Cryto! 3 November 2013

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00:54:37 <ShadowDemon> code monkey :P
00:58:57 <botpie91> 04iceTwy made 1 commit(s) to 03willie-extras on branch 10master: '02[twit]Fix double '@' with .twitinfo, fix invalid user with .twit.twitinfo returned '@' twice when printing the output (e.g.: @@iceTwy: iceTwy)..twit always returned 'You have inputted an invalid user' because try/except was commented out.' (
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01:27:14 <botpie91> 04iceTwy made 1 commit(s) to 03willie-extras on branch 10master: '02[twit] Fix double '@' with .twitinfo' (
01:28:25 <cayce> oh I could cry
01:28:31 <cayce> I have native ipv6 here
01:28:42 <cayce> it was disabled in the router
01:28:44 <cayce> I just
01:28:44 <botpie91> 04iceTwy made 1 commit(s) to 03willie-extras on branch 10master: '02[twit] New link to the Twitter API website' (
01:28:45 <cayce> wow
01:28:47 <cayce> tears
01:29:14 <iceTwy> cayce: very tears
01:29:16 <iceTwy> much disappointment
01:29:18 <iceTwy>      wow
01:30:26 <cayce> so doge
01:30:40 <cayce> man
01:30:43 <cayce> this is some shit.
01:30:50 <cayce> alright, what's broken
01:30:56 * cayce goes to fix dns
01:31:25 <cayce> yeah see
01:31:35 <cayce> access-control: ::1 allow
01:31:38 <cayce> NOT SMART
01:31:47 <cayce> If I have ipv6, that is NOT A GOOD IDEA
01:43:25 <botpie91> 04iceTwy made 2 commit(s) to 03willie-extras on branch 10master: '02Merge pull request #18 from iceTwy/masterFix double '@' with .twitinfo & new link to Twitter API website', '02[twit] No matter the count of '@', display only one '@' in .twitinfo' (
01:44:41 <iceTwy> finally
01:44:43 <iceTwy> ugh
01:44:53 <iceTwy> cayce: lolol
01:44:57 <iceTwy> access to ::1?
01:44:59 <iceTwy> gief me
01:45:19 <cayce> ::1 is loopback
01:45:28 <cayce> no, that's the axx line for unbound
01:45:34 <cayce> my local dns cacher
01:45:40 <iceTwy> hm
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01:48:31 <cayce> yes
01:48:52 <cayce> access: lines just mean if it doesn't have an ip in the ranges, it will silently drop the reqs
01:56:39 <iceTwy> ah
01:56:42 <iceTwy> kay
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02:31:53 <ShadowDemonX> Crappy internet, I has
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03:09:03 <Crypto> Herro!
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03:59:38 <ShadowDemonX> hello Crypto
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04:08:51 <Crypto> Hey
04:10:08 <ShadowDemon>
04:10:12 <ShadowDemon> ^ retarded people
04:10:27 <ShadowDemon> XD
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04:23:44 <ShadowDemon> OMG!!! THE WORST VIRUS IN THE WORLD!!!
04:23:57 <ShadowDemon> Hahahahaha
04:26:36 <Crypto> Hacked into every single web server?! Oh,too much! XD
04:27:26 <ShadowDemon> The media is quite humorous.
04:28:11 <Crypto> Indeed my friend. *Raises pipe*
04:29:04 <ShadowDemon> Sharing is caring.
04:29:44 * cayce passes
04:29:53 * cayce packs bowl
04:29:56 <cayce> greens anybody?
04:30:15 <Crypto> I'll take some.
04:30:23 * cayce passes to Crypto
04:30:48 * Crypto takes some.
04:30:55 <Crypto> Thank you my good,sir.
04:31:54 <ShadowDemon> We hotboxin'?
04:32:07 <Crypto> I don't know,
04:32:13 <Crypto> I think so?
04:32:24 * ShadowDemon pulls out the bong and closes the windows.
04:32:30 <ShadowDemon> Go big or go home.  XD
04:32:48 <cayce> Is that even a question?
04:32:52 <cayce> "are we"
04:33:00 <cayce> like you have any choice in the matter
04:33:11 <ShadowDemon> LOL
04:34:21 <Crypto> lul
04:35:35 <cayce> BEE ARR BEE NEW KERNEL
04:35:42 <Crypto> I'm gonna go,it is late.
04:35:43 <Crypto> Bye guys.
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04:36:57 <ShadowDemon> lol
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04:37:05 <ShadowDemon> XD
04:47:41 <ShadowDemon>
04:47:45 <ShadowDemon> ^ jesus
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04:47:59 <ShadowDemon> That's all I have to say about it
04:48:07 <ShadowDemon> cayce,
04:48:19 <cayce> yes what about them
05:03:12 <ShadowDemon> It's terrible
05:03:16 <ShadowDemon> That's what it is
05:03:19 <ShadowDemon> terrible
05:04:14 <cayce> what, that elites have fancy parties and get together to do a bit of planning?
05:04:28 <cayce> because you totally wouldn't do exactly the same thing at all
05:04:33 <cayce> noooo
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05:12:55 <cayce> nice!
05:13:03 <cayce> we're on botpie's side, we'll be safe!
05:55:27 <ShadowDemon> lol
05:55:32 <ShadowDemon> :D
05:55:41 <ShadowDemon> Nexus got cut, eh?
05:55:44 <ShadowDemon>
05:55:48 <ShadowDemon> ^ btw
05:56:09 <ShadowDemon> Facebook will one day have more dead people than living.
06:03:24 <ShadowDemon>
06:03:45 <ShadowDemon> ^ She seems like a nice person, I'm just unsure of her political standings.
06:03:55 <ShadowDemon> The fact that she isn't that open about it makes me worry.
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07:08:36 <ShadowDemon> botepie91, help
07:08:39 <ShadowDemon> .help
07:08:42 <ShadowDemon> !help
07:08:45 <ShadowDemon> $help
07:08:49 <ShadowDemon> #help
07:08:54 <ShadowDemon> @help
07:09:00 <ShadowDemon> damn, nothin
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09:11:44 <ShadowDemon> ohai macbeth
09:11:54 <ShadowDemon> lol the connections to here are terrible
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12:54:30 *** SpaghettiCode changed the topic to: "Cryto Coding Collective | THIS IS A PUBLICALLY LOGGED CHANNEL. |, | Rules: no Anonymous, no cracking, no drama | Now, with more dpk! | Cryto Research: | RIP Aaron Swartz"
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12:54:57 <joepie91> mmm
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12:57:33 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 3 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Changed the repository of the vala syntax hilighter and added labels', '02Removed a new line that broke unittesting', '02Merge pull request #2227 from Chipcius/masterChanged the repository of the vala syntax hilighter and added labels (Updated)' (
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13:10:38 <joepie91> .tw
13:10:38 <botpie91> #Python developer(s) needed to write code for archiving #Hyves data before it shuts down; please join #angerthehyve on Efnet! #ArchiveTeam (@joepie91)
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14:09:37 <iceTwy> Can anyone connect to icebinled6dsmqbu.onion?
14:11:55 <iceTwy> yup
14:11:57 <iceTwy> :D
14:15:58 <cayce> that requires me figuring out how to use tor again
14:15:59 <cayce> too lazy
14:17:11 <joepie91> iceTwy: try tor2web
14:17:35 <iceTwy> joepie91: it works
14:17:36 <iceTwy> ;)
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15:07:48 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 2 commit(s) to 03Envoy on branch 10feature/client-tide: '02.bind shim, scrolling, and scroll-glue', '02Tabs instead of spaces' (
15:09:14 <cayce> it's fun to see people critique @ioerror
15:09:33 <iceTwy> yup
15:09:53 <cayce> he pisses a lot of people off, tech people mostly
15:10:08 <cayce> most common thing I see is "he speaks from ignorance" or "has no knowledge of this technical field"
15:10:25 <cayce> which is interesting, because that has never disqualified anyone from speaking on it
15:10:30 <cayce> it matters only if they're wrong
15:11:03 <cayce> and so I wonder what it is that they find wrong
15:11:50 <cayce> the most common wrongness I know of, but it applies to the entire security community and not just him, is that current security stuff is usable
15:12:31 <cayce> because it's absolutely not.  otr and dtls are the only "usable" things at this point
15:13:26 <cayce> and shit, you have to explicitly install otr
15:13:30 <cayce> it doesn't ship by default
15:13:49 <cayce> why? why does it not ship by default on every platform in every app that supports it?
15:14:07 <cayce> there is literally no reason for it not to
15:14:48 <cayce> and without that "automagically protected" sort of security/privacy/whatever, we're never going to have those ideals upheld for society as a whole
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15:15:01 <cayce> only the people like us, over here in the corner, with the technical capacity to use this shit
15:19:15 <cayce> and even still, most people use skype or aim or qq
15:19:40 <cayce> and so all of those people are left out in the rain
15:20:42 <cayce> WAT
15:20:45 <cayce> walmart bought torbit
15:20:50 <cayce> holy shit
15:20:52 <joepie91> torbit/
15:20:54 <cayce> yeah
15:20:54 <joepie91> ?*
15:21:00 <cayce> real user measurement company
15:21:01 <joepie91> .wik torbit
15:21:02 <botpie91> " (Founded in November 2010) is a San Mateo, cloud based website acceleration service." -
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15:21:18 <cayce> they do google analytics style tracking, but they also pull all clientside perf info out too
15:21:24 <joepie91> mmm
15:21:29 <cayce> they get all your window.performance
15:22:03 <cayce> it's "real user monitoring" because they pull that info out, you don't have to rely on in-app monitoring systems to see how it's performing outside where all your customers are
15:22:11 <cayce> it's uh, shit that's directly in my interest field
15:22:12 <cayce> heh
15:22:48 * cayce keeps reading
15:22:55 <cayce> found a post about it on walmart lab's site
15:23:35 <cayce> oh
15:23:41 <cayce> and apparently torbit does googlepagespeed
15:23:47 <cayce> their own version
15:24:02 <cayce> (available as a module for both nginx and apache!)
15:25:02 <cayce> man
15:25:09 <cayce> walmart's building one hell of a tech team
15:26:17 <cayce> I mean the problem with all this is that you're literally working for satan
15:31:25 <iceTwy> joepie91: so I'd like to heat up my VPS's
15:31:32 <iceTwy> any script to download that website we gotta archive?
15:31:34 <iceTwy> (yet)
15:43:58 <joepie91> iceTwy: no
15:45:52 <iceTwy> d'aw
15:46:01 <iceTwy> I'd love to contribute but I'm rather busy atm
15:49:09 <joepie91> a wild website shutdown hotline appears!
15:49:21 <joepie91> iceTwy: it probably isn't terribly much work tbh
15:55:51 <iceTwy> joepie91: lright
15:55:58 <iceTwy> joepie91: if you get it up and running, ping me
15:56:02 <iceTwy> on XMPP
15:56:36 <joepie91> iceTwy: eh, I won't be writing code for this one
15:56:45 <joepie91> I have absolutely no possibility of squeezing this into my schedule
15:56:46 <joepie91> at all
15:56:46 <joepie91> zero
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16:34:13 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 1 commit(s) to 03Envoy on branch 10feature/client-tide: '02Fix warnings/errors about' (
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20:44:34 <iceTwy> joepie91 has an odd sleep schedule
20:44:41 <iceTwy> I might keep repeating myself buuuuuut
20:44:42 <iceTwy> still
20:44:54 <iceTwy> botpie91: tell joepie91 that is sleep schedule is weird ;o
20:44:54 <botpie91> iceTwy: I'll pass that on when joepie91 is around.
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21:10:55 <IgnisInCaelum> botpie91, tell joepie91 that his sleep schedule is /really/ weird
21:10:55 <botpie91> IgnisInCaelum: I'll pass that on when joepie91 is around.
21:14:15 <lysobit> botpie91, tell joepie91 also cocks
21:14:15 <botpie91> lysobit: I'll pass that on when joepie91 is around.
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21:56:36 <Anonymous922> iceTwy: perhaps he doen't have a sleep schedule, but spends so much time coding that he only sleeps once he is tired, or realizes he's tired.
22:13:31 <iceTwy> Anonymous922: I think that's what he'd told me a while ago
22:13:35 <iceTwy> he only sleeps when he gets tired
22:17:10 <Anonymous922> That's what I do, that's the only reason I figured. I lose track of time when I'm trying to code a prog, next then I know it's 5 or 6 a.m. and I"m like wtf?!
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22:42:39 <lysobit> Anonymous922 = joepie91
22:45:58 <Anonymous922> lysobit: not quite , but he is a friend.
22:55:21 <iceTwy> wow,l ol, wtf
22:55:24 <iceTwy>
22:55:27 <iceTwy> .title
22:55:29 <botpie91> iceTwy: Hiring Perl Programmer - Job Offers & Job Requests - vpsBoard
22:55:55 <iceTwy> I was recommended for a job? nice
22:56:00 <iceTwy> but I do not code in Perl
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23:00:29 <ShadowDemon> Are we all joined together with nexus now?  :)
23:15:46 * IgnisInCaelum group hugs
23:36:28 * iceTwy cries out of laughter
23:36:29 <iceTwy>
23:36:31 <iceTwy> .title
23:36:32 <botpie91> iceTwy: the_coding_love();
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