Cryto! 14 March 2014

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12:51:22 <joepie91> sigh, just awesome
12:51:23 <joepie91>
12:51:48 <joepie91> tl;dr police visiting "potential activists" wrt the nuclear security summit, at home
12:51:59 <joepie91> to ask them questions about protest plans
12:52:21 <joepie91> to the point of police literally shining into a living room with a flashlight
12:52:47 <joepie91> apparently intimidation is now an acceptable tactic against protestors
12:52:53 <joepie91> (Netherlands, btw)
12:56:13 <Xeross> joepie91: It's almost like you're surprised
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13:13:25 <joepie91> Xeross: no, just severely annoyed
13:14:17 <Xeross> Good luck doing anything against people that are above the law though
13:22:08 <joepie91> Xeross: oh, that's not even the problem
13:22:17 <joepie91> the problem is making enough people realize that that is the case
13:22:25 <joepie91> and making them acknowledge it
13:22:30 <joepie91> rather than hand-waving it away
13:22:37 <Xeross> Rather than "You must've done something for them to act like this"
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13:22:47 <Xeross> Blind trust in the authorities, bad idea
13:23:41 <joepie91> that's one of the most common counter-"arguments", yes
13:23:48 <joepie91> and I use a very loose definition of 'argument' there
13:25:52 <Xeross> The fact we feel paranoid when there's authorities involved means there's something wrong
13:27:05 <slap> hey joepie91 been a while
13:27:16 <slap> how are you guys doin?
13:27:55 <joepie91> not terribly great
13:27:56 <joepie91> but alive
13:27:58 <joepie91> :P
13:28:32 <slap> have you coded miracles?
13:29:01 <joepie91> not... quite
13:29:19 <slap> pm
13:29:37 <joepie91> yay DRM
13:30:22 <Xeross> joepie91: GM?
13:30:48 <joepie91> Game Maker
13:30:51 <joepie91> (no, I don't use it)
13:34:03 <Xeross> Yeah...
13:36:15 <joepie91> Xeross: have you read about GM's previous DRM fuckup?
13:36:41 <Xeross> joepie91: not yet
13:37:04 <joepie91> they figured it'd be a good idea to make the DRM system replace all game assets permanently and irrevocably with images of skulls
13:37:09 <joepie91> whenever it detected a pirated copy
13:37:20 <joepie91> that was about as good of an idea as it sounds like...
13:37:30 <joepie91> you can imagine what hell broke loose when the DRM started misfiring
13:37:56 <Xeross> I'm impressed
13:38:05 <Xeross> They implemented DRM worse than just not allowing the program to function
13:38:12 <joepie91> Xeross: yup, exactly
13:38:19 <joepie91> it was a definite facedesk moment when I read about that.
13:38:42 <joepie91> it's just so incredibly mindnumbingly stupid that I can't believe the dev of that DRM can walk the streets without getting hit by a busy
13:38:45 <joepie91> bus *
13:39:01 <joepie91> I mean, what did they _think_ would happen
13:39:54 <joepie91> Xeross: so yeah, YoYoGames is no stranger to DRM fuckups
13:40:05 <joepie91> but of course this is just yet another reaffirmation that DRM is a completely fucking stupid idea as a whole
13:40:23 <Xeross> Devs have a tendency to believe in a perfect world were things like that don't happen
13:40:44 <joepie91> Xeross: devs tend to let themselves be led by fear
13:41:02 <joepie91> <insert rant about rational thinking and fear-based decisionmaking>
13:41:27 <Xeross> I am led by fear, the fear something somewhere will cock-up if I don't put in adequate checks
13:42:23 <slap> heh
13:42:43 <joepie91> Xeross: that in itself CAN be led by fear, but does not have to be
13:43:09 <joepie91> if you are escaping input twice "just to be sure", you are led by fear
13:43:28 <joepie91> if you are escaping input accurately in every place diligently, you are led by rational thinking
13:43:40 <joepie91> (the former is very common, and almost always goes wrong)
13:44:04 <joepie91> and that's just one example ofc
13:45:03 <Xeross> Mhm
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14:09:56 <Xeross> Wait wat
14:10:10 <Xeross> Bank password, max 7 characters
14:10:11 <Xeross> watwat
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14:17:49 <joepie91> Xeross: banks are very good at being very bad at security
14:17:50 <joepie91> :P
14:18:08 <Xeross> Apparently so
14:18:34 <Xeross> Also VVD poster "Arbeid maakt vrij" which is what every Nazi concentration camp had above their gates during WW II
14:18:45 <joepie91> LOL
14:18:49 <joepie91> Xeross: are you fucking serious
14:18:52 <joepie91> do they actually have that on a poster
14:18:58 <joepie91> "arbeit macht frei"
14:19:19 <Xeross>
14:19:20 <Xeross> Eeyup
14:19:29 <joepie91> ah, fake posters apparently
14:19:34 <joepie91>
14:19:35 <Xeross> Ah yeah
14:20:16 <joepie91> Xeross: you know, I wouldn't even be surprised if they were real
14:20:24 <Xeross> joepie91: me neither
14:20:29 <joepie91> lately various organizations have been throwing away the last elements of subtleness
14:20:37 <joepie91> and just coming straight out with their horrible ideas
14:21:04 <Xeross> And people happily accept it too
14:21:11 <Xeross> Like with Wilders
14:22:43 <Xeross> joepie91: at least this one's real
14:24:44 <joepie91> Xeross: let's just say that the only real difference between the fake "arbeid maakt vrij" poster and their real posters, is that the text on the real posters wasn't in active use during the Nazi era
14:24:52 <joepie91> other than that, they are roughly in the same line of thought
14:25:37 <Xeross> joepie91: I'd say Wilders is more in-line though
14:27:17 <joepie91> Xeross: no, Wilders is just more extrovert and more ractist
14:27:20 <joepie91> er
14:27:22 <joepie91> racist *
14:27:36 <joepie91> not much diff in the mindset otherwise
14:27:49 <Xeross> Basically same shit, different story
14:27:54 <joepie91> yup
14:28:59 <Xeross> Having some issues with what I'll vote for the next elections, preference is PPNL obviously, but dear lord, internally it's shite
14:36:04 <joepie91> Xeross: take a guess as to why I'm not voting
14:36:16 <joepie91> oh, and if you absolutely want to vote:
14:36:48 <Xeross> Doesn't really accomplish much either does it
14:37:08 <joepie91> individually, no
14:37:19 <joepie91> but then again, that goes for everything
14:37:22 <joepie91> including voting for a party..
14:37:49 <joepie91> Xeross: if there's not enough people voting, the result is invalid
14:37:52 <joepie91> below 50% or so?
14:38:09 <joepie91> if anything, that would give rise to a discussion as to wtf is up with the voting system
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15:58:02 <dorotea> my favorite thing is when globalvoices starts posting recipes from around the world
15:58:07 <dorotea> so much good food *.*
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16:25:56 <dorotea> wow joepie91, lato is really nice for body text:
16:26:22 <dorotea> 18px, 26px lineheight, 2em indent. very nice looking
16:38:34 <dorotea> idk, it seems pretty dumb to have a media query based on connection type, but also jeez would it be nice to give people on 3g a lighter page than someone on 4g
16:39:12 <dorotea> the actual effective outcome of this is to realize that you can't assume anyone has internet faster than dsl
16:39:29 <dorotea> 1mbit/s is the best you can assume
16:39:49 <dorotea> (for a broad enough clientèle, that is)
16:40:18 <dorotea> and pessimistically you should probably be designing for half that
16:40:59 <dorotea> optimistally that gives you a budget of 180kb for page load
16:41:17 <dorotea> to maintain 3s perceived load time on 500kbit 'net
16:41:51 <dorotea> pessimistically it's closer to 120kb
16:42:33 <dorotea> 150kb if you assume 500ms connection overhead (which is a pessimistic assumption for distance + 3g infrastructure)
16:43:22 <dorotea> jquery 1.11 is 94kb
16:43:34 <dorotea> gg page load budget
16:43:49 <dorotea> hope you didn't want any images on your page
16:43:57 <dorotea> or webfonts
16:47:29 <dorotea> even if you double your effective budget to 300kb, you've still eaten 1/3 of your budget in one js
16:47:58 <dorotea> and since nobody uses the same version of jquery, you can't count on it being cached already (protip: 1.4.3 is the most used version of jquery... at 2.5%).
16:49:15 <joepie91> summary: internet is fucked
17:01:30 <DrWhat> Morning
17:01:36 <DrWhat> Did ZNZ die?
17:01:38 <DrWhat> znc*
17:01:59 <DrWhat> *status sats it loss connections
17:02:08 <DrWhat> then 1 hour later reconnected...
17:03:08 <dorotea> joepie91:) that's the tl;dr yeah. It's also that I'm just generally offended by the fact that the current average pageload characteristics in western nations is 1.15mb and some 96 resources.
17:04:01 <dorotea> I have NOTHING on my pages at all and I struggle to keep them under 2-3s. I can't imagine how bad the UX must be to load tnw in south asia
17:05:11 <dorotea> their homepage is 204 requests and 2.5mb
17:05:29 <dorotea> domcontentloaded didn't even fire for 3.67s
17:05:34 <dorotea> that's fucking terrible
17:06:48 <dorotea> everything about this is stupid
17:06:52 <dorotea> .title
17:07:04 <dorotea> oh, botpie died
17:07:06 <dorotea> :D
17:07:20 <dorotea> Social App Secret Raises $8.6 Million | Re/code
17:11:09 <dorotea> oh, I suppose that makes sense. ctrl+tab switches tabs to the right, and ctrl+shift+tab to the left
17:15:43 <dorotea> funny retardation: wordpress caching plugins give a cached experience to people who are logged out. so people who aren't logged in get a faster pageload. Why are you fucking loyal readers?
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17:24:11 <joepie91> DrWhat: probably just a leaf that died
17:24:13 <joepie91> oh
17:24:17 <joepie91> missing botpie is missing
17:24:37 <joepie91>              total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
17:24:37 <joepie91> Mem:           128        126          1          0          0         23
17:24:37 <joepie91> -/+ buffers/cache:        103         24
17:24:37 <joepie91> Swap:          128        125          2
17:24:39 <joepie91> living on the edge...
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17:26:18 <dorotea> IT'S OWNED BY LINKEDIN
17:26:34 <joepie91> dorotea; could be worse, could be scribd
17:26:54 <dorotea> scribd doesn't mitm your email
17:26:56 * dorotea grins
17:27:18 <dorotea> I will never give up an opportunity to shit on linkedin
17:28:06 <dorotea> but yes, scribd's viruslike nature must be crushed
17:28:17 <dorotea> actually
17:28:32 <dorotea> scribd makes for a very good example of what the gpl does
17:28:41 <dorotea> oh man
17:28:46 <dorotea> I finally have an analogy
17:28:48 <dorotea> :D
17:29:36 <joepie91> dorotea: at this point, I'm seriously considering writing a browser plugin that automatically downloads the original PDF for any Scribd page you view if you are logged in, and mirroring it publicly
17:29:49 <joepie91> think the jstor liberator
17:29:52 <joepie91> except for scribd
17:30:09 <dorotea> is there a way to do that via chrome/ff plugin? to completely automate it?
17:30:28 <joepie91> it wouldn't be anywhere near as bad if they just let non-registered visitors download PDfs
17:30:31 <joepie91> yes
17:31:09 <dorotea> I suppose that would assist with my rule of downloading every single pdf I ever view
17:31:15 <dorotea> :3
17:31:27 * joepie91 shakes hands
17:31:29 <joepie91> I do the same :P
17:31:46 <dorotea> :>
17:31:51 <joepie91> dorotea;
17:32:00 <joepie91> uploaded a few PDFs from my 'archival' folder recently
17:32:03 <dorotea> they get autoput into my sync folder, so they're even automatically replicated
17:32:21 <dorotea> I do it with every jstor and whatever pdf I read too
17:32:35 <dorotea> we've had issues with our access proxy this spring, so it's become even more crucial
17:33:03 <dorotea> heh
17:33:13 <dorotea> at some point, fulltext search of my HD will be a thing
17:33:18 <dorotea> and there will be a bittorrent library created
17:33:32 <dorotea> I want to gather all academic and nonacademic analysis of btt
17:33:50 <dorotea> every last fucking article, paper, and scrawl
17:35:09 <dorotea> and make another library of every good bitcoin writing or analysis, as well as all academic writing on it that is done
17:43:16 <dorotea> fascinating!
17:43:32 <dorotea> when you sign into the guardian with facebook, it autosubscribes you to a daily email based on your country
17:44:49 <dorotea> lol talk about trying to sneakily increase your hits
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17:57:14 <dorotea> agh I love nailbiting diplomacy
17:57:34 <dorotea> fucking p5+1 maaaaaan
18:00:18 <joepie91> why does nginx have so many issues in Vagrant
18:00:19 <joepie91> seriously
18:10:39 <dorotea> heh
18:11:11 <joepie91> it seems to be finding a new way to not function every few hours or so
18:14:06 <Xeross> joepie91: Like what?
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18:15:11 <dorotea> hmm, infuriating. if you're signed into a account and the comment system on the site uses some other auth system... you're signed into two accounts at once
18:15:24 <dorotea> and I don't even mean disqus or so
18:15:58 An0nEnd3r (An0nEnd3r@7AD6DD49.AAE2E054.8BD853D0.IP) has joined #crytocc
18:16:08 <dorotea> runs their own comment system (per-paragraph shit that has been fashionable as of late) that doesn't use their wp vip automagic sign-in at ALL
18:16:36 <dorotea> in fact it only has a site-specific login (email+pass) or twitter. doesn't even touch wp
18:16:51 <dorotea> weird as fuck given they're running wp vip
18:17:28 <Xeross> dorotea: Also fun, is that websites that use wordpress have the wordpress top bar
18:17:50 <Xeross> When I am logged in to wordpress, I see a wordpress top bar on Simplenote's homepage
18:17:57 <dorotea> yep
18:18:04 <dorotea> I don't mind that if they actually use wp's shit
18:18:43 <dorotea> like if they run wp vip and merely signing in to any shit was sufficient to auth me across all sites using wp vip? that'd be slick.
18:19:14 <dorotea> mmmmmm
18:19:16 <dorotea> .title
18:19:18 <botpie91> dorotea: Ooah - Foolish Silence by Muti Music on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
18:20:59 <dorotea> oh yeah, that's why I loved zendesk.
18:21:05 <dorotea> their fm3 wall
18:21:09 <dorotea>
18:21:45 <dorotea> :>
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19:20:56 <dorotea> Ahahahaha
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20:05:48 <joepie91>
20:05:51 <joepie91> 2002 tech
20:09:38 * dorotea laughs
20:09:45 * dorotea goes through facebook pages again
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20:31:28 iceTwy_znc (iceTwy_znc@iceTwyznc-07274.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
20:32:25 <dorotea> :>
20:32:44 * dorotea searches for facebook pages
20:36:35 <dorotea> je cherche :D
20:52:26 <iceTwy> lol
20:52:29 <iceTwy> french pls
20:58:24 <dorotea> but I don't know how to say "pimp slaps" in french
20:58:25 <dorotea> :D
20:58:43 <dorotea> pimpslap's pimp slaps :3
20:59:29 <dorotea> ey iceTwy do you have any decent news pages on facebook
21:03:47 <dorotea> so like and lqdn
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21:04:08 <iceTwy> nah
21:04:10 <dorotea> ahh but lqdn has no fb
21:04:12 <dorotea> :|
21:04:16 <dorotea> no? sad
21:04:17 <dorotea> :(
21:04:20 <dorotea> wtb news
21:04:21 <dorotea> !
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21:05:26 <dorotea> iceTwy:) here you go
21:06:04 <dorotea> also
21:08:02 <iceTwy> erm
21:09:22 <dorotea> I CHERCHE
21:09:25 <dorotea> >:D
21:10:17 <dorotea> finally breaking down and adding democracynow to the news list
21:13:17 <dorotea> must create list of facebook pages to like so people can educate themselves through their biggest vice
21:13:25 <dorotea> yes yes this is my style of advocacy
21:16:48 <dorotea> seems appropriate right now:
21:16:48 <dorotea> NP: [Lady GaGa - I Like It Rough] [The Fame Monster CD2] [1024kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.1
21:18:36 <dorotea> also when I have an income to tax, I think 5% earnings each year will be donations
21:19:18 <dorotea> probably sliding scale though, because if I somehow make way too much money I'll just dump everything I don't want
21:44:58 * joepie91 looks at a blob of code and tries to figure out how it could possibly be working
21:45:08 <joepie91> and I don't mean how it does things, but how it is actually functional
21:45:16 <joepie91> and doesn't crash and burn
21:50:02 * dorotea grins
21:53:11 <dorotea> it's funny because chercher is where the sign for "search" or "to look" comes from in american sign language
21:53:41 <dorotea> you sign it by making a big C with your hand and running it in circles
21:53:44 <dorotea> :P
21:54:05 <dorotea> (because asl is derived from french sign language)
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