Cryto! 9 February 2014

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08:41:11 *** SpaghettiCode changed the topic to: "Cryto Coding Collective | THIS IS A PUBLICALLY LOGGED CHANNEL. |, | Rules: no Anonymous, no cracking, no drama | Now, with more dpk! | Cryto Research: | RIP Aaron Swartz"
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13:13:32 <joepie91>
13:13:38 <joepie91> .title
13:13:39 <botpie91> joepie91: Anonymous boycotts won't do anything - joepie91's Ramblings
13:17:34 <gesichtskirmes> are some people actually claiming they work?
13:20:43 <joepie91> gesichtskirmes: they work when you get momentum
13:20:47 <joepie91> the problem is that you usually don't
13:21:04 <joepie91> especially not when the "boycott" is conducted by spineless individuals
13:21:05 <joepie91> see above
13:22:53 <gesichtskirmes> yeah
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16:49:26 * suller is away: away
16:58:48 <joepie91> suller:
17:01:42 * suller shrugs
17:01:58 <suller> If i bother you,sry.
17:02:22 <suller> joepie91,
17:02:40 <Xeross> Kan always just, y'know /whois <nick> to find out if they're afk...
17:02:52 <joepie91> can *
17:02:58 <joepie91> and yes, that's what /away is for
17:04:03 <suller> well  actually a newbie here,
17:04:58 * suller is back (gone 00:15:32)
17:05:24 <joepie91> .welcome sulfer
17:05:25 <botpie91> sulfer: welcome to #crytocc! Please be aware that this channel is publicly logged, and make sure to read the rules in the channel topic. You may hide messages from the public logs by prefixing them with [off].
17:05:25 <joepie91> :P
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17:14:04 <dorotea> my client greys names in the nicklist when they've marked away
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20:25:04 <pzuraq> somethings up with what :<
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20:33:11 <dorotea> pzuraq:) new tracker IP?
20:33:56 <dorotea> pzuraq:) they've got an updated up about their current (now old) tracker addy being unstable as shit
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20:35:27 <dorotea> oh cool
20:35:37 <dorotea> they finally switched their dns to 600s expiry
20:35:45 <dorotea> no, wait, 300s
20:35:46 <dorotea> 5m lol
20:35:51 <dorotea> fuck yeah
20:36:20 <dorotea> tracker.* => dosmaster9001
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20:47:38 <monod> herro
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20:51:27 <MK_FG> "cf5fecc...afffffd master -> master" hash get \o/
21:04:55 <pzuraq> dorotea: How do I change that on all the torrents I have uploading?
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21:07:11 <MK_FG> loggy, pointer?
21:07:11 <loggy>
21:10:57 <dorotea> pzuraq:) you don't, it's a dns thing. clear your dns caches, if you control them
21:11:26 <pzuraq> I don't I don't think, according to the latest update the tracker is down though
21:12:01 <dorotea> aahh
21:12:14 <MK_FG> pzuraq, If you use rtorrent, there's rpc command to add/remove trackers from torrents, simple script can update them all
21:12:35 <dorotea> I don't pay attention to their updates, I just keep everything on and assume my client will handle such things gracefully
21:12:58 <dorotea> local dns cache and latest transmission has done me well for a while now
21:13:04 <MK_FG> (assuming you're talking of something something, history seem to be weiiird)
21:13:10 <MK_FG> s/of/about/
21:13:48 <pzuraq> MK_FG: Using deluge on a seedbox unfortunately :/
21:14:43 <MK_FG> Then grab bencode py module and write script to update all .torrent files wherever deluge keeps them, then restart it :P
21:15:08 <dorotea> wat
21:15:15 <dorotea> or just wait
21:15:15 <pzuraq> not sure if I can restart
21:15:16 <dorotea> lol
21:15:35 <dorotea> editing tracker to an ip address that may change again in the future? that's illy
21:15:38 <dorotea> silly, too
21:15:40 <MK_FG> Yeah, I'm not sure what's the issue with dead trackers
21:15:51 <dorotea> I...
21:15:53 <dorotea> it's, man
21:16:02 <dorotea> not some random open one that died
21:16:03 <dorotea> lol
21:16:17 <dorotea> this isn't tpb torrent maintenance
21:16:18 <dorotea> lol
21:16:38 <MK_FG> I think tpb ones were dead for a while
21:17:53 <dorotea> I feel like you're being purposefully obtuse
21:18:07 <MK_FG> What, no
21:18:15 <dorotea> no, never, of course not
21:18:18 <dorotea> not MK_FG
21:18:30 * dorotea whacks with broom
21:18:47 <MK_FG> I (and loggy) seem to be missing context above, if there was any
21:19:30 <MK_FG> But otherwise I thought you were talking about some tracker being down under ddos (, presumably)...
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21:27:08 <monod> guys, I think I just invented the ultimate self-therapy
21:27:59 <monod> join a new, empty channel, activate chat logging to disk and talk to somebody (actually nobody) in the chat room describing problems and issues
21:28:28 <monod> logging has the purpose of picking back up ideas or concepts you said
21:28:34 <monod> it's like a notebook
21:28:56 <joepie91> monod: that reminds me of what labmacambira does
21:29:12 <monod> labmacambira?
21:29:17 <joepie91> it's a channel on freenode with a bot... and you can !shout log messages of what you're doing / what you've accomplished
21:29:26 <joepie91> the bot logs them and puts them online, and tells you to "keep hacking"
21:29:42 <monod> omg
21:29:45 <joepie91> it's a similar idea, but public :)
21:29:57 <monod> I'll take a look, curious
21:55:08 <dorotea> MK_FG:) correct, but you're missing any and all implied context, I think. Your answers are orthogonal to his questions (not untrue, just not answering what he was asking).
21:56:11 <dorotea> sed'ing trackers isn't really a useful response to dns caching issues
21:56:40 <dorotea> (for example, and in this particular context. I'd agree with you if we were talking about boring old pub torrents)
21:57:55 <dorotea> and since we don't know the cause of network instability (it was ddos, but maybe they got to a shitty provider who don't care about ddos but has an unstable network?), we can only track their dns updates
22:02:28 * dorotea tries to imagine the lulz of what signing up with verisign
22:07:44 <dorotea> mmm, wow. olive oil, garlic, basil. best pasta topping
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22:17:08 <dorotea> joepie91:) I like the youranonnews hit piece you wrote
22:17:15 <joepie91> lol
22:17:26 <dorotea> cleverly disguised as being about anonymous activism
22:17:42 <joepie91> actually it is about both
22:18:02 <joepie91> the youranonnews one was originally going to be a separate article
22:18:06 <joepie91> but I figured I'd roll it into one
22:18:49 * dorotea laughs
22:19:42 <joepie91> function ngViewFillContentFactory($compile, $controller, $route) {
22:19:42 <joepie91> [...]
22:19:42 <joepie91>         $'$ngControllerController', controller);
22:19:42 <joepie91> what is this, java?
22:19:47 <joepie91> I mean, seriously
22:25:42 <monod> (why that bot says "keep hacking" ?)
22:27:26 <joepie91> monod: to encourage you
22:27:27 <joepie91> :)
22:27:50 <monod> even though it's not about hacking?
22:28:11 <monod> like, a "saying" ("break a leg!" for good luck e.g.)
22:29:05 <joepie91> monod: "hacking" there means the real definition
22:29:08 <joepie91> creative approaches, etc.
22:29:15 <joepie91> not "breaking into stuff" (which is actually cracking)
22:30:02 <monod> alright
22:30:22 <monod> have to look "tinkering" up too
22:31:25 <joepie91> tinkering, fiddling, messing about with
22:31:36 <joepie91> changing stuff to see what it does
22:47:01 <monod> :3
22:47:06 <monod> sounds like hacking
22:47:08 <monod> too
22:47:17 <monod> gottttttttttta go
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23:09:55 <pzuraq> woah
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23:29:40 <dorotea> lol les bricoleurs!
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23:42:45 <dorotea> hmm
23:43:37 <dorotea> does bitcoin 090's wallet-free mode mean I'll finally be able to deploy bitcoin nodes on random servers as a way to reinforce network infrastructure?
23:44:05 <dorotea> like, as a specific purpose instead of a useful side effect
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