Cryto! 18 April 2014

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00:31:35 <dorotea> so raged lol
00:31:46 <dorotea> day was going perfectly, ran over a nail on the way home
00:31:52 <dorotea> after the school bikeshop closes
00:31:53 <dorotea> :|
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02:43:57 <DrWhat> is joepie91 alive yet
02:55:41 <dorotea> nope
02:55:50 <dorotea> still has deadline
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04:48:05 <DrWhat> dorotea i need you
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09:22:13 <monod> hello
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11:25:20 <monod> gottttttta go
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13:46:21 <monod> hello again!
13:47:18 <monod> any of you, and I mean ANY of you
13:47:36 <monod> who is fluent in English and who is (VERY) interested in probability
13:48:07 <monod> and is not too much uninitiated to maths
13:48:13 <monod> who* is not
13:48:20 * dorotea waves
13:48:25 <monod> should probably grab a copy of this book:
13:48:26 * dorotea yawns
13:48:37 * monod waves back
13:48:42 * dorotea doesn't know why they're up this early
13:48:51 <monod> J.A. Gubner, Probability and random processes for electrical and computer engineers, Cambridge University Press, 2006
13:48:57 <dorotea> naturally waking up before 7? :>
13:49:05 <dorotea> neat sounding book
13:49:13 <monod> indeeeed
13:49:24 <monod> and it contains lots, LOTS, of lovable, LOVABLE, informations
13:49:34 <dorotea> :>
13:49:35 <monod> and it's so easy to read, for an universitarian book
13:49:43 <monod> and so complete, in my opinion
13:49:50 <monod> but ehm
13:49:52 <monod> I said easy
13:49:56 <monod> I think I lied there.
13:50:10 <dorotea> depends on differing definitions of easy :P
13:50:18 <monod> It always requires much sweat
13:50:25 <dorotea> quite a number of my good friends find no challenge in linear algebra
13:50:32 <dorotea> so, easy is relative :P
13:50:41 <monod> sure.
13:51:48 <monod> some dudes in my university are working on a software that tries and recognizes people from their text messages' "styles"
13:52:34 <monod> Like: "Give me a bunch of messages from 1 same person then give me a bunch of messages from anyone including that one guy. I should be able to tell you which messages are his ones!"
13:52:43 <monod> at* my university
13:52:45 <monod> gosh
13:52:50 <monod> I can English, monod!
13:57:21 <monod> (if anyone wants a copy of that book, I have a full pdf copy!)
13:58:32 <monod> (and you can easily find it with google.) :|
14:10:25 <dorotea> sounds like they could sell it to an intelligence agency
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16:35:50 <DrWhat> dorotea I love you becuase joepie91 doesnt love me
16:36:19 <dorotea> joepie has a deadline and is working >_>
16:36:46 <DrWhat> is that why he isnt talking?
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17:03:09 <dorotea> DrWhat:) yes
17:03:19 <dorotea> DrWhat:) he is furiously coding
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18:58:45 <ElectRo`> haha tcp32764 backdoor
18:59:13 <ElectRo`> they patched the old backdoor but then added another backdoor
19:00:05 <ElectRo`>
19:05:33 <dorotea> :P
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19:18:42 <complex> anyone here knows how to make several inputs on same line in python?
19:20:08 <complex> nah, nvm. i dont think there is an easy way. the task was designed to be written in C++, and i know there is an easy way there, so i just leave it
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19:42:48 * dem0 slaps dem0 around a bit with a large fishbot
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20:35:10 <iceTwy_znc> dorotea: y dat nickname tho
20:39:59 <dorotea> iceTwy_znc:) huh?
20:42:02 <dorotea> iceTwy:) huh?
20:42:21 <iceTwy> because why dorotea
20:42:28 <dorotea> what do you mean
20:42:36 <iceTwy> why did you pick that nickname
20:42:39 <iceTwy> or where does it come from
20:42:51 <dorotea> pattern recognition?
20:43:02 <dorotea> did you google the name?
20:43:02 <dorotea> derp
20:43:03 <dorotea> lol
20:43:29 <dorotea> same as all my nicks
20:43:33 <dorotea> they're all from that book
20:44:06 <iceTwy> oh
20:44:08 <iceTwy> right
20:44:10 <iceTwy> :P
20:44:20 <dorotea> why the sudden interest?
20:44:23 <iceTwy> a change from time to time isn't bad either
20:44:26 <iceTwy> no idea
20:44:32 <iceTwy> I wanted to ask the question for a while actually lol
20:44:37 <dorotea> yes I'm overdue
20:45:24 <iceTwy> oh today is good friday
20:45:26 <iceTwy> hm
20:47:29 <dorotea> dunno what that is, but alright
20:48:11 <dorotea> anyway, bye for the weekend
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21:02:04 <monod> ahhh
21:02:07 <monod> I'm late
21:02:10 <monod> ghghgh
21:02:20 <monod> iceTwy, what's that pattern recognition thing?
21:02:28 <monod> a book from which he took nicknames?
21:02:41 <monod> (iceTwy_znc ^)
21:03:10 <iceTwy> wat?
21:03:12 <iceTwy> yes
21:03:15 <iceTwy> it is
21:03:56 <monod> sounds like a programming topic
21:04:00 <monod> "pattern recognition"
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21:25:08 <monod> I've now searched for that book.
21:25:12 <monod> It's a novel!
21:25:18 <monod> I didn't imagine xD
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22:11:33 <monod> gotta go sleep!
22:11:35 <monod> cyaaaa
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