Cryto! 23 April 2014

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04:36:42 <slap> Xeross: yo
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07:31:16 <ShadowDemon> I always think to myself...  How few people in this world are trustworthy.
07:31:41 <ShadowDemon> Then I realize I cannot think of 1 person I'd truly trust.
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17:52:42 <t3k> salve
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18:08:59 <complex> dorotea: we discussed hanna arendt once
18:10:42 <dorotea> yeh
18:13:40 <complex> norway is currently not showing any interest in the upcomming trip of dalai lama to norway, because china has ignored norway since we gave one prisoner in china the peace prize
18:14:18 <complex> there are some parallells
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