Cryto! 15 July 2014

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18:50:42 <monod> Hey loggyyy!!
18:50:44 <monod> :P
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18:51:17 <joepie91_> monod: well somebody submitted itt, and for some unclear reason it got popular
18:51:18 <joepie91_> lol
18:51:24 <monod> hahaha
18:51:25 <joepie91_>
18:51:27 <monod> Excellent
18:51:38 <joepie91_> even got a response from scribd co-founder
18:51:48 <joepie91_> which was... unexpected
18:52:06 <monod> "Hello,
18:52:06 <monod> I'm one of the founders of Scribd. You might be surprised to hear this, but I applaud the PDFy service and am glad someone has built it."
18:52:12 <monod> My effin god!
18:52:14 <monod> :D
18:52:33 <monod> "To joepie91_ - I think it's cool that you've started this. We have some experience building document hosting services, and I can see you are already encountering some issues we've worked on, like DMCA and copyright. If you'd like to talk, we'd be more than happy to help you out."
18:52:35 <monod> Wow!!
18:54:29 <monod> Lol, they even called you "joepie91_", underscore included xD
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19:00:01 <joepie91_> monod: yeah, that's my nick on HN
19:00:02 <joepie91_> :P
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19:00:06 <joepie91_> lost access to my original joepie91 acc
19:00:12 <monod> Argh
19:00:46 <monod> Now you only need to upload tons of pdfs, right?
19:00:53 <monod> To get even more going
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19:14:12 <joepie91_> monod: :P
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22:08:02 <monod> Gottaaaaaaaago!
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23:14:56 <charliebrown1> hi chan
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