Cryto! 28 June 2013

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22:12:51 <iceTwy> loggy, pointer?
22:12:51 <loggy>
22:14:40 <monod> wow
22:18:54 <monod> rebooting for the win (sigh)
22:18:57 <monod> hope so
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22:22:29 <monod> terrible, there's no f*************** way to get sound working in iceweasel, in debian
22:27:09 <iceTwy> you using PulseAudio?
22:27:38 <monod> I think so, but I'm going to try again with .asoundrc, just found another kind of configuration to try... :/
22:27:43 <monod> alsamixer never worked for me
22:28:03 <monod> or, I never got it to work, unlike pulse
22:28:41 <iceTwy> hum
22:28:44 <iceTwy> as far as I know
22:28:48 <iceTwy> .asoundrc has been deprecated
22:28:54 <monod> IT SHOULD
22:29:04 <monod> IT NEVER WORKS xD
22:29:08 <iceTwy> lol, debian is cool, but outdated sort of
22:29:13 <iceTwy> debian stable is always outdated
22:29:15 <iceTwy> get on debian testing
22:29:19 <iceTwy> and enjoy the best of both worlds
22:29:22 <iceTwy> Debian + updates
22:29:29 <monod> I really like debian, but it's really true what you say
22:29:31 <iceTwy> 100% stable from my experience
22:29:36 <monod> hmm
22:29:37 <iceTwy> yeah so do I
22:29:46 <iceTwy> I love Debian, but Debian stable is indeed outdated
22:30:02 <monod> I was afraid how having big problems with unstables
22:30:04 <monod> xD
22:30:17 <iceTwy> no
22:30:17 <iceTwy> lol
22:30:21 <iceTwy> with unstable
22:30:22 <iceTwy> maybe
22:30:24 <iceTwy> with testing
22:30:27 <iceTwy> never had a problem
22:30:31 <monod> oh, right
22:30:35 <monod> 3 flavours, right?
22:30:36 <iceTwy> because testing means that all unstable packages are tested for 1 week
22:30:50 <iceTwy> if it's okay, breaks nothing, then it's pushed forward to testing
22:30:52 <iceTwy> (the package that is)
22:31:18 <monod> (yup)
22:31:58 <iceTwy> god I love this song
22:32:05 <iceTwy> what genres do you like listening to monod
22:32:08 <monod> lady-3jane, possibly cc anyone else: this song:
22:32:12 <monod> wow
22:32:15 <monod> I was just posting that one
22:32:19 <iceTwy> hahaha
22:32:20 <iceTwy> :D
22:32:20 <monod> telelpathy :D
22:32:24 * iceTwy highfives monod
22:32:33 * monod GIGGLES.
22:32:37 <iceTwy> HEHEHE
22:32:39 <monod> *hive*
22:32:52 <iceTwy> OH OH OH
22:32:52 <iceTwy> monod
22:32:57 <iceTwy> you're Italian right
22:33:00 <iceTwy> yes you are
22:33:00 <monod> yup
22:33:03 <iceTwy> it's not even a question
22:33:05 <iceTwy> anyway
22:33:11 <monod> xD
22:33:17 <iceTwy> please meet the pianist from my Italian family
22:33:25 <monod> O_O
22:33:47 <monod> no audio on youtube :'(
22:33:57 <iceTwy> aaaagh
22:34:15 <monod> flashgot has it (y)
22:34:50 <monod> it will take just a bit downloading
22:36:07 <lady-3jane> hmm, maybe I will walk to the store. I want something cold to drink
22:36:23 <lady-3jane> icewater, actually
22:36:27 <lady-3jane> haha but we have no ice
22:36:34 <iceTwy> icewater
22:36:35 <iceTwy> hey
22:36:38 <iceTwy> I have ice
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22:39:33 <lady-3jane> success o.o
22:39:37 <lady-3jane> we had ice o.o
22:39:37 <monod> have to reboot :( AGAIN
22:39:41 <lady-3jane> YAY
22:39:46 <lady-3jane> more reboots :D
22:39:46 <monod> is there a way to jump from stable to testing?
22:40:00 <monod> T_T
22:40:06 <lady-3jane> rewrite /etc/apt/sources.list to say testing instead of stable
22:40:19 <lady-3jane> it will say in the deb* lines
22:40:20 <iceTwy> ^
22:40:24 <monod> really?
22:40:25 <lady-3jane> just change the text
22:40:26 <lady-3jane> yeah
22:40:29 <monod> okay
22:40:46 <lady-3jane> also make sure you have aptitude installed, it's much smarter than apt
22:40:56 <lady-3jane> so my command is apt-get update && aptitude full-upgrade
22:40:57 <iceTwy> huh
22:40:57 <monod> oh wow
22:41:01 <iceTwy> aptitude
22:41:02 <iceTwy> lol
22:41:07 <iceTwy> apt-get foreva
22:41:14 <monod> oh, there you go
22:41:23 <monod> the two contrasting school of thought
22:41:24 <monod> haha
22:41:27 <lady-3jane> yes, it's not quite as smart as yum (for rpm's), but it's much smarter than just apt
22:41:28 <lady-3jane> lol
22:42:36 <iceTwy> I'm just saying
22:42:38 <iceTwy> pacman > all
22:42:56 <lady-3jane> I'm not much of a fan of arch
22:42:59 <monod> what about emerge and the other one included in Gentoo?
22:43:19 <monod> have you ever had the possibility to try arch linux, lady?
22:43:24 <lady-3jane> yep
22:43:25 <lady-3jane> and gentoo
22:43:38 <monod> wow... :Q__
22:43:48 <iceTwy> I'll have to try gentoo one day
22:43:53 <iceTwy> but Arch is just like
22:43:54 <iceTwy> so amazing
22:44:01 <monod> I'm not even able to install programs in Debian, I will never be able to figure it out in Gentoo... :(
22:44:06 <lady-3jane> I never used emerge in gentoo, I just compiled everything from source... which is what emerge does
22:44:12 <lady-3jane> their docs are better these days >_>
22:44:38 <lady-3jane> monod:) do you have synaptic installed? it's really nice gui package manager
22:44:48 <monod> yeah I do
22:44:51 <monod> of course
22:44:53 <lady-3jane> :P
22:45:03 <monod> yet only because it's already there
22:45:06 <iceTwy> monod: listening to the song?
22:45:22 <monod> not yet iceTwy
22:45:24 <monod> I'm trying to
22:45:26 <monod> :D
22:45:34 <iceTwy> :D
22:45:36 <monod> seems there's no way other than reboot
22:45:37 <monod> but
22:45:41 <monod> (before it)
22:45:50 <monod> I'd like to change from stable to testing
22:46:03 <monod> but can't find how to replace the strings correctly :/
22:46:23 <monod> so, I'm looking it up on google, but I'm sooooo tired of wasting hours for problems on debian.......
22:46:35 <monod> so I've become tremendously inefficient at google searches
22:46:40 <monod> just for this very reason.
22:46:58 <monod> I used to perform very well in goggling
22:47:01 <monod> googling*
22:47:26 <monod> also, it's very late atm, so I start to feel the sleepiness again
22:49:01 <monod> the very bad thing here is that I've become inefficient in just every thing I do, since 5 years
22:49:25 <monod> and I really fear I'm losing everything I had
22:49:53 <monod> and that this will disadvantage me
22:50:58 <lady-3jane> hmm
22:51:07 <lady-3jane> replace the strings correctly?
22:51:26 <monod> yeah, I've just found it now
22:51:37 <monod> I meant: I looked at the file and didn't find any "stable" word
22:51:41 <lady-3jane> open terminal, `su -` to login as root, then `nano /etc/apt/sources.list`
22:51:46 <lady-3jane> read it
22:51:46 <monod> now I've read I can use stable, testing or the codename
22:51:47 <monod> s
22:51:49 <lady-3jane> yes
22:51:55 <lady-3jane> might say wheezy
22:51:58 <monod> jessie
22:51:59 <monod> :D
22:52:05 <monod> as far as I read O_O
22:52:06 <lady-3jane> wtf is jessie
22:52:24 <monod> since may 5, 2013
22:52:26 <lady-3jane> dude
22:52:29 <lady-3jane> you're ON testing
22:52:30 <monod>
22:52:32 <lady-3jane> jessie is testing
22:52:38 <lady-3jane> agh
22:52:43 * lady-3jane didn't know what the new name was
22:52:53 * monod neither
22:52:56 <monod> :D
22:53:01 <monod> I knew it was Wheezy
22:53:02 <lady-3jane> wheezy/stable or jessie/testing
22:53:05 <lady-3jane> however!
22:53:13 <lady-3jane> if you put testing, you will always be on testing
22:53:14 <monod> squeeze is stable, afaik
22:53:18 <monod> yesss
22:53:19 <lady-3jane> no
22:53:20 <lady-3jane> wheezy
22:53:28 <monod> oh, damn!!!!
22:53:35 <monod> I had squeeze in my source.lsit
22:53:40 <monod> T_T
22:53:42 <lady-3jane> but if you put jessie, you will always be on jessie, which will become stable at some point
22:53:50 <lady-3jane> wat
22:53:53 <monod> of course
22:53:53 <lady-3jane> put jessie
22:53:54 <lady-3jane> and then
22:54:11 <lady-3jane> as root: apt-get update && aptitude full-upgrade
22:54:18 <monod> ok, thanks
22:54:25 <lady-3jane> save file first, etc
22:54:29 <lady-3jane> :P
22:54:30 <lady-3jane> <3
22:54:32 <monod> oh
22:54:42 <monod> you <3 the file, isn't it?
22:54:49 <monod> I'll send you a copy, don't worry
22:54:57 * lady-3jane boggles
22:55:11 <monod> what about the squeeze/updates? what should I replace it w... WHAT?
22:55:19 <monod> *checking the dictionary*
22:55:23 <lady-3jane> jessie?
22:55:28 <monod> just jessie?
22:55:35 <monod> or jessie/updates
22:55:38 <lady-3jane> yes
22:55:43 <lady-3jane> must be updates :P
22:56:00 <lady-3jane> doesn't really matter I think... I don't know if testing actually gets updates
22:56:03 <lady-3jane> "updates"
22:56:13 <monod> lulz
22:57:44 <monod> "# hand-modified. Beware. Look away. Beware twice. Ok, then read." at the top of my sources.list
22:58:14 <lady-3jane> lol
22:59:03 <monod> eventually I get updates!!! madre de dios!
22:59:16 <monod> oh... s***, missing files
22:59:18 <monod> whatever
22:59:24 <lady-3jane> hmm?
22:59:27 <monod> don't know
22:59:31 <lady-3jane> what 404'd
22:59:37 <lady-3jane> jessie/updates? :D
22:59:56 <monod> I don't even know how to tell you T_T
23:00:11 <lady-3jane> paste the lines?
23:00:18 <lady-3jane> not all, just the couple
23:00:32 <monod> Err jessie-updates/main Sources
23:00:32 <monod>   404  Not Found [IP: 80]
23:00:32 <monod> Err jessie-updates/main amd64 Packages
23:00:32 <monod>   404  Not Found [IP: 80]
23:00:35 <monod> like this?
23:00:44 <lady-3jane> yes
23:00:45 <lady-3jane> see?
23:00:47 <lady-3jane> :D
23:00:54 <lady-3jane> jessie/updates is not there :D
23:01:03 <lady-3jane> you can comment those lines out in your sources.list
23:01:05 <lady-3jane> ##
23:01:17 <monod> oh
23:01:27 <monod> you're right, it's jessie-updates/main...
23:01:51 *** iceTwy is now known as iceTwy|Movie
23:02:13 <monod> oh my
23:02:19 <monod> thw world has come to aptitude's feet
23:02:33 <monod> do you know that "solve conflicts" thing?
23:02:45 <monod> has spawned rows and rows of solutions O_O
23:04:04 <monod> it will remove things if I choose yes
23:05:02 <lady-3jane> er
23:05:13 <lady-3jane> that's more complex, I was hoping it would be clean
23:05:16 <lady-3jane> :(
23:05:27 <monod> I'm sorry guys I don't want to be a living public whimpering
23:05:28 <lady-3jane> maybe cancel and try apt-get upgrade
23:05:39 <monod> ok..
23:05:43 <lady-3jane> :>
23:05:56 <lady-3jane> tell me if it removes things, I guess
23:06:02 <lady-3jane> if it wants to *
23:06:28 <monod> hmm, seems it doesn't need to
23:06:36 <monod> yeah, it does not need to
23:06:42 <monod> already yessed
23:06:46 <monod> "yessed"
23:07:30 <lady-3jane> afterwards you will want to reboot :>
23:07:37 <lady-3jane> new kernel probably
23:08:00 <monod> alright
23:09:01 <monod> finally, iceTwy, I'm downloading that song
23:09:20 <monod> (intetionally not highlighted)
23:14:22 <monod> iceTwy: the video has great sound, great as in very great mixing
23:14:59 <monod> is this "lounge" music?
23:15:42 <monod> jessie sounds soooo good
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23:21:17 <iceTwy|Movie> hum
23:21:18 <iceTwy|Movie> monod
23:21:24 <iceTwy|Movie> no this isn't lounge
23:21:27 <iceTwy|Movie> more like italian folk
23:21:33 <monod> oh
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23:22:32 <iceTwy|Movie> ya
23:24:53 <monod> rebooting, but I'll quit irc for today
23:24:59 <monod> "today"
23:25:06 <monod> byebye!
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23:34:41 <zxcvbnm> later dudes
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