Cryto! 17 February 2014

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01:23:35 <dorotea> hmm
01:23:56 * dorotea moves the js to the same origin to see if that helps
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02:13:43 <Cryto723> hello
02:14:18 * Cryto723 slaps Cryto723 around a bit with a large fishbot
02:14:43 * Cryto723 slaps jelkion around a bit with a large fishbot
02:14:44 * Cryto723 slaps lysobit around a bit with a large fishbot
02:14:47 * Cryto723 slaps Zekka around a bit with a large fishbot
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03:50:33 <gesichtskirmes> morning
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05:11:31 <MK_FG> ISP logic: plenty of udp traffic, udp port 123 doesn't reply with icmp unreachable - BAN THEM ALL!!!
05:13:14 <MK_FG> If even networking gods at ISPs go with such logic, there's clearly no hope for politics ;)
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10:18:07 <joepie91> morning
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12:14:38 <iceTwy> joepie91: ping
12:16:11 <joepie91> iceTwy: pong
12:17:55 <iceTwy> hola
12:17:59 <iceTwy> could you help me with a tiny bit of regex magic
12:18:10 <iceTwy> I feel there's not much left to do, but I can't quite grasp on it
12:18:53 <iceTwy> sec, lemme get the pattern
12:20:23 <iceTwy> there!
12:20:55 <iceTwy> what I'd like to do is: no matter the path
12:21:04 <iceTwy> i.e. no matter the number of slashes
12:26:53 <MK_FG> Maybe: ^(?:https?://)?(?:i\.)?imgur\.com/(([^./]+)/)*([^./]+).*$
12:30:04 <iceTwy> it grabs the first slash
12:30:27 <iceTwy> i.e.
12:31:04 <iceTwy> actually, it doesn't capture the 1st group at all :|
12:38:38 <joepie91> moment
12:39:13 <joepie91> um
12:39:23 <joepie91> iceTwy: your test string only has three components
12:39:28 <joepie91> <iceTwy>i.e.
12:39:31 <joepie91> here you list 4
12:39:31 <joepie91> ?
12:41:28 <iceTwy> yeah
12:41:32 <iceTwy> that's why I said no matter the path
12:42:08 <joepie91> iceTwy: you're going to have to rephrase your question then
12:42:13 <iceTwy> it should capture all of the parts of the path, except the slashes and the extension (so whatever comes after the dot if there is one, at the end)
12:42:29 <joepie91> sounds like regex might not be what you're looking for
12:42:39 <joepie91> not entirely anyway
12:42:40 <iceTwy> yes, but I've got no other choice, unfortunately
12:42:45 <joepie91> ... what?
12:42:46 <iceTwy> willie only supports regex
12:42:56 <joepie91> what do you mean "willie only supports regex"
12:43:30 <iceTwy>,-Part-2 => Regex Rules
12:43:53 <joepie91> I don't think you get what I mean :P
12:44:03 <joepie91> just match https?:\/\/(?:i\.)? and then split the resulting match group by /
12:44:17 <joepie91> simple string split would be the optimal tool there
12:45:07 <joepie91> iceTwy: regex is a very useful hammer, but that still doesn't make everything a nail ;)
12:45:29 <iceTwy> that was the initial plan
12:46:43 <iceTwy> though, when I showed the implementation using a simple split to a willie dev, he told me the standard way of doing a capture was using regex
12:46:49 <iceTwy> as in, regex should do the whole thing
12:46:54 <iceTwy> and I shouldn't be using split
12:49:04 <joepie91> wat
12:49:07 <joepie91> that's nonsense
12:49:23 <MK_FG> Does imgur really have any number of these components?
12:49:26 <joepie91> this is /-delimited data
12:49:33 <iceTwy> MK_FG: yup
12:49:39 <joepie91> splitting by that delimiter is by far the most sensible way
12:49:41 <joepie91> if that's the only requirement
12:49:48 <iceTwy> well I'm aware that this is nonsense
12:49:53 <joepie91> especially if you'd have to deal with a varying amount of groups otherwise
12:49:57 <iceTwy> he came up with that regex rule..
12:49:59 <iceTwy> sec
12:50:04 <MK_FG> And you do need them separately from each other?
12:50:27 <iceTwy> ah, I don't have it
12:50:36 <iceTwy> indeed MK_FG
12:50:54 <iceTwy> that way they can be called using willie's
12:51:01 <iceTwy> but a split does it too
12:51:05 <iceTwy> so it's nonsense indeed
12:51:11 <MK_FG> Then yeah, also don't get why'd person say that, maybe he knows how to do it!
12:51:24 <joepie91> iceTwy: you'd just need a regex for initially extracting "imgur urls" from messages, really
12:51:30 <joepie91> the post-processing is a different matter entirely
12:51:33 <iceTwy> joepie91: that is what I have/had
12:51:37 <joepie91> and if regex makes no sense there, then regex makes no sense there
12:51:46 <joepie91> right.
12:52:16 <joepie91> <MK_FG>Then yeah, also don't get why'd person say that, maybe he knows how to do it!
12:52:16 <iceTwy> yeah. I'll submit the PR with the initial split thing
12:52:22 <joepie91> judging from how the suggested regex wasn't working... :P
12:52:26 <iceTwy> and then if they're not happy with it..;)
12:53:04 <MK_FG> ...then you'll finally learn all the dark regexp magic!
12:53:14 <MK_FG> win-win, really
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12:53:20 <joepie91> ohai pzuraq!
12:53:36 <joepie91> also, where the hell has zxvcbnm been
12:53:38 <joepie91> haven't seen him in forever
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15:10:14 <monod> I got f-ing flu!
15:18:04 <MK_FG> Aw, that sucks
15:18:37 <MK_FG> Eat a lot and drink even more
15:18:47 <monod> :O
15:18:51 <MK_FG> Seem to take a way a lot of nasty effects that fever brings in
15:18:56 <monod> thanks for the advice!
15:18:57 <MK_FG> *away
15:19:05 <monod> lol, a way :D
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16:16:08 <dorotea> morning joepie91 :D
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16:35:08 <monod> I'm trying to explode from drinking and eating now that you said that MK :D
16:35:21 <monod> (exaggerated for fun tho!)
16:38:03 <dorotea> lol
16:40:19 <MK_FG> Heh, well all at once might be a bad idea, might get nauseous
16:41:11 <MK_FG> But I've found that good meal pushes the temperature higher (and closer to the point that body has set), so you don't get cold, shivering etc
16:41:31 <MK_FG> And generally should be feeling normal for a couple of hours
16:42:04 <MK_FG> So just eating consistently well seem to allow to function instead of laying in bed
16:42:18 <dorotea> agh man
16:42:34 <dorotea> I made a joke on twitter and now I click a link and see it
16:42:36 <MK_FG> And drinking a lot just drastically reduces illness time
16:42:58 <MK_FG> (I'm talking about a lot of tea though, not drinking drinking)
16:45:02 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 1 commit(s) to 03Feathur on branch 10Testing: '02Version bump for Testing branch' (
16:46:40 <monod> dorotea: lol XDD . MK_FG: drinking.. tea?! O_O
16:47:17 <monod> " allow to function instead of laying in bed" :D
16:47:31 <MK_FG> Yeah, I didn't mean alcohol, never really thought of it as a cure for anything
16:48:06 <monod> oh, yeah, I didn't mean alcohol too :D but I thought of.. water!
16:48:45 <MK_FG> Dunno, tea is nicer and as you boil water anyway, why not pour it into a teapot ;)
16:49:21 <MK_FG> Haven't had just water around for years now, always just boil it from filter into a tea
16:49:22 <monod> uhm, I have to look up "pout" and "teapot" to be sure of the meaning (my bad, argh)
16:49:30 <monod> hahahaha
16:49:41 <monod> no pure water for years? :D
16:49:44 <monod> goosh!
16:50:12 <MK_FG> Just don't keep it anywhere outside of that thing with button that heats water
16:50:13 <monod> tea is more powerful than coffee! Your blood pressure may disapprove such a thing, nope?
16:50:45 <MK_FG> Dunno, maybe that only applies to particulary strong tea?
16:51:04 <monod> also, watch for your kidneys! Nope? Tea is making them work much more. Yes, it should depend on tea strength
16:51:05 <MK_FG> Which is hard to drink a lot without getting something like diharrea
16:51:12 <monod> hahah
16:51:33 <monod> so a question comes up to my mind: is your tea very loose? (opposite for strong?)
16:51:46 <MK_FG> Dunno how to measure it ;)
16:51:53 <monod> of course
16:52:19 <MK_FG> Stronger than one standard teabag in a cup, but probably weaker than two
16:52:38 <MK_FG> Or maybe sometimes weaker than even one
16:53:04 <dorotea> <3 tea
16:53:09 <monod> everyday? And more than once a day?
16:53:34 <dorotea> weaker vs stronger, not looser :D
16:53:42 <dorotea> looser vs tighter
16:53:49 <monod> uhm, right :D
16:53:58 <monod> my stupid english.
16:54:00 <monod> English*
16:54:02 <MK_FG> My brewing thing is 800g, I think, and I usually drink 2-5 of these per day
16:54:09 <dorotea> It's cool :D
16:54:23 <monod> tell him, MK_FG !
16:54:25 <dorotea> NP: [Lack Of Afro - The Outsider] [Bar Tunes 4 (Jazz Flavoured Edition)] [266kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.0
16:54:32 <monod> ("of course it's cool!"
16:54:33 <monod> )
16:54:36 <MK_FG> Tea is awesum
16:54:42 <MK_FG> There
16:54:51 <dorotea> reminds me of
16:54:59 <monod> yum, nice URL
16:55:02 <dorotea> ha what
16:55:03 <monod>
16:55:05 <dorotea> they still exist
16:55:14 <MK_FG> What's that, Somalia?
16:55:16 <dorotea> hilarious
16:55:17 <dorotea> yeah
16:55:29 <MK_FG> Hmmph
16:55:29 <monod> ... O_O
16:55:43 <dorotea> waiiit
16:55:50 <dorotea> san marino
16:55:55 <monod> lulz
16:56:00 <dorotea> O.o
16:56:03 <dorotea> is that a country?
16:56:07 <monod> yes :D
16:56:09 <monod> hahaha
16:56:13 <MK_FG> Heh, reminds me of .me
16:56:14 <monod> very tiny one
16:56:14 <dorotea> oh shit
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16:56:30 <dorotea> is an enclaved microstate surrounded by Italy, situated on the Italian Peninsula on the north-eastern side of the Apennine Mountains. Its size is just over 61 km2 (24 sq mi) with an estimated population of over 30,000. Its capital is the City of San Marino, its largest city Dogana. San Marino has the smallest population of all the members of the Council of Europe.
16:57:03 <monod> all sorts of things happens at S.M. borders
16:57:04 <MK_FG> City-states sound awesum
16:57:13 <dorotea> reminds me of uh lothoro?
16:57:26 <dorotea> lesotho *
16:57:33 <monod> wow
16:57:36 <dorotea> the surrounded nation inside south africa
16:57:44 <monod> big typo there
16:57:47 <dorotea> yes
16:57:50 <dorotea> it's been 3 years
16:57:51 <dorotea> :D
16:58:00 <monod> Lesotho should be far bigger
16:58:11 <MK_FG> Monaco, Vatican
16:58:18 <MK_FG> Lichtenstein
16:58:19 <dorotea> The country's economy mainly relies on finance, industry, services and tourism. It is one of the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of GDP (per capita), with a figure comparable to the most developed European regions. San Marino is considered to have a highly stable economy, with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, no national debt and a budget surplus.[1]
16:58:42 <dorotea> so how do I get citizenship there
16:58:50 <dorotea> I could feasibly meet every person in the country
16:58:51 <dorotea> wtf
16:58:57 <monod> of course
16:59:03 <monod> but it's kinda bugged
16:59:10 <joepie91> dorotea: xmpp
16:59:11 <joepie91> also hai
16:59:18 <monod> hallou
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17:09:05 <monod> xmpp == come see me in my office, pls :D
17:09:46 <dorotea> hahahaha
17:09:49 <dorotea> it so means that
17:12:16 <dorotea> .tw
17:12:16 <botpie91> « J’ai rien fait » (@BorsLTD)
17:12:17 <monod> I didn't mess my English this time :)
17:12:21 <dorotea> look at the picture
17:12:23 <dorotea> just
17:12:24 <dorotea> look at it
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17:12:54 <monod> hahaha
17:13:00 <MK_FG> Heheh
17:13:02 <monod> that was funny
17:13:22 <MK_FG> That look on feline face says it all
17:18:55 <monod> (:
17:19:11 <joepie91>
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17:26:15 <MK_FG> Can't really get why Archive people care about these things so much
17:26:24 <MK_FG> Past is past, let it die
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17:27:06 <crytocc377> hi
17:27:09 <crytocc377> is joepie91 about?
17:27:23 <joepie91> .welcome crytocc377
17:27:24 <botpie91> crytocc377: welcome to #crytocc! Please be aware that this channel is publicly logged, and make sure to read the rules in the channel topic. You may hide messages from the public logs by prefixing them with [off].
17:28:12 <crytocc377> I run and noticed if it's possible to update some entries on our listing?
17:28:19 <crytocc377> e.g. we now support IPv6
17:28:30 <crytocc377> and we also provide free DNS
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17:28:42 <joepie91> crytocc377: is this for bitcoinvps.html or for vps-list?
17:28:51 <joepie91> not sure if you're on bitcoinvps.html :P
17:29:31 <crytocc377> vps-list
17:29:43 <crytocc377> Need to integrate bit coin in due course!
17:30:14 <joepie91> alright... a new vps-list is under development, but for now just submit all the plans you currently have with up-to-date information, and I'll manually dive into the database later today, remove the old entries, and approve the new ones
17:30:34 <joepie91> and be sure to let me know when you accept bitcoin so I can add you to :P
17:30:49 <crytocc377> OK awesome! Thank you
17:30:52 <crytocc377> Awesome site btw
17:41:00 <monod>
17:41:14 <monod> I should really go back to study now
17:45:27 <joepie91> crytocc377: thanks :)
17:46:15 <joepie91> monod: interesting concept, sparse article
17:46:22 <joepie91> would have to look into it more though
17:49:12 <joepie91> crytocc377: it doesn't actually do anything yet other than have some custom input controls (there's no backend yet), but this is a preview of the new vps-list I'm working on:
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18:07:00 <monod> ahh, freedom... such a comfortably tune
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19:46:23 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 3 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Changing ownership of SublimeExternalCommand and adding support for st3', '02Switching to tabs', '02Merge pull request #2839 from greneholt/masterChanging ownership of SublimeExternalCommand and adding support for st3' (
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19:53:12 <monod> any suggestion on which program on linux to recover .chk files? on NTFS partition
19:53:40 <monod> other than rebooting, choosing windows and try and hope with chkdsk
19:54:17 * joepie91 sends lysobit to the corner
19:54:38 <ElectRo`> xp is almost EOL better upgrade to vista
19:54:51 <joepie91> lol
19:55:01 <monod> EOL?
19:55:19 <joepie91> end of life
19:55:22 <ElectRo`> dam i cant think of anything witty
19:55:23 <joepie91> no more support / updates / fixes
19:55:36 <monod> alright
19:55:41 <monod> I "have" win7 tho
19:55:42 <joepie91> ElectRo`: "End Of Life, when you use it it will end your life"
19:55:49 <joepie91> come on, that was an easy one
19:55:53 <joepie91> I'm disappointed
19:56:16 <ElectRo`> E something O something L something
19:56:20 <ElectRo`> not a witty comment
19:56:34 <joepie91> well, you said "anything witty"
19:56:40 <joepie91> "anything" logically includes "a comment"
19:56:40 <joepie91> :)
20:02:53 <monod> I'm going to explode (elsewhere)
20:03:01 <monod> see you!
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20:03:35 <ElectRo`> i see port 23 is the new hit craze
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20:18:23 <MK_FG> "hit craze" as in what, people using telnet instead of ssh? ;)
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21:27:25 <dorotea> actially vista is already eol
21:28:52 <ElectRo`> mainstream support its eol
21:29:03 <dorotea> yeah, and 7 expires next spring for same
21:29:11 <ElectRo`> extened support is until April 11, 2017
21:29:29 <ElectRo`> xp extended support is up in april this year
21:29:58 <ElectRo`>
21:31:43 <dorotea> I know
21:31:45 <dorotea> >_>
21:32:02 <dorotea> joepie91:) pretty interface. very flat. much vps. wow.
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