Cryto! 25 June 2014

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06:36:51 <LunaElektra> LOL
06:37:00 * LunaElektra hugs botpie91
06:37:02 <LunaElektra> :)
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06:52:30 <joepie91_> pzuraq: !
06:52:51 <pzuraq> sup man?
06:53:26 <joepie91_> long time no talk :P
06:53:38 <joepie91_> I've been avoiding IRC because of distractions
06:53:48 <joepie91_> really only here right now to see if stuff keeps running, had some issues with unreal/atheme earlier today
06:53:55 <pzuraq> same, super busy
06:54:04 <joepie91_> pzuraq: you should add me on XMPP though
06:54:04 <joepie91_> :p
06:54:16 <pzuraq> was actually just about to go to bed, irc autologged me on
06:54:27 <pzuraq> I will do that actually, once I get is set up
06:54:29 <joepie91_> lies! :P
06:54:31 <joepie91_> well
06:54:36 <pzuraq> what's your username?
06:54:36 <joepie91_> set it up now :D
06:54:38 <joepie91_> only takes 5 mins
06:54:41 <joepie91_>
06:54:48 <joepie91_> or
06:54:51 <joepie91_> (duct tape redundancy)
06:54:54 <pzuraq> tomorrow, first thing ;)
06:55:01 <joepie91_> heh ok :P
06:55:04 <joepie91_> also make sure you're not using @gmail
06:55:13 <pzuraq> kk
06:55:15 <joepie91_> gtalk servers don't allow S2S TLS so they're rejected by most of the XMPP network now
06:55:26 <pzuraq> :/
06:55:29 <pzuraq> shitty
06:55:32 <joepie91_> thank google for that :P
06:55:45 <joepie91_> the whole "XMPP servers will go TLS only" thing was announced well ahead of time
06:55:48 <joepie91_> google ignored it, apparently
06:55:59 <pzuraq> anyways, talk to you tomorrow man
06:56:08 <joepie91_> alright, goodnight :)
06:56:15 <LunaElektra> holy
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06:57:45 <LunaElektra> lol
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07:27:57 <LunaElektra> hey
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07:57:47 <LunaElektra> lol
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