Cryto! 5 August 2014

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15:36:21 <joepie91_> .tw
15:36:23 <botpie91> The Year-Long Open-Source Sabbatical! Help me build awesome things for you, for a year. (@joepie91)
15:37:23 <posix> joepie91_, h
15:38:06 <joepie91_> h
15:38:26 <posix> how are you
15:39:08 <joepie91_> I'm reasonably okay
15:39:28 <posix> fair enough
15:39:34 <joepie91_> though quite broke, I've stretched out the launch of that fundraiser for way too long
15:39:35 <joepie91_> :p
15:40:23 <posix> Oh that's stupid :? how much do you need
15:41:20 <joepie91_> well, depends - I have a few bills in the next few days (and outstanding rent) that probably total like 400-500 euro or something
15:41:23 <joepie91_> (start of the month)
15:41:37 <joepie91_> but for the long term, I'm going to need $17k for the coming year
15:41:41 <joepie91_> see also that fundraiser :p
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16:02:33 <posix> Oh fuck dude.
16:02:40 <posix> If there's anything I can do to help lmk
16:03:57 <joepie91_> well, spreading/sharing the fundraiser is always welcome ofc :D
16:04:04 <joepie91_> direct link is
16:04:18 <posix> I can donate some $ if you accept BTC
16:05:26 <joepie91_> I do :D
16:05:35 <joepie91_> BTC address is at the bottom of the page :P
16:05:39 <posix> fucking sweet
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16:11:05 <niggerdicks> oh shit what a terribly outdated version of unreal
16:11:22 <niggerdicks> it would be a shame if someone had a private exploit for that
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16:31:24 *** niggerdicks is now known as FuckKMS
16:31:30 <FuckKMS> now kms
16:31:31 <posix> yes indeed
16:31:33 <FuckKMS> thats my mothafuckin nigga
16:31:36 <posix> lololololol
16:31:38 <FuckKMS> i hang in the TS with skid certified killas
16:31:48 <posix> him and puremind hacking the plant yo
16:32:04 *** FuckKMS is now known as BLOG_AT_ME
16:32:14 *** BLOG_AT_ME is now known as JOE_BLOGGS
16:32:32 <posix> what the fuck is even going on
16:32:42 <JOE_BLOGGS> this network is getting ran
16:32:46 *** JOE_BLOGGS is now known as nachash
16:32:49 <posix> LOL
16:32:50 <nachash> by the doxbin death squad
16:32:54 <posix> LOOOOooOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
16:33:03 *** nachash is now known as Aurora
16:33:04 <Aurora> and you're all going to jail
16:33:06 <posix> LOL
16:33:10 *** Aurora is now known as Sabu
16:33:13 <Sabu> but im not kekekekekekekeke
16:33:14 <posix> I'M ACTUALLY LOLING IRL
16:34:33 *** Sabu is now known as HTP_XiX
16:34:51 <HTP_XiX> l0l broscope you're going to jail broscope
16:34:59 <HTP_XiX> hows it going broscope
16:35:19 <posix> LOL
16:36:13 *** HTP_XiX is now known as TayTaySmith
16:36:57 <TayTaySmith> * - Server Rules -
16:36:57 <TayTaySmith> * -
16:36:57 <TayTaySmith> * End of RULES command.
16:37:08 <TayTaySmith> is it ok if i host my botnet here
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17:35:43 <zeekill> joepie91, ur getting hacked
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17:44:21 <kuke> hi
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19:04:37 <posix> ddos complete
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