Cryto! 20 November 2013

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00:47:52 <joepie91> lysobit; mmm
00:47:57 <joepie91> I did an hour or so ago
00:48:07 <joepie91> looks like my blogpost finally did what it was supposed to do
00:48:07 <joepie91> :)
00:48:14 <lysobit> well that was when I asked the question
00:49:46 <joepie91> ah
00:49:48 <joepie91> lol
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01:10:54 <skill3r> ohai
01:11:35 <joepie91> hai
01:23:44 <skill3r>
01:35:13 * joepie91 bookmarks
01:45:16 <skill3r> :)
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02:40:12 <Riddler> hello
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04:56:46 <DrWhat> .bitcoin
04:56:47 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $514.09, 1 BTC = €400.00
05:23:32 <joepie91>
05:28:58 <daemon> joepie91, posted author
05:29:00 <daemon> ;o
05:32:03 <joepie91>
05:32:17 <joepie91> daemon: ?
05:32:52 <daemon> joepie91, one of my code snipets ended up on the 'example of good code' poe site pretty much ;D
05:32:59 <joepie91> oh
05:33:00 <joepie91> :D
05:33:14 <joepie91> gratz
05:33:17 <daemon> ty
05:33:22 * joepie91 still struggles with his regex in the meantime...
05:33:27 <joepie91> I can't figure out why this thing won't work...
05:33:35 <joepie91> it works in regexpal?!
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05:36:36 <joepie91> ...
05:36:40 <joepie91> it eats spaces.
05:36:41 <joepie91> right.
05:37:46 <joepie91> wait no it doesnt
05:37:47 <joepie91> wtf
05:37:50 <joepie91> CONFUSED
05:38:23 <daemon> joepie91, im not bad with regexs
05:38:25 <daemon> whats upo
05:38:51 <joepie91> this is weird
05:39:07 <joepie91> it's not picking up info from this whois data
05:39:10 <joepie91> even though the regex works on re-try
05:39:15 <joepie91> ie.
05:39:16 <joepie91> sec
05:40:55 <daemon> need data to feed it and a regex
05:40:56 <daemon> ;p
05:42:05 <joepie91> errrr wtf
05:42:09 <joepie91> it works fine in my testcase
05:42:11 <joepie91> ._.
05:42:38 <joepie91> .. oh
05:42:42 <joepie91> wow
05:42:43 <joepie91> line endings
05:42:44 <joepie91> wtf
05:42:52 * joepie91 .replace("\r", "")
05:42:59 <joepie91> stupid shit
05:44:15 <daemon> lol
05:44:25 <daemon> joepie91, don't got there with line endings
05:44:28 <daemon> want to see a fun regex?
05:44:33 <daemon> my ($request, $rest) =
05:44:33 <daemon>       $heap->{rcvbuf} =~ m#^.*?({"channel".*?).{4}({"channel".*)#s;
05:46:29 <joepie91> daemon: there we go,
05:46:33 <joepie91> :D
05:46:42 <daemon> :)
05:46:50 <daemon> I use to
05:46:51 <daemon> for my domaisn
05:46:54 <daemon> domains*
05:47:03 <joepie91> daemon: the focus was intended to be on "hey he parsed out the registrant data"
05:47:03 <joepie91> :p
05:47:35 <daemon> lol
05:48:12 <daemon> now you can write an awesome snail|e mail spammer ;p
05:48:24 <joepie91> lol no
05:48:26 <joepie91> it's for openNG
05:48:42 <joepie91> and well
05:48:46 <joepie91> it's a stand-alone python library
05:48:52 <joepie91> this will be the non-shitty version
05:48:53 <joepie91> :p
05:48:59 <joepie91> pythonwhois
05:49:43 <daemon> its pretty cool
05:49:52 <daemon> but it loses coolness points because its not perl 8)
05:51:39 <joepie91> lol
05:51:41 <joepie91> feel free to port it
05:51:41 <joepie91> :)
05:52:10 <daemon> ;)
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06:05:27 <monod> monod waz here
06:05:29 <monod> !
06:05:31 <monod> heavy morning
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06:15:56 <joepie91>
06:15:57 <joepie91> !
06:15:58 <joepie91> cc daemon
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06:18:21 <daemon> ya
06:19:15 <joepie91> it works :D
06:19:18 <daemon> :)
06:19:23 <daemon> gratz
06:22:32 <daemon> man
06:22:37 <daemon> I have so many projects going
06:22:44 <daemon> I can't even track time to them anymore
06:22:45 <daemon> >.<
06:23:02 <daemon> I need to take a week out of life
06:23:12 <daemon> and go get wasted in some far away place
06:23:28 <joepie91> daemon; you know
06:23:43 <joepie91> I've been considering instituting a two hours of no internet every day
06:23:44 <joepie91> for myself
06:23:48 <daemon> mind you I have 3 ounce of weed here
06:23:53 <joepie91> can use the computer, but no ethernet connection
06:23:53 <daemon> I could get mind bnedingly stoned for a week
06:24:02 <joepie91> daemon: that's not really useful at all
06:24:02 <joepie91> :p
06:24:04 <daemon> lol
06:24:20 <daemon> joepie91, my problem is almost all things I enjoy are on the net
06:24:31 <joepie91> daemon: yes, same for me
06:24:32 <daemon> the things I do not enjoy on the net are walking the dog and drinking
06:24:37 <joepie91> that is -exactly- why I want to institute this
06:24:45 <joepie91> to try and refocus
06:24:49 <daemon> so the @ONLY@ thing I can do is go for a long walk like the westhighland way
06:24:51 <daemon> multiday thing
06:25:01 <daemon> I love mechanis though to
06:25:04 <daemon> rebuilding cars etc
06:25:08 <daemon> but I have no garage where I currently am
06:25:28 <daemon> I just like building things really
06:25:29 <daemon> x_X
06:25:37 <daemon> in perl or in metal or in wood
06:26:15 <joepie91> hehe
06:26:27 <daemon> what I really need to do
06:26:30 <daemon> is HARD CAP my project list
06:26:35 <daemon> which I actually have done
06:26:42 <daemon> the projects im involved with now are the *LAST*
06:26:44 <daemon> when the list runs out
06:26:47 <daemon> im taking a break
06:26:59 <daemon> the issue is the things on the list ..
06:27:04 <daemon> there so mega in there own right
06:27:17 <daemon> I feel I am going to have to drop at least 50% of them
06:27:32 <daemon> using a rough estimate
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06:27:40 <daemon> the projects I have at the moment total over 7 years of work
06:28:15 <daemon> sigh
06:28:16 <daemon> iono man
06:28:35 <daemon> I need to have a serious chat with my self eventually
06:28:41 <daemon> with what I atually am capable of doing
06:28:48 <daemon> cause I just have TO MUCH SHIT going on
06:28:54 <daemon> and I landed my self in 70% of it
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06:36:19 * daemon blogs to self and looks forlong at joepie91
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06:38:54 <joepie91> lol sorry
06:38:55 <joepie91> got distracted
06:38:58 <joepie91> (see?!)
06:39:07 <joepie91> hmm, daemon
06:39:13 <joepie91> have I ever pointed you at my todo list thing?
06:39:57 <daemon> joepie91, mine only has three items 'Get Rich, But lots of dogs, Get drunk' but about a million sub projects
06:40:07 <daemon> s/but/buy/
06:40:30 <daemon> tell you what though
06:40:34 <daemon> where abouts are you based?
06:40:46 <daemon> nl netherlands
06:40:54 <daemon> hmm
06:41:09 <joepie91> yes
06:41:09 <joepie91> but
06:41:15 <joepie91> did I show you my todo list thing or not? :P
06:41:18 <daemon> no
06:42:38 <daemon> just to make your day happier
06:42:39 <daemon>
06:46:19 <joepie91> daemon:
06:50:42 <daemon> The tl;dr:
06:50:54 <daemon> :P
06:51:07 <joepie91> :P
06:51:08 <joepie91> well hey
06:51:13 <joepie91> it'\s made for overworked hackers
06:51:19 <daemon> I use the google one
06:51:22 <joepie91> overworked hackers often won't have time to read the long version!
06:51:25 <joepie91> ?
06:51:37 <daemon> google calender has a inbuilt todo
06:51:41 <joepie91> yes...
06:52:00 <joepie91> I really shouldn't have called this thing todo
06:52:04 <daemon> Your current task: MUST Kill people
06:52:05 <daemon> ;D
06:52:07 <joepie91> it really doesn't work like a todo list
06:52:08 <joepie91> and lol
06:52:18 <joepie91> ('task assignment system' is more accurate)
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06:55:44 <daemon> the issue is
06:55:50 <daemon> I have alot of intermeshing assignments
06:55:56 <daemon> things that need to be kinda developed in paralel
06:56:12 <daemon> I can't just finish one
06:56:16 <daemon> as it relies on bits from another
06:56:17 <joepie91> daemon: a sort-of-deadline mechanism will be added
06:56:18 <daemon> etc
06:56:26 <joepie91> but most things can be added atomically
06:56:29 <daemon> joepie91, be easier just using redmine
06:56:33 <daemon> :P
06:56:38 <joepie91> if things rely on other bits then add them as one item
06:56:39 <joepie91> ..
06:56:41 <joepie91> daemon
06:56:59 <joepie91> redmine tries to solve a different problem
06:57:09 <joepie91> it doesn't really make sense to say that one or the other is 'easier'
06:57:52 <daemon> probably not but it is 7am in the morning and I have actually not stopped working since 1pm the previous day
06:58:09 <daemon> my brain is so cloudy if I tried to iron clothes I would probably use my penis.
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06:58:40 <joepie91> lol
06:58:41 <joepie91> go sleep
06:58:41 <joepie91> :P
06:58:48 <daemon> not yet
06:58:59 <daemon> all my work was to finish a speciofic part of a bigger machine
06:59:03 <daemon> all the rest of the machine is built
06:59:11 <daemon> I just need to get this last cog in
06:59:14 <daemon> then I can go sleep
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07:00:12 <joepie91> :P
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10:16:45 <Charles> .bitcoin
10:16:46 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $505.00, 1 BTC = €379.96
10:16:59 <Charles> dafuq is litecoin
10:35:42 <cayce> joepie91:) can die now
10:36:06 <cayce> joepie91:) I have class in 7.5 hours, just got home
10:37:37 <joepie91> cayce: whoop whoop
10:37:45 <joepie91> cayce: I r doing whois parsing
10:38:07 <cayce> hawt
10:38:17 <cayce> I'm trying to figure out how to sleep
10:38:23 <cayce> since I just finished coffee 1hr ago
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10:59:52 <Charles> .bitcoin
10:59:53 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $491.00, 1 BTC = €354.87
10:59:59 <Charles> .litecoin
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11:01:27 <Cryto174> hi
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11:01:55 <Charles> hello
11:11:33 <joepie91> cayce: go teh sleep!
11:11:40 <joepie91> I should too...
11:13:16 <Charles> .bitcoin
11:13:17 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $491.00, 1 BTC = €347.17
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11:55:03 <iceTwy> lol
11:55:13 <iceTwy> Falkvinge:
11:55:30 <iceTwy> @NASA; Did you know? The solar arrays each have a wingspan of 240 feet – wider than a Boeing 777’s wingspan, which is 212 ft. #ISS15
11:55:39 <iceTwy> @Falkvinge: Did you know the rest of the world has no idea what 240 feet is? :)
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12:15:10 <MK_FG> Not entirely true, given that "rest of the world" was able to read that tweet, it's likely been around the nets, and that unit comes up there from time to time
12:16:04 <MK_FG> I think it's also common in from-us in media, esp. games
12:16:45 <MK_FG> Maybe if you actively resist learning what it is on some bullshit ideological grounds, like Falkvinge might do... ;)
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12:21:32 *** d0wn|off is now known as d0wn
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15:38:02 <pzuraq> .bitcoin
15:38:04 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $530.00, 1 BTC = €407.00
15:39:12 <cayce> mighty mighty dicks
15:39:33 <cayce> watch it correct back to sma+/-20 line
15:39:51 <cayce> something about 450
15:41:06 <pzuraq> would like it to stay there
15:41:17 <pzuraq> long enough for me to get paid
15:41:20 <pzuraq> and by like 10
15:41:33 <cayce> lol
15:41:39 <pzuraq> biy*
15:41:43 <pzuraq> buy* damnit
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15:41:50 <cayce> yes
15:41:57 <connor> do you buy/sell bitcoins?
15:41:58 <cayce> with the letters
15:42:03 <cayce> and the ordering of them
15:42:07 <connor> and how much do you earn :P
15:42:11 <cayce> no
15:42:18 <Charles> connor, do u sell litecoins?
15:42:21 <pzuraq> I want to invest in them
15:42:32 <connor> Charles, no
15:42:35 <cayce> I do no such thing, I only give other people financial advice, they ignore me and lose out on thousands of dollars of profit
15:42:36 <cayce> it's great
15:42:45 <connor> lol
15:42:59 * Charles is interested in ltc
15:43:06 <connor> is it too late to buy?
15:43:07 <pzuraq> "bitcoins will never catch on..." -me 3 years ago
15:43:07 * Charles does not know whether to invest
15:43:27 <pzuraq> yeah, I just wanna get on board before mass adoption
15:43:37 <pzuraq> because that is when value is going to spike
15:43:37 <connor> they'll eventually die imo
15:43:48 <cayce> so will you
15:44:40 <Charles> ltc is currenly at a low 6-8
15:44:42 <pzuraq> like, value is going to build so quickly it will make the stocks in the 1920s look reasonable and safe
15:44:48 <Charles> im wondering whether its worth buying
15:45:04 <cayce> 6-8 dollars?
15:45:12 <pzuraq> Charles: Why not? At the worst you lose what, $100?
15:45:13 <connor> will litecoin explode though?
15:45:18 <cayce> that shit was 6-8 cents lol
15:45:19 <Charles> yes for one ltc
15:45:35 <cayce> dude my buddy's gotta be a fucking millionaire
15:45:40 <cayce> that's hilarious
15:45:41 <Charles> ltc started last yr
15:45:51 <cayce> it started before then
15:46:06 <cayce> my buddy has been mining ltc for longer than 1yr
15:46:10 multihate ( has joined #crytocc
15:46:18 <cayce> multihate:) YES
15:46:23 <cayce> multihate:) HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE
15:46:30 <cayce> multihate:) HAIL SATAN
15:46:41 <Charles> wow okay thats cool cayce
15:46:42 <multihate> hi
15:46:46 <pzuraq> connor: hard to say. From what I understand it's basically the same as btc and so it will have a hard time gaining marketshare, but if it does they could be valued in the 100-1000o
15:46:47 <pzuraq> s
15:47:09 <connor> hmm
15:47:15 <cayce> some treat it like silver to btc gold
15:47:19 * cayce shrugs
15:47:25 <Charles> so connor r u in ;)
15:47:36 <connor> not sure
15:47:48 <pzuraq> is there a local litecoin?
15:47:58 <connor> how hard is it to sell
15:49:28 <pzuraq> Are there any other crypto currencies on the market yet?
15:49:53 <cayce> there were like 12
15:49:54 <cayce> lol
15:49:58 <multihate> sry i came late, but there are a lot of cc on the market
15:50:01 <cayce> ditto on still
15:50:06 <multihate> like 150?
15:50:10 <cayce> cc?
15:50:20 <multihate> crypto currencies
15:50:25 <cayce> mm
15:50:27 <pzuraq> which ones are most notable?
15:50:38 <pzuraq> obviously btc and ltc are up there
15:50:43 <multihate> besides bitcoin and litecoin?
15:50:58 <multihate> devcoin, primecoin, namecoin
15:51:18 <connor> what are the advantages/disadvantages from each one
15:51:21 <multihate> there is one called protoshares
15:51:38 <multihate> you have to check each one and decide
15:51:40 <pzuraq> devcoin is made to support developers apparently
15:51:43 <multihate> its not mad in short
15:51:46 <multihate> made
15:52:06 <connor> hmm ok
15:52:10 <multihate> primecoin finds cunninham chains and bitwin chains
15:52:36 <pzuraq> big issue I see with bitcoin is the hard cap
15:53:08 <multihate> can change anytime but looks like bitcoin is the king of cc
15:53:31 <pzuraq> very likely
15:53:41 <multihate> it is one of the slowest though
15:53:51 <pzuraq> still, I think as cc's get mass adoption value will build in all cc
15:53:53 <multihate> transaction wise
15:54:17 <pzuraq> so I'm trying to diversify investment
15:54:20 <multihate> well it has already
15:54:33 <multihate> i can buy anything for bitcoins
15:54:53 <multihate> so its like real money
15:54:57 <pzuraq> you can buy a lot of things
15:55:00 <pzuraq> but not anything
15:55:07 <pzuraq> Amazon products?
15:55:12 <cayce> why is that even a critique
15:55:17 <pzuraq> How bout local starbucks?
15:55:19 <cayce> go away
15:55:20 <cayce> no
15:55:24 <multihate> the products yes, but not at amazon
15:55:25 <pzuraq> not a critique
15:55:32 <cayce> just because it hasn't been taken up yet does not mean it won't
15:55:39 <pzuraq> pointing out that if/when that happens
15:55:43 <cayce> no, I hear that fucking question from everyone
15:55:46 <cayce> it's a dumb question
15:55:46 <pzuraq> there will be a spike in value
15:55:51 <cayce> you are asking a question of progress
15:55:51 <multihate> canada has bitcoin atm
15:55:56 <pzuraq> no I'm not
15:56:03 <pzuraq> I actually believe it's inevitable
15:56:08 <cayce> "has it hit market saturation like usd"
15:56:12 <cayce> :P
15:56:16 <cayce> I do too
15:56:18 <pzuraq> pointing out that now is a good time to invest
15:56:36 <cayce> if you're hooking up for buying, wait till it stops dropping today lol
15:56:40 <multihate> if i want to eat i open my bitcoin client, chose the country at the website and buy me a sushi anytime
15:56:45 <multihate> pizza
15:56:48 <multihate> vietnamese
15:56:53 <connor> lol
15:56:54 <pzuraq> no moneys :/
15:56:57 <multihate> anything literallly
15:56:59 <Charles> yay pizza :p
15:57:00 <pzuraq> need to get paid
15:57:02 <connor> I can get free food off the ineternet anyway
15:57:06 <cayce> I mean it's like any currency, you want to take advantage of good exchange rates lol
15:57:16 <connor> and this is in the UK too
15:57:39 <multihate> i bought gold with bitcoins just today
15:57:53 <multihate> too late ....
15:58:11 <multihate> had to do it yesterday at 800$
15:58:38 <pzuraq> what do y'all think of the 100,000 valuation?
15:58:49 <multihate> ?
15:59:27 <pzuraq>
16:00:46 <multihate> yeah, if btc was accepted like gold it could indeed raise until 1000000
16:00:47 <cayce> too low
16:01:02 <pzuraq> cayce: you think higher?
16:01:07 <multihate> one financial guy said that
16:01:20 <cayce> 170k would allow bitcoin to encapsulate us debt
16:01:37 <cayce> that's a good metric imo
16:01:50 <pzuraq> so 170k per btc
16:01:51 <multihate> the price of all bitcoins together should be the the same as all gold together
16:02:01 <pzuraq> I think it could be higher, depending
16:02:04 <cayce> 17 trillion dollar bitcoin economy per year
16:02:07 <cayce> seems reasonable
16:02:22 <multihate> = 1000000/1BTC
16:02:25 <cayce> also means 1 satoshi = 1.7c
16:02:27 <cayce> heh
16:02:52 <cayce> I just use "encapsulate US debt" cause there are lots of financial flows that big
16:03:03 <cayce> large indistrialized economies are that large
16:03:13 <cayce> so if it can do one economy, I think that's a good measurement
16:03:49 <Charles> i don't think btc will hit 10000 at all
16:03:54 <cayce> anyway, I must go and try to present on 4 hours sleep
16:03:54 <Charles> not even 9000
16:04:03 complex (litehode@complex.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
16:04:04 <Charles> by then, better currencies hv been created
16:04:09 <Charles> and money is just paper :P
16:04:27 <cayce> It will be a long time before that happens
16:04:27 <pzuraq> cayce: that puts it at 1.4 mil, not 140k
16:04:36 <cayce> 9 zeros?
16:04:41 <pzuraq> yea
16:04:47 <pzuraq> 17 tril / 12 mil
16:04:48 <cayce> 9 zeros is trillion
16:04:59 <Charles> thats insane no way
16:05:09 <Charles> thats just getting ur hopes too high
16:05:22 <cayce> 1.7 cents per satoshi times 9 zeros
16:05:25 <cayce> 17 tr
16:05:27 * Charles can bet that it won't reach such a high
16:05:27 <connor> what would make it feasible for that to happen though
16:05:27 <pzuraq> 12 zeroes is a trillion, 9 zeroes is a billion
16:05:35 <cayce> oh
16:05:37 <cayce> haha wops
16:05:39 <pzuraq> Charles: It's basic mathematics and economics
16:05:46 <cayce> no just algebra
16:05:48 <pzuraq> but
16:05:51 <cayce> 4 hours sleep = bad algebra
16:05:51 <cayce> lol
16:05:54 <cayce> mah bad
16:05:59 <pzuraq> I agree there are some gotchas
16:06:08 <pzuraq> for instance, other ccs gaining some marketshare
16:06:33 <cayce> what makes it feasible is enough people using it and enough businesses accepting it
16:06:51 <cayce> this whole concept is a lot less complex than it sounds
16:07:24 <pzuraq> heh
16:07:44 <multihate> i think there is just a need for one cc in the end
16:07:46 <connor> hmm
16:07:50 <pzuraq> at 1 mil per btc, the smallest dvisible fraction of a btc would be 1 cent
16:07:56 <cayce> Charles:) you willing to bet on that? 5 bucks of btc now, paid at the future price if it goes over 10k?
16:07:57 <pzuraq> interesting
16:08:23 <pzuraq> multihate: I agree, but I don't think the markets will ;)
16:08:26 <multihate> but there is still a need for a hackers coin
16:08:28 <pzuraq> good thing for us
16:08:33 <pzuraq> ?
16:08:37 <pzuraq> what would that be
16:08:50 <cayce> bleeding edge coin
16:08:51 <multihate> one that breaks big passwords
16:08:51 <cayce> heh
16:09:09 <multihate> like shadow files and all tat
16:09:12 <Charles> how can it reach a million. i think it wouldnt even hit 10000, its gg to crash and never rise again. sad story of btc.
16:09:12 <Charles> :(
16:09:13 <cayce> agh, I must go  lol
16:09:34 <Charles> bye cayce !o/
16:09:39 <cayce> o/
16:09:44 <multihate> there is a sexcoin imagine
16:09:56 <pzuraq> Charles: If there are that many transactions per year using it, then that's how much it would be worth
16:10:01 <multihate> you can buy dildos with that
16:10:42 <multihate> some coins you can even earn some kinda interest
16:10:49 <multihate> proof of stake
16:11:21 <Charles> pzuraq, people wld want to kill these btc users lol
16:11:31 <Charles> and some hackers r gonna find a vulnerability
16:11:31 <Charles> soon
16:11:47 <multihate> they already did find
16:11:48 <Charles> and everyone would wanna cash out, it would crash
16:11:58 <Charles> nobody would blv in btc again :(
16:12:03 <Charles> and it will be zero
16:12:15 <pzuraq> multihate: What vulnerability?
16:12:28 <Charles> and they r developing better ccurrencies
16:12:31 <multihate> you need 51% of the total hashing power to attack a coin
16:12:47 <multihate> not too easy with bitcoin
16:12:51 <pzuraq> that's a ridiculous amount of power
16:13:15 <pzuraq> that's brute force, not worried about that until we have quantum computers
16:13:29 <multihate> the network adapts to that too
16:13:30 <pzuraq> I'd be worried about some other structural flaw
16:13:49 <pzuraq> ?
16:14:06 <multihate> if the hashing power raises like it did when asics came out the difficulty will raise
16:15:10 <multihate> first few to have quantum will get rich and the rest will have the same as today
16:15:56 <pzuraq> shit you're right
16:16:20 <multihate> as long as you can pay your electricity bills with mining it will be ok anyway
16:16:24 <pzuraq> so, is there a hard cap on btc, or will more always be made?
16:16:34 <multihate> hard cap
16:16:43 <multihate> was it 24 mio?
16:16:47 <connor> 21
16:16:48 <pzuraq> mmk
16:16:58 <multihate> 12 mio r already on the market
16:17:08 <pzuraq> bitcoin is an investors dream
16:17:11 <connor> why is even there a cap?
16:17:24 <multihate> deflation protection
16:17:24 <pzuraq> have to wonder if the maker considered that
16:17:44 <pzuraq> wouldn't it be inflation protection?
16:17:58 <pzuraq> and I still think that's problematic, given btc can be destroyed
16:18:34 <multihate> i am sure that a government with big innovations and hashing power in general can destroy any cc
16:18:47 <multihate> or with market tactics
16:19:12 <multihate> or even by law
16:19:35 <pzuraq> I meant individual btc
16:19:38 <multihate> has to be kinda global stuff to work though
16:19:43 <pzuraq> not the currency as a whole
16:19:56 <multihate> the wallet on your pc u mean?
16:19:57 <pzuraq> the number of btc in existence has a cap, yet btc can be lost
16:20:03 <multihate> yes
16:20:04 <pzuraq> yeah
16:20:13 <multihate> wallets can be deleted
16:20:21 <multihate> robbed
16:20:36 <pzuraq> more worried about deletion than theft
16:20:40 <multihate> if they are deleted it will be gone
16:20:40 <connor> do lost/deleted/robbed bitcoins still count as the 21mil?
16:20:49 <connor> in the 21mil*
16:20:51 <multihate> yeah
16:20:54 <connor> hmm
16:20:56 <multihate> gone forever
16:21:10 <pzuraq> see, long run that could be a structural flaw inn btc
16:21:19 <connor> ^
16:21:20 <pzuraq> NOTE that this is a hard problem to solve
16:21:31 <multihate> i dont think so
16:21:31 <pzuraq> consider what we do to solve it in the US
16:21:34 <pzuraq> we have the Fed
16:21:41 <lysobit> What is the structural flaw in btc?
16:21:43 <pzuraq> they print money at a certain rate
16:21:44 <multihate> thats right
16:22:21 <multihate> as soon as a government is willing to fight to get bitcoins it will be like gold
16:22:23 <lysobit> How is deflation a structural flaw? You can argue that inflation in fiat currencies is a flaw.
16:22:41 <pzuraq> lysobit: Not programmatic flaw so much as economic flaw. The number of btc ever produced has a hard cap, but the number in existence can decrease
16:22:50 <pzuraq> theoretically until there are no btc left
16:22:55 <multihate> i am not a programmer
16:23:20 <multihate> but in the end it doesnt matter if there are 21 mio or just 15 mio
16:23:28 <lysobit> pzuraq: again, how is that an economic flaw?
16:23:34 <multihate> it can be divided in small pieces
16:23:52 <lysobit> pzuraq: Bitcoin is like gold, the demand always increases buy supply doesn't
16:23:53 <Charles> btc is just like art
16:23:58 <Charles> is that a fair comparison
16:24:06 <lysobit> but supply*
16:24:15 <multihate> its an experiment
16:24:25 <multihate> see if it works or not
16:24:46 <pzuraq> lysobit: Eventually we run out of btc and the currency dies because it's inviable. It's not a flaw that will destroy it or prevent mass adoption, more like a flaw that could kill it in a century or two.
16:25:00 <multihate> at least atm it is widely accepted and financial papers are writing about it
16:25:01 <Charles> yeah
16:25:03 <lysobit> pzuraq: saying we'll run out of btc is like saying we'll run out of gold
16:25:08 <lysobit> or any other limited commodity
16:25:10 <Charles> its freaking art. think bout it
16:25:24 <lysobit> pzuraq: you are assuming that everyone in the world is going to lose their private key
16:25:29 <multihate> its an idea
16:25:34 <lysobit> pzuraq: that simply seems absurd
16:25:35 <Charles> art has no use. u just give it value. gold still has use.
16:25:36 <pzuraq> lysobit: Very hard to destroy matter, not so hard to erase a series of bits
16:25:37 <pzuraq> no
16:25:51 <pzuraq> I'm assuming that here and there, one or two people will
16:26:04 <lysobit> pzuraq: how will that cause us to run out btc?
16:26:04 <connor> the 21mil limit might cause demand to drop imo
16:26:05 <pzuraq> much like how every once in a while, someone rips a dollar
16:26:06 <Charles> oh and btw, FREE HAMMOND
16:26:22 <Charles> FREE JEREMY HAMMOND
16:26:24 <lysobit> pzuraq: so, it's not going to cause the amount of btc to go to 0
16:26:31 <pzuraq> lysobit: Eventually. It could take centuries, millenia.
16:26:40 <lysobit> pzuraq: even if there is 0.0001 bitcoins left in the world, it's still a viable currency
16:26:40 <pzuraq> not quickly, no
16:26:48 <pzuraq> hmm
16:26:54 <multihate> it will be harder to mine every day
16:27:11 <pzuraq> maybe, depends on what you mean by viable
16:27:15 <multihate> the last bitcoin will be almost impossible to mine
16:27:20 <connor> if there is 0.0001 bitcoins left in the world the I'm sure it will affect the amount of people using it
16:27:21 <pzuraq> truth
16:27:27 <pzuraq> ^^
16:27:32 <lysobit> No, it won't at all
16:27:48 <lysobit> Because Bitcoins are just digits, in theory they are infinity divisible
16:27:51 <multihate> if we shoot all our gold in space we will have just this whats still hidden
16:28:04 <multihate> what do think it will be worth?
16:28:11 <Charles> u cannot divide by zero
16:28:14 <lysobit> For example 0.00001 Bitcoins could be worth what 21 million bitcoins are today, if there are only 0.00001 bitcoins left
16:28:29 <lysobit> Charles: that is only a problem if the amount of Bitcoins in the world goes to 0
16:28:29 <multihate> right
16:28:31 <Charles> no lysobit that's insane
16:28:38 <lysobit> Charles: no, it's not at all.
16:28:43 <connor> it just becomes even more confusing to the average person
16:28:45 <pzuraq> lysobit: They aren't infinitely divisible by design
16:28:46 <multihate> that can happen
16:28:58 <multihate> but then nobody will care
16:28:59 <pzuraq> the minimum fraction is 0.00000001
16:29:08 <lysobit> pzuraq: right now they can be divided to 8 decimals, but the protocol can easily be modified to allow for much more
16:29:08 <multihate> because its worth will be 0
16:29:13 <pzuraq> otherwise I would agree with you
16:29:15 <lysobit> pzuraq: see the bitcoin FAQ, hold on
16:29:16 <multihate> value
16:29:25 <pzuraq> lysobit: Then that would be a different cc, no?
16:29:31 <Charles> nobody wants to appreciate a lonely btc. everyone will drop it altogether and it will crash.
16:29:36 <multihate> as long as people tread it like money they will try not to lose it
16:29:42 <Charles> no more btc *poof*
16:30:14 <connor> what would cause the people selling stuff for BTC to no longer sell?
16:30:23 <multihate> so as long as its worth something, people will have multiple copies of their wallet
16:30:29 <Charles> multihate, nobody is gg to treat it like money ten yrs later
16:30:41 <multihate> maybe
16:30:43 <multihate> maybe not
16:31:05 <lysobit> <Charles> nobody wants to appreciate a lonely btc. everyone will drop it altogether and it will crash.
16:31:18 <lysobit> So if 99% of the Gold in the world is lost, Gold will be worthless?
16:31:30 <pzuraq> lysobit: Gold has intrinsic value
16:31:30 <Charles> people will see tha we just belive in btc just like we blv in paper.
16:31:33 <lysobit> No, it will just be infinitly more valuable
16:31:36 <multihate> it will be 100 times more valuable
16:31:52 <lysobit> pzuraq: gold is a store of value, like Bitcoin. It's intrinsic value is in its limited supply.
16:31:55 <multihate> 130000$ an ounce
16:32:11 <Charles> they will forget gold altogether
16:32:18 <multihate> never
16:32:20 <lysobit> pzuraq: Do you think people who invest in Gold buy it to "use" gold? No, they just use it as a store of value
16:32:28 <multihate> gold will be forever dude
16:32:30 <Charles> 99% gone. that one percent is not worth it.
16:32:40 * Charles is confused
16:32:46 <lysobit> lol, you obviously don't know how supply and demand works...
16:32:51 <pzuraq> lysobit: Gold is used in electronics. BTC's value comes from the same place all fiat currencies come from, confidence and actual use.
16:32:52 <multihate> bitcoin is at risk
16:33:05 <connor> it's much easier to loose BTC than gold
16:33:15 <pzuraq> If there is only one btc left, it will be more of a collectors item than a valuable currency
16:33:22 <Charles> ya pzuraq confidence
16:33:32 <Charles> yes yes
16:33:34 <pzuraq> the last bit of gold would be seized for use, eventually
16:33:35 <Charles> ^^^
16:33:35 <multihate> possible
16:33:46 <lysobit> pzuraq: right, but the reason why gold is so expensive is not because there is a high demand of it for use in electronics. The demand has been going up for hundreds of years
16:33:50 <multihate> but if people lose that much they didnt care about
16:34:03 <multihate> like cc that have died already
16:34:07 <multihate> chinacoin
16:34:15 <multihate> worth nothing
16:34:26 <Charles> LOL
16:34:46 <pzuraq> true, and this is something that will and has driven btc as well, but if a posit that if a critical mass were to be lost, then the masses would move onto anther cc, causing btc to lose it's value
16:35:04 <multihate> you dont lose what has value
16:35:07 <Charles> btc may be rising now. but its gonna drop in a few cash out  soon when ur satisfied ;)
16:35:14 <lysobit> You're assuming that everyone will lose their Bitcoins overnight. That's not going to happen. What would happen is people slowly lose their Bitcoins, thus decreasing the supply and raising the value of Bitcoin
16:35:21 <multihate> if you have 10000usd in btc you wouldnt just lose it
16:35:21 <pzuraq> Charles: That's unlikely
16:35:27 <lysobit> <Charles> btc may be rising now. but its gonna drop in a few cash out  soon when ur satisfied ;)
16:35:33 <lysobit> Yes Charles, please cash out. :)
16:35:44 <Charles> ;)
16:35:45 <pzuraq> lysobit: I'm assuming that it will happen over the course of 100 years
16:35:59 <pzuraq> I'm also assuming there will be competing currencies
16:36:02 <multihate> to me it was already worth it
16:36:10 <lysobit> pzuraq: possibly. but all that means is that Bitcoin will deflate
16:36:32 <Charles> technology is becomin more advanced, more will flock elsewhere
16:36:37 <multihate> its possible that it will be accepted at ebay
16:36:44 <connor> bitcoin will never be universally accpeted imo, because its market share can easily change... everyone can move onto the next cc
16:37:09 <multihate> when that happens it will be accepted worldwide (-some) as a payment
16:37:16 <Charles> pzuraq: I'm also assuming there will be competing currencies<<<<yes this
16:37:30 <lysobit> The only reason why people might move to the next CC if it has greater advantages of Bitcoins, and that's perfectly fine. So what? There are already hundreds of currencies in the world.
16:37:38 <connor> if a cc comes along and offers unique features which can't be easily copied, then it has an advantage
16:37:49 <pzuraq> lysobit: Agreed... until the tipping point, when enough btc are lost that is no longer as viable as a currency (compared to competing currencies)
16:37:55 <multihate> the acceptance curve is still going up
16:37:56 <multihate> when ebay starts, alot of others will follow
16:38:02 <Charles> lysobit, btc will have no worth
16:38:03 <pzuraq> again, could take 1000 year-s
16:38:24 <Charles> and boom, what u thot cld be a million is now five dollars
16:38:24 <pzuraq> Charles: that's again unlikely
16:38:25 <Charles> lol
16:38:28 <multihate> could be that in 1000 ys its the only existing currency
16:38:31 <lysobit> Charles, as long as people can buy stuff with Bitcoins, they will have a worth. It's simple as that.
16:38:34 <connor> anyway new ccs might be affected by the potential loss/destruction of bitcoin
16:38:39 <pzuraq> multihate: Very possible
16:38:40 <multihate> right lyso
16:38:45 <lysobit> Charles: Bitcoin is not a stock, you seem to be missing that.
16:38:51 <DrWhat> .bitcoin
16:38:52 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $569.97, 1 BTC = €450.00
16:38:52 <DrWhat> ^_^
16:38:52 <lysobit> It's a currency that people buy things with
16:39:05 <DrWhat> Its getting ever so closer to that $700 mark
16:39:08 <pzuraq> DrWhat: I'm guessing you have btc?
16:39:19 <multihate> it was much much higher yesterday
16:39:20 <lysobit> So stop treating it in terms of a pure speculative currency and treat it as a medium to buy things with.
16:39:25 <DrWhat> I know
16:39:27 <lysobit> speculative commodity*
16:39:29 <DrWhat> it was $620
16:39:49 <connor> what will happen to the value when ebay starts accepting it?
16:39:50 <Charles> DrWhat, ur 0.2 on litecoin?
16:39:53 <multihate> almost 800
16:39:55 <connor> will it explode?
16:40:01 <multihate> possible
16:40:08 <Charles> lol connor
16:40:12 * Charles shrugs at question
16:40:17 <lysobit> Anyway, that cat is aready out of the bag. At this point Bitcoin is going to be either all or nothing in 10 years time.
16:40:40 <Charles> im betting nothing >< sorry
16:40:44 GHOSTnew has quit (Ping timeout)
16:40:47 <lysobit> I see the latter as extremely unlikely at this point
16:41:00 <multihate> just depends of some big stores to accept it
16:41:12 <Charles> in ten yrs? it's likely. not the next two yrs
16:41:12 <connor> I think quantom computing would destroy it somehow
16:41:13 <multihate> ebay, amazon or so
16:41:15 <pzuraq> I heard starbucks was considering
16:41:21 <multihate> no it wouldnt
16:41:22 <connor> not just due to the 51% hash rate
16:41:35 <multihate> its like saying asics will destroy btc
16:41:39 <multihate> it didnt
16:41:46 <lysobit> connor: er, no. Bitcoin protocol takes into account any cryptographic weaknesses that may arises in the future and is extensible
16:41:54 <lysobit> Also
16:41:57 <multihate> they said gpu mining will destroy btc
16:42:02 <connor> what about the bruteforce of keys
16:42:04 <connor> or similar
16:42:18 <multihate> 51% neccecary
16:42:30 <lysobit> If a quantum computer was to exist tomorrow that can calculate any private key, your Bitcoins would be safe as long as they are stored in a wallet that hasn't spent any Bitcoins yet.
16:42:36 <connor> I don't think quantom computing will destroy bitcoin due to the hash rate
16:42:42 <multihate> i think that its not possible for one government alone to do that
16:42:45 <connor> but what about if it could provide a way to crack keys
16:42:46 GHOSTnew (GHOSTnew@GHOSTnew.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
16:42:52 <lysobit> Hashing algorithms aren't crackable by quantum computer advancements
16:43:02 <lysobit> Public/private key crypto is, however
16:43:19 <multihate> they just hash much faster and therefore will raise the difficulty
16:43:28 <connor> multihate, I know...
16:44:07 <multihate> the question is always who will be able to do that and why would he do that
16:44:16 <lysobit> "Bitcoin's security was designed to be upgraded in a forward compatible way and could be upgraded if quantum computing were considered an imminent threat. "
16:44:21 <lysobit>
16:44:41 <connor> ah
16:44:59 <multihate> if i had one i would try to get rich with it instead of trying to attack it
16:45:08 <pzuraq> ^^^
16:45:14 <pzuraq> srs
16:45:20 <Charles> lol
16:45:20 <pzuraq> remember, 1.4 mil
16:45:21 <pzuraq> each
16:45:24 <lysobit> Cracking bitcoin address isn't getting rich? :P
16:45:34 <multihate> a gov will surely try to get $$$ out of it
16:45:45 <pzuraq> lysobit: Not if it causes an immediate panic/selloff
16:45:51 <multihate> what do you mean?
16:45:52 <connor> I might invest in BTC then
16:46:05 <lysobit> Actually if quantum computing arises, government and banking encryption will be broken, so a government has no reason to do that
16:46:13 <pzuraq> if btc is broken in some way, it could cause a panic
16:46:14 <multihate> i dunno if the time is right to invest now
16:46:15 <connor> then sell them off when ebay or somwhere similar accepts them
16:46:24 <multihate> price is oscillating alot
16:46:25 <lysobit> pzuraq: I'm sure that the protocol will be upgraded long before quantum computing becomes viable
16:46:28 <multihate> you could lose
16:46:44 <multihate> i bought some at 100
16:46:47 <lysobit> multihate: yeah, people were asking the same question when bitcoins were worth $30 a year ago.
16:46:50 <connor> how much do you guys have in BTC atm?
16:46:53 <lysobit> .title
16:46:55 <botpie91> lysobit: The Target Value For Bitcoin Is Not Some $50 Or $100. It Is $100,000 To $1,000,000. - Falkvinge on Infopolicy
16:46:59 <pzuraq> lysobit: So they can change the protocol of the current chain?
16:47:02 <multihate> thought that it is a value easy to remember
16:47:16 <lysobit> pzuraq: No, the protocol would be backwards-compatible with the existing chain
16:47:26 <lysobit> "Bitcoin's security was designed to be upgraded in a forward compatible way and could be upgraded if this were considered an imminent threat. "
16:47:40 <pzuraq> ok, so security can be changed
16:47:42 <lysobit> yes
16:47:49 <pzuraq> can divisibility be changed?
16:47:51 <multihate> hard fork
16:47:58 <lysobit> In theory, yes, pzuraq.
16:47:59 <connor> multihate, I think it's fine investing any time, I think the price will dramatically change sometime in the next 10 years
16:48:04 <pzuraq> ah
16:48:06 <pzuraq> that changes a lot
16:48:09 <multihate> aleady happened to bitcoin
16:48:28 <lysobit> pzuraq, it's sort of like the upgrade to IPv4 to IPv6.
16:48:36 * Charles is tired of BTc talks
16:48:36 <pzuraq> lysobit: In light of that I retract some of my earlier arguments.
16:48:42 <Charles> brb
16:49:48 <multihate> its also possible that some other coin will take btc place in the future
16:50:10 <lysobit> "Each Bitcoin is infinitely divisible. If you want to divide them further than a Satoshi, the software would have to be updated to support it, but it's simple. The system (on paper) supports infinite divisibility."
16:50:10 <multihate> due to the speed of transactions which are faster in most of the newer coins
16:50:57 Zekka has quit (Ping timeout)
16:51:01 Thor ( has joined #crytocc
16:51:09 <lysobit> multihate: transaction speed isn't really a problem imo, it usually takes seconds for an unconfirmed transaction to propagate across the network
16:51:21 <multihate> thats right
16:51:25 <pzuraq> lysobit: Will that scale?
16:51:26 <multihate> i just saw it tody
16:51:35 <multihate> like 5 minutes
16:51:47 <multihate> but some do it in 30 seconds
16:51:54 <multihate> or like instantly
16:52:02 <multihate> primecoin is very fast
16:52:19 <multihate> and the concept is better than btc
16:52:22 <lysobit> pzuraq, it will as Moore's law does, but I suspect in the future the average joe will not be running a full Bitcoin node on their computers, but nodes will probably run exclusively by miners in datacenters, who profit from transaction fees
16:52:56 <multihate> and they will have to invest alot to make it profitable
16:52:56 <pzuraq> When you say btc node, do you mean hashing or wallets?
16:53:18 <lysobit> pzuraq, the Satoshi's origin protocol actually describes a scenario where clients don't download the full blockchain but on parts of it
16:53:40 <lysobit> pzuraq: not hashing, a node that has the full blockchain and relays transactions to other nodes
16:53:52 <pzuraq> ah
16:53:55 <pzuraq> interesting
16:54:07 <lysobit> pzuraq: but still, in the future I suspect only miners will run nodes with the full blockchain
16:54:27 <multihate> it is already like that lyso
16:54:34 <lysobit> multihate: indeed, with MultiBit
16:54:41 <lysobit> multihate: and not really
16:54:49 <lysobit> multihate: thousands of people still run Bitcoin-QT
16:54:56 <multihate> but not as a server
16:54:57 <lysobit> with downloads the full blockchain
16:54:59 <lysobit> such as myself
16:55:02 <lysobit> which*
16:55:04 <pzuraq> lysobit: Do you think any other cc's stand a chance at gaining some marketshare?
16:55:14 <multihate> like bitcoin.conf server=1
16:55:18 <lysobit> pzuraq: Well, Litecoins are worth $5-$10 today, so sure.
16:55:25 <pzuraq> hmm
16:55:36 <pzuraq> yeah, I'm going to diversify
16:55:37 <lysobit> pzuraq: will they gain as much as a market share as Bitcoin does? Unlikely.
16:55:41 <multihate> they just keep the blockchain up to date
16:55:47 <pzuraq> agreeh
16:55:50 <pzuraq> agreed*
16:55:56 <multihate> and make part of the protection also
16:56:27 <lysobit> Bitcoin is already an international currency. There isn't much need for any other cryptocurrencies which do the same job unless they have fundamentally different characteristics. The current altcoins don't really imo
16:56:30 <multihate> acceptance of a transaction and blocks are made only by server=1
16:56:48 <multihate> confirmations i mean
16:57:10 <multihate> or maybe deamon=1 do that
16:57:21 <pzuraq> lysobit: I still think people will use them, if only because they can
16:57:26 <Charles> gtf
16:57:26 <Charles> gtg
16:57:27 <pzuraq> but they will be fringe currencies
16:57:43 <multihate> the more acceptance the stronger it gets
16:57:44 Charles has parted #crytocc (None)
16:57:50 <multihate> not talking about the value
16:57:58 <lysobit> pzuraq: there is certainly a small niche for them. But IMO most of them are created by people pissed off that Bitcoin is so hard to mine right now. The only different with Litecoin is that they are easier to mine
16:58:05 <lysobit> diffence*
16:58:06 <pzuraq> lol
16:58:09 <pzuraq> truth
16:58:14 <lysobit>
16:58:21 <pzuraq> are litecoins still mineable?
16:58:22 <multihate> thats why they are cheaper
16:58:26 <lysobit> "It is based on the Bitcoin protocol but differs from Bitcoin in that it can be efficiently mined with consumer-grade hardware. Litecoin provides faster transaction confirmations (2.5 minutes on average) and uses a memory-hard, scrypt-based mining proof-of-work algorithm to target the regular computers and GPUs most people already have"
16:58:31 <pzuraq> I only have a little macbook air
16:58:48 <multihate> with gpu they are ok, but close to not profitable
16:59:10 <pzuraq> hmm
16:59:33 <pzuraq> could setup my old pc to run in the basement next time I go home
16:59:37 <multihate> with a mac u can mine some new crap coins maybe
16:59:42 <pzuraq> lol
16:59:58 achus ( has joined #crytocc
17:00:33 <multihate> u need at least a very new multicore processor to mine some cpu coins
17:00:36 <connor> can someone explain to me how you would profit off bitcoins if the value were to suddenly increase
17:00:53 <connor> surely if the value was high then nobody would be buying?
17:00:58 <multihate> and buying it just for mining is not worth it
17:01:07 <lysobit> connor: you buy them at a lower price, and then sell them at a higher price?
17:01:15 <connor> lysobit, yeh I thought that
17:01:18 <multihate> good idea
17:01:30 <lysobit> connor: no, the opposite. If the value is so high that means more people are buying.
17:01:31 <connor> but if the value was high, who would be buying them?
17:01:32 <multihate> or you sell/buy cross coins
17:01:39 <lysobit> connor: because if the value is high, then that means there is a high demand.
17:01:45 <connor> hmm
17:02:00 <multihate> lbitcoin/namecoin and hundreds of others
17:02:12 <multihate> btc /ltc
17:02:18 <connor> how long is there before people stop buying due to the high price
17:02:20 <pzuraq> connor: They can also buy fractions
17:02:24 <multihate> check
17:02:27 <pzuraq> mBTC, uBTC
17:02:37 <multihate> there are others
17:02:48 <multihate>
17:02:59 <multihate> easy to register
17:03:04 <multihate> fast transactions
17:03:18 <multihate> and you can start gambling
17:03:42 <multihate> u can win or lose
17:04:11 <pzuraq> how did novacoins get so much worth?
17:04:14 <pzuraq> damn
17:04:18 <multihate> change it it bitcoins, send it to your wallet and buy a pizza of the winnings
17:05:53 <multihate>
17:06:20 <multihate> you get your ounce of gold and keep it in your safe
17:06:45 <multihate> then the bitcoin can die and it was still worth it
17:07:10 <pzuraq> would rather put the bitcoin on a sub and put that in my safe
17:07:20 <multihate> if it stays and gold price raises anyway you are even better
17:07:39 <pzuraq> Gold fluctuates a bit
17:07:46 <multihate> its on a down
17:07:57 <multihate> thats why i bought it with bitcoins
17:08:07 <pzuraq> haha
17:08:08 <multihate> bitcoin high gold low :D
17:08:15 <pzuraq> brilliant
17:08:30 <connor> how much do you guys have in BTC atm?
17:08:37 <pzuraq> gold was at $1500 when I sold mine
17:08:45 <multihate> i dont tell u
17:08:46 <pzuraq> wish I had invested in btc
17:08:58 <multihate> u still can
17:09:01 <pzuraq> connor: none
17:09:03 <complex> i dont quite understand the clarkmoodygraph
17:09:04 <connor> ok
17:09:06 <multihate> but chose a good time to get in
17:09:07 <pzuraq> multihate: No monies :(
17:09:10 <pzuraq> yes
17:09:25 <multihate> no money no investing in anything
17:09:46 <multihate> more work=more money=investing
17:10:02 <pzuraq> that's why I'm working my ass off
17:10:19 <multihate> or u play poker
17:10:24 <multihate> start small get big
17:10:24 <pzuraq> lol
17:10:36 <multihate> i started with pennies
17:10:36 <connor> online poker?
17:10:45 <multihate> good place to start
17:11:04 <multihate> better than going to the local live games where they rape your ass
17:11:06 <pzuraq> I don't gamble
17:11:12 <connor> lol
17:11:16 <pzuraq> then I hear poker isn't gambling
17:11:23 <connor> what poker site(s) did you use
17:11:24 <multihate> right
17:11:29 <multihate> i used all
17:11:36 <multihate> bonus whoring
17:11:52 <multihate> cashin playy down the bonus, cash out
17:11:59 <multihate> for years
17:12:07 <multihate> then i started live gaming
17:12:10 <connor> how much profit did you make xD
17:12:20 <multihate> small in the beginning
17:12:32 <multihate> esp losing in the beginning
17:12:47 <multihate> my first 50 bucks were gone in minutes
17:12:54 <connor> lol
17:13:05 <multihate> then i thought its better to start learn about the game
17:13:22 <connor> ha yeh
17:13:26 <pzuraq> prolly a good idea
17:13:56 <multihate> play with money that u can afford and keep a strict bankroll management
17:14:51 * multihate is off for a puff
17:16:12 <pzuraq> I dunno
17:16:16 <pzuraq> maybe
17:16:19 Zekka ( has joined #crytocc
17:21:17 <pzuraq> damn
17:21:20 <pzuraq> low was 380
17:24:13 <multihate> at that point nobody but maybe a few didint know where it was going
17:24:22 <multihate> could get lower
17:24:27 <multihate> have to leave
17:24:28 <multihate> later
17:24:33 multihate has quit (User quit:  Page closed)
17:37:36 <DrWhat> .bitcoin
17:37:37 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $593.00, 1 BTC = €452.01
17:37:44 <DrWhat> Its accualy $600 atm
17:47:13 <DrWhat> Its accualy $600 atm
17:47:13 <DrWhat> .bitcoin
17:47:14 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $598.00, 1 BTC = €452.01
17:47:25 <connor> ;o
17:48:25 <DrWhat> Ok so 1 month ago i said it was predicted to be at $700 by the end of november
17:48:37 <DrWhat> I was right
17:48:39 <DrWhat> :D
17:48:49 <DrWhat> Only 10 days to go
17:49:01 <DrWhat> i made a $500 prefit
17:51:18 <connor> ;o
17:51:19 <connor> cool
17:54:14 Zekka has quit (Ping timeout)
18:02:44 Zekka (zekka@Zekka.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
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18:06:57 Thor has quit (User quit:  Quitte)
18:08:24 Zekka ( has joined #crytocc
18:12:04 <MK_FG> So, ok, let's talk about bitcoin
18:12:11 <MK_FG> :P
18:12:47 <MK_FG> I predict people get tired of talking about it in a month
18:13:04 <lysobit> You're right. Bitcoin is just magical internet money, it's silly tbh
18:14:14 <MK_FG> I can't even bring myself to remember and repeat all the stuff that was said to support ^^^ that :P
18:17:31 <lysobit> Bitcoin is silly. Firstly, the U.S. government is going to regulate it and destroy it because of it's potential for terrorism and drug dealing. It has no potential for legitimacy. Secondly, what we're seeing right now is just a bubble. Bitcoins are worthless and backed by nothing, wheras fiat currency such as the U.S. dollar is backed by the U.S. government, which we have confidence in.
18:18:15 <connor> we have confidence in the U.S. government!?
18:18:49 <MK_FG> Also note the fact that it's clearly virtual, so anyone can make any number of these
18:18:58 <lysobit> Also, the idea that Bitcoins can be earned on the whim by trading electricity is stupid. In a viable economy, money is earned by selling goods or services, not generated or printed on the whim.
18:20:05 <MK_FG> And if usgov won't regulate it, it will still die
18:20:20 <MK_FG> Unregulated currency can't really exist
18:20:46 <lysobit> Yeah. I mean, why do you think the gold collapsed in the 1920s?
18:21:41 <MK_FG> Oh, and to draw parallel with gold, as stupid people are hoarding btcs, it'll also die as no one will part with their coins, so no free coins for transactions around
18:22:14 <MK_FG> Hence no point of the whole thing at all!
18:23:12 <MK_FG> Also it's ridiculously easy to counterfeit bits
18:23:20 <MK_FG> Like, you just copy them and that's it
18:23:30 <MK_FG> Every computer can do that
18:24:12 <lysobit> Yeah, and if not, Satoshi will probably add DRM to the bits, creating a centralized monopoly of Bitcoins.
18:26:22 <MK_FG> I heard they already have one big encrypted ledger
18:26:39 <MK_FG> Guess that Satoshi has the key and manages it
18:29:08 <lysobit> Wow, someone out there has a ledger of every transaction? That's fucked up
18:29:36 <lysobit> "anonymous" my ass
18:30:59 <DrWhat> you mean bitclock...
18:31:00 <DrWhat> you mean bitclock...
18:31:03 <DrWhat> bitblock
18:31:33 <MK_FG> And they use computer encryption anyway, everyone knows that is broken by agencies all around the world
18:31:52 <MK_FG> *bitcock
18:32:31 <lysobit> Yeah, and besides, private keys will probably be crackable on desktop computers in 5 years time thanks to Moore's law
18:32:43 monod ( has joined #crytocc
18:32:58 <monod> hello guyz
18:33:06 <monod> loggy, pointer?
18:33:06 <loggy>
18:33:12 <monod> loggy, free money?
18:33:14 <monod> have some?=
18:33:16 <monod> any*
18:33:20 <monod> oh... :(
18:33:34 <MK_FG> It's all moot points, no one in their right mind will use these bitcains anyway
18:34:04 <MK_FG> It's all just to scam money out of people on some sites in exchange for bits
18:34:19 <lysobit> It's all a giant Ponzi scheme
18:34:55 <monod> I recall Ponzi being an expression for smoething, yet I can't recall what it refers to
18:35:01 <MK_FG> If it's not in Economy books, it clearly can't exist
18:35:11 <lysobit> It will fail like any other digital currency. We've already seen this before in the 90s with currencies like Flooz.
18:36:08 <MK_FG> You can't use btc anywhere (i.e. wallmart), so buying them is totally pointless
18:36:10 <lysobit> And the Bitcoin company will get shutdown for money laundering just like Liberty Reserve, or e-gold
18:36:37 <monod> lysobit, because it is not an allowed activity?
18:36:48 <monod> (legally allowed)
18:37:03 <MK_FG> Even if not shutdown, it will never attract anyone competent enough to maintain the thing
18:37:21 <MK_FG> Tech talent costs a lot of money, just look at the enterprise software
18:37:33 <lysobit> Exactly. The only place you can buy things with them is blackmarkets, to by CP, drugs or weapons. It's so complex that it can be used for terrorism, god forbid.
18:37:36 <MK_FG> And I mean *real* money, not some bits!
18:37:39 <lysobit> buy*
18:37:42 <DrWhat> the thing with bitcoin is
18:38:16 <MK_FG> All "complexity" there is just an obscurity layer
18:38:18 <monod> .help
18:38:24 <monod> .damn
18:38:28 <monod> (:D)
18:38:29 <MK_FG> Everyone knows security by obscurity doesn't work
18:39:03 <monod> it's on page 10 of good modern cryptography books
18:39:09 <MK_FG> And in fact it's not even a security, just technobabble to fool people into giving you dollars
18:39:38 <MK_FG> (so you can presumably buy some terrorist things for them)
18:39:46 <lysobit> It's probably why Satoshi disappeared and was so private. So that he doesn't end up in jail after he collects his dollars from this giant scam.
18:40:02 <MK_FG> They'll find him anyway
18:40:04 <monod> Satoshi?
18:40:12 <MK_FG> NSA knows where averyone is at all times
18:40:17 <MK_FG> And that's awesome!
18:40:27 <lysobit> Probably. If they can find Osama Bin Laden, they'll find Satoshi, who is worse than Hitler imo.
18:40:45 <lysobit> monod: the creater of Bitcoin, Satoshi
18:40:48 <MK_FG> Yeah, at least Hitler didn't lie and then hide behind pseudonyms
18:40:59 <lysobit> Hitler is a saint compared to Satoshi
18:41:04 <MK_FG> He was an honest man that stood for his beliefs
18:41:18 <monod> what lies did this Satoshi told? and did he hide somewhere in time?
18:41:19 <lysobit> indeed, and Satoshi is just a criminal scum that supports drugs
18:41:31 <monod> too much of a question that I could ask to google maybe...
18:42:13 <MK_FG> People on the internet are so dumb to fall for such an obvious trick
18:42:17 <lysobit> monod: he probably exploited the non-linear nature of time, and coupled with a cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator, he has hidden at a random point in time
18:42:29 Zekka has quit (Ping timeout)
18:43:04 <monod> what kind of trolling is that?? :D
18:43:06 <monod> lysobit, ^
18:43:09 <lysobit> ?
18:43:25 <monod> ops sorry, were you serious?
18:43:32 <lysobit> yes....
18:43:40 <monod> I have a hard time understanding irony vs. non-irony in English :(
18:43:42 <monod> My bad :D
18:43:46 <lysobit> np
18:44:03 <MK_FG> monod, You'd do well to read the backlog, too
18:44:04 <lysobit> It is hard to detect irony or sarcasm over the internet.
18:44:15 <monod> it's because of a brain's area, responsible for understanding mixed up things in language
18:44:22 <monod> MK_FG, I think so :D
18:44:32 <MK_FG> monod, So that you won't fall for that scam, like all the other stupid people on the internet
18:44:43 <monod> lysobit, nono, only if you're not acquaintanced with the language, I guarantee you ;)
18:45:04 <monod> Thanks for the tip! MK_FG
18:45:21 <monod> *afk reading logs*
18:45:21 <MK_FG> loggy, pointer?
18:45:21 <loggy>
18:46:03 <MK_FG> monod, From there -
18:46:15 <monod> oh wow, thanks very much :)
18:46:24 * monod scrolls down tha page
18:46:36 * monod actually clicks the link :D
18:49:07 <MK_FG> I hope after that there'll be no question of whether it all was serious :P
18:49:29 <monod> hehehe, I think I should hope the same :D reading byw
18:49:31 <monod> btw}
18:49:33 <monod> btw}}
18:49:35 <monod> argh
18:49:52 <monod> *shift+CAPS*btw*
18:49:59 <monod> *gosh*
18:50:30 <MK_FG> See? Me and lysobit figured the greatest scam of the decade
18:50:48 <MK_FG> Should probably write a paper on it or something
18:51:21 * monod is astonished for the moment. *I really hope I will fully understand this because this seems serious as you speak about it.*
18:51:34 <MK_FG> Oh come on!
18:51:50 <monod> am I silly? Tell me, what?
18:52:08 <monod> I keep reading ok? before answering I mean :D
18:52:49 <MK_FG> You should've spotted the joke from like first 5 lines
18:52:57 <monod> goddamn it.
18:53:16 <monod> I can't anymore show my face (nickname) here from now on.
18:53:38 <monod> this is so embarrassing, and I tell you what: you may also joke me about the last thing you said!
19:01:41 <monod> will buying bitcoins decrease their value? Also meaning that selling them, changing them back for physical money, would increase the BTC --> $ exchange rate?
19:02:16 <monod> 17:01:30 <lysobit> connor: no, the opposite. If the value is so high that means more people are buying.
19:03:15 <monod> doesn't this only apply to goods? If there's a lot of demand for them, their price will rise? But isn't the opposite for money?
19:03:33 <monod> I'm thinking of inflation&deflation
19:04:46 <lysobit> The principal of suppy and demand applies to anything you can buy and sell
19:05:40 <pzuraq> given scarcity
19:05:43 <monod> wait a minute :D
19:06:06 <monod> here we're talking of goods or money? :D Doesn't this radically change the meaning?
19:06:52 <pzuraq> money is a good
19:07:54 <monod> how can that be? I think there's some fallacy?
19:08:03 <monod> if there are 2 euros in France e.g.
19:08:21 <monod> you "buy" 1 euro for 2 dollars e.g.
19:08:35 <monod> the remaining euro values more than 2 dollards now, nope?
19:08:42 <pzuraq> a good is anything people are buying and selling, supply and demand are the same for all goods in large enough economies.
19:09:23 <pzuraq> It's when you get to smaller economies that intrinsic value may become more important. Or disrupted economies.
19:10:37 <monod> intrinsic value == like if the value of a certain good is a "property" of its?
19:11:02 <lysobit> [19:08:05] <monod> if there are 2 euros in France e.g.
19:11:02 <lysobit> [19:08:23] <monod> you "buy" 1 euro for 2 dollars e.g.
19:11:02 <lysobit> [19:08:37] <monod> the remaining euro values more than 2 dollards now, nope?
19:11:11 <pzuraq> yeah, like how food is valuable because you can eat it
19:11:14 <lysobit> If there are 2 euros in France, a euro would be worth a lot more than 2 dollars ;-)
19:11:39 <lysobit> monod: but in theory, yes if more people are buying euros than people are selling euros
19:11:40 <monod> e.g. << :P
19:12:08 <monod> ..yes?
19:14:24 <monod> Now, or I'm missing some facts for why bitcoins shouldn't lower when more people exchanges money for them (what keeps their value raising while more people buys than how many sell them?), or btc are goods and not money
19:14:30 <monod> which sounds weird as well...
19:15:02 <monod> Maybe it's an illusion that it's a currency while it just is a very volatile-price good?
19:15:12 <monod> (boh)
19:16:43 <pzuraq> if more people are buying, then the sellers can pick who they want to sell to
19:16:55 <pzuraq> people compete because they want btc
19:17:00 <pzuraq> offer higher prices
19:17:08 <pzuraq> sellers accept highest prices
19:17:14 <pzuraq> prices move up
19:17:18 <monod> hang on a minute :)
19:17:33 <monod> "<pzuraq> offer higher prices"
19:18:05 <monod> that offer is wrong, isn't it? the price is not decided by btc owners but merely by currency exchange rates, nope?
19:18:14 <monod> that "offer"*
19:18:55 <pzuraq> no... there are many offers to buy btc at certain prices and sell btc at certain prices on the exchanges
19:19:12 <pzuraq> the rate on the exchange is whatever offer was accepted last
19:19:31 <lysobit> Currency exchange rate is decided by supply and demand, which is decided by how many BTC owners are selling their coins, and how many are buying
19:19:52 <lysobit> or rather, how many coins
19:20:28 <lysobit> For example if only 100 coins are being sold in the market, but people are trying to by 1000, the price will go up because the buyers will compete for the supply
19:20:33 <lysobit> buy*
19:21:15 <monod> oh. my. god.
19:22:09 <monod> I guess: yes, the _price_ would raise because it would be a good then. But the currency exchange would dramatically drop, no? Because it would then be a currency
19:22:21 <monod> but, I was reading what pzuraq said, which is:
19:22:31 <monod> (if I'm not mistaking)
19:22:55 <lysobit> A currency is just a good that people agree to exchange for other goods
19:23:11 <pzuraq> it's an intermediate good
19:23:43 <monod> yet, if you want 3000 piece of breads which is 200% of supply, the price raises
19:24:16 <lysobit> .title
19:24:17 <botpie91> lysobit: The Invention of Money and Currency - YouTube
19:24:20 <monod> while if you buy 200% (or, better, ask for 200%) of the current currency around, its value (not price) drops
19:24:25 <lysobit> watch that
19:24:28 <monod> ok
19:24:50 <monod> is this interesting to read or can I skip it?
19:24:51 <monod> .title
19:24:53 <botpie91> monod: Satoshi’s Machine: One Mystery is solved and another one opens | bitslog
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19:35:36 mikaa has quit (Ping timeout)
19:38:02 Jaleesa ( has joined #crytocc
19:46:52 <pzuraq> anyone in here experimented with nootropics?
19:49:22 Zekka (zekka@Zekka.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
19:53:28 Jaleesa has quit (Ping timeout)
19:55:36 <monod> what's a "nonce"? I seem to can't find a decent traduction
20:01:15 tintin (tintin@tintin.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
20:05:04 eggtimer ( has joined #crytocc
20:06:26 eggtimer has quit (User quit:  Connection closed)
20:14:53 <monod> <ZollBTC> remeber what I say 1k will  reach in 10 hours
20:14:53 <monod> <ZollBTC> just remeber I say it
20:14:56 <monod> now on freenode
20:14:58 <monod> :D
20:15:04 <monod> 'bout BTCs
20:16:34 multihate ( has joined #crytocc
20:17:20 <monod> *afk*
20:28:21 <connor> .bitcoin
20:28:21 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $579.00, 1 BTC = €416.00
20:32:17 <pzuraq> shit I hope not
20:32:36 <pzuraq> I need to get paid and I that's not happening for a few months
20:40:21 Zekka has quit (Ping timeout)
20:44:51 <lysobit> Bitcoin already reached $1000 2 days ago then dropped back down
20:45:59 <connor> lies
20:47:23 <lysobit> "In Bitcoin we've created the real-life Sci-Fi version of 'Credits'."
20:49:10 <lysobit> You know what we need? We have a decentralized currency, now we need a decentralized exchange
20:51:23 <multihate> my favorite topic again ...
20:51:51 <multihate> great idea
20:56:32 <monod> I finally read that Satoshi link someone posted today which I reposted too
20:57:01 <monod> and ... did not know what the issue was.. something wrong if Satoshi had many computers at his disposal to mine btc?
20:58:16 <monod> .title
20:58:18 <botpie91> monod: Page not found - Pearltrees
20:58:24 <monod> thanks botpie91
20:58:27 <monod> .thanks botpie91
20:58:34 <monod> whatever lulz
21:00:11 <multihate> i still have 24 unreported ips of pedos
21:00:39 <monod> I think you can easily throw them in the trash bin if they have dynamic IPs :)
21:01:04 <multihate> some of them have but i have the complete log
21:01:13 <multihate> timestamp link etc
21:01:21 <monod> are all them from America?
21:01:33 <multihate> i had 35
21:01:49 <multihate> 11 were from america
21:01:59 <multihate> reported them at cybertip
21:02:19 <multihate> macbeth want to dox the rest
21:02:24 <multihate> s
21:02:43 <multihate> but i think they should have a chance to justify
21:03:15 <multihate> where would be the best place to report the rest at once?
21:03:28 <monod> I think this: nobody (police-wise) is going to care about a private list of potential pedos, so the only thing I can see for you to do is to public their infos if you're not compromising yourself ("how did you know those information?" or "it's a privacy violation")
21:03:32 <multihate> like there are italians germans spain and all that
21:03:53 <monod> eh
21:03:59 <monod> well
21:04:04 <multihate> proxy server logs :D
21:04:12 <monod> I can say something for Italy
21:04:16 <multihate> live monitoring if i want to
21:04:29 <monod> you can just make a police call and denounce them to Italian authorities
21:04:39 <monod> if they hear you, they're going to do something
21:04:45 <monod> the point is.. will they listen?
21:04:51 <monod> which brings me to another question
21:04:57 <monod> is this research worth it?
21:05:16 <monod> because you may discover many other pedos and still not being able to do anything
21:05:27 <multihate> maybe
21:05:40 <monod> yeah
21:06:05 Zekka (zekka@Zekka.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
21:06:15 <multihate> i will see what happens to the 11 guys i have sent to cybertip
21:06:16 <monod> btw, if it's a hobby that does not take you too much time
21:06:23 <multihate> oh
21:06:38 <multihate> it took a lot of time filtering
21:06:45 <monod> omg
21:06:49 <multihate> big proxy big logs
21:06:51 <monod> packets?
21:06:54 <monod> oh god
21:06:57 <monod> just text??
21:07:08 <multihate> cat is good in searching
21:07:31 <multihate> i have like 15 GBs of logfiles downloaded and still monitoring
21:07:38 <monod> MY GOD
21:07:42 <monod> HOLY ****
21:07:44 <monod> that's amazing
21:08:04 <multihate> there is a big pedo site at
21:08:09 <monod> blearh
21:08:14 <monod> bleargh*
21:08:15 <monod> :)
21:08:18 <multihate> these honks just felt safe using a proxy
21:08:34 <monod> a proxy which logs... you have??!
21:08:42 <multihate> squid
21:09:01 <monod> what do you mean?
21:09:02 <multihate> access.log biggest file 6 GB
21:09:07 <multihate> squid proxy
21:09:19 <monod> yes, but what do you mean by that?
21:09:40 <monod> I only know it's a type of proxy, meaning that it's the software running on that proxy
21:09:42 <monod> right?
21:09:49 <multihate> right
21:09:51 <monod> k
21:09:57 <multihate> like apache webserver
21:10:02 <multihate> squid proxy
21:10:03 <monod> so how is squid related to you having the logs?
21:10:07 <monod> (alright)
21:10:17 <multihate> hrrrmmmm
21:10:28 <multihate> guy tried to hack me
21:10:52 <multihate> got into his vnc and made me a user
21:11:16 <multihate> not HIS vnc but the one he was using
21:11:22 <monod> yup
21:11:26 <multihate> he used this proxy
21:11:51 <monod> and being a user guarantees access to packets?
21:11:54 <monod> to filter on?
21:11:57 <multihate> root
21:12:06 <multihate> i do everything on this one
21:12:37 <multihate> so far i searched the logs only for the term
21:12:50 <monod> I thought you had a brand new user at his same vnc (provider(?))
21:12:52 <multihate> found that in the logs and it looked suspicious
21:13:06 <multihate> no the proxy had vnc access
21:13:22 <multihate> weak password ;D
21:13:28 <monod> AHHH...
21:13:35 <multihate> like... no password
21:13:36 <monod> now I see.
21:13:51 <monod> anyways
21:14:00 <monod> so from there easy access to logs
21:14:06 <monod> damnit
21:14:08 <multihate> yes
21:14:13 <monod> this means you can't legally accuse them
21:14:20 <multihate> dunno
21:14:27 <multihate> is reading logs illegal?
21:14:36 <multihate> it had no password
21:14:53 <monod> but you can make a disclosure
21:15:15 <multihate> i already did with the americans (but 2 that i found later)
21:15:29 <multihate> cybertip online
21:15:54 <multihate> macbeth said they will do something
21:16:05 <monod> ddosing?
21:16:23 <multihate> cybertip is the fbi and some friends
21:16:32 <monod> might be
21:16:40 <multihate> look at the page
21:16:49 <monod> exactly what I thought :D
21:18:14 <multihate>
21:18:45 <monod> I stomped into *.ca
21:18:47 <monod> damn
21:18:52 <monod> uhm
21:19:00 <monod> it actually seems *.org can't load
21:19:20 <multihate>
21:20:03 <monod> well, anyways, I'm no one by all means, so I don't even know why should I make you bother about my opinions.. What I just wanted to say is to consider if this is going to help or not
21:20:12 <monod> that is, if it's worth it or not
21:20:14 <monod> but only know
21:20:15 <monod> lulz
21:20:20 <multihate> at least one day after i reported frequent users they dissappeared from this prox
21:20:27 <monod> hahaha
21:20:40 <monod> how can it be O_O
21:20:41 <monod> strange
21:21:18 <multihate> well it looks like the site is still operating but i didnt find new people for 2 days now
21:21:46 <monod> yes, but...
21:21:49 <multihate> either there is a pedo around here who warns the others or they really got busted
21:22:03 <monod> :)
21:22:10 <multihate> like a guy from seatlle
21:22:23 <multihate> online everyday watching cp
21:22:32 <multihate> one day after reporting: off
21:22:35 <multihate> for days now
21:22:58 <monod> yeah, it seems to me that he may have just switched proxy :)
21:23:05 <monod> you don't change a habit like that
21:23:09 <monod> otherwise, he got arrested
21:23:18 <monod> or, if not, boh..
21:23:21 <multihate> i hope the second
21:23:26 <monod> we all :)
21:23:28 HiveResearch (HiveResear@developers.developers.developers) has joined #crytocc
21:23:30 <monod> we all not-pedos xDD
21:23:40 <multihate> hey there are still alot more keywords to search for
21:23:47 <HiveResearch> where
21:23:50 <HiveResearch> is
21:23:52 <multihate> in the logs
21:23:54 <HiveResearch> joe
21:24:09 <multihate> i didnt do a full search for yet
21:24:24 <multihate> it will spit out another 30 pedos
21:24:41 <monod> "London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, London bridge is falling down, fall-ing-down!" HiveResearch.. where is Mr. Brown? :P
21:25:11 <multihate> none of you ownes a proxy?
21:25:12 <monod> multihate,
21:25:21 <monod> (not at the moment)
21:25:41 <monod> my doubts are those concerning why you should make all this
21:25:52 <multihate> because i multihate pedos
21:25:57 <monod> haha
21:26:12 <monod> I think it kinda is for fun almost
21:26:28 <multihate> you know in these logs there are links to sites you just dont want to see
21:26:42 <HiveResearch> i wat logs
21:26:49 <multihate> just because you remember the pix forfuckingever
21:27:05 <monod> or because you get arrested :P
21:27:08 <HiveResearch> my penis eats chewy
21:27:16 <monod> mine makes it.
21:27:49 <monod> argh
21:27:51 <monod> sleep time for me
21:28:02 <monod> have a nice rest of the day
21:28:06 <monod> day/night
21:28:18 monod has quit (User quit:  byebye)
21:28:35 <multihate> thats my problem now but when i helped to arrest one of these littlecocksuckers then i feel better
21:28:38 <multihate> if somebody made pix of my kids i would do the bat and the leg thing
21:28:59 <multihate> they can be happy that they just beeing reported
21:29:17 <multihate> macbeth would have doxed them all if was quicker
21:29:50 <multihate> he had everything preperated already
21:30:02 <multihate> adresses, pix of homes etc
21:30:23 <multihate> but i still can feed his hunger with some more of them
21:31:21 <multihate> n8 monod
21:49:26 <multihate> we should have a #OpPedoReloaded where we feed proxylists with our own setup'd servers and just wait for the deer to come by
21:49:33 <multihate> totally legal
21:51:01 <multihate> downloading a 500mb file right now
21:53:12 <multihate> + search for (lots of cp there) gave me lots of new ips
21:59:03 iceTwy ( has joined #crytocc
22:01:25 <iceTwy> oh boy
22:01:29 <iceTwy> have I never felt so shitty in my life
22:18:20 <MK_FG> Food poisoning?
22:19:21 <MK_FG> Aaand I'm off to the dreamland
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