22:25:52 <LunaElektra> er consent
22:25:52 <dorotea> yes
22:25:59 <dorotea> you do agree
22:26:03 <dorotea> because you used the service
22:26:04 <dorotea> lol
22:26:09 <LunaElektra> k, then do the no track?
22:26:21 <LunaElektra> ...
22:26:24 * LunaElektra shakes dorotea
22:26:25 <LunaElektra> ;)
22:26:36 <dorotea> yeah. they will still cookie you, but they honor it. they drop all "do not track" traffic at the edge of their network
22:27:07 <LunaElektra> better than FB I would imagine too
22:27:10 <dorotea> there's no real way to tell, but I trust them on that. they have otherwise tended to be good about such things
22:27:17 <LunaElektra> don't use it anymore, years or so
22:27:23 <dorotea> yeah
22:27:26 <LunaElektra> yeah I agree
22:27:30 <dorotea> facebook now tracks everyone always, and officially
22:27:53 <dorotea> they announced last week that they will use the web browsing traffic they see from the like buttons for advertising data
22:27:54 <LunaElektra> yeah, even my friends +family have logged off for good
22:28:11 <dorotea> which they said in 2011 they'd never do
22:28:11 <dorotea> heh
22:28:21 <LunaElektra> most of them, kinda sad they've ruined it for personal/social connections, not that it ever worked how we thought did
22:28:27 <dorotea> yeah
22:28:34 <LunaElektra> now, that we know O_O stupid
22:28:36 <LunaElektra> sad
22:28:39 <dorotea> it's problematic, cause facebook's not actually very good for communication
22:28:46 <dorotea> im, irc, phones, etc, those are all pretty decent
22:28:52 <LunaElektra> yep
22:29:06 <LunaElektra> irc I think we should all be moving back too
22:29:12 <dorotea> even google hangouts or skype and such are good, but fb is really really meant for ad data
22:29:27 <LunaElektra> ugh skype
22:29:31 <LunaElektra> weren't they into that too?
22:29:33 <dorotea> (both hangouts and skype have other problems, but they are good for video)
22:29:35 <LunaElektra> the nsa fuckers?
22:29:39 <dorotea> of course
22:29:41 <LunaElektra> like EVERYWHERE
22:30:02 <LunaElektra> awful they've done so much damage and created such trust issues
22:30:20 <dorotea> yeah. on the plus side, they're government, which means they're accountable to us
22:30:28 <dorotea> private corps aren't much anymore
22:30:29 <dorotea> :<
22:30:32 <LunaElektra> I was talking about that with a friend, I was like, remember way back with IRC and ICQ
22:30:43 <LunaElektra> people were actually reasonable to each other, less anger
22:30:51 <dorotea> sounds like US congress is trying to defund some parts of NSA stuffs
22:31:00 <dorotea> seems cool
22:31:12 <LunaElektra> now, we have idiots, yelling, screaming (as I used to), disinfo artists, and just hurtful weird ass bully stuff
22:31:31 <LunaElektra> it worked then, and there were few incidents of this type of behaviour online
22:31:40 <LunaElektra> now, it's even worse O_O
22:31:44 <LunaElektra> HOW?!
22:31:56 <dorotea> now we have private corporations which produce software to automate that behavior
22:31:56 <dorotea> :P
22:32:11 <LunaElektra> yes, exactly supposedly I hear we employ government ;)
22:32:20 <LunaElektra> I think they've forgotten that... LOL
22:32:37 <LunaElektra> yea, stupid
22:32:41 <dorotea> presently they have the advantage, and from power perspective it's good to "forget" that
22:32:59 <dorotea> not good for us, of course
22:32:59 <LunaElektra> but how?
22:33:03 <dorotea> and we should work to change
22:33:10 <LunaElektra> they've effected and ruined most things now]
22:33:13 <LunaElektra> -]
22:36:23 <LunaElektra> http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
22:36:24 <LunaElektra> O_O
22:36:38 <LunaElektra> sorry...
22:38:32 <LunaElektra> amazing
22:46:35 <LunaElektra> OH
22:46:41 * LunaElektra shakes joepie91
22:46:43 <LunaElektra> :)
22:49:08 <LunaElektra> wow, our ombudsmen is totatlly useless other than to share pics of dogs
22:49:11 <LunaElektra> LOL
22:49:18 <LunaElektra> ffs
22:49:39 <LunaElektra> If I won't selfie me, I ain't selfie-ing my dogs...
22:50:01 <LunaElektra> who knows if they could be thrown into the NSA matrix and used as slaves too O_o
22:50:06 <LunaElektra> ;)
23:09:19 Zekka has quit (Ping timeout)
23:31:33 <LunaElektra> no one even in opnewblood... hrm
23:34:55 <dorotea> yes this isn't really an "anon" network. that topic is not allowed in this channel, also. You can go into #anonnews or whatever and talk about such things :)
23:35:08 Zekka ( has joined #crytocc
23:42:30 <LunaElektra> which...? cryto? the channel itself?
23:43:27 <dorotea> hmm?
23:49:38 <t0p1>
23:59:33 ghostm0th has quit (Client exited)