Cryto! 19 January 2014

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00:12:45 <iceTwy> loggy, pointer?
00:12:45 <loggy>
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01:56:36 <dorotea> hmm
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05:03:58 <crytoweb100> hi
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05:56:46 <n4me> what do u all think of fedora?
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08:05:49 <gesichtskirmes> anyone remember a guy called segfault or m0de?
08:09:58 * joepie93 says good morning
08:10:03 <joepie93> also
08:10:06 <joepie93> .welcome gesichtskirmes
08:10:07 <botpie91> gesichtskirmes: welcome to #crytocc! Please be aware that this channel is publicly logged, and make sure to read the rules in the channel topic. You may hide messages from the public logs by prefixing them with [off].
08:10:07 <joepie93> etc :P
08:19:26 <gesichtskirmes> yeah yeah
08:19:28 <gesichtskirmes> good morning :P
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08:22:47 <gesichtskirmes> good morning to you, too
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09:39:11 <joepie93> dorotea; there?
09:39:23 <joepie93> @GreenValueHost said: I think that it is basic virtualization knowledge to know that regardless of the space that is available on the node, when you reinstall a virtual server sometimes you cannot immediately see all the disk space that has been allocated to your virtual server with the df -h command. It may take a little time for updatedb to perform a rescan.
09:39:47 <joepie93> either I am missing something about the internal workings of df and its relationship to updatedb/locate, or this guy is a complete fucking idiot
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10:35:19 <monod> lol
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11:15:42 <joepie93> :)
11:15:58 <hrh23> <3<3
11:15:59 <joepie93> can't recall if I've spammed you with this before, so
11:16:02 <joepie93> .welcome hrh23
11:16:02 <botpie91> hrh23: welcome to #crytocc! Please be aware that this channel is publicly logged, and make sure to read the rules in the channel topic. You may hide messages from the public logs by prefixing them with [off].
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11:17:46 <iceTwy> joepie93: y not joepie91? o.o
11:19:05 *** joepie93 is now known as joepie91
11:19:08 <joepie91> what are you talking about :D
11:19:20 <joepie91> (shitty ISP, ping-outs, etc. :P)
11:30:18 <iceTwy> oh
11:30:21 <iceTwy> right
11:30:23 <iceTwy> ;p
11:30:57 <iceTwy> well wow. I've been getting more sleep those past few days but I'm still tired
11:31:01 <iceTwy> need moar sleep
11:31:05 <joepie91> or less
11:31:08 <iceTwy> no, more
11:32:04 <iceTwy> my body's recovering from a couple of tough weeks so I can only understand that it wants more sleep, especially if I start giving it more than I have during those two weeks
11:32:26 <iceTwy> I'm working on fixing my sleep schedule and getting proper rest
11:32:32 <iceTwy> cause I'm kinda destroying my body lol
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11:34:53 <joepie91> well, for how long have you been sleeping
11:35:25 <iceTwy> I slept 8h45 this night
11:35:29 <iceTwy> and 8h last night
11:35:47 <iceTwy> which is, well, more than my average of 6h30-7h/night
11:36:14 <iceTwy> 7h per night is alright if I don't have any physical activity to do
11:36:39 <iceTwy> but if I do, then I end up being extremely tired
11:37:11 <complex> 8h should be enough
11:37:27 <iceTwy> 6h30 per night is where I start getting grumpy, and usually, if I do sleep for just that long one night, then I'll end up sleeping 6h30 for a couple of nights at least
11:37:55 <iceTwy> complex: 7h30 is a rather sweet spot I believe
11:38:34 <complex> for me it depends on it is holiday or not. my sleep schedule in the holidays usually fucks everything up
11:39:53 <iceTwy> hahahaha yeah definitely
11:39:58 <iceTwy> that makes two of us
11:40:18 <iceTwy> either way I'm pretty happy that my body's feeling like, legit tired
11:40:54 <iceTwy> it's been a while this hasn't happened. as in, my body somehow tries to hide my fatigue, and that sucks
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11:41:18 <iceTwy> I'd rather have it smashing me and go like "SLEEP YOU FUCK"
11:41:25 <iceTwy> but nope.jpg
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12:15:19 <complex> its not appropriate to discuss botnets here, right?
12:17:13 <lysobit> i don't think so
12:27:09 <joepie91> that would fall under "cracking"
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13:57:51 <joepie91> so
13:57:53 <joepie91> I just ran across this
13:57:56 <joepie91>
13:58:02 <joepie91> pure javascript in-browser FLAC decoder
13:58:09 <joepie91> also decoders for ALAC, MP3 and AAC
13:58:27 <monod> alcohol is a solution.
13:58:46 <monod> (joking here)
13:59:52 <monod> I think I'm going afk
14:02:24 <joepie91> iceTwy
14:02:26 <joepie91> ding
14:02:26 <joepie91> ding ding ding
14:02:27 <joepie91> ping
14:02:28 <joepie91> ding
14:03:06 <joepie91> :P
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14:39:57 <iceTwy> oh
14:40:00 <iceTwy> hey
14:40:01 <iceTwy> sorry
14:40:03 <iceTwy> joepie91:
14:40:05 <iceTwy> I saw this
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15:05:40 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 3 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Added: Shinken / Nagios syntax highlighting repository* Shinken / Nagios syntax highlighting* Shinken Snippets', '02Changed: details url to /tagsFixed: Package position in list', '02Merge pull request #2649 from Frescha/masterAdded: Shinken / Nagios syntax highlighting repository' (
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15:08:43 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Add Sublime-SPIP', '02Merge pull request #2653 from Ybbet/patch-1Add Sublime-SPIP' (
15:09:44 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 4 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Adding Easy Digital Downloads auto completion support', '02Updating labels', '02fixing sort order', '02Merge pull request #2651 from cklosowski/masterAdds auto complete support for Easy Digital Downloads' (
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16:06:04 <dorotea> joepie92:) latter, complete fucking idiot. updatedb just scans filenames anyway. I could see df's output increasing if your vm system soft-expanded HD sizes, but they don't. partition size is one of the few things that isn't /usually/ adjusted during runtime (except in fs where it can be, like zfs)
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17:04:19 <MK_FG> Doesn't have to be partition size, if it's namespaces - can be user quotas on the same fs
17:05:15 <MK_FG> And in some configuration, I guess creating a lot of load maybe pushes your container to a higher tariff and extends your disk quotas as well?
17:07:20 <joepie92> mumble mumble packet loss mumble mumble FPS game mumble mumble shitty ISP
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17:24:04 <dorotea> NP: [Eptic - Danger] [] [319kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.0
17:24:39 <dorotea> You're shakin' hands with DANGER bewewewewewewew woopwopwopwopwowpowpow
17:24:49 <dorotea> :3
17:24:56 <dorotea> great morning music
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18:28:12 <beowulf> Really quiet today,,,
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18:49:28 <dorotea> I can't see my tabs
18:49:29 <dorotea> ass
18:49:42 <dorotea> I have a pc with 8gb ram now so I stopped worrying about tabs
18:49:46 <dorotea> problem: too many tabs
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20:51:47 <monod> loggy, pointer?
20:51:47 <loggy>
20:51:51 <monod> thank you loggy
20:58:25 <monod> oh, I noticed quite much ping timeouts from the logs today :/
21:06:44 <dorotea> yes
21:06:53 <dorotea> joepie uses shitternet today
21:07:12 <dorotea> as I sit and eat cookies, watching 30c3 videos
21:07:26 <dorotea> so I can ignore the big sportsball game going on
21:09:36 <dorotea> Is there a twitter client that allows for non-real-time responses? So I can tweet things and it will pick a number from 0 to 72 hours (in seconds) and tweet it that many seconds from now
21:09:58 <dorotea> not "scheduled" tweets, that's a thing already, but checking them in and having them randomly sent
21:10:40 <monod> lol
21:10:51 <monod> never heard of it
21:11:14 <monod> but you could do that really easily, in theory
21:11:26 <monod> the thing is that I do not know the proper language
21:11:36 <monod> but you could this with a screaming for loop
21:11:59 <dorotea> probably nodejs would be easiest
21:12:06 <monod> here you go
21:12:11 <monod> gosh
21:12:19 <dorotea> database interfaces for storage and easily a mobile-first webui could be put on it
21:12:33 <dorotea> :P
21:13:22 <monod> sometimes I wonder on my choice of engineering vs programming, because I think I've only recently understood the difference
21:13:28 <monod> I mean, oops
21:13:29 <dorotea> but something like this will be built after I make a file manager I don't hate
21:13:52 <monod> (I *used* to wonder about it)
21:13:57 <dorotea> I should write a draft spec
21:14:04 <dorotea> that would be the fastest way
21:14:17 <monod> "but something like this will be built after I make a file manager I don't hate"
21:14:22 <monod> lololol! tell me moar!
21:14:40 <dorotea> it will be entirely tag based
21:14:50 <monod> O.O
21:14:57 <monod> example?
21:15:03 <dorotea> I wish there was a filesystem that did what I want, but I can write a file manager and I cannot write a file system
21:15:08 <dorotea> um
21:15:22 <dorotea> I want to be able to tag files based on what they are, as in human-meaning of the file
21:15:34 <dorotea> not metadata stored inside the file (such as height or width)
21:15:46 <monod> yep, something at file-manager-level
21:15:52 <dorotea> and be able to store, sort, search, and organize based on that concept
21:16:01 <monod> or better, file system level, but [what you said]
21:16:31 <dorotea> so, perhaps I could put `bittorrent pdf` into it, and it could create an always-updated library of all academic research papers on bittorrent that I have in my possession
21:16:33 <monod> ok, so files gain new properties, if I understood correctly
21:16:56 <monod> oh my god
21:16:58 <monod> I have an idea
21:17:01 <dorotea> and I could, with one click and some information, export that library directly to an external service
21:17:16 <dorotea> (server such as ssh or ftp, and with light api bindings an http interface)
21:17:28 <dorotea> stuff like that
21:17:51 <monod> I have an idea based on the black-box principle
21:17:54 <dorotea> type `girl` in and get every photo, article, whatever with references to the word, or the person in it if it's a video or picture
21:18:47 <dorotea> mostly I just hate all existing file managers
21:18:51 <monod> "type `girl` in and get every photo, article, whatever with references to the word, or the person in it if it's a video or picture" where are tags involved here?
21:19:06 <dorotea> they either don't even include this functionality, or they don't optimize for it at all so it's slow
21:19:12 <monod> did you mean you would type "girl" and that would search for files?
21:19:21 <dorotea> I don't understand
21:19:37 <monod> I can rewrite:
21:19:42 <dorotea> please do :D
21:20:04 <monod> "type `girl` in and get every photo, article, whatever with references to the word, or the person in it if it's a video or picture"
21:20:22 <monod> how are tags involved with doing this?
21:20:32 <monod> that was the original question
21:20:43 <dorotea> for text, it would just be full-text search, but for photos and video I would tag files
21:20:46 <dorotea> as I do currently
21:20:58 <dorotea> but right now I must tag the file names, and use flat directory structures
21:21:18 <dorotea> I would prefer to not modify the files or file names, and merely have a separate data set
21:21:25 <dorotea> which catalogues this information
21:21:26 <monod> understood
21:21:43 <dorotea> like, file structure should be irrelevant
21:21:45 <dorotea> names should be irrelevant
21:21:50 <dorotea> you shouldn't have to know where a file is
21:21:51 <dorotea> at all
21:22:00 <dorotea> but as long as you know what was in it, you can find it
21:22:28 <dorotea> and then manipulate it, potentially
21:23:24 <dorotea> it would be much easier for data management if I didn't need to know where everything was. It could be on 5 different servers, plus my home pc, and as long as I have tagged these things (or fulltext searched, catalogued mp3 data, etc) I can find it
21:23:36 <dorotea> and this should be built into the file manager, not a search application
21:23:57 <monod> or a filesystem feature, you said before, right?
21:24:07 <dorotea> potentially
21:24:12 <monod> uh
21:24:17 <dorotea> I just figure if it's a FS feature, the OS handles the heavy lifting
21:24:18 <dorotea> not me
21:24:27 <dorotea> kernel driver does all the work
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21:45:30 <monod> I like my keyboard shortcuts on linux :3
21:45:42 <monod> I can tap in a few keys and get the machine ready for everything
21:45:50 <monod> just <3 it
22:07:48 <dorotea> :P
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22:26:55 <monod> I've created a new term
22:26:59 <monod> neologism
22:27:01 <monod> Gool.
22:31:19 <MK_FG> dorotea, Check out tmsu, if you haven't
22:32:26 <MK_FG> Allows to tag any paths and can then give you a list by tag (or combination) or mount fuse-fs where "ls /tag1/tag2/tag3" will give you a list of files with tag1+tag2+tag3
22:32:43 <MK_FG> (which you can open and work with there, or whatever)
22:36:53 <dorotea> neologism isn't new
22:37:27 <dorotea> hmm
22:37:31 <dorotea> that's a good start
22:37:50 <monod> hey dorotea, the neologism is Gool :P
22:38:02 <dorotea> okay
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23:56:20 <monod> gottttttttttttttttttttta go!
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