Cryto! 18 May 2014

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00:45:30 <anonymous> Annonymous message. Project FEMA. Information on the DARKNET
00:45:46 <anonymous> Message Annonymous. Projet FEMA. Information sur le DARKNET
00:50:23 <dorotea> can you not be obnoxious
00:50:37 <dorotea> and can you read the channel topic where it says anonymous is not a topic here
00:50:38 <dorotea> go away
00:54:07 <anonymous> Freedom expression is everywhere. free man, to write and of thought. Look at very important project FEMA.
00:54:47 <dorotea> then take your freedom of expression where people are interested in hearing it -- elsewhere
00:56:29 <anonymous> Except subject.
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06:47:43 <complex> hey
06:47:48 <complex> someone online atm?
06:48:11 <complex> i need to talk to someone i dont know about something in my life
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08:34:02 <crytoweb080> youtube
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10:11:46 <iceTwy_znc> so, fun thing
10:12:14 <iceTwy_znc> the current git revision of GPG has a pretty wide selection of ECC keys
10:12:57 <iceTwy_znc> curve 25519, NIST P-256/384/521 and Brainpool P-256/384/512
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15:00:24 <Cryto846> sqlmap -u --dbs
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