Cryto! 26 April 2014

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00:36:11 <monod> Gotta go! :)
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13:48:26 <polizia> ciao
13:48:30 <polizia> Noise dove sei?
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22:16:18 <monod> Hello everybody!
22:16:25 <monod> I have thought this:
22:17:22 <monod> The reason why nobody comes and really checks if you own an original Windows copy is because Microsoft is happy to have any users, even ones who own a pirated copy
22:17:44 <monod> No weapon is stronger than "No buy."
22:18:06 <monod> But then, banks come into play, with their power to annihilate countries
22:18:21 <monod> afk!
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