Cryto! 5 April 2014

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12:57:13 <guest1974> hi
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15:28:05 <dorotea> nope
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16:34:11 <guest1974> hi
16:34:29 <dorotea> still nope
16:34:59 <guest1974> whats nope
16:35:12 <dorotea> nope
16:35:28 <guest1974> nope to what
16:37:37 <Geertje123> bope to the nope nope
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16:37:44 <dorotea> nope to hi
16:37:46 <dorotea> nop
16:37:48 <dorotea> noop
16:37:54 <dorotea> noooooop
16:38:17 <dorotea> also
16:38:18 <dorotea> NP: [Backstreet Boys - It's Gotta Be You] [Millennium] [1022kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.1
16:38:26 <Geertje123> yep
16:38:59 <guest1974> hi geertje
16:39:05 <guest1974> how are you
16:39:26 <dorotea> NP: [Beck - E-Pro] [Guero] [977kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.1
16:39:42 <Geertje123> fine. You?
16:39:56 <guest1974> well still struggling with my problems
16:40:07 <guest1974> would you like to help?
16:40:45 * dorotea lights your problems on fire
16:40:51 <dorotea> problems solved
16:41:01 <guest1974> problems not solved
16:44:43 <dorotea> excellent! 11gh/s usb dongle
16:44:50 <dorotea> bitcoiners rejoice
16:46:39 <guest1974> do you have expertise in understanding if a pc was hacked?
16:48:03 <dorotea> dunno, does it have a virus?
16:48:09 <dorotea> lol
16:49:19 <guest1974> no virus
16:49:54 <guest1974> I need to know if the pc was somehow changed
16:50:19 <dorotea> unless you have an auditing system installed, that's difficult
16:50:41 <dorotea> you can look at you system logs, perhaps they were careless and didn't clean them
16:50:51 <guest1974> what s an auditing system
16:51:17 <dorotea> something like tripwire
16:51:29 <dorotea> it's not something you'd have
16:51:36 <dorotea> if you did, you'd already know what it was lol
16:52:27 <guest1974> what do you understand in the system logs
16:52:33 <guest1974> I went throough them sometimes
16:52:46 <dorotea> I don't know, that depends what you're looking for
16:53:12 <dorotea> if you're trying to detect funny business you have to know what that looks like, or at least you have to know what "normal" looks like
16:53:25 <dorotea> if you don't, good luck
16:53:27 <guest1974> exactly
16:53:35 <dorotea> that's why people usually hire firms for this
16:53:35 <dorotea> :P
16:53:44 <guest1974> I dont know what normal looks like
16:53:53 <dorotea> do you know what it feels like?
16:54:25 <dorotea> if you're in-tune with how your computer usually works, sometimes you can "sense" problems
16:54:25 <guest1974> what
16:54:40 <dorotea> it's intuition, not like looking at logs
16:54:50 <dorotea> it's how I've detected viruses on my computer, as I don't run a/v and never have
16:55:08 <guest1974> ok
16:55:14 <guest1974> Im recording my sleep
16:55:17 <dorotea> now I'm on linux so it isn't an issue really, but when I was on windows xp
16:55:17 <dorotea> lol
16:55:33 <guest1974> I believe they somehow change the images
16:55:41 <guest1974> I have a few theories
16:55:55 <guest1974> I would like to know which one is feasible
16:56:28 <dorotea> change the images in what way?
16:57:16 <guest1974> well I believe
16:57:28 <guest1974> they might have intervened in some different ways
16:57:33 <dorotea> like they look different? or you think someone's embedding extra data in them and then exfiltrating that data?
16:57:59 <guest1974> well I do not know what you mean exactly
16:58:36 <dorotea> that's the problem. I could probably figure it out if I was there on your pc, but heh that's not feasible
16:58:51 <guest1974> I think what they may have tried
16:59:22 <guest1974> is they modified the recorfing software to save the images to a different folder
16:59:27 <guest1974> invisible
16:59:43 <guest1974> then uploading on my pc the images they edit on their system
16:59:55 <guest1974> pulling out images relating to the assaults
17:00:10 <dorotea> Hmm
17:00:26 <dorotea> there is govt spyware to do that, where they can take screenshots every so often and pull data off your computer
17:00:30 <guest1974> they might limit those assaults because if not
17:00:36 <dorotea> often used in the middle east and africa
17:01:08 <guest1974> ok that may be one method
17:01:27 <guest1974> one method is they act very quickly
17:02:11 <guest1974> or use some sort of cover
17:02:17 <guest1974> that renders them invisible
17:02:24 <guest1974> every recent attack I had
17:02:47 <guest1974> I saw people always under some sort of cover
17:02:49 <dorotea> this is what I was thinking of:
17:02:57 <dorotea> and followup
17:03:09 <dorotea> from
17:03:29 <dorotea> attack?
17:03:38 <guest1974> yes
17:03:44 <guest1974> they attack me in my sleep
17:03:49 * dorotea encourages you to be as specific as possible with your language, without compromising your whatever
17:04:03 <guest1974> ok
17:04:06 <dorotea> with clubs? or viruses
17:04:08 <dorotea> that's what I'm asking
17:04:25 <guest1974> they attack me physically
17:04:28 <guest1974> abuse
17:04:46 <guest1974> have someone storm the room
17:05:04 <guest1974> they are very quick as well because since I film
17:05:13 <guest1974> if they try to modify the images
17:05:41 <guest1974> their trick would show up if they play for example edited images for long times
17:06:37 <guest1974> I saw a fair number of times in the morning
17:06:52 <guest1974> there was a lady loading a bunch of laptops in her car
17:07:54 <guest1974> recently I look as I repeatedly scratching my nose
17:08:13 <guest1974> as if someone had beens striking it repeatedly
17:08:29 <guest1974> I do not see the strike
17:10:02 <guest1974> the next day my nose was tingling
17:10:14 <guest1974> as when you bang it somewhere
17:11:16 <dorotea> wat
17:11:23 <dorotea> you sure you're not imagining things
17:11:37 <dorotea> too much stress can make you hallucinate
17:12:13 <guest1974> no
17:12:24 <guest1974> some of them may be dreams
17:12:59 <guest1974> but you can tell a a dream from a thing that happened
17:13:38 <dorotea> sometimes ;)
17:13:48 <guest1974> I would like to know if people can help me
17:14:02 <guest1974> to get to know and gather information on this story
17:14:10 <dorotea> I dunno if anybody here can, we're just a bunch of coders and miscreants :P
17:14:19 * dorotea is miscreant not coder
17:14:22 <guest1974> that has been going on for more than 10 years
17:14:35 <guest1974> Geertje
17:14:41 <guest1974> you are dutch
17:14:44 <guest1974> you can help me
17:14:55 <guest1974> ask around and report to me if you can
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17:21:43 <dorotea> spin spin
17:22:01 <guest1974> ?
17:22:01 <dorotea> NP: [1200 Micrograms - Mescaline] [1200 Micrograms] [904kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.1
17:22:22 <dorotea> oh fuck
17:22:33 <dorotea> us ambassador to india resigned
17:22:37 <dorotea> urg
17:23:19 <guest1974> why
17:23:28 <dorotea> dunno
17:23:44 <dorotea> Harf noted that despite speculation that her resignation was influenced by the dip in U.S.-India relations, “there is not any big behind-the-scenes story here.”
17:23:57 <dorotea> which means there's a big behind-the-scenes story there
17:23:58 <dorotea> :P
17:25:17 <dorotea> well also we detained and strip-searched one of their diplos
17:25:37 <dorotea> because she had a house caretaker and wasn't paying them enough
17:25:42 <guest1974> ok
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19:45:22 <guest1974> hi
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