Cryto! 17 April 2014

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00:13:35 <iceTwy_znc> this is ridiculous
00:13:54 <iceTwy_znc> my ISP throttles YouTube so much that videos buffer quicker with a VPN in NY!
00:14:14 <iceTwy_znc> dat ISP be fuk't
00:16:49 <dorotea> you on orange?
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01:15:59 <iceTwy_znc> dorotea: Free
01:16:06 <iceTwy_znc> aaaaaaand speaking of which..
01:16:11 <iceTwy_znc>
01:16:12 <iceTwy_znc> .title
01:16:13 <dorotea> ahh
01:16:13 <botpie91> iceTwy_znc: Confirmed: nasty Heartbleed bug exposes OpenVPN private keys too | Ars Technica
01:16:14 * iceTwy_znc sighs
01:16:26 <dorotea> yes
01:16:44 <iceTwy_znc> gotta reissue certs & etc
01:16:46 <iceTwy_znc> annoying
01:16:50 <iceTwy_znc> god damn Heartbleed
01:17:00 <dorotea> I'm not doing a damn thing
01:17:15 <dorotea> I'll get new certs in august when mine expire
01:17:44 <dorotea> and my traffic won't be any less safe than it has been
01:18:10 <iceTwy_znc> well it will be if you were compromised
01:18:14 <iceTwy_znc> I'll do it because I have to
01:18:20 <iceTwy_znc> but it's sorta annoying
01:18:27 <dorotea> "If I were compromised"
01:18:38 <iceTwy_znc> you could have been
01:18:50 <dorotea> Yeah, and who would have done it?
01:19:05 <dorotea> and what will they get?
01:19:09 <dorotea> nobody and nothing
01:19:21 <dorotea> I'm not facebook, I'm not a large vpn provider
01:19:41 <dorotea> As long as I recompile as soon as they find a new thing to be vulnerable, I'm fine
01:19:44 <dorotea> not safe, but fine
01:20:27 <dorotea> I mean shit, if I fucked up anybody on our server has read access to those keys
01:20:31 * dorotea whatever
01:21:50 <iceTwy_znc> hmm
01:21:51 <dorotea> in another 6 months we'll have done a code audit of openssl finally and there will be even more bugs fixed in mainline
01:21:58 <iceTwy_znc> that's a bad attitude and you know it
01:22:22 <dorotea> No, it's a recognition of how fucking indolent everyone's acting
01:22:47 <iceTwy_znc> er
01:22:49 <dorotea> *insolent
01:22:51 <dorotea> lol keys
01:23:33 <iceTwy_znc> wtf
01:23:40 <iceTwy_znc> Google made $15.48 billion revenue in Q1 2014
01:23:46 <iceTwy_znc> $15.42*
01:23:49 <dorotea> yeah
01:23:58 <dorotea> probably better than previous Q, right?
01:24:23 <iceTwy_znc> up 48% over last year
01:24:36 <iceTwy_znc> woops
01:24:38 <iceTwy_znc> sorry
01:24:40 <iceTwy_znc> 19%
01:24:59 * dorotea nods
01:25:18 <dorotea> does that include the 7 robotics companies they bought? :P
01:25:27 <dorotea> or 6 and a drone company
01:25:27 <dorotea> lol
01:25:48 <iceTwy_znc> yes it does
01:25:56 <dorotea> :)
01:25:59 <iceTwy_znc> $15.48b is their overall revenue from their different services
01:26:12 <dorotea> :)
01:26:14 <iceTwy_znc> how the fuck do you make $15.42b revenue
01:26:18 <dorotea> ads
01:26:21 <dorotea> small text ones
01:26:22 <iceTwy_znc> nah
01:26:25 <iceTwy_znc> that's only $3 billion
01:26:27 <dorotea> :P
01:26:33 <iceTwy_znc> well, "only"
01:26:34 <iceTwy_znc> :P
01:26:34 <dorotea> they do quite a lot of govt contracting
01:26:50 <dorotea> you know keyhole? the original source for gmaps/g earth?
01:26:52 <iceTwy_znc> according to Ars, 68% of the revenue is from site revenue (i.e., youtube, etc)
01:27:03 <iceTwy_znc> then $3b through AdSense
01:27:05 <dorotea> that was a company they bought years ago, and it's been their foothold in govt gis services
01:27:12 <iceTwy_znc> and $1b through "other", including Google Play & co
01:27:20 <iceTwy_znc> keyhole
01:27:22 <iceTwy_znc> rings a bell
01:27:25 <dorotea> yeah
01:27:27 <dorotea> it should
01:27:40 <dorotea> it's where they got all the orthophotoquads for gmaps
01:28:07 <dorotea> man, I'm totally taking the GIS course this fall
01:28:12 <dorotea> fuck the research methods class
01:28:14 <dorotea> lol
01:28:35 <dorotea> heh
01:28:45 <dorotea> "orthophotoquad"
01:29:07 <dorotea> people think drones are creepy, we could read license plates on the highway from these fuckers
01:29:12 <dorotea> and that was like 2004
01:29:25 <dorotea> these are fuckin satellites lol
01:29:41 * dorotea pipes down
01:29:44 * dorotea coughs
01:29:46 <iceTwy_znc> well wow lol
01:29:59 <dorotea> we were looking at rocks, but yeah
01:30:03 <dorotea> we could see rocks
01:30:05 <dorotea> individually
01:30:07 <dorotea> from space
01:30:13 <dorotea> 2004.
01:30:54 <dorotea> that was fun, actually
01:31:01 <dorotea> field work in the summers was lovely
01:31:43 <dorotea> hmmhmm
01:31:49 * dorotea goes to dive into gmaps
01:34:42 <iceTwy_znc> nope
01:34:49 <iceTwy_znc> gmaps dive(s) into your data
01:34:51 <iceTwy_znc> ;)
01:34:56 <dorotea> there we go
01:34:57 <dorotea> okay
01:35:00 <iceTwy_znc> it's kind of a reciprocal relationship
01:35:01 <dorotea> the mountain is 8 hours away
01:35:02 <iceTwy_znc> isn't it
01:35:14 <iceTwy_znc> you get geo data from google, you give them data too
01:35:16 <dorotea> that's not a bad amount of driving
01:35:22 <dorotea> yeah I wish I gave them data
01:35:27 <iceTwy_znc> #fairtrade #sharing #maketheworldbetter
01:35:33 <dorotea> maybe then the plateaus and mountains I look for would be on the fucking map
01:35:43 <iceTwy_znc> lol
01:35:50 <iceTwy_znc> buy military geodata
01:35:53 <dorotea> it's purposeful, I know
01:35:55 <dorotea> buy?
01:35:56 <dorotea> haha
01:35:59 <dorotea> you're funny
01:36:10 <dorotea> ask for
01:36:17 * dorotea knows a guy
01:36:21 <dorotea> well
01:36:22 <dorotea> no
01:36:25 <dorotea> that's not accurate
01:36:29 * dorotea knows /the/ guy
01:36:31 <iceTwy_znc> OKAY QUICK
01:36:56 <dorotea> BOOM
01:37:01 <dorotea> YES
01:37:07 <dorotea> #winning
01:37:08 <iceTwy_znc> wherever the fuck that is
01:37:11 <iceTwy_znc> yay
01:37:13 <iceTwy_znc> #winning #yolo
01:37:27 <dorotea> exactly
01:37:33 <dorotea> also stop saying yolo, I grew up there
01:37:50 <iceTwy_znc> #yolo
01:37:51 <dorotea>,_California
01:37:51 <iceTwy_znc> #yolo
01:37:53 <iceTwy_znc> #yolo
01:37:54 <dorotea> #yolo
01:37:55 <iceTwy_znc> oh god
01:37:57 <dorotea> or maybe
01:38:00 <dorotea> #OGYolo
01:38:12 <iceTwy_znc> loooooooooooooooooooool
01:38:19 <dorotea> yeah it was funny the first time #yolo was a thing
01:38:20 <dorotea> we're all "wat"
01:38:27 <iceTwy_znc> btw
01:38:30 <iceTwy_znc> Ars rocks, again
01:38:32 <iceTwy_znc>
01:38:34 <iceTwy_znc> .title
01:38:36 <botpie91> iceTwy_znc: Introducing Steam Gauge: Ars reveals Steam’s most popular games | Ars Technica
01:38:47 * iceTwy_znc klaps klaps out of eksitment
01:38:57 <dorotea> lol statistics
01:39:01 <iceTwy_znc> oh god
01:39:03 <iceTwy_znc> Yolo County is a part of the Sacramento metropolitan area.
01:39:09 <iceTwy_znc> Sacramento is boring as ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
01:39:16 <dorotea> ha
01:39:18 <iceTwy_znc> but it's kinda beautiful too
01:39:19 <dorotea> This is evidenced by the multi-billion-dollar California tomato industry, centering on Yolo County, dominating 90% of the canned and processed tomato market in the United States.
01:39:32 <dorotea> We had the heinz factory in town, closed 20 years ago
01:39:42 <dorotea> every summer was rotting tomatos
01:39:44 <dorotea> :)
01:39:45 <iceTwy_znc> ew
01:40:44 <iceTwy_znc> dorotea: where do you live now?
01:40:49 <iceTwy_znc> near UCSB?
01:40:56 <dorotea> no
01:41:15 <dorotea> I'm near monterey, ca
01:41:27 <dorotea> that's where my rhost shows up :)
01:41:37 <iceTwy_znc> ah, I think I went there
01:41:44 <iceTwy_znc> did I? I think so
01:41:59 <dorotea> look it up on ze map :D
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01:42:54 <iceTwy_znc> I most likely did yes
01:42:58 <iceTwy_znc> OH YES WE DID LOL
01:43:02 <iceTwy_znc> Yeah I remember
01:43:05 <iceTwy_znc> isn't there some aquarium?
01:43:54 <iceTwy_znc> yep
01:43:57 <iceTwy_znc> Monterey Bay Aquarium
01:44:06 <dorotea> yes
01:44:13 <dorotea> I've never been there lel
01:44:36 <iceTwy_znc> hmm
01:44:47 <iceTwy_znc> well the weather was terrible when we went there
01:44:56 <iceTwy_znc> we only stayed for a night or so iirc
01:45:00 <iceTwy_znc> the food was great tho
01:45:54 <iceTwy_znc> yep then we either went upstate or downstate
01:45:57 <iceTwy_znc> from Monterey
01:46:06 <iceTwy_znc> probably er, upstate
01:46:14 <iceTwy_znc> to get back to LA from San Diego
01:46:18 <iceTwy_znc> god I can't remember lol
01:46:45 <iceTwy_znc> SF was full of junkies and it was cold and there was fog
01:46:47 <iceTwy_znc> lovely city tho
01:47:24 <iceTwy_znc> dorotea: gratz, I'm remembering all of my West Coast trip right now
01:47:30 <iceTwy_znc> huge flashback lol
01:47:59 <dorotea> lol
01:48:08 <dorotea> weather here is beautiful, always
01:48:16 <iceTwy_znc> man I wish I'd live in California
01:48:17 <dorotea> unless it's raining, and then it's black like the night
01:48:30 <dorotea> but, like, whatever
01:48:34 <dorotea> come visit lol
01:48:36 <iceTwy_znc> ya
01:49:52 <iceTwy_znc> and uh
01:49:55 <iceTwy_znc> come visit
01:49:56 <iceTwy_znc> well why not
01:50:05 <iceTwy_znc> the flight's expensive tho
01:51:06 <dorotea> anyway
01:51:11 <dorotea> I'mma go read some shit
01:51:18 <iceTwy_znc> wat
01:51:25 <iceTwy_znc> yahoo bus with the guy from Prototype on it
01:51:25 <dorotea> Recursive Epistemologies and an Ethics of Attention
01:51:32 <iceTwy_znc> hmm
01:51:41 <iceTwy_znc> seems interesting actually
01:51:45 <dorotea> yes
01:51:49 <dorotea> this entire class is interesting
01:51:57 <dorotea> it's a study of the logic within religions
01:52:32 <dorotea> which helps people interested in global issues understand the differing frames of reference that the many religious people have
01:52:58 <dorotea> each religion has its own worldview, essentially. It's infeasible to learn them all, but there are takeaways :)
01:53:37 <iceTwy_znc> okay
01:53:39 <iceTwy_znc> well
01:53:43 <iceTwy_znc> I'll head to sleep
01:53:47 <dorotea> kay
01:53:48 <iceTwy_znc> it ain't like it's 4AM
01:53:50 <iceTwy_znc> but it's 4AM
01:53:53 <dorotea> I'mma read dis
01:53:57 <dorotea> and write some shit on it
01:53:59 <iceTwy_znc> awwwwwwwwright
01:54:03 <dorotea> and then I'mma read some other shit
01:54:05 <iceTwy_znc> well good night, chap
01:54:06 <dorotea> and write stuff on it too
01:54:10 <iceTwy_znc> or good work then
01:54:12 <dorotea> and then maybe I can sleep
01:54:12 <dorotea> lol
01:54:15 <iceTwy_znc> maybe
01:54:17 <iceTwy_znc> lol
01:54:19 <dorotea> maybe
01:54:21 <dorotea> lol
01:54:25 <iceTwy_znc> such uncertainty
01:54:26 <dorotea> night
01:54:27 <iceTwy_znc> wow
01:54:28 <dorotea> :P
01:54:29 <iceTwy_znc> night ;)
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04:07:27 <AnonO_o> hai.
04:19:03 <dorotea> on the seventh day, shiva created hashish
04:19:14 <dorotea> NP: [1200 Micrograms - Hashish] [1200 Micrograms] [1016kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.1
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04:58:10 <dorotea> "My girlfriend loves everything at the beach, except the water, the sand, and the sun."
04:58:32 <dorotea> "my boyfriend loves everything about me, except the endless hours of therapy"
04:58:40 <dorotea> NP: [Dengue Fever - Cement Slippers] [Cannibal Courtship] [1010kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.1
04:58:42 <dorotea> <3
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10:33:36 <monod> cheeeeers guys
10:33:56 <monod> idling for the studying!
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12:21:47 <dorotea> lol monod
12:21:49 <dorotea> NP: [Dengue Fever - Uku] [Cannibal Courtship] [927kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.1
12:21:59 <dorotea> this song is gonna be on repeat for a while
12:49:37 <monod> ghghg
13:12:22 <dorotea> :3
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13:42:23 <monod> afk!
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16:16:27 <monod> gottagoguys! ggg!
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17:10:20 <iceTwy_znc> zomfg
17:10:23 <iceTwy_znc> am fried
17:10:25 <iceTwy_znc> wow
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18:22:37 <crytoweb897> any life here?
18:23:01 <crytoweb897> LOL
18:23:48 <MK_FG> zzZzZ
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20:16:49 <monod> gd evening
20:16:59 <monod> still idling for studying!
20:17:07 <monod> \away
20:17:11 <monod> oh lawd
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21:35:23 <monod> Not everyone has heard of
21:35:40 <monod> back2wark
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22:42:18 <iceTwy> hmm monod
22:42:30 <iceTwy> double factorials seem to be pretty interesting
22:53:31 <monod> indeeeeeed iceTwy ! :D
22:53:34 <monod> mind-stimulating
22:53:35 <monod> also
22:53:37 <monod> :
22:53:44 <monod> Factorial_function
22:53:45 <monod> I guess.
22:54:03 <monod>
22:54:05 <monod> indeed!
22:55:31 <monod> oh, em, Gi. Omg.
22:55:42 <monod> better going to sleep
22:55:51 <monod> cya later guys
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