Cryto! 20 June 2014

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02:01:49 <dorotea> iceTwy_znc:) you gonna reply to your tweets or not
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15:40:57 <mama> PR to support Anonymous Italy ; Please feel free to give your comments
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21:02:48 <iceTwy_znc> dorotea: nevar
21:02:57 <dorotea> iceTwy_znc:) dick
21:06:20 <iceTwy_znc> dorotea: what was it about
21:06:45 <dorotea> iceTwy_znc:) are there any french ios app review blogs you know of
21:09:24 <dorotea> It's like asking the satanic question, but my boss is literally launching an app for shits and giggles
21:09:24 <dorotea> lol
21:10:36 <iceTwy_znc> nah
21:10:41 <iceTwy_znc> well
21:10:43 <iceTwy_znc>
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21:11:21 <iceTwy_znc> but specifically ios? dunno
21:11:30 <iceTwy_znc> if anything, I strongly dislike iOS so yeah, lol
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21:14:40 <t0p1> Commander X joining me on lorax live tonight if you want to listen in
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23:19:45 <dorotea> iceTwy_znc:) I figured, I just wondered if you'd run across one (probably on accident) heh
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23:46:04 <ShadowDemon> Hello World!
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