Cryto! 26 February 2014

00:44:40 <dorotea> yeah fuck jobs lol
00:44:49 <dorotea> shrewd businessman, but I won't give him any further credit
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11:12:45 <monod> morning
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13:42:11 <moses> hello !
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13:49:09 <moses> where can i ask questions?
13:49:24 <suller> what's that mean?
13:49:40 <moses> i have a question
13:49:53 <moses> can i ask it here?
13:52:55 <moses> any girl here?
13:54:30 <suller> loool
13:54:48 <moses> suller: why are you laughing?
13:55:16 <suller> because of this _______________<moses> any girl here?
13:56:10 <moses> suller: i just asked if i can find a girlfriend here
13:56:14 <moses> thats all
13:57:21 <moses> dorotea is female?
13:58:41 <suller> Go play somewhere else ~  kidz
13:59:17 <moses> suller: i dont care about god now
13:59:31 <moses> i am not in a jewish community
13:59:40 <moses> so i am free to do what i want
13:59:48 <suller> well none of my business   go on !
14:00:53 <moses> thank you suller
14:01:21 <moses> so is it true that dorotea is a girl ?
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14:05:26 <moses> hi eggtimer
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14:08:31 <moses> what about mama ?
14:10:09 <mama> moses: i was a girl 70 years ago ;)
14:10:24 <moses> waw !!
14:10:28 <moses> really?
14:10:39 <mama> :)
14:10:43 <moses> could you explain please?
14:11:19 <mama> no need to explain
14:13:20 <moses> gender transformation chirurgy?
14:14:19 <moses> i am banned from twitter
14:15:22 <suller> a good news to the other ppl who use twitter .
14:16:06 <moses> suller hate me now
14:16:46 <suller> actually , i needn't
14:17:02 * suller shrugs
14:31:51 <lysobit> type 111 if u want to by my gf
14:34:46 <moses> type 69 if u want to by my df
14:35:08 <moses> *gf lol
14:35:39 <lysobit> 4,2type 111 if u want to by my gf
14:35:46 <lysobit> 2,4type 111 if u want to by my gf
14:36:04 <lysobit> 5,2type 111 if u want to by my gf
14:36:36 <MK_FG> wat teh hell is wrong with u peeple
14:37:01 <moses> lol
14:37:03 <lysobit> noob
14:38:18 <moses> lysobit is lesbian :)
14:39:04 <lysobit> :3
14:44:35 <moses> join #sexchat
14:46:55 <Xeross> moses: you're in lesbians with lysobit Owo
14:48:06 <moses> i ll try to turn her hetero
14:52:39 <moses> Xeross: join #sexchat
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15:01:35 <moses> join #sexchat
15:01:50 <moses> its free and horny
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15:26:12 <moses> hi Stassi
15:27:53 <Stassi> hello moses! Good morning to you :)
15:28:11 <moses> hi :)
15:28:24 <moses> today is a good day !
15:28:49 <moses> Stassi: are you happy?
15:29:14 <Stassi> yes always
15:29:16 <Stassi> why?
15:29:23 <Stassi> arent you?
15:29:34 <moses> i am so happy today :)
15:29:53 <moses> i am looking for a gf here
15:29:56 <moses> i am looking for a gf here
15:30:42 <moses> Stassi: do you know something?
15:33:15 <moses> black ppl are more likelly to be gay and support samesex marriage that white ppl
15:33:43 <moses> proof:
15:34:04 <moses> and:
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15:44:42 <Stassi> what is that?
15:44:57 <Stassi> Why would you say that?
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16:09:09 <wtv> hai
16:10:26 <dorotea> lysobit appears to have a lover. How cute :3
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16:14:18 <wtv> <? phpinfo(); ?>
16:14:37 <wtv> <script> alert(1); </script>
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17:02:52 <dorotea> lol
17:02:57 <dorotea> loggy, pointer?
17:02:57 <loggy>
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18:40:22 <monod> loggy, pointer
18:40:22 <loggy>
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