Cryto! 10 October 2013

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00:28:15 <DrWhat> thought joepie didnt like sublime text
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00:29:20 <DrWhat> botpie91, mute
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01:55:03 <tommykaine> cayce ->
01:55:10 <tommykaine> hate you for this
01:55:10 <Zoned> stupid irc bot
01:55:13 <Zoned> doesn't want to reply
01:55:51 <tommykaine> botpie91!
01:55:52 <botpie91> tommykaine!
01:56:35 <Zoned> it makes me mad
01:56:37 <Zoned> :(
01:57:22 <Zoned> dafuq
01:57:25 <Zoned> this bots drunk
01:57:55 <Zoned> if ( l.contains("respond") ) { sendToConsole("responding"); }
01:59:00 <Zoned> I hate when they find my beer.
01:59:24 <Zoned> finally
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02:00:49 <Zoned> oh yeah
02:00:52 <Zoned> he lives the thuglyfe now
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03:43:00 <cayce> tommykaine:) oh? Amazing, isn't it? :D
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05:18:47 <ElectRo`> woah
05:18:55 <ElectRo`> you can clean winsxs now
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05:38:37 <DrWhat> winsxs?
05:40:32 <cayce> really?
05:40:34 <cayce> sexy
05:40:53 <cayce> winsxs is what allows you to do 64/32bit compat shit in windows
05:41:13 <cayce> officially "windows side by side" and it's why you get program files and program files (x86)
05:42:09 <cayce> NP: [Rage Against The Machine - Maggie's Farm] [Renegades (Limited Edition)] [1012kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
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09:11:18 <DrWhat> HAHAHAHA
09:11:43 <DrWhat> I seem to have access to a college computer in amsterdam
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09:32:30 <DrWhat> joepie92
09:32:34 <DrWhat> JE
09:32:44 <DrWhat>
09:32:44 <DrWhat> :D
09:33:19 <DrWhat> My first program patched in ASM
09:38:25 <joepie92>!/s/What+Am+I/3ld2nJ?src=5
09:38:28 <joepie92> also good morning DrWhat
09:42:37 <joepie92> DrWhat: this doesn't mean much to me as I don't really speak ASM
09:42:40 <joepie92> explain? :P
09:46:03 <DrWhat> i changed the File it wanted to load
09:46:29 <DrWhat> then nop'd the end process command
09:46:43 <DrWhat> then changed the error from anti cheat failed to load
09:46:51 <DrWhat> to anti cheat bypassed
09:47:19 <DrWhat> since there was no heartbeat to check if the library was loaded
09:47:23 <DrWhat> it was pretty simple
09:48:26 <DrWhat>
10:21:53 <DrWhat> im currently reading up on current php practis
10:21:55 <DrWhat> im currently reading up on current php practic
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10:23:12 <crafy_d> o/
10:24:26 <DrWhat> \o
10:24:33 <crafy_d> : )
10:24:36 <DrWhat> o7
10:24:59 <crafy_d> hey DrWhat : )
10:25:04 <DrWhat> hai
10:25:31 <DrWhat> Unless you want to read 1000 pages on the php bible with me
10:25:36 <DrWhat> i wont be talking much :)
10:26:25 <crafy_d> of course : )
10:26:42 <crafy_d> where is php bible?
10:27:44 <joepie92> bug reported on PHP documentation site: "Searching for exact function should take you to its page. Instead, it goes to the "Perform an alternative search instead" page. For example, searching for "strpos" should take me directly to the strpos page instead of the search page."
10:27:44 <joepie92> response from guy: "This is a regression; the current 1995-style website does this. We will definitely fix this."
10:27:48 <DrWhat>
10:27:52 <DrWhat> .title
10:27:53 <joepie92> lol at "1995-style"
10:27:53 <botpie91> DrWhat: Document isn't HTML
10:28:14 <joepie92> also, DrWhat, gratz re: bypass
10:28:42 <DrWhat> you only just now gratz me :|
10:29:42 <DrWhat> $huh = ($this = $that + 5) + ($that = $this + 3); // BAD
10:29:45 <DrWhat> Yes
10:30:26 <crafy_d> thank you DrWhat : )
10:30:32 <DrWhat> Np
10:30:34 <crafy_d> i will read it.
10:30:39 <DrWhat> sweet
10:31:29 <DrWhat> $pi = 3 + 0.14159; // approximately
10:31:41 <DrWhat> Thought php had a function in math called pi()
10:31:55 <DrWhat> or is that just mysql?
10:37:06 <DrWhat>
10:37:07 <DrWhat> it does
10:37:35 <DrWhat> $my_pi = pi();
10:37:35 <DrWhat> Or you can embed it in more complicated expressions, as in:
10:37:35 <DrWhat> $approx = sqrt($approx) * sqrt($approx)
10:37:47 <DrWhat> which is letter said in the book
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11:18:05 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 1 commit(s) to 03cphp on branch 10feature/orm-uuid: '02Fix bug with UUIDs...' (
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11:45:15 <Zoned>
11:45:19 <Zoned> lmfao
11:55:13 <joepie92> lol
12:00:15 <DrWhat> Sabatge
12:00:26 <DrWhat> russian Spy's i tells ya
12:00:30 <DrWhat> or was it me :D
12:00:59 <DrWhat> somone must of udp flodded there router and it melted :D
12:01:43 <DrWhat> Who wants to bet that $2 billion data center is for spying on terrorists
12:03:24 <DrWhat> joepie92 input on mantle
12:03:34 <DrWhat> the biggest topics on UC is
12:03:37 <DrWhat> Battlefield 4
12:03:46 <DrWhat> and amd's matle APi
12:03:56 <DrWhat> theirs 2 sides to it
12:03:58 <DrWhat> 1 side
12:04:48 <DrWhat> its too late for a new graphical API becuase developers are atuned to DXD3D and GDI+
12:05:11 <DrWhat> and that nvidia hasnt adopted the technolagy
12:05:14 <DrWhat> the other side
12:05:56 <DrWhat> Developers have been asking for a new API for a fresh new look and possible better performance in rendering
12:06:22 <DrWhat> and that large game companies have contributed and funded the development of the API
12:06:41 <joepie92> <DrWhat>joepie92 input on mantle
12:06:42 <joepie92> ?
12:06:46 <joepie92> oh
12:06:48 <joepie92> the AMD thing
12:06:52 <DrWhat> yes
12:06:57 <joepie92> <DrWhat>its too late for a new graphical API becuase developers are atuned to DXD3D and GDI+
12:07:01 <joepie92> that's non-sense in more than one way
12:07:07 <joepie92> but I'm not sure I'm happy about a vendor-specific API
12:07:23 <DrWhat> its not thats its vendor specific
12:07:36 <DrWhat> its just nvidia hasnt confrimed support for it
12:07:42 <joepie92> no, it -is- vendor-specific
12:07:51 <joepie92> DrWhat: have you read AMDs motivation behind developing Mantle?
12:08:00 <DrWhat> so is phyx (nvidia)
12:08:20 <joepie92> AMD believes it is a more efficient approach/API to their (!) hardware architecture
12:08:21 <DrWhat> not really
12:08:22 <joepie92> less overhead
12:08:33 <joepie92> they are basically cutting out the overhead of a standardized abstracted API
12:08:37 <DrWhat> becuase its a bias topic from the creators
12:08:43 <DrWhat> I like community input
12:08:44 <joepie92> that means that, at best, it will provide shit performance for other vendors
12:08:48 <joepie92> when compared to OpenGL or DirectX
12:08:57 <joepie92> because their hardware architecture is different
12:09:10 <joepie92> sure, for AMD cards it'll be more performant
12:09:13 <joepie92> but not for other vendors with a different arch
12:09:19 <joepie92> quite the contrary
12:09:36 <joepie92> as for PhysX; as far as I am aware that's just a physics library
12:09:40 <joepie92> not an overall rendering API
12:10:12 <joepie92> DrWhat: either way, the end result is that *even* if nVidia/Intel/etc. implement this API it'll still be vendor-specific
12:10:26 <joepie92> because the only vendor that will have reasonable performance with this API will be AMD
12:10:40 <joepie92> and that's the thing I don't really like about it
12:11:32 <joepie92> "vendor-optimized" really isn't that much of a stretch away from "vendor-specific"...
12:12:51 <DrWhat> Ok yeah i see your point
12:16:12 <DrWhat> lamiel brang up a good point
12:16:12 <DrWhat> for bf4, even if they do add it (or other games), they wont be removing dx11 and im sure you can adjust it with a setting here or there, worst case scenario being a hook.
12:17:22 <DrWhat> but then winslow replied with
12:17:22 <DrWhat> you would think if it was such a large performance advantage (taking AMD at their word) that intel and nvidia would be all over it. nvidia doesnt want the titan being outran by a budget card.
12:18:28 <joepie92> see above explanation :P
12:18:34 <joepie92> it's only a performance gain for AMD
12:18:43 <joepie92> which is probably exactly why nVidia and Intel don't give two craps
12:18:53 <joepie92> honestly, I'd rather see them implement OpenGL
12:22:15 <DrWhat> another good point
12:22:16 <DrWhat> This will probably get used by numerous game developers because of the ps4 and xbox one both running AMD. The cross platform performance gain will become essential.
12:22:55 <DrWhat> Looks like AMD had this planned for a while with that comment
12:23:01 <DrWhat> good point tho
12:23:10 <DrWhat> ps4 and xbox both run amd gpu's
12:23:37 <DrWhat> its a larger market share
12:24:46 <DrWhat>
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12:48:43 * joepie92 sighs
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12:54:38 <Zoned> joepie91
12:54:42 <Zoned> you see the url i sent?
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13:31:37 <DrWhat>
13:31:43 <DrWhat> seems to be a weird trend here
14:06:30 <joepie92> DrWhat: not sure I want to know what that is from
14:07:02 <DrWhat> infected websites list
14:07:14 <DrWhat> im looking at it weekly
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14:07:32 <DrWhat> its distorbed me why somone would call there infection that]
14:07:41 <DrWhat> targeted audiance much
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14:26:13 <crafy_d> o/
14:33:04 <joepie92> DrWhat: it's a pretty standard approach
14:33:27 <joepie92> spreading-wise, the best you can call your malware files, is after something that's hard to find otherwise
14:33:41 <joepie92> more desperate users == more likely to download and execute your stuff
14:33:47 <DrWhat> But not appealing to the masses
14:33:57 <joepie92> why would you want to appeal to the masses?
14:34:01 <joepie92> there's already 34613498601934860946 others doing that
14:34:13 <joepie92> you'd be sharing a machine with 20 other pieces of malware
14:34:29 <joepie92> from the perspective of a malware writer/publisher, this approach makes sense
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15:14:56 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 1 commit(s) to 03Envoy on branch 10feature/client-tide: '02First bits of client, menu creation abstraction' (
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16:11:57 <joepie92> #!/bin/bash
16:11:58 <joepie92> sass --watch scss/:Envoy\ Client/Resources/css/ > sasswatch.log 2> sasswatch.err &
16:11:58 <joepie92> echo $! >
16:12:02 <joepie92> that was easier than expected
16:12:27 <joepie92> (whoa! something in bash is easy! !!!)
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19:12:00 <tintin> #britfags, js
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19:26:56 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 2 commit(s) to 03Envoy on branch 10feature/client-tide: '02Add license information for client dependencies', '02That's not supposed to be there...' (
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19:41:01 <Macbeth> Hello
19:45:53 <Zoned> hai
19:46:04 TheRing ( has joined #crytocc
19:46:18 <Macbeth> Hey
19:46:21 <Zoned> sup
19:46:35 <TheRing> sup
19:46:57 <Macbeth> hey oned
19:47:02 <Macbeth> hey thering
19:47:03 <Macbeth> ** zoned
19:47:06 <Zoned> lol sup
19:47:07 <Macbeth> :P
19:47:17 <TheRing> O yeahhhh baby
19:47:20 <Macbeth> TheRing: You have XMPP?
19:47:42 <Macbeth> MK_FG: Any spam attacks so far today?
19:47:50 <TheRing> dont got it
19:48:06 <Macbeth> You should get it
19:48:23 <Macbeth> ring, u want inst on how to get it?
19:48:26 <Zoned> lmfao this guy who owns a company is an idiot,
19:48:28 <Zoned> fucking funny
19:48:38 <TheRing> yeah bro
19:49:03 <Macbeth> ugh, my computer is mying retarded
19:50:04 <Zoned> lol
19:50:33 * Macbeth is away:
19:50:39 <Macbeth> GELLO
19:50:40 <Macbeth> SDFHGSDF
19:50:41 <Macbeth> SDKFJN SF
19:50:46 Macbeth has parted #crytocc (None)
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19:50:58 <Macbeth> I didn't post that
19:51:10 * Macbeth is back (gone 00:00:37)
19:51:13 Macbeth has quit (User quit:  Macbeth)
19:51:24 <TheRing> Meow?
19:54:41 *** TheRing is now known as TheRing_AFK
19:56:51 <Zoned> ugh
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20:09:45 <Zoned> pff
20:09:46 <Zoned> x
20:09:47 <Zoned> is
20:09:48 <Zoned> gay
20:17:24 <MK_FG> Hmm, why he's asking me about spams, fishy...
20:17:45 <Zoned> lol
20:18:07 <Zoned> da better question is, why is koddos lying about ddos protection?
20:18:29 <MK_FG> I'd also ask what is koddos, but probably shouldn't ;)
20:25:59 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02PHPDoc compatible with ST3', '02Merge pull request #2105 from yvmarques/patch-1PHPDoc compatible with ST3' (
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20:35:36 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 1 commit(s) to 03Envoy on branch 10feature/client-tide: '02First bits of Angular' (
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21:24:42 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02CoffeeComplete Plus (Autocompletion) now ST3-compatible.', '02Merge pull request #2119 from justinmahar/masterCoffeeComplete Plus (Autocompletion) now ST3-compatible.' (
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22:06:57 <iceTwy> rightio
22:06:59 <iceTwy> going off
22:07:01 <iceTwy> bye!
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22:40:24 <macbeth> haiy4ll
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23:03:49 <Zoned> sneaky.
23:03:56 <Zoned> some kid scanned my site
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23:14:32 <joepie92>
23:14:55 <joepie92> cayce, ^
23:14:58 <joepie92> relevant to your interests
23:15:10 <joepie92> (it says 'font' in the URL, of course it's relevant to your interests)
23:15:11 <joepie92> (:D)
23:16:16 <joepie92> also
23:16:25 <joepie92>
23:16:27 <joepie92> :(
23:24:55 <joepie92> yeah, uh, I don't know about this
23:24:56 <joepie92>
23:24:59 <joepie92> it's a nice font
23:25:04 <joepie92> but not sure I'd want to write code in this
23:26:26 <Zoned> joepie92
23:26:35 <joepie92> yes?
23:26:43 <Zoned> got a minute?
23:27:43 <joepie92> depends what for
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