Cryto! 13 May 2014

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05:03:18 <dorotea> emacs at least has modes
05:03:29 <dorotea> and can really do everything you want
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09:54:10 <z> anyone experience sleep paralysis? it's been happening atleast twice a month to me now
09:54:20 <z> would like to talk about it, please hilite me
10:44:05 <iceTwy_znc> z: ping
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13:33:35 <monod>
13:33:45 <monod> Hello guys! joepie91 wrote a new article!
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13:52:12 <Xeross> monod: 3 days old is not new
13:52:50 <monod> Xeross, Nope, it still is ;)
13:53:41 <monod> Gotta go!
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17:02:13 <Cryto783> anemondental7
17:02:19 <Cryto783> sa
17:02:22 <Cryto783> hi
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17:21:00 <z> iceTwy+>  
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19:57:38 <yoyo-b> yo
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20:24:39 <monod> Hey there!
20:25:18 <monod> z
20:25:21 <z> hey
20:25:23 <monod> sleep paralysis?
20:25:26 <z> yah man
20:25:30 <z> i blogged about it on reddit
20:25:38 <monod> Cool!
20:25:58 <z> iI am 26 years old, my first experience with what I believe to be sleep paralysis was when I was 14. I usually experience it in third person, or like i'm detached from my body. It usually happens within the first 2 hours I try to go to sleep. I always try to scream "help" nothing ever comes out, sometimes it comes out for a split-second when I break out of it. I don't see demons or evil beings, sometimes I'm in my bed, sometimes i'm on the fl
20:25:58 <z> oor (not literally, i think I am). Theres always intense fear. I notice it happens when I am more stressed than not, and sometimes I refuse to go back to sleep cause I know I will just go back into it, sometimes I'll get up and distract myself for maybe an hour or so then go back to sleep. This happens often but also sporadically. It could happen every night for a week, or not for 3 months, the average is like 2 or 3 times a month. Now this t
20:26:00 <z> hird person thing, I could be disassociating myself, I am unsure, it's very hard to recall the experiences sometimes, I will have the briefest memory of it and then I only remember vaguely what happened. Anyway is this SP? Is there a way to manage it? Any questions I will gladly answer, thank you for reading.
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20:49:51 <dorotea> wtf why did twitter add jupe as a feature
20:50:10 <dorotea> they're calling it mute, but it's quite clearly jupe
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21:45:16 <monod> z, sorry I was afk!
21:45:49 <monod> I read it.
21:46:08 <z> do you have sleep paralysis
21:46:11 <monod> Did someone on reddit suggested you anything? I would suggest you seeking medical help, clearly. Nope?
21:46:18 <z> maybe
21:46:23 <monod> No, I'm quite sure I don't have SP
21:46:24 <z> its been so long im used to it
21:46:27 <z> what can they do?
21:46:39 <z> theres no medication I dont think'
21:46:58 <monod> Indeed, the first question you may want to try and answer is: Does this thing, "issue", "event", disturb you?
21:47:01 <monod> In some way?
21:48:13 <z> yes
21:48:21 <z> I didnt know what it was
21:48:29 <z> and I've told 2 psychiatrists about it in the past
21:48:39 <z> which i was seeing for other reasons
21:48:46 <z> and they attributed it to nightmares
21:52:23 <monod> Do you feel better after talking about this thing that happens to you? If so, it would be very useful, as well as interesting, that you'd write down facts in a sort of diary. :) And maybe even put it online.
21:53:03 <z> its so hard to remember
21:53:09 <z> the experience
21:53:21 <monod> In its entirety?
21:53:39 <monod> I saw you were able to descrive some little details
21:53:44 <z> yeah like
21:53:52 <z> i lose the memory after maybe 30 seconds
21:54:15 <monod> Kinda like dreams, which you usually forgot even faster I suppose
21:54:42 <monod> (Speaking of the memory "delay")
21:55:00 <monod> Delay is not the correct word for that sentence, at all :S
21:55:21 <monod> I'm still in the process of trying and improving my English xD
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22:07:49 <monod> I think I have to go.
22:07:53 <monod> z, carbon-copy
22:08:03 <monod> Good luck with that thing.
22:08:09 <monod> Consider the diary idea ;)
22:08:18 <monod> If you feel it's a good idea.
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