Cryto! 2 November 2013

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08:52:14 <> Topic for #crytocc is: Cryto Coding Collective | THIS IS A PUBLICALLY LOGGED CHANNEL. |, | Rules: no Anonymous, no cracking, no drama | Now, with more dpk! | Cryto Research: | RIP Aaron Swartz
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09:01:01 <joepie91> wait, services didn't break, spaghetticode is just -o
09:01:29 <Dwaan> i am also -o
09:01:33 <Dwaan> this needs to be fixed
09:01:47 <joepie91> Dwaan: you're not a botserv though
09:02:00 <Dwaan> since when
09:02:08 <Dwaan> i am anope turned AI
09:02:15 <joepie91> also, I wonder who the muppet is that (unsuccessfully) tried to login to my nickserv account
09:02:18 <joepie91> while I was away
09:02:34 <joepie91> what makes them think that they can guess my password if I can't even guess it myself? :|
09:03:04 <Dwaan> why dont you reset it?
09:10:32 <joepie91> just haven't gotten around to it yet
09:10:32 <joepie91> :P
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11:47:00 <iceTwy> joepie91: got myself a new VPS
11:47:03 <iceTwy> ;)
11:47:29 <joepie91> iceTwy: oh dear, got hit by the VPS addiction?
11:48:10 <joepie91> also, xmpp!
11:48:31 <iceTwy> joepie91: definitely xD
11:55:51 <IR601> lol
11:56:23 <IR601> i have that ich less since i get free cloud credits at work i can spin up what me lkes
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12:38:05 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Add package for Stata 13', '02Merge pull request #2294 from andrewheiss/masterAdd package for Stata 13' (
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13:20:41 <Cryto390> hello
13:21:47 <Cryto390> hello
13:22:13 <iceTwy> hey there
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13:30:14 <asdf> hi
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14:23:04 <cayce> morning joepie91 !
14:23:14 <cayce> welcome back!
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14:49:15 <joepie91> ohai cayce, thanks :)
14:51:30 <iceTwy> charybdis + atheme: successful IRCd + services combo is successful
14:51:31 <iceTwy> seriously
15:02:32 <iceTwy> lol.
15:02:33 <iceTwy> joepie91:
15:02:37 <iceTwy> .title
15:02:39 <botpie91> iceTwy: To the moon : Bitcoin
15:10:04 <asdf> ohai
15:11:14 <joepie91> lol
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15:11:57 <asdf> ffs c++
15:14:06 <asdf> yunoletmefindexecutablepath
15:18:06 <asdf> anyone got ideas on how to deal w/ this error?
15:18:06 <asdf> char buffer[MAX_PATH];
15:18:07 <asdf>     GetModuleFileName( NULL, buffer, MAX_PATH );
15:18:13 <asdf> Trying to get current filename and path directory
15:18:15 <asdf> C++
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15:53:55 <monod> hello freunds :)
15:54:13 <monod> I'm backing up my bro's Windows computer =_=
15:55:15 <cayce> :)
15:55:36 <asdf> cool
15:55:38 <asdf> i figured out my error
15:55:53 <monod> the capital letter for the first one in the nick U_U
16:02:27 <joepie91> ohai monod
16:02:31 <joepie91> asdf; share the solution
16:02:32 <joepie91> !
16:02:42 <cayce> ^
16:02:49 <cayce> huh
16:02:59 <cayce> a bunch of the crypto acceleration in the kernel ships disabled
16:03:10 * cayce clicks buttons
16:05:00 <joepie91> cayce: it's a backdoor
16:05:40 <cayce> yay
16:05:41 * cayce installs
16:06:05 <cayce> but really, any proof of that?
16:06:32 <cayce> I don't have an intel cpu, so it's not rdrand whitening
16:06:56 <cayce> or whatever the other oddity everyone got their panties in a bunch about
16:15:09 <asdf> joepie91, solution:
16:15:10 <asdf> char cCurrentPath[FILENAME_MAX];
16:15:10 <asdf> if(!GetCurrentDir(cCurrentPath, sizeof(cCurrentPath)))
16:15:10 <asdf> {
16:15:10 <asdf> cout << "error" << endl;
16:15:10 <asdf> }
16:15:10 <asdf> cCurrentPath[sizeof(cCurrentPath) -1] = '\0';
16:15:10 <asdf> return cCurrentPath;
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16:21:03 <monod> backdoor??
16:21:12 <monod> what crypt are talking about?
16:21:15 <monod> crypto*
16:21:54 <iceTwy> joepie91: heard about what's happening with Phonebloks?
16:21:59 <joepie91> monod: was kidding
16:22:00 <joepie91> iceTwy: no?
16:22:23 <iceTwy> they say they talked to different phone manufacturers
16:22:27 <iceTwy> (Phonebloks, that is)
16:22:42 <iceTwy> and it turns out Motorola have been working for a year on creating a modular phone
16:22:51 <iceTwy> so they're partnering up.
16:22:52 <monod> (oh, lol, for the kidding)
16:23:03 <iceTwy> essentially, Phonebloks will be a community that will push ideas forward
16:23:11 <iceTwy> and Motorola will realize them somehow
16:23:20 <iceTwy> the whole development process will be open source, they say
16:23:25 <joepie91> mhmm
16:23:33 <iceTwy> not sure if I'm happy with that
16:23:35 <monod> wasn't Motorola been acquired by Nokia which was recently acquired by Microsoft?
16:23:37 <iceTwy> (btw, Motorola = Google)
16:23:41 <iceTwy> monod: ^
16:23:43 <monod> ohh
16:23:44 <monod> right.
16:23:51 <joepie91> to me, it's filed under "we'll see what happens, I'm not getting up my hopes yet"
16:23:57 <monod> because I remember Motorola was... dead.
16:24:08 <iceTwy> joepie91: same here
16:24:11 <iceTwy> yeah monod
16:24:24 <iceTwy> who the hell has a Motorola these days lol
16:24:31 <monod> Razr
16:24:37 <iceTwy> meh
16:24:58 <monod> I had a friend who had it... it had a nice look, but it was horrible concerning the rest....
16:25:12 <monod> back trying to install drivers for shit!
16:25:21 <monod> ('s sake)รน
16:26:17 <joepie91> when I hear motorola, this is what I think of:
16:29:35 <cayce> I dunno exactly what this does, but this is brilliant: you include their js loader into the page which is async, and will piggyback off already-included jquery (so they don't have to load it again)
16:29:36 <cayce>
16:29:54 <cayce> fuckin' smart
16:30:18 * cayce goes to figure out what the script they load in does
16:30:52 <cayce> oh, pfff
16:31:00 <cayce> another one of those "related article" boxes for sites
16:47:07 <iceTwy> my, my, my...
16:47:09 <iceTwy>
16:48:39 <monod> that's pure genius
16:48:49 <monod> back installing drivers... =_=
16:49:13 <monod> BTW
16:49:19 <monod> look at the search bar! XD
16:49:21 <monod> "cats"
16:51:09 <iceTwy> god damn
16:51:16 <iceTwy> why does it take so long to generate a DH key
16:51:19 * iceTwy sighs
16:56:23 <cayce> you must construct additional entropy
17:02:33 <cayce> man, one big fucking benefit of going ext4 is going to be actually being able to delete data
17:02:51 <cayce> right now it errors out because thunar or whatever doesn't do ntfs trash cans
17:02:58 <cayce> so I have to force delete everything
17:03:00 <cayce> e.e
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17:05:17 <cayce> S1renide:) EHLO
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17:16:32 <iceTwy> oh nice
17:16:39 <iceTwy> @sbp follows me on Twitter
17:16:42 <iceTwy> :D
17:17:30 <lysobit> [17:07:26] <+sbp> really? fuck
17:17:30 <lysobit> [17:07:32] <+sbp> shows how much I use twitter
17:17:30 <lysobit> [17:07:50] * +sbp checks
17:17:30 <lysobit> [17:07:52] <+sbp> I totes am!
17:17:30 <lysobit> [17:08:19] * +sbp follows iceTwy whilst he's at it
17:24:43 <asdf> lol
17:26:13 <cayce> lol
17:29:09 <joepie91> announcing our brand new contextual relaybot: lysobit
17:29:19 <joepie91> source at
17:29:20 <joepie91> lol
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17:33:34 <asdf> xD
17:33:57 <asdf> 404 = life
17:36:36 * cayce giggles
17:37:00 <cayce> I don't even know where lysobit relays from, but it's usually funny
17:37:06 <cayce> sounds like some channel I should be in
17:54:27 <monod> byebye freakies, g2g!
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20:23:27 <IgnisInCaelum> Sssss.
20:25:10 <joepie91> IgnisInCaelum: hai!
20:25:18 <IgnisInCaelum> Haiyou
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20:28:21 <Anonnie13> hello
20:28:28 <IgnisInCaelum> Anyone hear anything on who's DDoSing Extra Life? I want to find them and hang them by their own entrails
20:28:41 <joepie91> oh right, the obligatory...
20:29:00 <joepie91> ohai IgnisInCaelum, welcome to #crytocc, be aware that this is a publicly logged channel, please read the channel rules, blah blah blah
20:29:03 * joepie91 REALLY needs to alias that
20:29:14 <joepie91> er, channel rules in the topic *
20:29:15 <joepie91> :P
20:30:00 <IgnisInCaelum> Oh.
20:30:19 <IgnisInCaelum> I'm an awful IRCer
20:30:24 <IgnisInCaelum> Gonna go hang /myself/ now
20:30:38 <Anonnie13> What is Extra Life?
20:31:34 <IgnisInCaelum> In my defense, the topic just looks like a ton of links :P
20:31:47 <IgnisInCaelum> I did look, but didn't read thoroughly because links
20:32:42 Anonnie13 has parted #crytocc ()
20:32:44 <IgnisInCaelum> Where's the Anon/cracking/drama channel? I think this used to be the everything channel, right? :-\
20:33:56 <IgnisInCaelum> Poor Anonnie13 :-\
20:38:53 <joepie91> IgnisInCaelum: used to be an everything channel, then it built up so much drama that the channel became unmaintainable
20:39:01 <joepie91> so a very limited set of rules was established to avoid that
20:39:02 <joepie91> :p
20:39:17 <joepie91> anyway
20:39:23 <joepie91> there's still #anonnews but that's still very flaky
20:39:36 <joepie91> and I believe someone made an everything channel a few days back but no idea if that still exists
20:39:42 <joepie91> you're welcome to establish a channel if you want anyway, heh
20:43:21 <IgnisInCaelum> Mmm yes, another three-person channel for me to rule with an iron fist! >:D
20:44:09 <IgnisInCaelum> Hmm, what shall I call it
20:44:47 <joepie91> #IgnisInGeneralum
20:45:27 <IgnisInCaelum> Hahahah
20:45:29 <cayce> lol
20:45:52 <IgnisInCaelum> I think that's the first time anyone's ever done good nameplay with one of my names :D
20:47:13 <joepie91> yeah well, your name is hard! :P
20:48:07 <IgnisInCaelum> It's made, by the way, all cool people to #IgnisInGeneralum for drama, Anon, cracking, raeg, etc. Or whatever's allowed on this net, anyway :D
20:55:43 <DrWhat> :/
20:56:18 <DrWhat> :/
20:56:21 <DrWhat> Can i spamm it
20:56:22 <DrWhat> :P
21:10:30 <macbeth> hahaha
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21:17:40 <iceTwy> cayce: nginx doesn't support spdy/3
21:17:42 <iceTwy> d'aww :(
21:20:06 <cayce> nope
21:20:17 <cayce> hasn't, either
21:20:42 <cayce> won't until they figure out how to implement push, which is the primary difference between 2 and 3
21:20:43 <iceTwy> they say the development for the spdy/3 module has stalled
21:20:52 <iceTwy> ah, right
21:21:00 <iceTwy> well at least I've enabled spdy/2 on
21:21:03 <iceTwy> better than nothing
21:21:10 <cayce> making server push non-retarded in a static config? like wat
21:22:06 <cayce> it's like okay boom so I can force my default css file on everyone preemptively
21:22:08 <cayce> whatever
21:22:29 <cayce> I minified and put it into one file anyway
21:24:37 <iceTwy> hmm
21:26:28 <cayce> anyway, spdy doesn't matter as soon as http2 is here, and that's pretty much spdy/4 with mods
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21:43:24 <cayce> mmmm
21:44:58 <cayce> xmpp over hypenet <3
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21:56:50 <IgnisInCaelum> How does Joepie disco from Cryto? Joepie /is/ Cryto! It's all lies and madness!
21:59:13 <mama> IgnisInCaelum: what?
22:16:49 <iceTwy> cayce: hypenet?
22:18:43 <cayce> iceTwy:) hyperboria
22:21:41 ShadowDemon (ShadowDemo@ShadowDemon.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
22:22:37 <ShadowDemon> printf("Hello world!\n");
22:26:44 <ShadowDemon> $search  = new awesomeness("joepie91");
22:26:47 <ShadowDemon> if ($search->find() == true) { $shadowdemon->express_happiness(); }
22:26:59 <terminat0r> else?
22:27:30 <cayce> no, just if, because he's not using while like he should
22:28:28 <ShadowDemon> boo
22:28:42 <cayce> :3
22:29:50 <ShadowDemon> I actually made a redundancy of "== true" as well
22:30:14 <ShadowDemon> ^^
22:30:43 <iceTwy> hahahahaha
22:30:45 <iceTwy>
22:30:47 <iceTwy> .tw
22:30:48 <botpie91> iceTwy: Give me a link, a username, or a tweet id
22:31:00 <iceTwy> .tw
22:31:00 <botpie91> If David Miranda is a now a terrorist, we submit that @BarackObama is probably Satan: #uglyrhetoric (@YourAnonNews)
22:31:51 <ShadowDemon> lol
22:33:18 <ShadowDemon> iceTwy, you must realize, war involves mass murder, which is okay.  Hacking is terrorism because the American people cannot handle living without their smartphones.  :P
22:33:31 <ShadowDemon> #soundlogic
22:33:49 <IgnisInCaelum> Sounds like drama
22:33:58 <iceTwy> sound logic indeed
22:34:11 <iceTwy> you're probably a rapist pedo if you don't agree with that
22:34:13 <iceTwy> cc ShadowDemon
22:34:26 <iceTwy> rapist/pedo*
22:35:15 <ShadowDemon> You had it right the first time.  You're both a rapist and a pedophile if you don't agree.
22:36:10 <iceTwy> and, also, you probably don't want the NSA to spy on you - sorry, to protect fellow US citizens - because you're affiliated to a terrorist group
22:36:30 <iceTwy> because the NSA has thwarted 54 terrorist attacks!
22:37:54 <ShadowDemon> That's precisely why we should all promote the passing of CISPA!
22:38:10 <iceTwy> definitely!
22:38:12 * ShadowDemon looks for a picket sign.
22:40:10 * ShadowDemon was once proud to be an American.
22:40:28 <ShadowDemon> :(
22:45:57 <ShadowDemon>
22:46:05 <ShadowDemon>
22:46:09 <ShadowDemon> ^ LOL
22:54:42 <iceTwy> lolwat
22:54:57 <iceTwy> ShadowDemon: I'd bet $10 that Microsoft still uses code from Win 2k/NT4
22:54:59 <iceTwy> in Win8
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22:56:04 * ShadowDemon nods
22:56:24 <ShadowDemon> It all looks largely familiar
22:56:51 <ShadowDemon> The Windows API still resembles all that's in there
22:59:21 <ShadowDemon> I bet Microsoft merely adds features to the system when the GUI calls for it.
22:59:53 <ShadowDemon> The only kernel addition in Windows 8 from what I've seen is the session resume feature.
22:59:59 <iceTwy> cayce: that should solve things:
23:00:17 <iceTwy> ShadowDemon: well maybe, and probably, it does add features
23:00:22 <iceTwy> but it keeps old code, mostly
23:02:50 <ShadowDemon> Corporation's motto: Don't fix it, if it ain't broke.
23:03:29 <ShadowDemon> Microsoft's definition of broke involves the BSOD.  Anything else doesn't matter.
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23:23:59 <ShadowDemon> What is a Hacker?
23:24:02 <ShadowDemon> ^ LOL
23:29:27 <DrWhat>
23:29:50 <IgnisInCaelum> except a better version, and probably in English. Can't find another :(
23:30:02 <IgnisInCaelum> The reference stands, just... be amused
23:42:03 <DrWhat>