Cryto! 11 May 2014

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08:16:10 <iceTwy_znc> eww @ OVH's "custom watercooling":
08:17:38 <iceTwy_znc> and they have no proper emergency system in case of a fire
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11:15:45 <guest1974> hello
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17:23:32 <dorotea> lelz
17:23:47 <dorotea> 'morning, ladiez
17:26:16 <MK_FG> sexist!
17:35:10 <dorotea> man who is that MK_FG what a dick
17:35:42 <dorotea> also fuck why do I have so many quants following me on twitter
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19:46:29 <monod> Ohai!
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19:53:34 <monod> I'm learning Lisp guys :)
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23:23:16 <dorotea> the gift of music!
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23:58:15 <dorotea> and this is why I'm happy to have IA around
23:59:00 <monod> Which one of the two? XD :P