Cryto! 31 May 2014

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03:33:05 <Cryto513> uhug
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05:56:32 <Cryto310> could someone help me?
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08:58:35 <monod> LOL, take a look at this! People deserve praise for engaging in profitable hacks, even though they stop short of producing any results -- Seneca
08:58:46 <monod> A quote from the #emacs chan on freenode :D
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09:03:49 <Coaxual> is the joepie91 alive yet?
09:07:51 <gesichtskirmes> according to his idle stats, no
09:11:35 <Coaxual> :(
09:11:53 <Coaxual> Rumour has it, in PHP 6 php will be Full OOP
09:13:59 <Coaxual> and all the standard functions will be constantly named
09:17:17 <monod> Theorically, he's alive! :D
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14:29:54 <multihate> hi@all
14:30:04 <multihate> anyone able to help me with a CacheFlow 5000
14:30:07 <multihate> ?
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16:32:48 <PiCub3d> greetings and namaste
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16:52:19 <crytocc481> Wow
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