Cryto! 16 April 2014

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03:42:57 <dorotea> hahahaha this is such ratchet shit
03:42:58 <dorotea> I love it
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03:57:15 <dorotea> AHHHH
03:57:29 <dorotea> so funky. much much breakbeat. wow.
03:59:14 <dorotea> out of the doorway the bullets rip -- to the sound of the beat
03:59:16 <dorotea> !!!
03:59:21 * dorotea breaks it down
04:00:01 <dorotea> haha fuck
04:00:02 <dorotea> wow
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15:09:06 <monod> idling while studying for the victorying!
15:13:07 <MK_FG> Idling IS victorying
15:40:36 <monod> AND victorying IS idling :)
15:40:47 <monod> work! Back2!
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15:49:08 <dorotea> lol idling to victory
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16:29:07 <monod> lulz!
16:29:10 <monod> gottagoooooooooooooooooo
16:29:12 <monod> cya!
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