Cryto! 19 June 2014

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13:26:17 <iceTwy_znc> dorotea: I hear their reputation isn't the best
13:26:47 <iceTwy_znc> they're UK-based so they do comply with the UK govt's takedown requests
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15:31:05 <dorotea> iceTwy_znc:) mmm
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16:41:07 <iceTwy_znc> dorotea: but apparently, there's no alternative to so far
16:41:55 <iceTwy_znc> in the way that there are other registrars located in exotic countries (e.g. Panama, Caribbean islands) but they're not very well known and noone knows if they're reliable
16:43:11 <iceTwy_znc> it's muchos annoying
16:44:20 <iceTwy_znc> then again my domains are not under US jurisdiction (.re, .in).. though .org probably is
16:59:38 <dorotea> hmm
16:59:43 <dorotea> I'mma keep using gandi
17:01:23 <dorotea> french multinational with a dc in the US, probably the worst choice possible, but it's either that or melbourneIT and fuck them
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18:40:40 <monod> Hellou!
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