Cryto! 16 September 2013

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00:53:14 <Zoned> when youtube ads are about girls pooping.
00:53:16 <Zoned> I feel so alone in the world.
00:53:16 <Zoned>
00:53:43 <Zoned> loggy, pointer?
00:53:43 <loggy>
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01:20:12 <staticsafe> weechat ftw
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03:12:38 <cayce> joepie92:) :D
03:19:14 <joepie92> hey uh
03:19:14 <joepie92> cayce
03:19:16 <joepie92> xmpp? :P
03:19:31 <cayce> :3
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07:07:41 <GHOSTnew> loggy, pointer?
07:07:41 <loggy>
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11:06:51 <iceTwy> aloha
11:07:02 <Shi-Ita> hi
11:09:43 <Shi-Ita> anyone every listened to there countrys anthem and just felt so proud but also sorrow for how its turning out to be?
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11:51:46 <Zoned>
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12:24:09 <Zoned> when someone donates you bitcoins.
12:24:10 <Zoned> lel
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13:27:14 <cayce> :3
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13:50:37 <cayce> heh
13:51:02 <joepie92> "When you depend the beans in the kitty, you will stand to achieve Large time with investing in a LED replacement bulb for accents, flood lights, washers and for just about every other use in which acceptable. When there is no microorganisms, the skin swelling goes down and pimples is remedied. That becoming claimed, LED develop lights are extremely useful in this respect as they emit really tiny heat."
13:51:10 <joepie92> what a spammer thinks LED lamps are about
13:51:35 <cayce> there appear to be a preponderance of people in this chan now
13:51:40 <joepie92> cayce: hmm?
13:51:53 <cayce> "the quality or fact of being greater in number, quantity, or importance."
13:52:30 <joepie92> I see
13:52:48 <cayce> It's an old favorite word of mine
13:53:05 <cayce> usually only seen in legal contexts these days "a preponderance of evidence"
13:53:50 <cayce> I'm working on improving my vocabulary :>
13:54:08 <cayce> You know, because it was pretty shitty before hahahahaha
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13:54:39 <joepie92> :)
13:54:43 <joepie92> also, cayce,
13:54:44 <joepie92> I lol'd
13:57:51 <cayce> hahaha
13:57:52 <cayce> win
13:58:15 <cayce> "our led's are so great they'll turn your brain into mush. Bow down before us, minion!"
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14:27:29 <cayce>
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15:11:50 <cayce> anybody use hexchat?
15:12:07 <cayce> be careful.
15:12:32 <zxcvbnm> m0rning
15:12:40 <cayce> m0rnin' :)
15:14:36 <iceTwy> yeah cayce
15:14:37 <iceTwy> I do
15:14:46 <cayce> be careful
15:14:52 <cayce> 2.9.6 breaks autojoin
15:14:54 <iceTwy> I've already upgraded to 2.9.6
15:15:00 <iceTwy> and I saw that the autojoin list got removed
15:15:01 <joepie92> zxcvbnm: xmpp!
15:15:02 <iceTwy> unfortunatley
15:15:02 <cayce> and the dev response was "I don't care, provide patches"
15:15:22 <cayce> I like the new autojoin system, but there is no migration code
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15:15:39 * iceTwy shrugs
15:15:41 <iceTwy> it ain't THAT bad
15:15:45 <iceTwy> is it
15:15:53 <cayce> it's a breaking change in a x.x.6 release
15:15:56 <cayce> yes it is THAT bad
15:16:22 <iceTwy> hmm
15:16:23 <cayce> but doing so and then refusing to write migration code for users?
15:16:25 <cayce> that's a bridge too far.
15:17:06 <cayce> I *know* xchat config files are versioned (hexchat's are too) and it would have been nothing to check for an old one and write it into the new format
15:17:13 <cayce> nobody would have even noticed
15:17:41 <cayce> hahaha HELLO joepie92
15:21:05 <joepie92> ohai
15:21:11 <joepie92> :P
15:21:54 <zxcvbnm> zomgs where did my xmpp go
15:23:21 <cayce> e.e
15:23:24 <cayce> away!
15:23:27 <cayce> It went away!
15:31:40 <zxcvbnm> classic
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17:06:51 <iceTwy> iptables
17:06:53 <iceTwy> I kindly hate you
17:06:59 <iceTwy> seriously
17:07:10 <iceTwy> every port I've forwarded works just perfectly
17:07:10 <joepie92> iceTwy: welcome to the real sysadmin club
17:07:11 <joepie92> :P
17:07:14 <iceTwy> but
17:07:15 <iceTwy> BUT
17:07:18 <iceTwy> only 443 doesn't work
17:07:25 <iceTwy> when it's set up exactly like the other ones
17:07:41 <joepie92> also, iceTwy, y u no xmpp!
17:07:50 <iceTwy> gotta add pidgin to my autoload list
17:10:02 <MK_FG> -j TRACE \\o
17:10:07 <iceTwy> MK_FG:
17:10:08 <iceTwy> this is
17:10:11 <iceTwy> my thingy
17:10:23 <iceTwy>
17:11:17 <MK_FG> You don't seem to forward stuff there
17:11:50 <MK_FG> There's redundant -i lo rule
17:12:16 <iceTwy> is there
17:12:19 <MK_FG> And -m state --state NEW, if you reject INVALID there :P
17:12:40 <MK_FG> You have -i lo -j ACCEPT on top
17:12:41 <iceTwy> blame it on
17:12:46 <iceTwy> :P
17:13:05 <MK_FG> (so any more rules for -i lo are guaranteed not to be reached)
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17:15:00 <MK_FG> No idea why it wouldn't hit 443, but if you're forwarding to this host from some router, you should see that it's probably router's fault in tcpdump ;)
17:15:32 <MK_FG> (tcpdump -i any sees stuff on teh wire, before it hits iptables)
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17:48:19 <iceTwy> okay
17:48:20 <iceTwy> please
17:48:23 <iceTwy> remind me to a2enmod ssl next time
17:48:25 <iceTwy> before I tell BS
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18:13:38 <zest> hi dudes
18:13:46 <zest> 92 ? wtf ?
18:22:10 <zxcvbnm> 92
18:22:11 <zxcvbnm> confirmed
18:24:42 *** joepie92 is now known as joepie91
18:24:43 <joepie91> happens
18:24:44 <joepie91> shitty ISP
18:24:44 <joepie91> :p
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19:17:14 <iceTwy>
19:17:18 <iceTwy> just sayin'
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19:46:25 <iceTwy> dpk: since you'd asked for it
19:46:32 <iceTwy> dpk:
19:47:37 <MK_FG> Did you theme it black?
19:48:09 <iceTwy> No?
19:48:14 <Zoned> icetwy
19:48:17 <Zoned> :P
19:48:21 <iceTwy> hey Zoned
19:48:30 <iceTwy> what's up with that ":P"? ^^
19:48:56 <Zoned> nutthin :d
19:49:30 <iceTwy> hmm
19:49:30 <iceTwy> :p
19:50:02 <iceTwy> but seriously
19:50:11 <iceTwy> ramhost are a massive joke
19:50:14 <iceTwy> and I mean it
19:50:31 <Zoned> ;)
19:50:44 <Zoned>
19:50:46 <Zoned> i so cool bro
19:51:12 <iceTwy> oh heh Zoned
19:51:26 <iceTwy> it's just about having somewhere to paste my stuff when I need to ;)
19:51:35 <iceTwy> also
19:51:37 <iceTwy> so hardcore
19:52:02 <Zoned> :P
19:52:03 <MK_FG> Ur urls are way too long though
19:52:13 <Zoned> icetwy xmpp
19:52:15 <iceTwy> yeah
19:52:17 <MK_FG> You can configure them shorter there
19:52:19 <iceTwy> Zoned: can't atm
19:52:24 <iceTwy> Zoned: revising
19:52:27 <Zoned> sighs
19:52:33 <iceTwy> sorry heh
19:52:42 <Zoned> AWE. I only have
19:52:42 <iceTwy> tests all over the place
19:52:42 <Zoned> 1.80 left icetwy
19:52:53 <iceTwy> ?
19:52:55 <Zoned> (btc)
19:52:58 <iceTwy> oooooh
19:53:03 <iceTwy> you spent them quickly
19:53:06 <Zoned> $226.83 worth of btc (1.80btc)
19:53:07 <iceTwy> lol
19:53:31 <Zoned> :D
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19:53:40 <Zoned> getting 0.5 btc later today
19:53:50 <iceTwy> share 'em haha
19:54:01 <Zoned> haha no
19:54:08 <Zoned> i'd only have 2.3 btc :(
19:55:19 <joepie91> whoa.
19:55:20 <joepie91>
19:55:39 <Zoned> -,-
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20:17:59 <Zoned> icetwy
20:18:02 <Zoned> xmpp now?
20:18:28 <iceTwy> Zoned: I'm going to revise til i go to sleep
20:18:31 <iceTwy> but..
20:19:17 <Zoned> lel
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21:55:20 <zxcvbnm> wut is going on
21:58:25 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: hmm?
21:59:59 <Zoned> joepie91, does whmcs like solarsunglasses?
22:00:14 <Zoned> Because they share their server with ""
22:00:21 <joepie91> lolwhat
22:00:29 <Zoned> ping
22:00:40 <Zoned> result:
22:00:43 <Zoned> goto
22:00:46 <Zoned> result:
22:00:57 <Zoned> they must love solarsunglasses.
22:02:33 <Zoned> lelelelele
22:05:42 <Zoned> thoughts?
22:08:23 <Ari> ugh
22:08:25 <Ari> wordpress cms is hard
22:08:32 <Ari> s/cms/ecommerce
22:08:56 <Zoned> LOLOL calling wordpress a CMS
22:08:59 <Zoned> I give up
22:09:34 <Ari> wat
22:09:39 <Ari> by definition it is
22:09:49 <Ari> and there's no fucking good ecommerce things out there for free
22:09:57 <Ari> find me an ecommerce site with a good theming engine
22:10:06 <Ari> and i will switch this project that i'm halfway through this second
22:10:08 <Zoned> l2google
22:10:18 <Ari> I did
22:10:21 <Ari> opencart is shit
22:10:37 <Ari> zencart is too
22:10:43 <Ari> what else IS there
22:12:12 <Ari> nothing.
22:14:43 <Zoned> lo
22:14:44 <Zoned> l
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22:31:54 <Zoned> haha. lowendfuckups
22:32:56 <zxcvbnm> joepie91: did you read what Gabe Newell said about Linux being the future of gaming ?
22:34:28 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: not sure
22:34:31 <joepie91> link?
22:34:45 <zxcvbnm>
22:34:46 <joepie91> also, why the fuck doesn't PyQT have a nice .ui loader
22:35:13 <joepie91> "insignificant by pretty much any metric"
22:35:14 <joepie91> haha
22:35:29 <joepie91> that's a way to put it :P
22:35:51 <zxcvbnm> Not very awe-inspiring or anything like that :P but its interesting none the less
22:36:32 <joepie91> mm
22:36:46 <joepie91> I get the idea that not too long ago, something in Gabe Newells mind 'clicked'
22:37:08 <joepie91> and he realized that "if we rely on closed platforms that we have basically no control over, a wrong decision from the platform vendor means we're all fucked"
22:37:14 <Zoned> joepie91 lowendtalk admins shouldn't browse let directly with let's server ip
22:37:20 <Zoned> as I now hold their server ip
22:37:27 <joepie91> and that that is what is driving his current project
22:37:28 <joepie91> so to say
22:37:41 <Zoned> ill xmpp u joepie91
22:37:42 <zxcvbnm> indeed. I think that is fair
22:37:49 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: it's a very valid point
22:37:52 <joepie91> just one that most don't realize
22:38:01 <joepie91> and that a large part of those "most" refuse to acknowledge
22:38:12 <joepie91> because it means that they've spent a lot of effort and time (and sometimes money) on what is effectively an unstable base
22:38:16 <joepie91> and that's not a very nice thing to realize
22:38:45 <zxcvbnm> i'm out, asta manana
22:40:21 <iceTwy> Gabe Newell:
22:40:24 <iceTwy> amen
22:40:25 <iceTwy> amen
22:40:25 <iceTwy> amen
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22:41:14 <Zoned> joepie91 check xmpp for lulz
22:45:18 <joepie91> zxcvbnm:
22:46:17 <iceTwy> good night!
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22:51:27 <joepie91> something interesting I'm noticing
22:51:40 <joepie91> gabe newells talk doesn't appear to have the usual commercial 'vibe' around it
22:51:43 <joepie91> if you get what I mean
22:52:05 <joepie91> and things like using the word 'user' instead of 'customer'
22:53:21 x (foobar@BF9A7830.93D77D28.7035584F.IP) has joined #crytocc
22:55:32 <lysobit> I think you'll find that in company founders, and find the opposite more in hired CEOs.
22:56:01 <joepie91> even then
22:56:01 <lysobit> It's hard to found a successful software/gaming company if you come in purely from a commercial view, I think
22:56:15 <joepie91> I'm missing the economic connotation that's usually around these kind of talks
22:56:21 <joepie91> which is a good thing
22:56:22 <joepie91> but it's odd
22:56:26 <joepie91> mm.
22:56:35 <joepie91> idk, EA seems to be doing pretty well with that :)
22:57:55 <lysobit>
22:58:06 <joepie91> "so in the game industry in the past few years... hmm.... mmm.... how to be polite about this... *multiple seconds of pause* well, there has been some... bad thinking"
22:58:17 <Zoned> Writing up an interesting post now :)
23:09:13 <staticsafe> gotta love that cloudflare
23:09:28 <Zoned> lul
23:09:37 <Zoned> cloudflare does shit all if you know how to get around it
23:10:05 <MK_FG> I wonder how Gabe's talk was impacted by recent Canonical vs World drama
23:10:31 <joepie91> MK_FG: implying that drama hasn't been going on for the past 5 years? :)
23:10:41 <MK_FG> Heh, true
23:11:07 <MK_FG> It's just a tip of iceberg that's been growing for way too long
23:11:35 <MK_FG> Still, Ubuntu is ubuntu
23:13:13 <Zoned> lol ubuntu is good
23:13:31 <joepie91> Zoned: no, it really isn't
23:13:33 <MK_FG> For some values of "good", sure ;)
23:13:39 <joepie91> in multiple interpretations, both subjective and objective
23:13:46 <joepie91> plus what MK_FG said
23:13:52 <Zoned> well, I like it personally
23:14:02 <joepie91> that's something very different from "it's good" :)
23:14:52 <Zoned> Fine.
23:15:10 <joepie91> wait, what - SDL was started by a (now) Valve employee?!
23:16:17 <MK_FG> Great hire for them, given the direction
23:16:37 <joepie91> yes, but that's quite a gesture of seriousness
23:17:01 <MK_FG> Or maybe it's a conspiracy of penguin-worshippers to poison Gabe's mind?
23:17:11 <MK_FG> Infiltrate and poison
23:17:18 <MK_FG> WIth their evil lies
23:17:21 <joepie91> would be an awesome kind of poison then
23:18:25 <MK_FG> Heh, actually, I remember listening to Carmack's keynote from quakecon this year...
23:19:25 <MK_FG> And he said there something along the lines of "Valve people keep telling me: if you want to do any crazy groundbreaking stuff, use linux - got into source, hack what you need fast"
23:19:46 <MK_FG> Didn't think much of it, but makes more sense now ;)
23:20:04 <MK_FG> *get into
23:20:22 <joepie91> plot twist; all this stuff about openness is non-sense according to Valve guys and they just like hacking around with OS source code
23:20:29 <joepie91> while justifying their salary
23:21:35 <MK_FG> Um, isn't former "stuff about openness" being what enables the latter?
23:23:00 <joepie91> maybe :D
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23:35:01 <> Topic for #crytocc is: Cryto Coding Collective | THIS IS A PUBLICALLY LOGGED CHANNEL. |, | Rules: no Anonymous, no cracking, no drama | Now, with more dpk! | Cryto Research: | RIP Aaron Swartz
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23:35:03 <joepie91> network derp perhaps
23:35:03 zxcvbnm (~crack7765@C0A418EB.EEEF95CE.E2A9B49A.IP) has joined #crytocc
23:35:07 <Zoned> yup
23:35:08 <Zoned> must of been
23:35:37 <Zoned> joepie91 did you see my xmpp?
23:35:53 <joepie91> yes, had a quick read through it
23:35:54 foolex (foolex@5D6B0912.EC145393.9A74EEF1.IP) has joined #crytocc
23:35:57 <joepie91> no time to look into it further though
23:37:09 <Zoned> lel k
23:37:56 <MK_FG> loggy, pointer?
23:37:56 <loggy>
23:39:00 <MK_FG> "[05:26:23]<MK_FG> I actually recall it was you who argued that they cared about openness, and me who said that SteamBox will be another proprietary android-like linux console..."
23:40:13 tintin (tintin@2E3533B8.5145288.A27E456C.IP) has joined #crytocc
23:40:26 <joepie91> MK_FG: I know, I was being facetious :)
23:41:12 <MK_FG> Hm, also, unrelated, seeing how server said unrealircd triggered this funny snippet from yesterday - ;)
23:41:55 <joepie91> haha
23:41:59 <MK_FG> No idea if true, never ran ircd myself
23:42:23 <MK_FG> Just was funny seeing cjd so passionately bashing it
23:42:24 <joepie91> MK_FG: let's just say that I cannot say with any certainty that it isn't
23:42:24 <joepie91> :)
23:46:50 Ishaq ( has joined #crytocc
23:46:56 <Ari> okay
23:46:58 <Ari> fuck
23:46:58 <Ari> i need
23:47:00 <Ari> an ecommerce system
23:47:04 <Ari> i keep switching
23:47:06 <Ari> but they're all shit.
23:47:15 <Ari> I've tried opencart, zencart, oscommerce, all the wordpress ones
23:47:19 <Ari> any suggestions?
23:47:24 <Ari> needs to be themable