Cryto! 29 April 2014

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12:52:10 <monod> Absolutely wonderful from this great mind:
12:52:16 <monod> Hello everybody! o/
12:53:57 <monod> cc joepie91
13:03:30 <monod> back farming the electrical engineering book :)
13:03:41 <monod> farming on* the, actually, I think
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16:58:13 <monod> g2g! Cya later!
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18:23:22 <iceTwy_znc> so like
18:23:28 <iceTwy_znc> someone is TERRIBLY butthurt:
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19:52:38 <MK_FG> iceTwy_znc, If rape is indeed being depicted as "*shrug* it's ok, we both had fun time", it's kinda sick, don't really see where "butthurt" comes into this
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21:10:13 <staticsafe> new version of tails is out
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21:34:30 <monod> Hello again
21:35:05 <mama> monod: hi
21:35:57 <mama> is it you at #freeanons ?
21:51:00 <monod> mama: yea
21:51:25 <mama> ok :)
21:51:48 <monod> what's up mama? There @ CgAn
21:51:56 <monod> anything special?
21:52:23 <mama> we only gather and discuss on anything
21:52:35 <mama> it is a free anons channel ;)
21:55:23 <monod> Oh alright
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23:51:25 <monod> gggggggg2g!
23:51:27 <monod> Cya!
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