Cryto! 16 June 2014

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01:56:53 <Bokkecc> Hello
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10:04:55 <monod> Hey guys!
10:05:17 <monod> I'd like to ask how do you watch youtube without flash player. I mean, how are you used to watch it without flash player?
10:05:31 <monod> Personally, I use FlashGot and download video contents from pages...
10:05:39 <monod> I wanted to know of any other good way
10:18:16 <apx> monod
10:18:58 <apx> this chan is way too silent
10:19:34 <monod> apx, html5??? I've never seen it working!
10:19:55 <monod> apx, Hmm, yeah, it got more silent, but it is not completely so
10:20:19 <apx> tl;dr open a video with it activated and it will use a styled html5 video player with high chance
10:20:52 <monod> apx, Yeah, chance! It never worked for me though XD
10:20:58 <apx> let me check
10:22:24 <apx> nah indeed
10:22:36 <apx> but I'm using safari. lets see how chrome does
10:22:40 <monod> :D
10:23:12 <apx> yep works
10:23:16 <monod> :O
10:23:30 <monod> Waht about Firefox?
10:23:33 <monod> What*
10:24:43 <apx> if(!/Safari/.test(navigator.userAgent))useHTML5(); :P
10:25:04 <apx> lets see. just installed yosemite so I have to install all the stuff right now :F
10:25:07 <monod> Whaaat?? In YT's source?
10:25:16 <apx> no that was a joke :F
10:25:20 <monod> Ah xD
10:26:45 <apx> lol seriously
10:26:51 <apx> it's right in their code
10:27:00 <apx> ......  !0 : -1 != Qg.indexOf("Android") ? Ng = !0 : -1 != Qg.indexOf("Safari") &&
10:27:11 <apx> fuck Google
10:30:24 <monod> hahahahah
10:30:44 <apx> yup works
10:30:44 <apx>
10:31:36 <monod> But what about FF? Does it work with FF=
10:31:37 <monod> ?
10:32:23 <apx> this _is_ firefoxy
10:32:50 <apx> you might try removing all cookies and cache
10:33:17 <apx> :s
10:35:32 <apx> sooooo. anyone into Ruby here? I am trying to reverse engineer RubyEncoder for 3 hours already but didn't make much process until now
10:35:47 <apx> I got a copy of Github Enterprise and here's the whole codebase of Github:
10:36:02 <apx> Last step is to decrypt it
10:38:30 <apx> I already patched ruby to release the AST but can't seem to be able to compile ParseTree 3 to get the source back
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10:50:38 <monod> Hmm
10:50:46 <monod> I'm not into Ruby myself, I'm sorry apx
10:51:04 <monod> Btw, 1) read /topic; and 2) Wow, reversing :D
10:51:08 <apx> well there's not only you here ^_^
10:51:10 <monod> Hard thing to do, accomplish
10:51:17 <monod> Of course, just saying.
10:51:39 <apx> ya well. if I was asking in freenode they'd say nono
10:51:52 <apx> well what ever, I'll just go on :-)
10:52:13 <monod> (Y)
10:52:52 <apx> Did you get your html5 working? :P
10:53:08 <monod> Haven't tried yet, as of now :S
10:53:20 <monod> I'm about to leave :D
10:53:29 <apx> o/
10:53:35 <monod> \o
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