Cryto! 28 March 2013

00:01:09 <ShadowDemon> :P
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00:12:38 <lady-3jane> joepie91:) Normally I'd think this was awesome, but their license sucks shit
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00:15:11 <joepie91> lady-3jane: in reality, the logo itself sucks shit as well
00:15:11 <joepie91> lol
00:15:28 <lady-3jane> haha, I like it for the minimalism
00:15:40 <lady-3jane> It looks better blown up to the size of a building, to me
00:16:00 <lady-3jane> someday I will have either the balls or the money (hopefully both) to do that
00:17:43 <joepie91> problem: it's not symmetric
00:18:15 <lady-3jane> that's a problem?
00:18:52 <joepie91> yes
00:18:56 <joepie91> it makes it look terrible
00:18:56 <joepie91> lol
00:20:11 <lady-3jane> I do not agree :P
00:20:57 <lady-3jane> I think it might look cooler if it had another bar sticking off the right side on top, the way the left going one does
00:21:06 <lady-3jane> I could see that being cool, and it would balance the image better
00:57:22 <lady-3jane> oooh
00:57:31 <lady-3jane> unreal engine in js, on firefox
01:01:01 <ShadowDemon> bbl all
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02:54:36 *** SpaghettiCode changed the topic to: "Cryto Coding Collective | THIS IS A PUBLICLY LOGGED CHANNEL. |, | Rules: no Anonymous, no cracking, no drama | Online Flash IDE: | Cryto Research: | RIP Aaron Swartz"
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02:55:58 <joepie91> I have absolutely no idea wtf just happened
02:56:57 <joepie91> right, host node kernel panic apparently
02:57:03 <joepie91> should be resolved now
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04:16:26 <ShadowDemon> meow
04:17:29 <Ari>
04:17:29 <Ari> meow.
04:17:42 <Ari> /shamelessSelfPromotion
04:17:43 <x> meow
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04:58:57 <lady-3jane> vidalia has some rough stats
04:59:00 <lady-3jane> iirc
04:59:32 <lady-3jane> (that's the gui you're probably using)
05:00:25 <watup> ya tor browser bundle
05:03:07 <lady-3jane> I've never used that
05:03:26 <lady-3jane> I actually just run straight tor lol
05:04:12 <watup> lol sounds like ur at risk of configuring it wrong and having security leaks
05:06:01 <lady-3jane> you say that like it's actually relevant
05:06:18 <lady-3jane> I leak dns traffic, yeah, and I run my own internal resolver too
05:06:42 <lady-3jane> I'm not sure what I'd be concerned about
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08:19:19 * webuser19 slaps Gatsby_ around a bit with a large fishbot
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13:26:12 <monod> hello good fellas
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15:00:54 <zxcvbnm> herro cryto
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17:43:05 <monod_> wb Divinite !
17:43:34 <Divinite> :)
17:43:42 <Divinite> Thank you monod_
17:44:24 <monod_> when I will get the ssh server running fine, I will be welcoming everyone twice, as monod and as monod_ :muhaha:
17:44:36 <monod_> gniddiK
17:47:41 <lady-3jane> hahaha
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18:29:05 <MK_FG> zxcvbnm, Is it known to be a cipher or a hash? You seem to mention both a bit interchangeably above
18:29:27 <MK_FG> Is the output size fixed to some value?
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18:52:03 <MK_FG> Some sort of internets, yeah, never had any proper education or read a book on it
18:52:54 <MK_FG> Oh, it's easy to implement such thing as toggleable in irc client, like with erc I use - just add +1 hook which'd mangle the message
18:54:35 <MK_FG> If you want it that way, sure, I'd probably rather have some key to set either a minor-mode or just some var
18:55:07 <MK_FG> Also, [off]'s can have their own font-face, so that they can be made invisible for easier reading
18:55:39 <monod_> so that [off] is always put on messages while inside the minor-mode?
18:55:56 <MK_FG> That's what minor modes seem to be for!
18:56:24 <monod_> I'm quite new to that thing :)
18:56:31 <MK_FG> (dunno if you might be misinterpreting it, I'm talking about emacs stuff)
18:56:42 <monod_> I only saw it on emacs, exactly! :D
18:56:53 <monod_> I loved emacs, did you?
18:57:09 <monod_> or better, I liked it
18:57:19 <MK_FG> Use it as a main editor, irc client, music player, yeah ;)
18:57:40 <monod_> woah :)
18:57:51 <monod_> or whoa
18:57:53 <monod_> dunno xD
18:57:59 <MK_FG> "erc" client there is kinda awesome, try it
18:58:19 <monod_> gonna try it! thanks!
19:00:31 <lady-3jane> woot woot, I moved to 13.04
19:01:54 <monod_> wooo, ubuntu?
19:02:55 <MK_FG> Shouldn't it be released in april? March is .03 after all
19:03:09 <lady-3jane> yes
19:03:13 <lady-3jane> to both
19:03:13 <zxcvbnm> i hate ubuntu
19:03:19 <MK_FG> Or hmm, maybe they don't do releases on April 1 ;)
19:03:25 <zxcvbnm> i like ubuntu about as much as I like politicians
19:03:28 <monod_> no zxcvbnm you hate unity, I guarantee you :)
19:03:32 <monod_> yet not ubuntu
19:03:38 <lady-3jane> They're supposed to release  end of the month
19:03:38 <monod_> (lol, kidding)
19:03:40 <lady-3jane> 25th ish
19:03:44 <zxcvbnm> :D
19:03:47 <zxcvbnm> I liked 10.04 ubuntu
19:03:52 <monod_> me too
19:03:54 <lady-3jane> before unity
19:03:54 <monod_> the best one
19:03:55 <lady-3jane> lol
19:03:59 <joepie91> ohai
19:04:02 <monod_> ohai!!!
19:04:07 <zxcvbnm> oherro ?
19:04:10 <lady-3jane> and here I am using unity
19:04:15 <lady-3jane> so you can tell how much I hate unity
19:04:18 <zxcvbnm> unity shmunity
19:04:22 <zxcvbnm> impunity bahahaha
19:04:26 <zxcvbnm> sry
19:04:28 <lady-3jane> (protip: only a little)
19:04:35 <monod_> lulz
19:04:39 <lady-3jane> I hate it about as much as I hate e17
19:04:43 <lady-3jane> or gnome 2
19:05:22 unknownfoobars (x@C35CA8A8.589C91BA.8F6A2B14.IP) has joined #crytocc
19:05:51 <MK_FG> Does it still run X?
19:05:57 <lady-3jane> I did not like gnome 3 though, it was hard to use
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19:06:01 <lady-3jane> yeah
19:06:15 <lady-3jane> mir won't be ready until the fall
19:06:26 <MK_FG> Meheard ubuntus build their own graphics, modelled after android, neither X not wayland
19:06:31 <MK_FG> Yeah, that one
19:06:33 <lady-3jane> mir.
19:06:35 <lady-3jane> yeah.
19:06:47 <lady-3jane> it'll make it for the next release if they're working hard on it
19:06:53 <lady-3jane> 13.10 or whatever
19:07:00 *** unknownfoobars is now known as x
19:07:12 <lady-3jane> I'm excited about it
19:07:21 * zxcvbnm is running centos 6.1
19:07:28 * zxcvbnm any haters? where're the RH haters
19:07:32 <lady-3jane> I dunno if it's good or bad, but running on everything from phone, tablet, and desktop pc will be quite impressive
19:07:40 <monod_> lol zxcvbnm
19:07:58 <lady-3jane> 6.1... that one has packages published in the last 2 years, so no hate
19:08:05 <MK_FG> Meh, with all the pr mentioning touch things, I'm as excited about it as about win8
19:08:05 <lady-3jane> :3
19:08:18 * lady-3jane shrugs
19:08:30 <lady-3jane> I hear "windows blue" comes out in the fall too
19:08:37 <lady-3jane> probably a big patch for 8
19:08:45 <zxcvbnm> I wonder if IBM will sue..
19:08:48 <lady-3jane> that's what it sounds like
19:08:50 <lady-3jane> hahahaha maybe
19:08:55 <lady-3jane> they are big blue
19:09:06 <zxcvbnm> yup :P
19:09:39 <lady-3jane> I need to grab e17's new terminal app and see how it flows
19:09:50 <lady-3jane> terminology they called it
19:09:52 <monod_> doesn't debian already run on almost anything ?
19:09:58 <lady-3jane> it does, yeah
19:10:30 <lady-3jane> there's a great project somewheres to shove debian's userland underneath android on a phone
19:10:39 <lady-3jane> which makes your phone actually truly linux
19:10:48 <monod_> really?
19:10:50 <lady-3jane> yeah
19:10:53 <monod_> fun-tastic...
19:10:54 <zxcvbnm> I'm waiting for the sourcecode for the PWN Pad
19:10:56 <lady-3jane> it's the best thing ever
19:11:09 <monod_> does it work good, lady-3jane ?
19:11:13 <lady-3jane> favorite linux OS underneath really impressive phone OS
19:11:15 <monod_> work fine*
19:11:22 <lady-3jane> I don;t know, never used it myself
19:11:32 <monod_> oh, I see your point
19:11:53 <lady-3jane> I remember the people who set it up saying it worked well
19:11:57 <lady-3jane> so, I'll have to take their word
19:13:40 <MK_FG> It's probably quite different from debian though
19:13:59 <lady-3jane> iirc not really
19:14:04 <MK_FG> You can't really shove a full-fledged second os as an app to android
19:14:10 <lady-3jane> it's inserting the cli utilities under android
19:14:29 <lady-3jane> er, it's not an "app"
19:14:36 <lady-3jane> they just put the files under it
19:14:40 <lady-3jane> I dunno go google it
19:14:41 <MK_FG> Ah, custom build
19:14:56 <MK_FG> Yeah, makes more sense then
19:14:59 <lady-3jane>
19:15:14 <lady-3jane> Debian and Android side-by-side - your Android device works as usual but you can unleash the power of Debian / Ubuntu on demand.
19:15:25 <lady-3jane> You can use a compiler, install a GUI (e.g. LXDE), and run any software that is offered by Debian / Ubuntu including command line driven daemons as well as GUI software.
19:15:41 <lady-3jane> The Debian system does not run in a chroot jail, it's installed side-by-side to Android instead. With this, all Android files / mounts are also accessible from Debian.
19:15:45 <lady-3jane> there's your answer
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19:17:50 <lady-3jane>
19:17:53 <lady-3jane> hahahahahahahaha
19:17:59 <lady-3jane> putin, you old hag
19:18:11 <MK_FG> Yeah, looks useful for running some proper daemons on the phone
19:18:23 <monod_> they're filming wargames 3, or 4 if 3 already exists
19:18:29 <lady-3jane> :D
19:18:40 <lady-3jane> they really went all out with this one
19:18:41 <lady-3jane> :D
19:18:47 <monod_> haha
19:18:48 <MK_FG> Wat, we have warships!?
19:19:03 <zxcvbnm> ha! zeroed in on MK_FG
19:19:19 <MK_FG> I thought they all rot away already since ussr days
19:19:32 <monod_> zxcvbnm: I'm reading what you gave me since 1 minute, I'll PM you if you don't mind
19:19:41 <monod_> yet, I think you don't mind :)
19:19:47 <zxcvbnm> monod_: I do not, good assumption
19:20:31 * lady-3jane chuckles
19:20:39 <lady-3jane> NP: [Toadies - Possum Kingdom] [Rubberneck] [928kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
19:21:51 <MK_FG> Wow, btc is $100 now, crazy
19:21:58 <lady-3jane> yap
19:22:06 <monod_> what????
19:22:07 <joepie91> $100?!
19:22:09 <monod_> one btc?
19:22:23 <lady-3jane> I told my friend "as long as central banks continue to fuck up management of their currencies, bitcoin will rise"
19:22:27 <monod_> quick, get rich! sell it all! XD
19:22:29 <MK_FG> This cyprus thing really shook people up wrt local currencies, I guess
19:22:42 <lady-3jane> yeah
19:22:48 <joepie91> <monod_>quick, get rich! sell it all! XD
19:22:49 <joepie91> that's probably a bad idea
19:22:51 <lady-3jane> every time news from cyprus comes out, it rises again
19:23:00 <lady-3jane> because it's always bad news
19:23:02 <lady-3jane> :/
19:23:02 <monod_> joepie91 yeah, it would ruin it worse
19:23:08 <monod_> I think
19:23:17 <MK_FG> joepie91, Just saw in #tahoe-lafs, trusted sources ;)
19:23:33 <MK_FG> (iirc it was like $87 yesterday)
19:23:37 <lady-3jane> Last price:$94.30000
19:23:43 <monod_> correct me if I am wrong, was 1 btc = 7 $ more or less once upon a time?
19:23:44 <lady-3jane> so, yeah
19:23:46 <lady-3jane> nearly 100
19:23:50 <lady-3jane> yep
19:24:00 <lady-3jane> monod:) it was about 13$ at the beginning of this year
19:24:09 <lady-3jane> a little more I think, maybe 13.50
19:24:34 <MK_FG> I say we should have btc=100 party!
19:24:47 <MK_FG> (sometime soon)
19:24:51 <lady-3jane> If it hits 100 today I will drink wine
19:24:58 <lady-3jane> but I will drink wine anyway, so it's moot
19:25:14 <lady-3jane> NP: [RJD2 - Final Frontier (feat. Blueprint)] [Deadringer] [945kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
19:27:07 * MK_FG imagines monocled bitcoin snobs drinking wine
19:27:51 <joepie91> lol
19:27:51 <lady-3jane> I own no coins, so no  ;>
19:28:10 <lady-3jane> I told like 5 people to buy in early january
19:28:11 <lady-3jane> nobody listens
19:28:33 <lady-3jane> I caught the rise before it flash crashed last time too
19:28:40 <joepie91> lady-3jane: this is a recurring theme
19:28:46 <lady-3jane> yes
19:29:03 <lady-3jane> I told my mom to invest in google when they went public
19:29:07 monod_ has quit (User quit:  back to monod)
19:29:14 <lady-3jane> we had 500$ to our name, that was quite a few shares back then
19:29:29 <lady-3jane> she'd have >50grand on that now
19:29:34 <joepie91> heh
19:29:45 <lady-3jane> I don't look at numbers, I just feel it
19:29:48 <lady-3jane> like old school people
19:30:08 <lady-3jane> but I don't have any money to invest
19:30:12 <lady-3jane> I fear I'd be rich if I did
19:30:22 <joepie91>
19:30:53 <lady-3jane> hahaha
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19:33:19 x (x@C35CA8A8.589C91BA.8F6A2B14.IP) has joined #crytocc
19:35:38 <lady-3jane> yeah, reasons I like oss
19:36:00 <lady-3jane> Oh, I have a 32bit architecture and 4 gigs of ram? No problem!
19:36:31 <lady-3jane> Any kernel newer than 2004 will run up to like 16 gigs of ram or whatever 32bit can actually address using fancy tricks
19:37:22 <joepie91> PAE!
19:37:42 <lady-3jane> yes
19:37:49 <lady-3jane> I couldn't remember the name
19:37:50 <lady-3jane> haha
19:38:40 <lady-3jane> NP: [The Beatles - Get Back] [Let It Be... Naked ] [787kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
19:39:09 <monod> zxcvbnm, can you send me back the pasted?
19:39:19 <monod> I lost it in the switch from monod_
19:40:28 <lady-3jane> You know who I hate right now?
19:40:56 <lady-3jane> cold marketing emails to my domain (not even the publicly listed email address, the info@ address)
19:41:04 * zxcvbnm np standby
19:41:30 <lady-3jane> they need to die in a fire for signing up a nonlisted email address to a marketing mailing list
19:41:33 <lady-3jane> and calling me "friend"
19:41:50 <monod> thanks zxcvbnm
19:42:59 <zxcvbnm> no thank you
19:43:29 * monod is *afk*
19:43:54 <monod> we aren't done yet! :)
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19:47:50 * lady-3jane drafts an email reply to codeguard
19:49:08 joepie91 ( has joined #crytocc
19:50:32 <lady-3jane> I'mma wait to see if they reply today on twitter
19:50:40 <lady-3jane> if not, I'mma send em an email
19:50:40 <lady-3jane> :>
19:51:31 <lady-3jane> I wonder if they're a publicly traded company
19:51:53 <lady-3jane> maybe I can write a poignant rant and put it on the front page of hacker news
19:52:01 <lady-3jane> about their sleazy practices
19:52:27 Divinite ( has joined #crytocc
20:01:27 <joepie91> loggy, pointer?
20:01:27 <loggy>
20:02:44 <lady-3jane> :>
20:18:26 flyingpenis ( has joined #crytocc
20:30:12 * monod back again
20:31:05 <x> wb
20:31:22 Divinite has parted #crytocc (None)
20:33:11 <monod> thanks x
20:33:23 <x> :)
20:33:26 <monod> Divinite banned???
20:34:21 <joepie91> banned? no?
20:34:44 <monod> he tells me he cannot join
20:34:48 <monod> loggy, pointer?
20:34:48 <loggy>
20:37:07 Divinite (divinite@Divinite.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
20:37:11 <monod> oh lol
20:37:19 <monod> I typed /invite Divinite
20:38:11 <flyingpenis> wat
20:38:13 <Divinite> Hello
20:38:19 <Divinite> Yay I can talk now!
20:38:27 <flyingpenis> yes ^^
20:38:46 <monod> strange, I don't know what to say
20:38:50 <Divinite> :D
20:39:06 <Divinite> How strange
20:39:16 <Divinite> How do I check my flags?
20:39:27 <lady-3jane> were you +d?
20:39:40 <lady-3jane> joe fixed that bug a bit ago  :/
20:39:42 <monod> I also thought of a bogus user naming himself "Divinite" to gain more privileges, yet... it's me being paranoic..
20:39:54 <Divinite> Haha, I'm ident'd
20:40:05 <monod> I don't even know how to check that (flags)
20:40:11 <monod> I'll google it asap
20:40:33 <monod> OPS
20:40:38 <monod> UNINTENTIONAL
20:40:48 <Divinite> ?
20:40:58 <Divinite> Hahaha
20:41:03 <Divinite> LOL
20:41:05 <monod> "monod set mode +i #crytocc"
20:41:33 <monod> should I try -i now? because afaik +i is "invite only"
20:41:39 <flyingpenis> correct
20:41:41 <Divinite> Yes
20:41:43 <monod> done
20:41:46 <flyingpenis> :>
20:42:38 <monod> note to self - things not to do: type IRC commands in others' servers/channels unless you know very well what you're doing
20:43:18 <Divinite> Note to self- Don't allow monod to change flags ;)
20:43:32 <lady-3jane> lmao
20:43:35 <monod> :D
20:43:58 * flyingpenis hopes for twitter responses
20:44:18 <monod> flyingpenis, what about?
20:44:44 <flyingpenis> Someone's site is messed up and I tweeted them
20:45:03 <Divinite> Oh, my friend
20:45:10 <flyingpenis> I want them to fix it, or maybe I can help them to
20:45:16 <Divinite> I donated a domain to them
20:45:26 <Divinite> They are placing archives of awesome stuff up
20:45:33 <Divinite> With me
20:45:49 <Divinite>
20:46:08 <Divinite> Right now it just links to my machine where I'm hosting the archive.
20:47:13 Gatsby_ has quit (Ping timeout)
20:48:12 Gatsby (Gatsby@207E556E.4D8F9F70.15D792E2.IP) has joined #crytocc
20:48:15 <flyingpenis>
20:48:19 <flyingpenis> is a very slow to load resource
20:50:06 <monod> oh, about hosting sites on one's machine - I have the classic "It works!" homepage from the server packages I've installed with Debian
20:50:23 <monod> how can I build up my site? where are the files? other things? (like config etc..?)
20:50:30 <Divinite> monod: Yes, I have many
20:50:31 <flyingpenis> default is /var/www
20:50:37 <Divinite> Hahaha
20:50:50 <monod> many on the same? Divinite. Thanks flyingpenis
20:51:04 <Divinite> monod: One does
20:51:12 <Divinite> Two http and one https
20:51:23 <Divinite> Look in /etc/apache2
20:51:28 <flyingpenis> if you're running apache, the config will be in /etc/apache or similar, nginx is /etc/nginx/
20:51:37 <flyingpenis> same with /etc/lighttpd/
20:51:37 <monod> oh wow
20:51:53 <Divinite> Yes
20:52:07 <Divinite> flyingpenis: Y u audit my site ;)
20:52:13 <monod> /etc/apache2/magic  <--lol?
20:52:30 <Divinite> Yes, it's meant to be there ;)
20:52:48 <monod> one day I'll learn how to use apache
20:52:57 <monod> is it very useful?
20:53:04 <Divinite> monod: Are you trolling?
20:53:10 <monod> I mean xD
20:53:15 <monod> for a common person, like me XD
20:53:19 <Divinite> Is the Internet useful?
20:53:21 <monod> I know apache is everywhere XD
20:53:21 <Divinite> NO
20:53:25 <Divinite> Hahaha
20:53:46 <Divinite> I prefer lighttpd or nginx if I have to.
20:53:48 <monod> I've never been introduced to web things
20:53:55 <Divinite> But apache2 is good for https.
20:53:58 <flyingpenis> apache is very featureful but it can also be very large and slow if not configured correctly
20:54:17 <flyingpenis> nginx or lighttpd are often better choices if you just want a simple site
20:54:41 <flyingpenis> (and indeed, if you want to dig into their configs, they're great choices for amazingly complex sites too)
20:55:01 scaepy (scubby@c99xxc.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
20:55:02 <flyingpenis> Divinite:) It took seconds to load, and that's unacceptable to me.
20:55:12 <Divinite> flyingpenis: Wut.
20:55:17 <flyingpenis> Divinite:) so I told you what the problem was in the hopes that maybe you'll consider fixing it.
20:55:42 <Divinite> flyingpenis: Sadly, I cannot do anything about the Internet speed.
20:55:43 <flyingpenis> Yeah, your page took 500ms just to generate from wp
20:55:51 <Divinite> What. How.
20:55:53 <flyingpenis> but that wasn't what lagged the load time out
20:56:03 <Divinite> That machine has 12GB RAM
20:56:12 <Divinite> And decent CPUs.
20:56:13 <flyingpenis> then you best check your configurations
20:56:13 <flyingpenis> :P
20:56:17 <Divinite> Indeed
20:56:24 <Divinite> It'll be PHP I bet!
20:56:26 <flyingpenis> cause I can push out wordpress in 150ms on a shitty singlecore from 2005
20:56:28 <flyingpenis> :P
20:56:46 <flyingpenis> and that's before you add caching stuffs
20:57:06 <Divinite> flyingpenis: Should I add PHP-apc?
20:57:27 <flyingpenis> what webserver?
20:57:30 <flyingpenis> I dunno shit about apache
20:57:38 <flyingpenis> haven't used it since 2007
20:57:48 <flyingpenis> and yes
20:57:57 <flyingpenis> but wordpress doesn't speak apc by default
20:58:00 <flyingpenis> there's a plugin
20:58:01 <Divinite> Apache of course.
20:58:09 <Divinite> *sigh*
20:58:12 <flyingpenis> yeah
20:58:13 <flyingpenis> it's dumb
20:58:33 <Divinite> It should inflate workers/processes/cache automatically.
20:58:42 <flyingpenis> but they also use a shitton of mysql specific db stuff too
20:58:44 <flyingpenis> so eh
20:58:51 <flyingpenis> they're pretty platform dependant
20:58:56 <Divinite> I don't want to fiddle with confs!
20:58:56 <flyingpenis> and not even the best platform
20:58:56 <flyingpenis> haha
20:59:04 <flyingpenis> yeah
20:59:42 <Divinite> Everything should be automatic *frown*
20:59:44 <Divinite> ;)
21:00:05 <flyingpenis> what linux do you run?
21:00:18 <flyingpenis> debian or ubuntu maybe?
21:00:35 * flyingpenis wonders why you think things should be automagic
21:01:08 <monod> .....automagic.... *_*
21:01:20 <flyingpenis> haha
21:01:28 <Divinite> Debian :)
21:01:33 <flyingpenis> ahh, yes
21:01:39 <flyingpenis> many things in debian are automatic
21:01:40 <flyingpenis> haha
21:01:41 <Divinite> I <3 Debian
21:01:50 <Divinite> Has served me well.
21:02:02 <flyingpenis> Yeah it was my first linux. Very good platform, both for learning and using
21:02:29 <flyingpenis> I run freebsd on all the servers now though. nothing is automatic :D
21:02:57 <Divinite> Fair enough
21:03:04 <flyingpenis> I couldn't figure out why my db server was 5 major updates behind... and then I found out it doesn't restart the processes when you install an update
21:03:20 <flyingpenis> it was because the server had not restarted in a year
21:03:22 <Divinite> I have one CentOS machine, and it's died/broke so many times.
21:03:49 <flyingpenis> so I went around and updated everything and then restarted all running processes
21:03:50 <flyingpenis> haha
21:04:36 <Divinite> I <3 ruby
21:04:48 <Divinite> I catch all the portscanners :D
21:05:38 <monod> would someone comment upon AMD's ("mad"'s anagram :)) new APUs? are them good in notebooks?
21:05:55 <flyingpenis> my friend loved his
21:06:12 <flyingpenis> he said it even played older games well
21:06:19 <Divinite> monod: Ah, you are an assembly lover?
21:06:56 <monod> flyingpenis, *older* games? :D Divinite, yeah, yet not quite good at using it yet :/
21:08:08 <Divinite> monod: I always wanted to learn assembly. I am going to learn it over the holidays :D
21:08:11 <flyingpenis> yeah, just wouldn't play fancy new shit
21:08:55 <monod> Divinite, great! It's not too much difficult, but the hard part is that every instruction is very "elemental", it does really little things, step by step
21:09:23 <monod> and you will also learn PC's architecture for sure, studying assembly
21:09:47 <Divinite> Awesome!
21:09:50 <Divinite> :D
21:10:07 <monod> this makes me think you're pretty young!!
21:10:17 <monod> you even talk about holyday :D
21:10:18 <Divinite> I am very step 1, step 2, step 3 etc in my coding.
21:10:28 <Divinite> monod: 16 :)
21:11:18 <monod> weren't you the one who had lots of VPS?? :D
21:12:00 <Divinite> Yes :)
21:12:17 <Divinite> So many haha
21:12:35 <monod> so you program web things mostly?
21:12:57 <monod> or are you into some mainstream programming language as C, C++ or Java?
21:13:31 <Divinite> I <3 Ruby
21:13:41 <Divinite> I <3 /usr/bin/bash
21:13:46 <Divinite> ;)
21:14:22 <monod> you make me wonder what my days would have been like if I would have had linux when I was 15-16.. :(
21:14:34 <monod> oh well, it's past after all
21:14:42 <Divinite> I got my first VPS when I was 11
21:14:56 <monod> I can still do most things until I *live*
21:15:07 <Divinite> 128mb RAM/9HD/1TB BW
21:15:25 <Divinite> I am very used to low memory environments.
21:15:37 <monod> that's fantastic
21:15:43 <monod> what are the main issues in those conditions?
21:15:47 <monod> I don't know
21:15:57 <monod> *I ask cause I don't know
21:17:08 <Divinite> Well, you see
21:17:16 <Divinite> I had CentOS to start off with
21:17:23 <flyingpenis> disk space would be my constraint there
21:17:30 <flyingpenis> 128mb ram is huge for me
21:17:35 <Divinite> So as a young CentOS newblet
21:17:56 <flyingpenis> our server that hosts all the websites (not the minecraft servers) only uses 256mb ram
21:17:57 <Divinite> I had to figure out how to disable plugins
21:18:02 <Divinite> For YUM
21:18:24 <scaepy> *exclude
21:18:25 <Divinite> flyingpenis: My web hosting box only sits at 350mb for 20 websites
21:18:58 <monod> impressive....
21:19:02 <monod> (to me)
21:19:56 <joepie91> (Why people think #Windows 'works fine' (even when it doesn't). #blog #linux #psychology)
21:20:02 <monod> I hope I'll get high results in education then, since I cannot afford such material things at the moment.. but I can't take it on seriously enough... (immaturity?...)
21:21:57 <flyingpenis> you can often get free resources if you say what you want to do
21:22:06 <flyingpenis> and become friends with people with servers
21:22:12 <Divinite> ;)
21:22:24 <Divinite> Ask and thy shall receive
21:22:38 <Divinite> Also look at
21:23:02 <Divinite> If you want to wait 1-6 days for an oversold VPS
21:23:05 <joepie91> free VPS hosting right now, is where free shared hosting was 10 years ago
21:23:16 <Divinite> ^that
21:23:23 <joepie91> would probably be a better method
21:23:46 <Divinite> joepie91: Yes, good point. But some people don't like that.
21:23:54 <Divinite> Posting for money.
21:24:02 <joepie91> Divinite:?
21:24:02 <Divinite> It removes the point of posting.
21:24:29 <Divinite> joepie91: Well, I find when there is no reward, I work better.
21:24:36 <Divinite> Perhaps it's just me.
21:24:54 * joepie91 is lost
21:24:58 <joepie91> wat?
21:26:16 <Divinite> Don't worry.
21:26:44 <Divinite> monod: I am quite happy to lend you a VPS.
21:27:13 <Divinite> As long as you don't screw up the processors with your assembly magic ;)
21:27:25 <Divinite> (I'm just teasing)
21:27:43 <monod> oh, I recall you saying that like the second time we talked to each other :D yet unfortunately I won't be using that...
21:28:29 <zxcvbnm> Alright, off for the weekend. see you fine folks later.
21:28:34 <monod> it's because you have already started using these kind of things, I did not, so I do not have anything in mind with those (which is not wrong)
21:28:51 <monod> zxcvbnm, ok! byebye!
21:29:27 <monod> zxcvbnm, I'll be on that code when I will have some more spare time (probably on Sunday)
21:29:32 <Divinite> Haha
21:29:43 <zxcvbnm> hey np. thanks for looking at all :)
21:29:46 zxcvbnm has quit (User quit:  leaving)
21:55:01 wh1t3r4bb1t (antarctica@wh1t3r4bb1t.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
21:56:35 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Anyone willing to help me with the new version of The development server and new version are at
21:57:39 <Divinite> Sure!
21:58:10 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Do you have any WP or BP experience?
21:58:31 <Divinite> I have WP experience
21:58:33 <Divinite> Lots.
21:59:25 <Divinite> Don't know why I need WP experience though haha
22:00:18 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Because it's WP based.
22:00:52 <Divinite> Really?
22:00:56 <Divinite> Why WP?
22:01:10 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Lol but I need help with the BP part. User profile templates and stuff.
22:01:37 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Because I wanted to use BP and you need WP for it to run.
22:01:42 <wh1t3r4bb1t> :P
22:02:45 <joepie91> BP?
22:03:00 <wh1t3r4bb1t> BuddyPress
22:03:07 <Divinite> Buddypress
22:03:17 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Jinx
22:03:32 <Divinite> ;)
22:04:31 * joepie91 has no idea what that is
22:05:39 <wh1t3r4bb1t> It's a fledgling social engine.
22:05:59 <Divinite> Created by wordpress developers who wanted more social blogs.
22:08:35 <wh1t3r4bb1t> The part I need help with is actually plugin related.
22:08:59 <Divinite> Sure
22:10:06 <wh1t3r4bb1t> When you use the current site and you click on Lurk Stats, they show up in the user's or your own profile page.
22:10:12 AnonyOps[m] ( has joined #crytocc
22:10:29 <Divinite> Yes, and?
22:10:59 <wh1t3r4bb1t> In the new version I added the same plugin and it's deviating to a different page that appears to not have a template.
22:11:22 <Divinite> That's really odd..
22:12:48 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I know right. The only thing I can think of is that the BP 1.7 beta I'm using has to be the culprit.
22:13:35 <AnonyOps[m]> lol so I tweeted @LATimes to change an article name and they actually did. They tweeted back also
22:13:36 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I used the BP skeleton component to build that plugin and the interactions plugin.
22:15:32 <Divinite> wh1t3r4bb1t: I'd recommend talking to the devs.
22:19:08 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I tried to contact them but no response.
22:21:54 <Divinite> wh1t3r4bb1t: Don't they have a mailing list? Or are they on the WP forum!
22:21:56 <Divinite> *?
22:22:29 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I am in freenode #buddypress
22:24:47 <AnonyOps[m]> !seen DrWhat
22:24:53 <AnonyOps[m]> what
22:24:55 <AnonyOps[m]> lol
22:25:05 <AnonyOps[m]> I forget how to do that o.o
22:28:37 <joepie91> ohai AnonyOps[m]
22:28:57 <AnonyOps[m]> hai
22:29:38 <AnonyOps[m]> You see what LA Times did?
22:29:47 <AnonyOps[m]> I'm surprised they actually fixed it tbh
22:29:58 <AnonyOps[m]> I think it was due to YAN and others tweeting about it as well
22:30:29 <AnonyOps[m]> They probably feel single'd out though due to that fact that hundreds of other media outlets do the same damn thing.
22:31:09 <joepie91> idk
22:31:12 <joepie91> link?
22:31:15 <AnonyOps[m]> "ANonym00se H4kS Mic0rSerft w1TH M4SS1v3 DD0S At4ck"
22:31:23 <AnonyOps[m]> Said every media oulet ever
22:31:31 <AnonyOps[m]> <AnonyOps[m]>lol so I tweeted @LATimes to change an article name and they actually did. They tweeted back also
22:31:52 Divinite_ (root@Divinite-60577.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
22:32:41 <joepie91> oh, +1 for that
22:32:55 <AnonyOps[m]> :)
22:32:58 <joepie91> also, AnonyOps[m],
22:33:26 x has quit (User quit:
22:35:16 <AnonyOps[m]> hm,
22:35:34 <AnonyOps[m]> I honestly think that linux will become more popular in the future tbh
22:37:12 <joepie91> what Valve is doing has a larger impact than most people seem to realize
22:37:13 <joepie91> :P
22:37:13 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Never happen
22:37:22 <wh1t3r4bb1t> too many ignorant people
22:37:46 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: not sure how that is related
22:39:02 <joepie91> you seem under the impression that the only way for Linux to become more popular, is by people becoming smarter about things
22:39:58 <wh1t3r4bb1t> lol
22:40:19 <wh1t3r4bb1t> obviously this is the reality
22:41:10 <AnonyOps[m]> nah
22:41:13 <AnonyOps[m]> Think about this
22:41:15 <AnonyOps[m]> Droid
22:41:21 <AnonyOps[m]> Linux
22:41:26 <AnonyOps[m]> Smartphones
22:41:31 <AnonyOps[m]> in general,
22:41:33 <AnonyOps[m]> are linux
22:41:46 <AnonyOps[m]> So I think people will become more comfortable with it
22:41:49 <AnonyOps[m]> as they use it more
22:42:08 <AnonyOps[m]> I know that the OS on droid is a lot different than what a desktop OS would be,
22:42:12 <AnonyOps[m]> but it's still a step.
22:42:54 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: more linux users does not require more people being smart about things
22:43:00 <joepie91> it just requires a reason for people to switch
22:43:09 <joepie91> "my games run faster on Linux" is enough of a reason for many gamers
22:43:31 <joepie91> and when the people and organizations they look up to start pushing Linux
22:43:33 <joepie91> as is the case with Valve
22:43:36 <joepie91> there's really no reason not to use it
22:43:39 <joepie91> to them
22:48:15 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Gamers = less than 25% of all computer users and of that group many of them only play console
22:49:46 <wh1t3r4bb1t> So getting the gamers to switch over isn't going to suddenly switch the global balance of windows to linux users
22:50:28 <wh1t3r4bb1t> But your dream is a good one.
22:52:33 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t, please take your learned helplessness elsewhere
22:53:01 <joepie91> if you're just going to say "no, impossible" without showing any interest for the reasoning I have why it *would* be possible
22:53:09 <joepie91> it's pretty clear to me that you are not approaching this rationally
22:53:19 <joepie91> and are acting from a position of learned helplessness or similar
22:54:45 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Lol
22:55:54 <wh1t3r4bb1t> That's what someone who know's I'm right would day to divert attention away from their own flawed reasoning.
22:55:59 <monod> (does installing a bitcoin wallet really mean downloading 5-6 GB of constantly growing chainblock to one's hdd?)
22:56:02 <wh1t3r4bb1t> day=say
22:56:08 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: no, not really
22:56:25 <joepie91> someone who "know's you're right" would say "you
22:56:34 <joepie91> you're just ignorant!"*
22:56:36 <joepie91> and leave it at that
22:56:47 *** Xeross|AFK is now known as Xeross
22:57:01 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Well essentially that's what you are saying.
22:58:00 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: uh, no, it isn't
22:58:08 <joepie91> I provided you with an exact explanation of why I came to my conclusion
22:58:20 <joepie91> you're welcome to either refute that reasoning, or change your stance
22:58:31 <joepie91> and when you show genuine interest in my reasoning, I'll gladly share it
22:58:37 <joepie91> until then, I'd prefer not wasting my time or effort on it
22:58:53 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Anyways, I wish you were right and Valve could change the entire thinking of all computer users but it will not happen that way. The only way people will switch is if there are several huge ad campaigns that include the linux logo.
22:59:07 <wh1t3r4bb1t> People are ignorant and thats the only way to sway the masses.
22:59:18 <joepie91> ah, right, the "all Anonymous needs is [...]" thinking pattern
22:59:22 <joepie91> yeah, I'm not even going to bother with this
22:59:33 <joepie91> feel free to believe what you do
22:59:38 <joepie91> and we'll see where things are in 5 years
23:00:25 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Noted
23:02:22 <AnonyOps[m]> Know what I saw today?
23:03:01 <AnonyOps[m]> When I went to a website, they had a fixed div at the very top that informed the user that they are using IE and should consider upgrading to Chrome, Firefox, etc.
23:03:09 <AnonyOps[m]> I was at work, which is why I was using IE lol
23:03:17 <AnonyOps[m]> Anyhow, It got me thinking
23:03:41 <AnonyOps[m]> What about a campaign, that encouraged all website owners to do the same.
23:04:08 <AnonyOps[m]> And huge internet companies got involved
23:04:10 <AnonyOps[m]> like reddit, google etc
23:04:21 <AnonyOps[m]> for a week or something
23:04:51 <AnonyOps[m]> So any site any user goes to on IE sees this message
23:05:04 <AnonyOps[m]> implying a lot of sites picked up on the trends
23:05:07 <AnonyOps[m]> *trend
23:05:18 <AnonyOps[m]> People on IE get tired of seeing message, upgrade to chrome
23:05:22 <AnonyOps[m]> or firefox
23:05:24 <AnonyOps[m]> ?????
23:05:26 <AnonyOps[m]> profit
23:06:39 <joepie91> AnonyOps[m]: I've had this idea for a while
23:06:45 <joepie91> and brougt it up in a few places
23:06:49 <joepie91> it was shot down quite quickly by people
23:07:00 <joepie91> as being "too annoying for people that have no choice"
23:07:01 <AnonyOps[m]> lets do it joepie
23:07:04 <AnonyOps[m]> :)
23:07:14 <AnonyOps[m]> Simple webpage, or something haha
23:07:19 <AnonyOps[m]> make it look nice
23:07:23 <AnonyOps[m]> a 'pledge' button
23:07:34 <AnonyOps[m]> to show how many people pledge to no longer use IE haha
23:08:05 <AnonyOps[m]> Maybe this will force Microsoft to realize they really need to fix their browser and conform to web standards...
23:08:51 <monod> dog eats no dog
23:08:59 <AnonyOps[m]> We'd already have the support of Anon, I'm sure.
23:09:00 <joepie91> dog eats cat, clearly
23:09:07 <joepie91> :P
23:09:08 <monod> lol joepie91 xD
23:09:19 <AnonyOps[m]> Could get YAN behind it.
23:09:25 <monod> it was a fine riddle, I am happy you solved it xD
23:10:24 <monod> AnonyOps[m], if that would happen, Microsoft would not have any chance to fix their browser, cause noone would be using it anymore :D
23:10:44 <AnonyOps[m]> Either way, a win for web developers around the world haha
23:10:50 <monod> (it's like working for them if you look at it from a perspective..! xD)
23:10:58 <monod> hahahaha, that's for sure xDD
23:11:04 <monod> pure lulz
23:11:12 <AnonyOps[m]> exactly.
23:11:28 <AnonyOps[m]> And with the support of Anon, there would be a ton of attention and support.
23:11:46 monod has quit (User quit:  I'll go for a bit.. If I don't come back, See ya!)
23:53:17 <ShadowDemon> Joepie
23:53:43 <ShadowDemon>
23:53:58 <ShadowDemon> the true reason of why people use windows ^
23:54:12 <ShadowDemon> Everyone else is doing it.  :P
23:56:35 <ShadowDemon>
23:56:37 <ShadowDemon> :D