Cryto! 28 August 2013

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00:07:46 <crytoweb485> joepie91: ping
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02:21:08 <cayce> NP: [Lady GaGa - Judas] [Born This Way] [1066kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
02:22:15 <joepie91> .startgh
02:22:17 <botpie91> Now watching GitHub for users joepie91, iceTwy, FichteFoll, cam1337, codetalkdev, shiny.
02:23:56 <cayce> oh, good
02:24:08 <cayce> I forgot all my songplays are broadcast to the interbutts now
02:28:22 <cayce> TIME FOR CUTE
02:28:25 <cayce> NP: [Lights - Toes] [Siberia] [940kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
02:29:51 <cayce> lol iceTwy 4am is the perfect time to get mail working
02:29:56 <cayce> it's the only time mail servers make any sense
02:30:04 <iceTwy> fuck yeah
02:30:06 <iceTwy> 4:29AM
02:30:10 <iceTwy> but I'll go and hit the bed
02:30:11 <iceTwy> cuz
02:30:12 <iceTwy> fuck it
02:30:19 <iceTwy> I got my email server runnin'
02:30:24 <iceTwy> if y'all want an account, tell me
02:30:33 <iceTwy> free emails
02:31:23 <iceTwy> blerp
02:31:23 <iceTwy> good night
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02:45:58 <cayce> lelz
02:54:02 <cayce> joepie91:) ultraping: Did you get your old xmpp account back? It's showing as 'up'
02:54:12 <joepie91> oh, sorry, yes
02:54:15 <joepie91> I should've said
02:54:19 <joepie91> yes, I regained access :P
03:03:07 <cayce> It's cool, I'm just sensitive to situations surrounding such things :P
03:04:23 <cayce> joepie91:) you here?
03:04:35 <Smoker> hey conor
03:04:46 <Smoker> norbet79
03:05:39 <cayce> joepie91:) does that mean access to proper twitter?
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03:21:50 <joepie91> cayce: I've had access to my old twitter account for a while now
03:21:51 <joepie91> :P
03:29:04 <cayce> >_>
03:30:50 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Lua dev works on ST3 and Add `lua` label.', '02Merge pull request #1836 from xpol/masterLua dev works on ST3 and Add `lua` label.' (
03:33:53 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Add Better TypeScript to repo', '02Merge pull request #1837 from lavrton/patch-2Add Better TypeScript to repo' (
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06:25:16 <joepie91> cayce, there?
06:25:36 <joepie91> just had a philosophifart
06:25:52 <joepie91> (whoop, invented a new word)
06:26:30 <joepie91> anyway, perhaps the reason that people hunt for free stuff (in various ways) is not just that it's free ie. at no cost, but also that it gives them the idea that they're "cheating" the system
06:26:37 <joepie91> ie. getting something free that would otherwise not be free
06:27:11 <joepie91> that would explain why people take things for granted that have always been free, but really want new free stuff
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07:34:27 <wh1t3r4bb1t> sup
07:38:01 <wh1t3r4bb1t> anyone have a better way to do this...
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07:50:48 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: what are you trying to do?
07:52:30 <wh1t3r4bb1t> joepie91: I want to make sure the cookie is set before the script finishes execution. this will ensure the user sees the back end of the site and not have to refresh.
07:53:22 <joepie91> cookie changes are sent along with the HTTP response
07:53:23 <wh1t3r4bb1t> It was working this way for a couple tries but now it seems to get stuck in the loop and not set the cookies.
07:53:44 <joepie91> and I still don't quite understand what you are trying to do
07:53:50 <joepie91> what is wrong with a session variable?
07:55:54 <wh1t3r4bb1t> A session variable expires when the window closes. So the user would have to login again when the come back. the cookie allows them to stay logged in like on facebook.
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07:56:44 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t:
07:58:21 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: a PHP session is also represented by a cookie
07:58:44 <joepie91> (and can be represented in the URL without requiring cookies, but that's a terrible terrible idea)
08:00:51 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I know the session stores a cookie. When the user selects keep me logged in it stores the cookies for 10 years and when they don't check that option it expires in an hour.
08:03:02 <wh1t3r4bb1t> The issue is the content they get. The php executes faster than the cookie writes so they end up not seeing the back end and therfore it seems they arent logged in. I want the script to pause until the cookie can be read so that the content changes.
08:05:36 <joepie91> what?
08:05:37 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t
08:05:43 <joepie91> I feel like you have a misunderstanding of how cookies work
08:06:41 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: just use a standard session with extended cookie duration, store the logged in state in a session variable, and you should be fine
08:06:52 <joepie91> because A. the session variable just acts as a session variable
08:07:00 <joepie91> and therefore in the rest of a PHP script you can read out the value you just set
08:07:39 <joepie91> B. the correct way to handle logins is different anyway; you set a session variable, then issue a HTTP redirect to the landing page (ie. backend overview in your case), and don't send any other content
08:11:10 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I though that redirects have to be in the head of the document?
08:19:56 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: I said HTTP redirect
08:19:59 <joepie91> not metatag redirects
08:20:12 <joepie91> header("Location: /something");
08:20:26 <joepie91> ie. HTTP 301
08:20:47 <joepie91> never use meta refresh tags
08:21:05 <norbert79> joepie91: It amazes me always seeing you how informed you are about many things regarding how the Internet works, and ask myself sometimes: do you have time for anything else in your life? :)
08:21:36 <joepie91> norbert79: I barely have enough time for the internet
08:21:37 <joepie91> :P
08:21:51 <joepie91> seriously though, nearly all of my daily activity is centered around the internet in some way
08:22:10 <norbert79> Lucky you... I wish my work would be also a bit more low level too
08:22:10 <joepie91> in particular the developer and activist regions of the internet
08:22:28 <joepie91> not sure I'd agree about the 'lucky' part
08:22:36 <norbert79> Trust me, you would...
08:26:16 <joepie91> norbert79: legal mess/drama, hardware seizure, not able to access half my stuff, being bothered by people daily about when X or Y is going to be done, constantly trying to get enough income to be able to pay the bills, health declining due to stress, relationship broken, constantly having to explain to people why I won't do X or Y (because morals), then being met with either ridicule, disbelief, or incredulity
08:26:26 <joepie91> I really would not class myself as 'lucky' at this point
08:27:35 <norbert79> Alright, fair enough, but the job related part is similar to mine except my family is still together
08:28:17 <x> wot
08:28:19 <x> oh
08:28:21 <norbert79> I am working with Germans, and they just love to go into details on unrelated or not important matters all the time. If I wouldn't own a VPS and a home server I would not need to touch anything IT related
08:28:40 <norbert79> and I am still considering myself a geek
08:28:57 <norbert79> and I have to enjoy the domain based environment of office use of Windows and Network, myself, who prefers Linux
08:28:58 <joepie91> slight interruption
08:29:00 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t:
08:29:06 <joepie91> do you understand the thing that I explained to you about redirects?
08:29:09 <joepie91> or do you need clarification?
08:29:31 <joepie91> norbert79: mm
08:29:36 <joepie91> that seems like usual office politics crap
08:29:44 <joepie91> that you can shake off after work time
08:30:20 <norbert79> joepie91: Almost, but when I get home I have abrely enough time for myself
08:30:28 <joepie91> that's better than 0
08:30:31 <norbert79> joepie91: As I have two children and a wife :)
08:30:33 <joepie91> my 'demons' follow me everywhere so to say
08:31:03 <norbert79> You know, I would switch with you for a week although despite how crazy it sounds
08:31:24 <joepie91> the only really quiet moment in my day is right after I wake up, the first minute or two where my thoughts are just empty
08:31:35 <norbert79> oh yeah, I love those moments too
08:31:37 <joepie91> the rest of every single day is a constant onslaught of all the above
08:31:50 <joepie91> I'm going to have a midweek holiday the coming week
08:31:54 <joepie91> 4 days or so
08:32:00 <norbert79> Good, take a rest, you deserve it
08:32:01 <joepie91> first holiday in 2 or 3 years
08:32:03 <joepie91> for me
08:32:06 <norbert79> hah, the more then
08:32:17 <norbert79> crazy
08:32:27 <joepie91> I really do need a yearly holiday
08:32:32 <joepie91> but couldn't afford it in recent years
08:32:43 <joepie91> there are not many places where I can go and really relax
08:32:50 <norbert79> Certainly, everyone does... Sometimes when I took some holiday I just went home and slept a lot
08:32:55 <joepie91> south france is probably the cheapest suitable place
08:32:57 <joepie91> in the mountains
08:33:06 <joepie91> and even then I need a driver and some 300 euro for a week
08:33:10 <norbert79> ooh, I never had a chance leaving the country or even my town on holidays often
08:33:16 <joepie91> because without a car you're not getting anywhere in south france
08:33:20 <joepie91> and I don't have a car nor a drivers license
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08:33:52 <joepie91> and 300 euro is still somewhat cheap then
08:33:53 <joepie91> :p
08:33:54 <norbert79> Right... I have some French buddies, but that would be a bit too much for ask, and i think they don't live in South France
08:34:02 <norbert79> Marseilles and Paris
08:34:10 <joepie91> well it would really need to be a Dutch person actually
08:34:16 <joepie91> I need to get *to* France also
08:34:17 <norbert79> I know a Dutch guy too
08:34:22 <joepie91> and public transport is ridiculously expensive
08:34:42 <joepie91> and another caveat
08:34:43 <norbert79> he is sort of a hacker himself too
08:34:50 <joepie91> I normally go to naturist campsites
08:34:56 <joepie91> that puts off a lot of people that would otherwise not mind going on a holiday
08:35:07 <joepie91> so it's quite tricky to arrange :p
08:35:36 <norbert79> Yeah, i can imagine
08:35:48 <norbert79> Well, i know a Dutch guy and he has a license, and a car too
08:38:40 <joepie91> norbert79: could be worth a try
08:38:50 <joepie91> but the soonest next holiday for me would be next year anyway
08:38:58 <joepie91> so I don't really have to think about arranging that yet :P
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08:45:05 <norbert79> Ah, damn, lost my irssi
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08:49:46 <joepie91> <joepie91>norbert79: could be worth a try
08:49:46 <joepie91> <joepie91>but the soonest next holiday for me would be next year anyway
08:49:46 <joepie91> <joepie91>so I don't really have to think about arranging that yet :P
08:50:32 <wh1t3r4bb1t> joepie91: I understand what you explained. I got it working now.
08:50:32 <norbert79> Sure
08:50:50 <norbert79> I can arrange a discussion between you guys, or you pay us a visit sometimes on OFTC #telehack
09:14:13 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: awesome :)
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09:28:54 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I wish I had someone to do all the front end stuff for this social engine. I have tons of back end stuff to do. -_-
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12:53:34 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02ClojureDocSearch works on ST3ClojureDocSearch does work on ST3.', '02Merge pull request #1838 from Foxboron/patch-1ClojureDocSearch works on ST3' (
12:54:35 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 4 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02add guillermooo/mercurial package', '02improve metadata for guillermooo/Mercurial', '02remove old reference to SublimeHg', '02Merge pull request #1799 from guillermooo/add-mercurialadd guillermooo/mercurial package' (
13:04:29 <joepie91> botpie91, tell cayce that XMPlay seems to work under WINE correctly now, without any fixes required... even input plugins work properly!
13:04:30 <botpie91> joepie91: I'll pass that on when cayce is around.
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13:50:39 <iceTwy> guh
13:51:03 <iceTwy> joepie91: didn't you tell me email was a huge shitpilation of broken software
13:52:58 <joepie91> iceTwy: not exactly, why?
13:53:02 <joepie91> did your stuff break? :P
13:53:34 <iceTwy> no
13:53:36 <iceTwy> not at all
13:53:38 <iceTwy> it works perfectly well
13:53:48 <iceTwy> got a DKIM sig, antispam, etc etc
13:53:56 <iceTwy> but it's too fucking long to configure lol
13:54:07 <iceTwy> my guess is that
13:54:39 <joepie91> right :P
13:54:44 <iceTwy> mail software devs are probably overlooking the issue of having to simply their software
13:54:50 <iceTwy> because anyway, everyone uses Gmail
13:54:51 <iceTwy> or w/e
13:54:55 <joepie91> I think I worded the problem along the lines of "it's a pain in the ass"
13:54:58 <joepie91> and yes
13:55:00 <joepie91> OH
13:55:00 <joepie91> also
13:55:01 <joepie91> iceTwy
13:55:03 <joepie91> guess what
13:55:11 <joepie91> xmplay now runs under WINE!
13:56:13 <iceTwy> sorry
13:56:14 <iceTwy> what
13:56:18 <iceTwy> xmplay?
13:56:49 <joepie91> ... yes
13:56:50 <joepie91> xmplay
13:57:02 <joepie91>
13:57:10 <joepie91> the one thing I really was missing daily on Linux
13:57:25 <iceTwy> doesn't support FLAC?
13:57:33 <joepie91> there's a plugin for FLAC
13:57:38 <joepie91> basically plays whatever you throw at it including tracker/chiptune music
13:57:42 <iceTwy> hmm
13:57:44 <joepie91> better support for tracker music than VLC, also
13:57:48 <iceTwy> I'm a DeaDBeeF nerd
13:57:51 <joepie91> and has a bunch of really nice skins
13:57:53 <iceTwy> like
13:57:56 <iceTwy> I /love/ DeaDBeeF
13:57:59 <joepie91> lol
13:58:00 <iceTwy> I'm even translating it to French
13:58:16 * joepie91 is playing a FLAC in XMPlay right now
13:58:51 <joepie91>
14:00:05 <iceTwy> aw
14:00:07 <iceTwy> dat interface
14:00:08 <iceTwy> :<
14:00:30 <joepie91> ?
14:02:22 <iceTwy> don't like it lol
14:02:38 <joepie91> I like the player bar
14:02:42 <joepie91> the library is good enough
14:02:49 <joepie91> perfectly fine for me :P
14:14:22 <iceTwy> joepie91: send me a mail
14:14:27 <iceTwy> @ icetwy@icetwy.Re
14:14:30 <iceTwy>*
14:40:14 <cayce> joepie91:) is xmplay a benchmark-technology-maturity recommendation or do you actually like the program?
14:40:15 <botpie91> cayce: 13:04Z <joepie91> tell cayce that XMPlay seems to work under WINE correctly now, without any fixes required... even input plugins work properly!
14:40:25 <cayce> shut up botpie I can read scrollback too
14:40:29 <joepie91> lol
14:40:42 <joepie91> I actually like the program
14:40:46 <cayce> ahh
14:40:47 <joepie91> xmplay was pretty much the only thing I missed daily
14:40:48 <joepie91> on Linux
14:40:55 <cayce> I've never heard of it or used it
14:41:01 <cayce> I want foobar2000, that's it
14:41:02 <joepie91> and generally multimedia under WINE is a disaster
14:41:06 <joepie91> so this is quite notable in that sense also
14:41:19 <cayce> I never had issues... it's just foobar isn't native
14:41:33 <cayce> which makes me cry panda tears
14:41:33 <joepie91>
14:41:45 <cayce> ugly as fuck!
14:41:56 <cayce> >_>
14:41:57 <joepie91> says foobar user
14:41:57 <cayce> :3
14:42:00 <cayce> yes
14:42:11 <cayce> foobar does what I want, therefore not ugly
14:42:23 <joepie91> rofl
14:42:26 <cayce> (more importantly, it does it how I want it done)
14:42:39 <joepie91> I <3 xmplay
14:42:39 <joepie91> oh
14:42:45 <joepie91> I can download keygen music stuffs again!
14:42:47 <joepie91> and play them properly!
14:42:47 <joepie91> whoo!
14:42:49 <cayce> yes
14:43:05 <cayce> I still have the file for my favorite keygen somewhere
14:43:12 <joepie91> VLCs tracker music playback leaves some to be desired
14:43:53 <cayce>
14:43:56 <cayce> bam!
14:43:58 <cayce> favorite keygen
14:44:13 <cayce> vlc? as a music player? that's horrific
14:44:31 <joepie91> cayce: have you *tried* playing tracker music in pretty much anything else?
14:44:42 <cayce> foobar and uh that app meant to
14:44:45 <joepie91> VLC is the only regular media player that even comes *close* to playing tracker music on Linux lol
14:44:46 <cayce> works great
14:45:03 <joepie91> 'that app meant to'
14:45:07 <joepie91> you mean XMPlay? :P
14:45:10 <joepie91> because that's kind of what it's most famous for
14:45:14 <cayce> I don't think so
14:45:33 <cayce> I hated the app except for its ability to play those things
14:45:41 <joepie91> ah
14:45:41 <joepie91> :P
14:45:44 <joepie91> also
14:45:49 <joepie91> how good is foobars support for tracker music?
14:45:59 <cayce> and it had a neat visualization for the keygens, somewhat like a visual version of the old pinhole music sheets
14:46:04 <joepie91> 100% support, almost 100% support, or reasonable support?
14:46:27 <cayce> there's a plugin for foobar that plays every format I've ever heard of and several more I haven't
14:46:29 <joepie91> also, there's better keygen music than the one you linked :P
14:46:33 <joepie91> well yes
14:46:39 <joepie91> but that doesn't mean it plays everything
14:46:43 <joepie91> there's a bunch of variations in tracker formats
14:46:50 <joepie91> that make some tracks play in for example VLC, and others not
14:46:54 <joepie91> while technically the same format
14:47:02 <joepie91> but so far xmplay plays absolutely *everything*
14:47:04 <cayce> tbh I don't actually give a fuck >_> It's not a feature I care about
14:47:40 <cayce> I think this was the one:
14:47:41 <joepie91> it is one I care about :P
14:49:17 <cayce>
14:49:20 <cayce> figure it out man
14:49:39 <cayce> there's other plugins too, for shit I don't even know what it is
14:49:41 <cayce> maybe you know
14:49:44 * cayce shrugs
14:59:13 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02fixed Sublime File Navigator after transferred owner', '02Merge pull request #1839 from Chris---/masterfixed Sublime File Navigator after transferred owner' (
15:01:35 <joepie91> cayce:
15:01:44 <joepie91> also
15:01:50 <joepie91> (yes, xmplay supports winamp extensions)
15:02:34 <cayce> that's not impressive if the program doesn't work the way I want
15:03:59 <cayce> I feel like you don't know how irritating it is to have someone attempt to sell you on a program you're not interested in
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15:20:55 <joepie91> cayce: not trying to sell it to you actually
15:22:01 <cayce> it looked like you were >_>
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15:41:31 <YuKy> sorry guys, there are problems with the webchat?
15:43:47 <joepie91> .. oh
15:43:51 <joepie91> yeah, sorry, let me fix that
15:43:52 <joepie91> one moment
15:43:52 <joepie91> :P
15:44:35 <joepie91> YuKy; should be fixed now
15:44:37 <YuKy> ok, no problem :) tnx for the answer, good work ;)
15:44:45 <joepie91> had server maintenance and reboot, but forgot to restart qwebirc
15:44:52 <joepie91> it's running now though
15:44:54 <YuKy> oh ok
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19:46:53 <YuKy> sorry to disturb you again,
19:46:54 <YuKy> but qwebirc of our channel is still not working.. :/
19:47:32 <YuKy> Is it possible to do something? :)
19:51:35 <norbert79> Hmm, right, true
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20:58:42 <cayce>
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21:59:14 <mama> any one knows what happened to vox?
22:05:10 <cayce> He took a duck to the face at two-hundred and fifty knots.
22:05:59 <mama> hmm?
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22:45:16 <iceTwy> cayce
22:51:04 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 3 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Update h.jsonAdded more info for hex- plugins.', '02Update h.json', '02Merge pull request #1840 from ALLZ/masterUpdate h.json' (
23:04:05 <iceTwy> sovereign has got all the config files
23:04:08 <iceTwy> gold mine much?
23:04:14 <MK_FG> Answer to sieve is - yep, worked with it at fairly large webmail setup and use it for my own mail
23:05:05 <iceTwy> hm
23:05:09 <MK_FG> Better than config files - it'll install and configure all that stuff for you, just type in hostname, pick what to use and some minor details
23:06:19 <MK_FG> Imho a great example of how to go about addressing "difficult mail setup" thing - sure, low-level tools have to have a lot of knobs, but nothing stops from packaging such high-level config for e.g. ansible to set them all right from higher-level config
23:07:10 <MK_FG> Making complaining about "postfix is difficult to setup" akin to "kernel is difficult to hack on"
23:07:49 <MK_FG> But of course I'm biased, having worked with large mail setups on past two dayjobs ;)
23:12:44 <cayce> ugh I can't figure out how to hook up my old college's google apps mail to thunderbird
23:12:55 <cayce> current one -just works- , but the old one... e.e
23:13:23 <cayce> they both use sso systems, so I dunno what the difference is :/
23:14:32 <cayce> also wtf one of the french news agencies is reporting nyt still down
23:14:37 <cayce> their dns must be shitty
23:15:16 <iceTwy> right, MK_FG
23:15:19 <iceTwy> this is pretty simple
23:15:46 <iceTwy> /var/mail/vhosts/domainname/user/.dovecot.sieve is supposed to move spam detected by dspam
23:15:53 <iceTwy> to the Spam folder
23:16:01 <iceTwy> the thing is
23:16:02 <iceTwy> it doesn't
23:16:05 <iceTwy> => why?
23:16:11 <MK_FG> Either that or dovecot has option to have sieve for all users
23:16:21 <iceTwy> meh, this is the only user
23:16:28 <MK_FG> Check .dovecot.sieve.log in the same path
23:16:48 <iceTwy> there's no log for .dovecot.sieve
23:16:54 <MK_FG> If it's not present, break sieve file, e.g. by inserting some invalid "asdsadasda" goop there
23:17:07 <iceTwy> then restart dovecot?
23:17:18 <MK_FG> No, it's used by deliver
23:17:27 <MK_FG> Which should be run by postfix
23:17:43 <MK_FG> And re-loaded for every mail
23:17:59 <MK_FG> (should actually have .sievec file in the same dir with compiled rules)
23:18:17 <MK_FG> If that change doesn't create log with error, you're not using sieve (not enabled somewhere)
23:18:25 <MK_FG> ....or maybe not using deliver
23:18:41 <MK_FG> postfix has it's own bundled delivery command
23:18:54 <iceTwy> erm
23:18:57 <iceTwy> nope
23:18:58 <iceTwy> no error
23:19:09 <MK_FG> Check "postconf | grep mailbox_command"
23:19:59 <MK_FG> Also "doveadm config | grep mail_plugins"
23:20:36 <MK_FG> First should have something like /usr/libexec/dovecot/deliver there and second should have "sieve", at least somewhere
23:20:44 <MK_FG> And you have logs...
23:20:47 <iceTwy> mailbox_command =
23:20:48 <iceTwy> mailbox_command_maps =
23:20:55 <iceTwy> mail_plugins =
23:20:55 <iceTwy>   mail_plugins = " sieve"
23:20:55 <iceTwy>   mail_plugins = " antispam fts fts_solr"
23:20:58 <MK_FG> postfix logs there what it runs for each processed mail
23:21:05 <iceTwy> hmk
23:21:11 <MK_FG> "mailbox_command =" <-- there's your problem ;)
23:21:46 <MK_FG> That thing empty means postfix gets message and runs its own delivery thing (name escapes me...)
23:21:55 <iceTwy> ah
23:22:07 <iceTwy> where's the option to change it?
23:22:11 <iceTwy> nah
23:22:22 <MK_FG> "delivery thing" is basically command that takes mail message to stdin and smtp RCPT TO as argument
23:22:36 <iceTwy> virtual_transport is set to virtual_transport = lmtp:unix:private/dovecot-lmtp
23:22:36 <MK_FG>, yeah
23:22:42 <iceTwy> so that should be fine
23:23:05 <iceTwy> weird
23:23:27 <MK_FG> I think "virtual_transport" there just does check for where mail should go next when it hits it
23:23:43 <MK_FG> Not related to delivery
23:23:53 <iceTwy> hmk
23:23:59 <iceTwy> yeah so mailbox command is currently
23:23:59 <iceTwy> #mailbox_command = procmail -a "$EXTENSION"
23:24:13 <iceTwy> let's try
23:24:48 <MK_FG> No, it's not procmail by default ;)
23:25:31 <iceTwy> oh?
23:25:41 <iceTwy> that's from
23:25:41 <iceTwy>
23:26:02 <iceTwy> doesn't work anyway
23:26:08 <cayce> agh fuckit, I can't procrastinate any longer
23:26:15 * cayce spins up ns2
23:26:21 <MK_FG> That's just some example there, "local" is the thing
23:26:32 <MK_FG> (if that thing is empty)
23:26:51 <MK_FG> ^^^ that about that thing procmail
23:26:57 <MK_FG> *that procmail thing
23:28:17 <MK_FG> No, "virtual_transport = lmtp:unix:private/dovecot-lmtp" seem to be "lmtp? nexthop=unix:private/dovecot-lmtp" indeed, some pipe to dovecot...
23:28:59 <MK_FG> ...but unless you have some mapping pointing mail to that virtual transport, I think you'll never have anything there
23:29:08 <iceTwy> hmm?
23:29:12 <iceTwy> dovecot & everything works
23:29:13 <iceTwy> it's just that
23:29:26 <iceTwy> dovecot can't push the mails labelled as "Spam" by dspam to the Spam folder
23:29:29 <MK_FG> sovereign probably has it in these mysql maps
23:29:36 <iceTwy> but dovecot /does/ receive the emails, etc
23:29:39 <iceTwy> and yes it is mapped
23:29:44 <MK_FG> Why do you think that?
23:29:51 <iceTwy> because it works?
23:29:58 <iceTwy> lol
23:30:10 <MK_FG> So? It's postfix's local dropping mails into fs
23:30:18 <MK_FG> Dovecot then reads and shows these to you
23:30:39 <MK_FG> postfix doesn't use that virtual transport for anything by default iirc
23:30:51 <iceTwy> oh
23:30:52 <iceTwy> really?
23:30:54 <cayce> anybody really good with quick sed lines?
23:31:15 <MK_FG> cayce, I'm better with awk lines! ;)
23:31:18 <cayce> lel
23:31:28 <iceTwy> lol, obv, MK_FG
23:31:33 <cayce> I need to replace all instances of an IP addy with a different IP addy in a file
23:31:35 <iceTwy> if it didn't there would be no postfix/
23:31:36 <iceTwy> am I right?
23:32:10 <MK_FG> Um, no, just defines commands that you can use in
23:32:41 <MK_FG> cayce, It's not that much magic - just "sed 's/1\.2\.3\.4/' file"
23:33:01 <MK_FG> (mind single quotes and escaping, because regexp)
23:33:43 <cayce> yeah my googling lead me to the question "wait aren't dots special chars" haha
23:33:55 <cayce> I was just there
23:33:56 <cayce> lol
23:34:31 <MK_FG> iceTwy, At the risk of giving someone a heart attack... <--- it's all there, "easy" ;P
23:35:20 <iceTwy> hmm
23:35:25 <iceTwy> I do understand how it delivers mail then
23:35:32 <iceTwy> basically
23:35:42 <iceTwy> when it transports mail over lmtp
23:35:45 <iceTwy> it contacts dovecot
23:35:48 <iceTwy> which then takes the lead
23:35:51 <iceTwy> hm?
23:35:52 Tyler ( has joined #crytocc
23:36:40 <iceTwy> MK_FG:  ^
23:36:55 <MK_FG> Sure, virtual(8) uses that lmtp thing from and yep, goes to dovecot as you pass it that arg...
23:37:03 <iceTwy> no but
23:37:05 <iceTwy> lmtp(8)
23:37:12 <MK_FG> My late point was that nothing probably runs virtual(8) in your setup ;)
23:37:20 <iceTwy> eh
23:37:25 <MK_FG> So it's kinda irrelevant what it does ;)
23:37:35 mib_01y9r2 ( has joined #crytocc
23:37:41 <mib_01y9r2> hello?
23:37:45 <iceTwy> iunon
23:37:46 <MK_FG> By default, postfix uses local(8) for mydestinations (or whatever there)
23:37:54 <iceTwy> I've followed the guide joepie91 linked me to
23:37:54 <iceTwy>
23:38:22 <mib_01y9r2> is there a moderator here?
23:38:41 <MK_FG> I'm too lazy to read, but if you're sure that it does, you can confirm it in postfix logs
23:38:56 <iceTwy> what would appear in the postfix logs then?
23:38:57 <MK_FG> (some /var/log/mail.log by default on debian, probably)
23:39:09 <MK_FG> And you should have lines from dovecot receiving the message too
23:39:19 <MK_FG> If not, see if you can spot local there
23:39:36 <mib_01y9r2> can you guys read what im writing?
23:39:37 <MK_FG> Iirc postfix logs every transport that message passes
23:39:42 <MK_FG> mib_01y9r2, Yep
23:39:59 <mib_01y9r2> okay sorry to interrupt, any one here a moderator? or insider?
23:40:22 <iceTwy> ooo
23:40:26 <iceTwy> that's right MK_FG
23:40:27 <MK_FG> you should have something like "delivered to command: virtual" there
23:40:32 <iceTwy> nope
23:40:32 <iceTwy> I have
23:40:49 <iceTwy> actually
23:40:50 <iceTwy> sec
23:40:57 <MK_FG> mib_01y9r2, Not sure what you mean, but teh cryto god would be joepie91
23:41:24 <MK_FG> mib_01y9r2, Otherwise don't think anyone have moderator in the sense of "irc moderator mode" in this chan
23:41:26 <mib_01y9r2> well i was hoping this was a anonymous channel
23:42:00 <MK_FG> You mean Anonymous with capital A?
23:42:06 <MK_FG> If so, read teh /topic ;)
23:42:23 <iceTwy> this, MK_FG
23:42:24 <iceTwy>
23:42:25 <MK_FG> (spoiler: nope, it's not)
23:42:40 <mib_01y9r2> i see, i was told to come here, my bad
23:43:01 <MK_FG> iceTwy, "status=sent (delive$" <--- YOU MANAGED TO CUT THE MOST JUICY BIT THERE!!!
23:43:08 <iceTwy> AH
23:43:11 <mib_01y9r2> bb, and gl iceTwy, with whatever that thing is you guys are figuring out
23:43:17 <iceTwy> haha mib_01y9r2
23:43:20 <MK_FG> Use less instead of nano :P
23:43:23 <iceTwy> yeah lol
23:43:44 <iceTwy> how do you go to EOF with less
23:44:00 <MK_FG> End key
23:44:09 mib_01y9r2 has quit (User quit: ajax IRC Client)
23:44:11 <MK_FG> (or some C-thing)
23:44:27 <MK_FG> (or just PgDown until it ends)
23:44:30 <iceTwy> shift g in fact
23:45:25 <iceTwy> SHIT'S GONNA JUICE MK_FG
23:45:45 <iceTwy>
23:45:47 <iceTwy> second to last line
23:45:48 <iceTwy> LOOK
23:46:07 <iceTwy> "Aug 29 01:44:40 vps dovecot: lmtp(14387): Connect from local
23:46:07 <iceTwy> "
23:46:08 <iceTwy> *
23:46:09 <MK_FG> Yep
23:46:23 <MK_FG> You have dovecot there indeed
23:47:14 <MK_FG> Then I'd say your problem is this: mail_plugins = " sieve"
23:47:21 <iceTwy> ah
23:47:24 <MK_FG> And also maybe this: mail_plugins = " antispam fts fts_solr"
23:47:24 <iceTwy> the space?
23:47:31 <iceTwy> lol
23:47:36 <iceTwy> I'll laugh if it's a problem of space.
23:47:44 <MK_FG> Remove quotes and space there, just "mail_plugins = sieve" should work
23:47:57 <MK_FG> And you seem to have it disabled on the second line
23:48:30 <MK_FG> (whereever that one is)
23:49:45 <MK_FG> Though I'd think dovecot'd complain loudly if there's unrecognized plugin there
23:50:03 <MK_FG> Iirc it even drops mail if its plugins fail
23:52:20 <iceTwy> I think I know the issue
23:52:43 <iceTwy>   sieve = ~/.dovecot.sieve
23:52:51 <iceTwy> in 90-sieve.conf
23:53:37 <iceTwy> MK_FG: ^
23:54:42 <MK_FG> Heh, yeah, kinda obvious in retrospect that /var/mail/vhosts/... wasn't ~ and it's configured like by default everywhere indeed ;)
23:55:19 <MK_FG> (unless it is ~ and you mean something else)
23:55:20 <iceTwy> FUCKING WIN.
23:55:26 <iceTwy> :D
23:55:44 <MK_FG> Now you can start sieve-bonsai art
23:55:51 <iceTwy> Aye
23:56:04 <iceTwy> Is there a way to set /var/mail/vhosts/ as ~
23:56:05 <iceTwy> ?
23:56:21 <MK_FG> Mine is 342 lines long... but I do trim it rigorously ;)
23:56:24 <iceTwy> currently it's, erm, sieve = /var/mail/vhosts/
23:56:30 <iceTwy> wtf
23:56:31 <iceTwy> what
23:56:57 <MK_FG> It's useful to have reports from different things in different mailbox folders!
23:57:07 <MK_FG> And from diff. mailing lists especially
23:57:09 <iceTwy> erm
23:57:16 <iceTwy> you're telling me I shouldn't
23:57:21 <iceTwy> 1. hardcode this are I did
23:57:26 <MK_FG> Anyways, you can set that in passwd
23:57:33 <iceTwy> 2. or even set it to /var/mail/.dovecot.sieve?
23:57:36 <MK_FG> But I'm guessing you don't want that
23:57:44 <iceTwy> want what
23:57:45 <MK_FG> So dovecot iirc has some templating there
23:58:04 <MK_FG> And can do e.g. sieve = /var/mail/vhosts/
23:58:23 <MK_FG> (check wiki, I don't remember how exactly it's done)
23:58:42 <MK_FG> "But I'm guessing you don't want that" is about "Anyways, you can set that in passwd"
23:58:51 <MK_FG> ...which is about "currently it's, erm, sieve = /var/mail/vhosts/"
23:59:22 <MK_FG> No idea about 1 and 2 above, I'd say "nope, I didn't say that!" ;)
23:59:40 <iceTwy> yes
23:59:41 <iceTwy> indeed
23:59:41 <iceTwy> well
23:59:41 <iceTwy> would you recommend #2
23:59:41 <iceTwy> or not
23:59:46 <MK_FG> By "sieve-bonsai art" I meant growing long sieve config
23:59:54 <MK_FG> Which filters all the things
23:59:58 <iceTwy> that won't ever happen tho