Cryto! 12 May 2014

00:00:32 <monod> Oh, I'm sorry
00:00:45 <monod> I thought they were 2 links
00:01:11 <dorotea> nope
00:01:16 <dorotea> that's how IA does links :)
00:01:21 <monod> Indeed!
00:01:51 <monod> And I feel brilliant today 'cause I've plugged two mouses instead of one and now I can still use my left hand while I eat something with the other! :D
00:02:31 <monod> s/brilliant/joyful
00:04:32 <monod> Back working!
00:06:12 * dorotea laughs
00:48:30 <monod> I'm planning to use my other keyboards as well :) Just need to find a way to multi-plug and multi-bind them :)
00:48:44 <monod> And where to put them O_O
00:48:58 <monod> Now I gotta go sleeep
00:49:03 <monod> Cyaaa!
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09:17:02 <YellowBrickRoad> hello
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13:40:28 <F> hi
13:44:08 <F> hello
13:46:35 <F> no one ever tried to reply
13:46:41 <F> this is wierd
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14:31:26 <dorotea> hi yes hello assholio
14:31:41 <dorotea> dumb people join and don't want for a response
14:31:43 <dorotea> what a dick!
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15:21:46 <MK_FG> Or, you know, people not used to years of irc
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15:31:55 <dorotea> MK_FG:) HEY. Not that many years :D
15:33:53 <dorotea> hahahaha omg
15:33:59 <dorotea> Privacy Badger don't give NO FUCK
15:34:03 <dorotea>
16:03:31 <MK_FG> It seem to signify that we've gone from classifying web ads by rule-lists to heuristics, basically same as with "plan for spam" and its bayes
16:03:52 <MK_FG> So should we maybe officially call these spam now?
16:05:46 <MK_FG> Also, I'd like to propose "mkfg law": every commercial (for-profit) tech/enterprise on the net sooner or later becomes indistinguishable from spam
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17:45:24 <iceTwy_znc> well you're pretty correct MK_FG
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17:55:29 <MK_FG> jwz-style corollary to that would be: Every biz attempts to expand until it starts selling you viagra. Those enterprises which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which can.
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22:11:23 <monod> Hello! Does anybody of you... use vi? o_O
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22:16:31 <berend> monod: everyone I suppose (although it may not be our main editor)
22:17:35 <z> monod+>  yes
22:17:39 <z> i use vim
22:17:43 <z> which is an improved vi
22:23:01 <monod> my gosh
22:23:16 <monod> I wonder why it should be comfortable at all...
22:23:33 <monod> apart from when you don't have gui interface for the entire OS
22:24:11 <monod> I once tried Emacs and it was a little more fun...
22:24:17 <monod> vi is really tedious to me
22:35:35 <berend> monod: trust me, it'll become natural pretty quickly.
22:36:08 <berend> if you install vim you can simply go in edit mode, and use the cursor keys.
22:36:19 <berend> but there are very good reasons why emacs/vim work the way they do.
22:36:58 <monod> Yeah, I don't doubt it, but... What are the pros of going vi instead of IDE, if in a situation in which memory usage and GUI are not a problem?
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23:04:15 <berend> monod: these editors are way better (designed) than any other editor you will encounter.
23:04:42 <berend> monod: with an IDE you will, over the course of your life, have switch several times, perhaps as much as every 5 years.
23:04:45 <berend> Huge waste of time.
23:05:03 <berend> Learn one editor, I suggest emacs :-), and you're done for the rest of yourlife.
23:05:10 <berend> As a programmer, your life is spend in the editor.