Cryto! 17 May 2014

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00:41:25 <nox> ey joepie91
00:52:01 <dorotea> nox:) better hit him over xmpp
01:19:08 <nox> dorotea, :<
01:19:10 <nox> fuck
01:19:14 <nox> why is he never online anymore
01:23:42 <dorotea> nox:) he is
01:23:50 <dorotea> nox:) I talk to him every day, on xmpp
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07:43:03 <Coaxual> dorotea I would love to take you out for dinner
07:46:23 <dorotea> Coaxual:) okay!
07:47:01 <dorotea> you can come to the oaxacan place down the street :)
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11:34:27 <Cryto043> hi. i have a problem. someone with I.P is on my pc, i dont know who it is, but is there a program for those kinds off stuff? :)
11:45:52 <Coaxual> Its the NSA
11:46:16 <Coaxual> are they connecting to a random port over 20000
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11:58:14 <guest1974> hello
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15:27:53 <dorotea> lol this is irc not it helpdesk
15:42:41 <Coaxual> I told him it was the NSA
15:43:26 <Coaxual> dorotea imma fuck you soo hard, becuase you know, Joepie91 is missing and my sexual needs are not being met
15:43:58 <dorotea> that's inapproprate drwhat
15:44:18 <Coaxual> Sooooo...
15:44:53 <dorotea> so stop making those jokes
15:44:53 <Coaxual> a 11,112,116,12YOGURT to dorotea
15:45:06 <Coaxual> you like yogurt?
15:45:17 <dorotea> you're making rape jokes, jokes which can never be funny
15:45:23 <dorotea> don't do it
15:45:34 <Coaxual> Where in that sentance did i mention rape...
15:45:51 <Coaxual> The worse thing anyone can do is assume
15:45:54 <Coaxual> Its killed people
15:46:11 <Coaxual> I dont know how many people have died becuase they have assumed
15:46:30 <Coaxual> theres no way to log the statistic but it happened
15:46:34 <Coaxual> happens*
15:46:38 <dorotea> "I'm going to fuck you so hard" + "my needs aren't being met" so you haven't asked for my consent at any point there
15:46:39 <dorotea> that's rape
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