Cryto! 15 August 2014

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05:52:54 <anonnews952> Hello. Do you think the netherlands are a civilized country?
05:55:27 <anonnews952> What are you doing on anonnews?
05:56:48 <anonnews952> When only passing on information is required
05:58:58 <anonnews952> not passing on this information is making your efforts futile and void of meaning
06:00:45 <anonnews952> I remember in Italian there is a word omerta which indicates the silence of the people towards mafia crimes
06:02:03 <anonnews952> here i would say a new version of apartheid is being applied not towards black people but against the unwanted
06:02:55 <anonnews952> and anything can happen to you, noone will care breathing a word
06:03:47 <anonnews952> apparently not even this anonymous thing which is dutch by construction apparently
06:04:41 <anonnews952> certain crimes will go undetected as long as they take place in their backyard
06:09:20 * joepie91_ appears
06:09:25 <joepie91_> [07:52] <anonnews952> Hello. Do you think the netherlands are a civilized country?
06:09:32 <joepie91_> that depends on your definition of 'civilized'
06:09:52 <joepie91_> it's nowhere near as tolerant/social/liberal/whatever as non-NL people commonly think
06:09:58 <joepie91_> [07:55] <anonnews952> What are you doing on anonnews?
06:10:01 <joepie91_> building the new one
06:10:43 <joepie91_> [08:02] <anonnews952> and anything can happen to you, noone will care breathing a word
06:10:54 <joepie91_> has been increasingly happening especially in NL, but also elsewhere
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06:11:05 <joepie91_> (hence the half-assed deconstruction of the welfare state)
06:11:20 <joepie91_> well fuck it, I'll just keep responding and link to the logs if he comes back or some shit
06:11:27 <joepie91_> [08:03] <anonnews952> apparently not even this anonymous thing which is dutch by construction apparently
06:11:33 <joepie91_> anon originates from the internet, not from NL
06:30:06 <nox> joepie91_, can you help with some python?
06:38:28 <joepie91_> nox: depends, what's the problem?
06:38:43 <nox> pm?
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08:15:50 <Amnesthesia|Gone> hai!
08:21:02 <joepie91_> ohai
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12:48:19 <monod> yaaaawn
12:48:20 <monod> good morning
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12:51:41 <voodooKobra> ohai
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15:03:46 <joepie91_> ohai voodooKobra :P
15:10:49 <joepie91_> voodooKobra: grmbl grmbl neko is down
15:16:36 <voodooKobra> oh
15:16:50 <voodooKobra> not much has changed in the past hour or so with me :P
15:17:00 <voodooKobra> other than, I'm actually logging onto IRC now :P
15:19:26 <joepie91_> haha
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20:42:34 <guest1974> hello
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21:38:09 <posix> h
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23:07:21 <posix> my dad is gay