Cryto! 6 April 2014

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00:22:37 * dorotea waves at joepie91
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01:08:03 <dorotea> haha fuck
01:08:07 <dorotea> I now feel old
01:08:21 <dorotea> my best friend's sister is like, 14 or something
01:08:32 <dorotea> I've known her since she was tiny
01:08:44 <dorotea> It's like BAM suddenly she's proper sized
01:08:57 <dorotea> like wtf where does the time go
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01:42:10 <ElectRo`> if you want to feel old
01:42:27 <ElectRo`> kurt cobain died on this day
01:44:18 <dorotea> 20 years ago, yeah
01:44:27 <dorotea> that doesn't make me feel old
01:44:43 <dorotea> his music was formative for me :)
01:45:30 <dorotea> YEAH
01:46:01 <dorotea> still pissed that anyone has to pay for jstor, but jeez fulltext search back to 1880 is nice
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13:16:26 <DrWhat> joepie91
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23:15:31 <cowboy> howdy
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