Cryto! 9 March 2014

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00:06:27 <dorotea> crazy
00:06:33 <dorotea> google analytics is 50ms of a pageload
00:07:08 <dorotea> like, just the initialization and sending of the ping
00:07:40 <dorotea> my ga loads before loaded fires, but the object doesn't get created and no pageviews are sent until after loaded
00:08:03 <dorotea> galoaded: 48.13900002045557
00:08:25 <dorotea> milliseconds from loaded was fired until GA commands were done executing
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00:54:17 <twitchyliquid64> dorotea: mmmm
00:58:25 <iceTwy> cryto is silent those days
00:58:27 <iceTwy> hm
01:03:57 <dorotea> you mean I'm the only one who speaks iceTwy
01:04:01 <dorotea> it's not silent :D
01:04:24 <dorotea> twitchyliquid64:) fastest I've seen it load so far is 28ms. that's SLOW.
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01:07:27 <dorotea> hot hot hot
01:07:37 <dorotea> I got ga to send only one beacon, and it has all the info in it
01:07:39 <dorotea> EXCELLENT
01:08:05 <dorotea> also, oh dear god
01:08:14 <dorotea> galoaded: 86.41200000420213
01:08:34 <dorotea> High-resolution user-perceived loading time: 235.5680000036955 and
01:08:38 <dorotea> galoaded: 111.79100000299513
01:08:59 <dorotea> I can't even
01:09:13 <dorotea> 235ms for entire page load, and 50% extra for ga
01:09:16 <dorotea> what a shit
01:09:18 <dorotea> lol
01:09:45 <dorotea> that 111 is /after/ domcontentloaded or whatever has already fired
01:09:48 <iceTwy> so you're saying google analytics is slowing down page loading
01:09:49 <iceTwy> right
01:09:55 <dorotea> by a lot, yes
01:10:02 <dorotea> 28-111ms
01:10:05 <iceTwy> I wonder whether Piwik does
01:10:12 <iceTwy> too
01:10:21 <dorotea> I'm using ga because piwik used to be absolutely atrocious
01:10:28 <iceTwy> hmye
01:10:32 <dorotea> like
01:10:33 <iceTwy> well ga is just so easy to use lol
01:10:53 <dorotea> it handed out the js/imgBeacon via hitting a .php script
01:10:59 <dorotea> you wanna talk about slow
01:11:29 <dorotea> I was spending 80-100ms just getting php's fat ass off the ground
01:11:48 <dorotea> admittedly this was on a pentium 3, but I hold everything to the standard of "does it work instantly on a p3?"
01:12:04 <dorotea> because I used a p3 for maaaaaaany years
01:12:20 <dorotea> dat 800mhz
01:12:38 <dorotea> now we'll see if timing data shows up
01:12:49 <dorotea> because I tried to making timing data work and now it doesn't
01:12:52 <dorotea> because lulz
01:14:30 <dorotea> cool
01:15:06 <dorotea> hmm
01:17:36 <dorotea> huh
01:17:49 <dorotea> firefox's galoaded takes 17ms
01:18:06 <dorotea> I bet the gadebug addon pretty-printing all the output slows the fuck out of it
01:18:48 <dorotea> HEH
01:19:13 <dorotea> bout to wrap everything in if's
01:20:44 <dorotea> lines and lines of code won't fire if they don't have timing api support
01:20:46 <dorotea> EXCELLENT
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01:41:40 <staticsafe> dorotea: what tool are you using to test this?
01:43:34 <dorotea> devtools
01:43:52 <dorotea> you have an entire toolkit built into your browser now, you should use them
01:44:16 <dorotea> staticsafe:) ^
01:44:59 <staticsafe> yeah, i know they exist, rarely use them though :p
01:45:12 <dorotea> you should use them
01:45:21 <dorotea> you can write an entire website in chrome's devtools
01:45:26 <dorotea> without leaving devtools
01:45:56 <dorotea> gonna be a somewhat simple site for now, but that's changing :)
01:46:55 <dorotea> you can debug frontend code on a phone by connecting it to a desktop chrome's devtools
01:47:09 <dorotea> so you're on the desktop, and you actually render and debug as the phone
01:51:04 * dorotea wishes ga would send timing info
02:02:44 <DrWhat> Yes finally found a Irvine app that support password to login to GMC
02:03:10 <staticsafe> my chrome profile seems to be fucked
02:03:24 <staticsafe> getting really weird issues with extensions and webpages
02:10:40 <DrWhat> That's why I use Firefox
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02:35:00 <dorotea> heh
02:35:12 <dorotea> I use chrome because ff crashes like a bitch all the time
02:35:53 <dorotea> and people smarter than me about such things tell me that firefox's gpu/opengl bindings are very on-spec and thus tend to tickle proprietary nvidia drivers in linux the wrong way
02:36:26 <dorotea> (which in my case leads to 30s gui lockups that increase in frequency as the tab count increases)
02:37:05 <dorotea> the other bitch of it is that firefox slows down really quickly with additional addons
04:03:47 <dorotea> hilarious
04:03:54 <dorotea> just found instagram embeds
04:03:59 <dorotea> didn't even know instagram did embeds
04:04:31 <dorotea> I was stuck like hell going "wtf is this goddamned cloudfront js"...
04:21:41 <dorotea> I like that isn't slathered in ads
04:21:45 <dorotea> there's something poetic about that
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13:50:07 <DrWhat> good afternoon everyone
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17:33:10 <ElectRo`>
17:33:23 * ElectRo` grabs some popcorn
17:37:48 <DrWhat> Oh shit wuts this
17:38:08 <ElectRo`> mtgox database
17:39:59 <DrWhat> awww no free bitcoin :(
17:40:10 <DrWhat> i was moping there be leak of wallets
17:43:40 <ElectRo`> that would be hilarious if that happened
17:44:38 <DrWhat> yeah
17:44:45 <DrWhat> 300 million free bitcoins:)
17:45:09 <DrWhat> I told him to upload the files to uc download
17:45:33 <DrWhat> Woops wrong irc netowrk XD
18:36:07 <Xeross> You could just link to where it was originally posted // cc ElectRo`
18:42:45 <iceTwy> aaaaaaaaand MtGox pwned again
18:42:56 <iceTwy>
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18:47:16 <Curious> hi
18:47:54 <Curious> Nobody is here.
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19:08:06 <DrWhat> Curious yes there is
19:18:21 <Curious> DrWhat
19:18:40 <Curious> Can I ask you a ridiculous question in private?
19:18:51 <DrWhat> O_o
19:18:57 <Curious> Haha
19:18:58 <DrWhat> how ridiculous
19:19:03 <Curious> Well quite funny
19:19:08 <Curious> I'm a strange persona
19:19:15 <DrWhat> ok tell me
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19:24:29 <Xeross> iceTwy: I already linked it :p
19:25:07 * Curious slaps ElectRo` around a bit with a large fishbot
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19:33:34 <DrWhat> Curious is a girl :3
19:34:07 <Curious> Am I the only girl here?
19:35:17 <DrWhat> no
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19:40:18 <dorotea> excellent
19:40:22 <dorotea> gox got gox'd
19:41:30 <dorotea> half the time I play the girl here, when nobody who is actually female will
19:41:31 <dorotea> lol
19:42:46 <Curious> hahaha
19:42:58 <Curious> and im a filmmaking student in NYC, no clue in hacking or anon
19:43:03 <Curious> I dont know how I ended up here
19:45:39 <dorotea> well this channel doesn't do either of those topics, so I don't know how you ended up here either :D
19:47:30 <dorotea> You're welcome to hang around, though :)
19:47:45 <dorotea> Mostly you'd just be interacting with my internal monologue though
19:47:46 <dorotea> :D
19:48:47 <Curious> haha
19:48:50 <Curious> monologues are fine with me
19:48:56 <Curious> used to hearing them
19:49:03 <dorotea> :P
19:55:20 <DrWhat> >.>
19:55:23 <DrWhat> I HAVE A BONER
19:55:37 <DrWhat> joepie91 come look
19:55:46 <DrWhat> 7Welcome joepie91 and offers 4a red rose 3------'--'--õ4@
19:56:07 <Curious> I wish I knew what it feels like to have a boner :(
19:56:40 <DrWhat> I wish i knew what it feels like to be mtgox
19:56:50 <dorotea> somewhat like being turned on in an inappropriate context :P
19:56:53 <DrWhat> to have all the internet hate you
19:57:17 <dorotea> NP: [ZZ Top - La Grange] [Greatest Hits] [809kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.1
19:59:08 <dorotea> I love being wholly inappropriate in company channels
20:00:15 <dorotea> can someone punch typekit for me, so they can stop arbitrarily limiting font usage by motherfucking pageviews
20:01:33 <dorotea> NP: [ZZ Top - My Head's In Mississippi] [Greatest Hits] [923kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.1
20:03:39 <dorotea> I suppose I'll do it next time I ride by adobe's sjc office
20:03:41 <dorotea> lol
20:04:20 <dorotea> but seriously what the hell. 100/year for 1m pageviews per month
20:04:40 <dorotea> our biggest customer would need three times that many views :|
20:06:41 <dorotea> NP: [Billy Idol - Rebel Yell] [Greatest Hits] [833kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.1
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20:16:33 <Sabit> hello all
20:17:24 <dorotea> sup Sabit :D
20:17:42 <Sabit> hi dorotea :D
20:29:20 <DrWhat> BALLS
20:30:56 <Sabit> balz
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20:31:59 <GCHQ> what does it mean "Zekka"
20:32:11 <GCHQ> ?
20:34:29 <GCHQ> SpaghettiCode? lol
20:34:58 <GCHQ> what a fucking pseudo!
20:36:06 <GCHQ> look, this one is the best: lysobit (lol)
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20:37:31 <dorotea> hoooo
20:37:36 <Sabit> wut
20:37:38 <dorotea> that's some next level shit right there
20:37:39 <dorotea>
20:37:55 <dorotea> the replies by mindslight
20:38:05 <dorotea> my view of humanity just rose a bit
20:38:21 <GCHQ> your view of humanity?
20:38:27 <GCHQ> whats view?
20:38:46 <GCHQ> do you mean: a world governed by anonymous?
20:39:07 <dorotea> .welcome GCHQ
20:39:07 <botpie91> GCHQ : welcome to #crytocc! Please be aware that this channel is publicly logged, and make sure to read the rules in the channel topic. You may hide messages from the public logs by prefixing them with [off].
20:40:25 <GCHQ> dorotea: are anonymous currently planning to control the world?
20:41:06 <GCHQ> because if it is the case, we will not let you do that
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20:41:37 <dorotea> GCHQ:) you continue to violate the rules of this channel, jeez. You're in the wrong chan for that subject.
20:42:20 <GCHQ> ok
20:42:29 <GCHQ> what is your name, dorotea?
20:42:44 <GCHQ> and your age please?
20:42:57 <Sabit> his name is Ariel Naim
20:43:16 <GCHQ> Ariel Naim? really?
20:43:30 <GCHQ> thats just not possible
20:43:50 <dorotea> Yeah man. 46 year old Architect specializing in Net-Zero commercial buildings.
20:44:01 <GCHQ> we localized him in UK
20:44:28 <Sabit> i died a little
20:44:46 <GCHQ> you dieed?
20:44:55 <DrWhat> GCHQ I am already in control of the world
20:45:14 <DrWhat> problem :trollface;
20:45:20 <Sabit> i am the world
20:45:21 <Sabit> the world is me
20:45:29 <DrWhat> Tis true
20:45:33 <Sabit> DrWhat controls me
20:45:40 <GCHQ> DrWhat and Sabit are just trolls
20:45:55 <DrWhat> I am not a troll
20:45:55 * dorotea hops on Sabit's back and slaps to go faster
20:46:05 <Sabit> i'm definitely not trolling
20:46:20 <DrWhat> joepie91 GCHQ hurt my feels
20:46:22 <GCHQ> dont hide your webcams please
20:46:35 <DrWhat> My webcam fell on the floor
20:46:37 <dorotea> I have never owned a webcam, heh.
20:46:44 <DrWhat> Hope you have a foot fetish
20:46:49 <Sabit> &
20:47:04 <Sabit> mine is pointing in the direction of my foot...
20:47:26 <DrWhat> XD
20:47:36 <GCHQ> anons love feet
20:47:41 <DrWhat> !topic
20:47:46 <DrWhat> .topic
20:47:53 <DrWhat> uhhh
20:48:06 <DrWhat> spagbowlcode work
20:48:16 <dorotea> EXCELLENT they launched it!
20:48:18 <Sabit> .tupac
20:48:22 <GCHQ> spagbowlcode?
20:48:34 <GCHQ> a new attack?
20:48:38 <DrWhat> yes
20:48:42 <DrWhat> It uses feet
20:48:52 <Sabit> lots of feet
20:48:52 <GCHQ> we will not let you do that
20:48:55 <dorotea> I prefer a multidicks approach
20:49:07 <dorotea> but eh, to each their own
20:49:14 <DrWhat> it causes a foot to croch situation
20:49:15 <GCHQ> dorotea: do you like dicks?
20:49:29 <DrWhat> lots of foot to croch situation
20:49:35 <DrWhat> and prooven very affective
20:50:53 <GCHQ> why do dorotea talk about dicks?
20:51:17 <GCHQ> dorotea: are you gay?
20:51:21 <Sabit> why do [totally a pronoun] talk about dicks
20:51:26 <DrWhat> this is a gay orgy channel
20:51:29 <Sabit> personal pronoun that is
20:51:30 <Sabit> :P
20:51:43 <GCHQ> omg
20:52:02 * DrWhat fondles joepie91
20:52:18 <GCHQ> who is submissive, who is dominant?
20:52:38 <DrWhat> Your doing it wrong
20:52:42 <DrWhat> ./whois
20:52:50 <DrWhat> ^_6
20:52:51 <Sabit> dominto
20:52:51 <GCHQ> what?
20:52:54 <DrWhat> ^_6
20:53:06 <DrWhat> 6_6
20:53:17 <Sabit> 7_7
20:53:21 <DrWhat> o7
20:54:06 <DrWhat> (>o_o)>
20:54:10 <GCHQ> sorry dorotea about the remark
20:54:30 <GCHQ> if your gay keep enjoying your gay life
20:54:43 <GCHQ> dont pay attention on us
20:54:57 <GCHQ> we dont care about gay ppl
20:56:03 <Sabit> oops
20:56:05 <GCHQ> CTCP? whats that?
20:57:27 <Sabit> cunts and tits; cocks and pecs
20:58:05 <dorotea> haha
20:58:10 <dorotea> CTCP, man
20:58:11 <GCHQ> Sabit: your watching lot of porn
20:58:25 <Sabit> how do you know?
20:59:05 <GCHQ> your browser...
20:59:36 <GCHQ> ok guys
21:00:00 <GCHQ> your trying to prouve your hacking abilities
21:00:15 <GCHQ> let us tel u that your just ridiculous
21:00:40 <Sabit> your grammar has proven your intellectual power :P
21:01:11 <GCHQ> we have better hackers working with us
21:01:54 <Sabit> i wish i was a hacker
21:02:01 <Sabit> then i would write code a lot more efficiently
21:02:18 <GCHQ> DrWhat: stop doing that
21:02:26 <GCHQ> your just ridiculous
21:02:32 <DrWhat> Stop doing what
21:02:36 <DrWhat> You dont like it
21:02:50 <GCHQ> cause that IP adress is not our real IP adress
21:02:58 <GCHQ> smurf!
21:03:26 <DrWhat> GCHQ is from britain al right
21:03:48 <GCHQ> yes
21:04:03 <GCHQ> but the IP adress is NOT the right one
21:05:20 <DrWhat> Your clock its 12 second out of sync
21:05:28 <DrWhat> you mite want to fix that
21:05:37 <GCHQ> lol
21:05:47 <GCHQ> thank you DrWhat
21:06:00 <GCHQ> you should work with us
21:06:05 <DrWhat> I did
21:06:11 <DrWhat> you didnt like me
21:06:18 <DrWhat> So i left
21:06:22 <GCHQ> ah ok
21:06:31 <Sabit> u2?
21:06:50 <GCHQ> are you the faggot agent? are you John?
21:08:13 <DrWhat> where did Curious go :(
21:08:21 <Sabit> idk :(
21:08:25 <DrWhat> :(
21:08:26 <GCHQ> no your lying
21:08:31 <Sabit> it's probably GCHQ's fault
21:08:34 <GCHQ> lying smurfs
21:08:39 <DrWhat> yeah
21:08:41 <DrWhat> i dont like him
21:08:51 <DrWhat> !votekick GCHQ
21:09:02 <GCHQ> votekick?
21:09:09 <GCHQ> whats that?
21:09:19 <DrWhat> hes dumber then i thought
21:09:48 <DrWhat> botpie91, Tell joepie91 please kick GCHQ
21:09:56 <DrWhat> botpie91, tell joepie91 please kick GCHQ
21:09:56 <botpie91> DrWhat: I'll pass that on when joepie91 is around.
21:10:09 <GCHQ> we re not on the fucking anonymous stuff
21:10:30 <GCHQ> DrWhat: your definitly on our list
21:10:51 <Sabit> am i on the list too?
21:10:57 <Sabit> is it the list for ice cream?
21:11:02 <Sabit> i would really love some ice cream right now
21:11:05 <DrWhat> No one you want is here
21:11:07 <DrWhat> IM GETTING MAD
21:11:12 <DrWhat> FED!
21:11:12 DrWhat (Cryto_BNC@DrWhat.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
21:11:15 <DrWhat> :p
21:11:24 <Sabit> LOL
21:11:38 <Sabit> foul language
21:11:40 <Sabit> too good..
21:11:46 <DrWhat> To foul
21:11:52 <GCHQ> DrWhat: stop using foul language
21:11:56 <DrWhat> Never say fed
21:12:12 <DrWhat> saying fed is bad, and you should be slapped
21:12:24 <DrWhat> GCHQ say fed
21:12:34 <GCHQ> do you mean, the fed?
21:12:39 <GCHQ> the bank?
21:12:40 <DrWhat> no say fed
21:13:19 <DrWhat> hes no saying fed
21:13:22 <DrWhat> why
21:13:26 <DrWhat> hes a pussy
21:13:43 <GCHQ> we respect the fed bank
21:13:55 <DrWhat> I pissed on the fed bnk
21:14:04 <DrWhat> with my giant penis
21:14:04 <GCHQ> fuck you
21:14:09 <DrWhat> I dont like feds
21:14:18 * GCHQ slaps DrWhat around a bit with a large fishbot
21:14:26 <DrWhat> -.-
21:14:57 <DrWhat> GCHQ you are so stoned that if decici to commit suicide loads the gun with blanks!
21:15:19 <Sabit> swag
21:15:32 <GCHQ> stop saying faggoties DrWhat
21:15:44 <DrWhat> 4,15 You're so ugly that when you were born the doctor puts you were you came out of!!
21:16:30 <GCHQ> another teenager
21:17:07 <DrWhat> damnit
21:17:09 <DrWhat> wrong colour
21:17:49 <GCHQ> stupid smurf
21:18:03 <Sabit> what's a smurf
21:18:19 <GCHQ> thats ppl like you Sabit
21:18:30 <Sabit> that doesn't say anything
21:18:32 <Sabit> i'm not a person
21:19:03 <GCHQ> yes your right
21:19:09 <dorotea> I'm an electrochemical contraption communicating with you via text interface
21:19:11 <GCHQ> your a smurf, in fact
21:19:35 <Sabit> my program has detected error in every statement you have made, GCHQ
21:19:42 <GCHQ> dorotea: we know you, so stop saying stupid stuff
21:20:20 <dorotea> GCHQ:) I suspect you don't :)
21:20:31 <Sabit> ariel is a nice person
21:20:54 <GCHQ> thats not his real name
21:21:41 <dorotea> "his"
21:21:42 <dorotea> heh
21:22:12 <Sabit> ;)
21:22:20 <GCHQ> dorotea is from UK
21:22:20 <Sabit> i died
21:22:28 <GCHQ> he is about 35 yo
21:22:36 <GCHQ> never married
21:22:45 <Sabit> what if i told you that dorotea is a girl
21:22:49 <Sabit> or a shemale
21:23:02 <Sabit> and just graduated university
21:23:02 <GCHQ> all the time masturbating in front of a porn movie
21:23:20 <Sabit> and doesn't exist
21:24:00 <GCHQ> now Sabit try to save his friend
21:24:07 <GCHQ> *tries
21:24:08 <DrWhat> GCHQ am i mariied
21:24:18 <Sabit> i'm married to dorotea
21:24:24 <GCHQ> lol
21:24:38 <GCHQ> yes we know
21:24:42 <GCHQ> two fags
21:24:56 <Sabit> but you just said dorotea wasn't married
21:25:02 <DrWhat> Sono sposato con Maria Mazza
21:26:28 <dorotea> mmm
21:26:45 <Sabit> what is logic
21:26:50 <Sabit> p=np
21:27:01 <GCHQ> p=np?
21:27:06 <Sabit> ?
21:27:08 <GCHQ> penis=no penis?
21:27:18 <Sabit> wow what a fag
21:27:43 <dorotea> yeah seriously
21:27:51 <GCHQ> what do you mean by p=np?
21:28:38 <Sabit> you must be Sir Stew Piddle
21:29:57 <GCHQ> ?
21:30:21 <GCHQ> a gay porn actor?
21:30:38 <Sabit> that's you right?
21:30:49 <ElectRo`> Xeross, i could have but what happens when it disappears
21:31:23 <GCHQ> this channel is full of fags
21:31:51 <dorotea> you're right at home, then
21:32:02 <Sabit> you are the only non automated AI so...
21:32:45 <GCHQ> stop with your fucking automated AI
21:32:51 <GCHQ> its just ridiculous
21:33:18 <dorotea> yeah baby, don't hate on gchq, he's just a bayes filter
21:33:40 <Sabit> :(
21:33:41 <Sabit> sorry
21:33:52 <dorotea> <3
21:34:11 <GCHQ> bayes filter?
21:34:38 <GCHQ> whats that smurf word?
21:35:43 <GCHQ> dorotea: stop watching porn
21:35:55 <dorotea> I don't watch porn.
21:36:02 <DrWhat> THE COMPANION CUBE
21:36:04 <DrWhat> IS REAL
21:36:05 <DrWhat>
21:36:18 <GCHQ> yes you do
21:36:27 <DrWhat> The First Artificial Intelligence Home Console Dedicated To Your Happiness.
21:36:33 <Sabit> OMG
21:36:39 <Sabit> it is real
21:36:54 <DrWhat> Ikr
21:36:56 <DrWhat> I FOUND IT
21:36:58 <DrWhat> ITS ME
21:36:59 <dorotea> I mean, unless you count geopolitics as porn, I don't watch porn
21:36:59 <DrWhat> FUCKOFF
21:36:59 <GCHQ> if you want will give you the last url you watched
21:37:12 <DrWhat> Ok
21:37:14 <DrWhat> Please
21:37:19 <DrWhat> Send me the last url i watched
21:37:31 <DrWhat> Because i cant remeber
21:37:56 <GCHQ> dorotea was on
21:38:16 <GCHQ> he loves asians
21:38:20 <Sabit> wtf is pandamovies
21:38:38 <GCHQ> ask dorotea
21:38:48 <Sabit> but you seem so knowledgable on it
21:39:03 <GCHQ> we found it on his computer
21:41:06 <DrWhat> I ASKED FOR MINE
21:41:08 <DrWhat> SEND ME MINE
21:41:21 <DrWhat> 15,6. . . . . . . . . ./¯/) ... ****!
21:41:21 <DrWhat> 15,6. . . . . . . . . /¯ ./
21:41:21 <DrWhat> 15,6. . . . . . . . /. . /
21:41:21 <DrWhat> 15,6. . . . . /¯`/'. .'/¯¯`\
21:41:21 <DrWhat> 15,6. . . . ./'/. /. . /. . /. /¯\
21:41:22 <DrWhat> 15,6. . . . ('(. . . . . .¯/'4 GCHQ
21:42:53 <GCHQ> we cant access your computer by the moment
21:48:49 <GCHQ> so what thats mean p=np?
21:49:14 * GCHQ slaps dorotea around a bit with a large fishbot
21:49:49 <GCHQ> dorotea: stop watching porn and answer our question
21:53:37 <dorotea> wat
21:54:06 <dorotea> such privilege
22:00:20 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 3 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Unify details urlsUse those which are used internally (manly for FalconSublimeTools).', '02Add tests for the details urlsI decided to allow trailing slashes for now because they seem to workinternally (at least thos package seem to be installable) and quite afew use it.', '02Merge pull request #2922 from wbond/test_detailsAdd tests for the details urls'
22:00:45 <DrWhat> Apparently FlexCode hacked MTGox
22:05:06 <GCHQ> wat means p=np??
22:05:37 <DrWhat> GTFOH
22:06:14 <GCHQ> we didnt asked you DrWhat
22:06:22 <GCHQ> we asked dorotea
22:06:37 <DrWhat> dorotea.
22:07:29 <GCHQ> dorotea doesnt know the answer. in fact, he just doesnt care
22:08:20 GCHQ has parted #crytocc ()
22:13:38 <DrWhat> yay he gone
22:13:38 <DrWhat>
22:20:03 <dorotea> so much less stupid. excellent.
22:26:52 <DrWhat> So much less fed
22:27:29 <Sabit> ahh i wanna play that south park game
22:28:46 <DrWhat> NO
22:28:48 <DrWhat> ITS SUCKS
22:29:15 <Sabit> wat
22:35:01 <DrWhat> its
22:35:02 <DrWhat> sucks
23:11:39 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 1 commit(s) to 03Feathur on branch 10feature/rewrite: '02Refactoring of a bunch of stuff...' (