Cryto! 4 April 2014

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14:06:49 <DrWhat> hey i have a question
14:06:54 <DrWhat> If i do this
14:07:30 <DrWhat> $online = function () { return true; };
14:08:01 <DrWhat> will that set $online to true or just contain the code
14:12:17 <Geertje123> Is that even possible?
14:12:24 <Geertje123> Anyway, try it
14:12:35 <Geertje123> echo $online
14:12:51 <Geertje123> if it contains the code it will output the code, else it will output true
14:17:39 <DrWhat> It wont echo the code
14:17:47 <DrWhat> Its a code container
14:18:01 <DrWhat> What im asking is will the code execute there
14:18:08 <DrWhat> or do i need to call it
14:18:30 <DrWhat> if it doesnt execute there
14:18:39 <DrWhat> Ill stick to static functions
14:18:40 <Geertje123> I think you can do: function blabla () { return true;};
14:18:44 <DrWhat> insted ofanonymous functions
14:18:48 <Geertje123> $online = 'blabla'
14:18:56 <Geertje123> $online();
14:18:59 <Geertje123> or
14:19:04 <Geertje123> online();
14:19:09 <Geertje123> forgot, one of those two
14:19:21 <DrWhat> it will be $online();
14:19:26 <Geertje123> yeah
14:19:32 <DrWhat> Ill stick to a static function
14:19:37 <DrWhat> Declaer the function
14:19:40 <DrWhat> then call it
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15:12:38 <DrWhat> Geertje123
15:12:46 <DrWhat> Where are the UCDownloads mods
15:30:30 <Geertje123> No idea
15:30:48 <Geertje123> Gaming and being lazy, probably
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17:05:56 <DrWhat> botpie91, tell joepie91 Message me as soon as you get this we need to talk!
17:05:57 <botpie91> DrWhat: I'll pass that on when joepie91 is around.
17:07:51 <Geertje123> joepie in da prison
17:08:00 <DrWhat> is not
17:08:35 <DrWhat> His pc is still running
17:08:41 <DrWhat> hes not on the cryto bnc
17:09:21 <Geertje123> [16:06] <DrWhat> joepie91 is in jail
17:09:38 <Geertje123> [16:07] <Geertje123> since joepie's account was still active on github
17:09:38 <Geertje123> [16:08] <Geertje123> submitting stuff
17:09:52 <Geertje123> He is still active in some places
17:09:59 <Geertje123> I guess just not here on IRC anymore
17:10:06 <DrWhat> lets spam him untill he respnsed
17:10:10 <Geertje123> Probably because nothing ever happens in this chat :p
17:10:24 <DrWhat> joepie91
17:10:29 <DrWhat> Respond
17:10:38 <Geertje123> We are demanding you
17:10:39 <DrWhat> or my botnet will come on the network
17:10:46 <DrWhat> You dont want thaty
17:11:31 <DrWhat> .seen joepie91
17:11:32 <botpie91> DrWhat: I last saw joepie91 at 2014-03-23 00:18:40 UTC on #crytocc
17:11:47 <DrWhat> :/
17:11:59 <DrWhat> thats over 2 weeks ago
17:13:17 <DrWhat> joepie91 contributed to lightable
17:14:28 <complex> why is/was he in jail
17:14:34 <Geertje123> 20 hours ago
17:14:34 <Geertje123> joepie91 pushed to develop at KnightSwarm/Envoy
17:14:42 <Geertje123> Active on github, like I said
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17:19:53 <DrWhat>
17:20:00 <DrWhat> lightable default theme is UGH
17:20:03 <DrWhat> also
17:20:16 <DrWhat> DXtory detects it as a D3D?
17:22:38 <yeez> is this chat connected to some forum guys?
17:23:52 <DrWhat> what forum?
17:23:57 <DrWhat> it can be
17:24:03 <DrWhat> if you want it to be
17:24:10 * DrWhat twiddle with nipples
17:24:19 <yeez> no no
17:24:24 <DrWhat> ok
17:24:34 <yeez> bcause i use this chat for an italian deepweb forum
17:24:59 <DrWhat> use STS for that
17:25:14 <yeez> we talk about bad stuffe eheh
17:25:18 <yeez> stuffs
17:25:28 <DrWhat> thats why joepie91 is in jail then
17:25:34 <DrWhat> YOU GFOT HIM ARRESTED!!!
17:25:51 <DrWhat> =======================================================================
17:25:51 <DrWhat> -                          NETWORK-WIDE RULES
17:25:51 <DrWhat> - =======================================================================
17:25:51 <DrWhat> -
17:25:52 <DrWhat> - Do not do anything that can get the network into trouble. If you attract
17:25:53 <DrWhat> - DDoS, get leafs shut down, or get network operators into trouble (or are
17:25:54 <DrWhat> - reasonably expected to do so), you're likely to get a polite request to
17:25:55 <DrWhat> - make yourself or your channel scarce. Don't try to, for example, run
17:25:56 <DrWhat> - LOIC operations, botnets, or warez/childporn trading channels from the
17:25:57 <DrWhat> - Cryto IRC network. If you think your channel may cause other people
17:25:58 <DrWhat> - problems, it's probably not a good idea to set it up. When in doubt, ask
17:26:00 <DrWhat> - a network operator (use the !staff command in any channel to receive a
17:26:02 <DrWhat> - list of currently available network operators).
17:26:02 <DrWhat> -
17:26:04 <DrWhat> - Obviously, do not attack the Cryto IRC network. If you have a conflict
17:26:05 <DrWhat> - with someone on the Cryto IRC network, try to talk it out with them
17:26:07 <DrWhat> - first. If you believe the conflict is related to the entire network,
17:26:07 <DrWhat> - pick it up with a network operator; we're always willing to discuss real
17:26:09 <DrWhat> - issues, no matter what it's about. We don't run this network to get it
17:26:11 <DrWhat> - attacked, we run it to offer a friendly place, especially for those that
17:26:15 <DrWhat> - tend to get thrown out on other networks because of stereotyped views or
17:26:16 <DrWhat> - unjust judgments.
17:26:18 <DrWhat> -
17:26:18 <DrWhat> - Bots are welcome, as long as they do not harm the network or its
17:26:19 <DrWhat> - operators in any way. Individual channels may have their own policies.
17:26:22 <DrWhat> -
17:26:22 <DrWhat> - Follow channel policies. If a channel owner does not feel he has to
17:26:23 <DrWhat> - impose rules on the users of his channel, he will tell you so.
17:26:24 <DrWhat> - Otherwise, it's his channel and you'll have to follow his rules.
17:26:34 <yeez> ahhaah
17:26:47 <yeez> arrested for what? talk about hacking?
17:26:57 <yeez> or cannabis culture
17:27:09 <DrWhat> If you attract DDoS, get leafs shut down, or get network operators into trouble you're likely to get a polite request to make yourself or your channel scarce!
17:27:56 <yeez> ok better to go in church, byebye good guys
17:28:07 <yeez> ;)
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17:29:20 <DrWhat> his channel is hidden
17:29:45 <DrWhat> Current Global Users: 108  Max: 2021
17:29:53 <DrWhat> theres a big channel somewhere hidden
17:30:03 <DrWhat> the numbers in the channel list dont add up
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18:09:44 <Geertje123> Why?
18:09:57 <Geertje123> Can't they just be connected to the network, but not in a channel
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19:55:39 <dorotea> oh god, we had #cancelColbert and now everyone's using that as a template to indicate something they don't like
19:55:42 <dorotea> so many lulz
19:55:59 <dorotea> such delicious horrible abusive nuance
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