Cryto! 14 April 2014

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20:26:30 <monod> hey
20:27:04 <monod> how did loggy just reappear?
20:27:29 <monod> do you know? iceTwy?
20:30:42 <dorotea> lol
20:31:06 <dorotea> he's not gone, just working :)
20:31:59 <monod> yes, but also so damn depressed and/or anxious, he has memory issues
20:32:32 <dorotea> yes
20:47:51 <monod> can somebody tweet him or message him on xmpp?
20:48:18 <monod> Just to tell him I worried, reading his blog post
20:48:47 <monod> I don't have twitter and I'm on Windows now, so no xmpp correctly setup
20:53:44 <dorotea> monod:) he says thank you n.n
20:54:07 <dorotea> his deadline is soon, so he will be on irc this week
20:55:46 <monod> ok, thanks! I was writing him an email though :P
20:55:52 <dorotea> :)
20:55:59 * dorotea runs to fix bike
20:56:05 <monod> :P
20:57:25 <dorotea> srsly
20:57:30 <dorotea> my tire keeps going flat
20:57:44 <monod> omg
20:57:45 <dorotea> gonna go pump it up again (and I ordered a pump, cause I apparently don't own one)
20:58:04 <dorotea> pump will be here wednesday, but I have class tomorrow e.e
20:58:16 <monod> so annoying when tires never stay pumped!
20:58:20 <monod> oh lol
20:58:31 <monod> just borrow a hoverbike in the meanwhile
20:58:41 <monod> I hope some neighbour has it
20:58:43 <monod> :D
20:58:54 <dorotea> lol I wish
20:59:02 <monod> )
20:59:07 <dorotea> I have a replacement tube even, but no pump
20:59:08 <dorotea> lol
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21:17:19 <monod> hey dorotea
21:17:25 <monod> can I ask you one more favor?
21:18:27 <monod> just tell joepie91 to check emails soon
21:19:22 <dorotea> monod:) done :)
21:19:32 <monod> alright!
21:19:37 <monod> so now I press send :)
21:51:37 <monod> gottagosleep now
21:51:53 <monod> see you soon guys!
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22:25:42 <dorotea> heh
22:25:48 <dorotea> google bought a high altitude drone company
22:26:31 <dorotea> an excellent choice in combination with their project loon concept as well as their gmaps and potential future govt surveillance roles :>
22:28:09 <dorotea> also google could soon be an internet provider in conflict zones, which would be fantastic
22:33:02 <MK_FG> Which robotics company they haven't bought (yet)?
22:34:10 <MK_FG> I recall they got some things for CV, then self-driving cars, that dog robot thing last year, now flying drones...
22:41:10 <dorotea> yep
22:41:15 <dorotea> nice batch of military tech :>
22:41:49 <dorotea> it'll give them the chance to skim a little more off that giant military budget we've got
22:41:52 <MK_FG> When you say "military" I hear "WORLD DOMINATION VIA GIANT TERRIFYING ROBOTZ"
22:42:35 <MK_FG> Well, hopefully
22:42:54 <MK_FG> It'd be sad if nothing comes out of all these purchases
22:43:05 <MK_FG> Nothing "exciting" that is
22:43:52 <dorotea> I see some dystopian future a la continuum
22:44:15 <dorotea> but it's not particularly horrifying or exciting since it's just the same shit we've got now plus a few years to mature
22:45:18 <MK_FG> It is some sci-fi series, isn't it?
22:45:45 <MK_FG> Iirc there's also a near-future kickstarted game with similar name but unrelated
22:47:24 <dorotea> yeah
22:47:35 <dorotea> good show too, I recommend it. joepie liked it as well
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23:49:15 <iceTwy_znc> dorotea, MK_FG:
23:49:17 <iceTwy_znc> .title
23:49:19 <botpie91> iceTwy_znc: TrueCrypt audit finds “no evidence of backdoors” or malicious code | Ars Technica