Cryto! 12 February 2014

02:04:35 <dorotea> heh
02:05:13 <dorotea> joepie91:) re: icetwy and leaks, as far as I'm concerned the diplomatic cable release was a failure because they didn't do what's being done now
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03:46:14 <dorotea> wow
03:46:19 <dorotea> annihilating infrastructure
03:46:26 <dorotea>
04:04:25 <dorotea> They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works /every time/.
04:33:26 <dorotea> wow
04:33:53 <dorotea> joepie91:) also the code provided by internet defense league for that campaign is shit
04:34:11 <dorotea> joepie91:) it doesn't even initialize the array it uses later within itself, that's in the async code they give you
04:34:43 <dorotea> joepie91:) obvious problem: csp makes inline code irrelevant, so that code can't even run on my site because it doesn't self-initialize. dumb dumb dumb.
04:39:55 <dorotea> joepie91:) also a cute ancillary benefit is that now the NSA knows every single person who doesn't like them
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05:13:06 <dorotea> lol
05:13:15 <dorotea> that damn bot
05:13:16 <dorotea> lol
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08:47:41 <AnonRUS> Hi
08:47:54 <AnonRUS> Ahaha
08:47:59 <AnonRUS> Spaghetti Code
08:48:01 <AnonRUS> Anche io sono Italiano
08:48:17 <AnonRUS> Ma cercavo la chat anonymous
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09:54:57 <iceTwy> joepie91: crap, I got my VPS suspended :(
09:55:06 <iceTwy> apparently got a 12Gbps incoming DDoS on my ass
10:07:26 <joepie91> iceTwy: wat
10:07:29 <joepie91> how
10:07:36 <iceTwy> not sure
10:07:40 <iceTwy> CloudFlare indicates nothing
10:07:42 <joepie91> and which host
10:07:44 <iceTwy> which is a bit weird
10:07:46 <iceTwy> Iniz
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10:08:03 <joepie91> weird indeed
10:09:03 <iceTwy> still trying to get ahold of Patrick
10:09:19 <iceTwy> I think I'm just going to host my Electrum node at AWS
10:20:59 <joepie91> iceTwy: be aware that AWS will happily charge you the earth in bandwidth
10:21:30 <iceTwy> really?
10:22:20 <iceTwy> joepie91: ^
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10:23:06 <joepie91> iceTwy: yes
10:23:08 <joepie91> incoming is free afaik
10:23:21 <joepie91> but if somebody uses some kind of attack that makes you send a lot of outgoing traffic
10:23:21 <joepie91> you're fucked
10:23:30 <joepie91> AWS has a -lot- of network capacity
10:23:37 <joepie91> and they'll happily bill you for every gig outgoing you use
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10:28:05 <iceTwy> hmm
10:28:09 <iceTwy> so what can I do then
10:28:11 <iceTwy> OVH?
10:43:11 <joepie91> iceTwy: uh, possibly
10:43:19 <joepie91> but first of all you might want to figure out what exactly happened
10:43:27 <joepie91> because I don't see why you would get hit with ddos
10:44:47 <iceTwy> yeah
10:45:04 <iceTwy> I've sent a ticket to Iniz's support service
10:45:17 <iceTwy> I should get a response quickly enough
10:48:00 <Xeross>
10:48:03 <Xeross> Heh
10:54:30 <iceTwy> joepie91: what Xeross linked to
10:54:31 <iceTwy> :o
11:02:11 <iceTwy> joepie91:
11:02:34 <iceTwy> Patrick mailed me back. 40 mins long DDoS I believe, 4.1Gbps
11:03:02 <iceTwy> no, 10 mins
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12:56:17 <Xeross> Whoa, CloudFlare got hit by a 400Gbps DDoS
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12:59:53 <joepie91> Xeross:
13:04:01 <Xeross> joepie91: I can imagine them needing an alternative to relying on Google for funding.
13:04:14 <Xeross> Question is how much data about the user is being transmitted to a 3rd party
13:04:18 <joepie91> Xeross: I really don't care what their reasoning is
13:04:18 <Xeross> And how easy is it to turn off
13:04:19 <joepie91> this is unacceptable
13:04:28 <joepie91> and they've been warned about not relying on google for years
13:04:32 <joepie91> this would be exactly why
13:04:59 <Xeross> The details are still quite vague, which is not helping in the slightest.
13:05:07 <Xeross> inb4 adblock blocks those ads too
13:05:31 <joepie91> Xeross: empty tiles will be filled with ads
13:05:52 <Xeross> And those ads will be based on what, your browser history, or random?
13:06:06 <joepie91> Xeross: obviously not on browser history, since they'd fill up -empty- tiles
13:06:11 <joepie91> implying you haven't really used the browser yet
13:06:21 <joepie91> so that would make them random or fixed
13:06:25 <joepie91> from a pool of "sponsors"
13:06:28 <joepie91> (read: advertisers)
13:06:39 <Xeross> Well yes I understand they're basically ads
13:07:23 <Xeross> But is it that much different from bundling Google search. Only major point that would be different is if it queries a server to retrieve the ads to show (Most likely) thus that's a bit of privacy you'd be giving up.
13:07:37 <Xeross> joepie91: I always turn off those tiles once I install Firefox
13:08:21 <joepie91> <Xeross>But is it that much different from bundling Google search. Only major point that would be different is if it queries a server to retrieve the ads to show (Most likely) thus that's a bit of privacy you'd be giving up.
13:08:23 <joepie91> yes, it is
13:08:27 <joepie91> because one is provably useful
13:08:42 <joepie91> and no, that does not exempt bundling google as a search engine from criticism
13:08:46 <joepie91> but on the badness scale it's lower than straight-out ads
13:11:51 <Xeross> A tile with an ad does in itself have no function apart from being clicked so it is less functional to begin with.
13:12:18 <Xeross> On top of that, how strict will the ad guidelines be, otherwise you'll have a bunch of crapware filling up your tiles at the start.
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13:12:56 <joepie91> Xeross: doesn't matter
13:12:59 <joepie91> ads are bad full stop
13:13:29 <Xeross> joepie91: How are ads bad, full stop?
13:13:36 <joepie91> ...
13:13:40 <joepie91> Xeross: what is the purpose of an ad?
13:13:48 <Xeross> Advertising a product/service.
13:13:57 <Xeross> To attract paying customers
13:13:58 <joepie91> what is the purpose of advertising?
13:14:15 <joepie91> how are they attracted?
13:15:28 <joepie91> Xeross: ?
13:15:39 <Xeross> I know fuck all about ads, but the ad standing out would be my first guess
13:16:13 <joepie91> Xeross: that'd be a mild way of putting it
13:16:26 <joepie91> Xeross; a more direct way to describe it would be "manipulation"
13:16:33 <joepie91> to various degrees
13:16:41 <joepie91> trying to convince somebody to buy your shit instead of that of a competitor
13:16:55 <joepie91> if manipulation weren't involved, ads wouldn't be necessary - the fact that somebody knew you existed would be enough
13:17:10 <joepie91> ads are literally *driven* by manipulation
13:17:15 <joepie91> that is their *purpose*
13:17:43 <joepie91> "optimization", "increasing market" are all just ways to say manipulation
13:17:53 <joepie91> so you have an industry that is built around the purpose of manipulating people, for personal gain
13:18:00 <joepie91> and you ask me why ads are bad full stop?
13:20:55 <Xeross> Yes I do, because where there's a gap of knowledge you ask or research to fill in that gap
13:21:25 <joepie91> Xeross: the problem is that that gap of knowledge shouldn't be there in the first place
13:21:36 <joepie91> and that it is, demonstrates another problem with ads
13:21:37 <joepie91> they seem harmless
13:22:04 <Xeross> More like a nuisance
13:23:36 <joepie91> Xeross: yes, but a harmless nuisance
13:23:51 <Xeross> Affirmative
13:23:55 <joepie91> Xeross: virtually everybody believes that they're immune to ads, and everybody else are the suckers that make it worth it
13:24:02 <joepie91> which is exactly WHY ads work
13:24:08 <joepie91> and WHY there is so little outrage over them
13:24:22 <joepie91> from an ethical point of view, that is
13:24:34 <joepie91> walk up to somebody on the street and try manipulating them
13:24:38 <joepie91> they'll get really fucking mad when they find out
13:24:48 <joepie91> but the billboards on that same street corner? naaaah, harmless
13:26:05 <Xeross> The trick with manipulating is doing it in a way that someone doesn't notice they're being manipulated
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13:26:41 <joepie91> yes, of course.
13:28:39 <Xeross> But yes with the premise that advertising is inherently evil this move by Mozilla can only be seen as a big mistake
13:28:51 <joepie91> Xeross: and it is
13:31:08 <joepie91> "Mozilla started laying the groundwork for this last summer with by testing an opt-in system that would allow users to receive tailored content based on their browsing history. Late last year it made a big hire in former kbs+ Ventures chief Darren Herman, who joined as VP, content services, who will lead Mozilla's ad and content efforts."
13:31:09 <joepie91> I don't even
13:32:06 <Xeross> Tailored content based on browser history...
13:32:08 <Xeross> Privacy anyone?
13:36:37 <iceTwy> sorry
13:36:38 <iceTwy> what
13:36:46 <iceTwy> did this really happen?
13:36:51 <iceTwy> you've got to be kidding me hahahaha
13:38:24 <joepie91> iceTwy: I'm not kidding
13:38:35 <joepie91>
13:38:47 <joepie91> the quote comes from the linked article
13:38:48 <joepie91>
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13:39:08 <iceTwy> ... what the fuck
13:39:41 <iceTwy> and then Mozilla dare taking part in internet activist movements?
13:40:05 <iceTwy> that, and the fact that they can't even handle basic fucking security on Firefox
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14:07:12 <Xeross> joepie91: So what do we have as an alternative to Firefox. Links is a bit shite for graphical browsing
14:11:09 <joepie91> Xeross: there's Chrome, but I'd hardly call that open
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14:25:02 <MK_FG> uzbl!
14:25:30 <MK_FG> Browsing is overrated anyway
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14:49:49 <HowHigh> anyone looked aT Maxthon
14:50:26 <HowHigh> support sock4a /5
14:51:15 <iceTwy> joepie91: do you know a CDN similar to Cloudflare that allows SSL in their free plan?
14:53:48 <iceTwy> likez
14:53:49 <iceTwy> like*
14:53:54 <iceTwy> I wouldn't mind paying $5 per month
14:53:59 <iceTwy> as long as I get SSL/basic CDN
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15:16:33 <joepie91> iceTwy: don't think so
15:17:10 <joepie91> iceTwy: why?
15:23:45 <iceTwy> pfft.
15:24:06 <iceTwy> I need a CDN w/ basic DDoS mitigation & SSL support
15:24:17 <iceTwy> mfw OVH
15:27:57 <iceTwy> I lol'd
15:28:12 <iceTwy> Incapsula told me to go with their $299/mo plan
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16:16:11 <dorotea> :>
16:19:14 <joepie91> iceTwy: uh...
16:19:15 <joepie91> just saying
16:19:27 <joepie91> but if you get 4gbps
16:19:30 <joepie91> that is not "basic ddos protection"
16:19:31 <joepie91> lol
16:19:48 <joepie91> iceTwy: either go with OVH or use x4b
16:19:54 <joepie91> er
16:19:55 <joepie91> wow
16:19:59 <joepie91> okay, amendment
16:20:10 <joepie91> either go with OVH, use a VPS provider that offers ddos mitigation, or use x4b *
16:21:05 <joepie91> iceTwy: ramnode, securedragon, buyvm are some providers offering ddos mitigation
16:22:10 <iceTwy> okay
16:22:32 <iceTwy> isn't BuyVM full of crap though?
16:22:55 <iceTwy> lots of people on LEB (for what their reviews/opinions are worth) complain about BuyVM running OpenVZ in a KVM container
16:23:17 <iceTwy> and selling those OpenVZ VPS afterwards
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16:23:47 <joepie91> that's called "slabbing", employed by a bunch of providers, and not automatically a bad thing
16:23:52 <joepie91> it depends on the motivation for doing so
16:24:15 <joepie91> it can be used to oversell more, but it can also be used to make migrations easier, build HA setups, or lessen the impact of kernel panics
16:25:02 <joepie91> actually, iceTwy, PM
16:40:09 <iceTwy> ooo
16:40:18 <iceTwy> do have DDoS protection on their dedi's
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16:59:34 <joepie91> in theory, yes
16:59:44 <joepie91> whether that's also the case in practice, remains to be seen
16:59:45 <joepie91> :P
16:59:59 <joepie91> but to be fair, OVH -did- publish the details of their mitigation system, so it wouldn't be too hard to replicate
17:00:13 <joepie91> that said,'s international network is considerably worse than that of OVH
17:08:20 <dorotea> okay I see the problem
17:08:25 <dorotea> chrome just did the same thing again
17:08:38 <dorotea> it crashes but doesn't kill the old window
17:08:46 <dorotea> so I can still see it, and think it's there
17:08:59 <dorotea> but if you touch it, it asks to kill it because it's frozen
17:09:09 <dorotea> :|
17:09:21 <dorotea> lost another great collection of tabs again
17:09:55 <dorotea> this time though I can restore because I hit "okay" and it tried to open every tab
17:10:02 <dorotea> (so they're in history)
17:11:01 <iceTwy> dorotea: would you mind sending me some jelly beans
17:11:11 <dorotea> I don't own any
17:11:18 <iceTwy> aw
17:11:24 <iceTwy> buy some, send 'em
17:11:33 <dorotea> I'm not, like, a normal american lol
17:11:41 <dorotea> you can't expect me to have worthless shit like that lol
17:11:49 <iceTwy> say wot
17:11:59 <iceTwy> your local drug store probably sells some
17:12:21 <dorotea> cvs might have them, yeah
17:14:12 <iceTwy> :P
17:14:29 <iceTwy> I'll just buy some from a candy shop. they're hard to find here
17:21:01 <dorotea> I haven't bought them in over 10 years lol
17:22:25 <dorotea> I used to get them on my way home from school when I lived in Ohio, but that was 12 years ago now
17:23:03 <dorotea> iceTwy:) ^
17:23:52 <dorotea> amazing!
17:23:52 <dorotea> NP: [Henri Pfr - Summer Memories (One Hour Of Summer and Deep House)] [La Belle Musique (La Belle Mixtape)] [265kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.0
17:24:12 <dorotea> saxo house
17:25:17 <iceTwy> :P
17:25:25 <dorotea> make me feel old lol
17:25:26 <dorotea> fuck you
17:25:30 <dorotea> :>
17:25:34 <iceTwy> haha, I know the feeling ;)
17:25:45 <dorotea> nah man, my mom knows the feeling
17:25:46 <dorotea> lol
17:25:50 <dorotea> yours too
17:25:59 <iceTwy> probably yeah
17:26:08 <dorotea> soon it'll be 22 years ago and we'll be like where did the time go
17:26:35 <iceTwy> I'm already asking myself where time's gone
17:26:38 <iceTwy> seriously
17:26:50 <dorotea> I'm pissed that college is such a slow process
17:27:02 <iceTwy> hmm
17:27:03 <dorotea> I did so much before I graduated highschool and now everything slows
17:27:08 <iceTwy> lol
17:27:23 <dorotea> I want out of college, I want a motorcycle and a backpack
17:27:23 <iceTwy> shaddap, I'm going to college next year
17:27:26 <dorotea> and a plane ticket
17:27:29 <iceTwy> nevar
17:27:57 <dorotea> and I want to go bmx again
17:28:08 <dorotea> that's where half my scars are from :D
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17:28:41 <dorotea> never did master the tabletop backflip
17:28:47 <iceTwy> hmm
17:28:48 <dorotea> I wanna do that before I turn 30
17:28:54 <iceTwy> video?
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17:29:29 <dorotea> how about a how-to video? :D
17:30:11 <iceTwy> loool
17:30:24 <iceTwy> it's not like I was going to get a BMX and do that trick
17:30:27 <iceTwy> :P
17:30:32 <dorotea> lol
17:30:36 <dorotea> I used to ride :P
17:30:44 <dorotea> both my bmx bikes got stolen tho
17:30:52 <iceTwy> aw damn
17:31:04 <dorotea> nah it's whatever
17:31:05 <iceTwy> "I think that, 10 years ago, I invented that trick"
17:31:10 <iceTwy> dude
17:31:16 <iceTwy> do you want some flowers thrown to your face
17:31:18 <dorotea> they're slow and I ride on the road now
17:31:36 <dorotea> like fuck I'mma ride 4.5 miles on a bmx bike lol
17:31:51 <dorotea> but damn I did love having pegs
17:31:56 <dorotea> carry ALL THE PEOPLE
17:32:13 <dorotea> you can get 4 people on a bike, just so you know
17:32:14 <iceTwy> rofl
17:32:23 <dorotea> like, easily
17:32:35 <dorotea> more if you wanna get fancy and less safe
17:32:36 <dorotea> :D
17:32:52 <iceTwy> you are a hell of a crazy mofo
17:32:53 <iceTwy> :D
17:33:04 <dorotea> not even
17:33:13 <joepie91> dorotea: sorry, what, you're complaining about 4.5 miles on a bike...?
17:33:13 <dorotea> I was just never raised to fear things
17:33:15 <joepie91> ._.
17:33:21 <dorotea> bmx bike
17:33:25 <dorotea> tiny wheels, no gearing
17:33:41 <joepie91> meh
17:33:42 <joepie91> even then
17:33:45 <dorotea> it'd take me like an hour or more
17:33:46 <iceTwy> lol.
17:33:46 <dorotea> lol
17:33:48 <dorotea> tiny
17:33:49 <iceTwy> it's funny cause
17:33:50 <dorotea> fucking
17:33:52 <dorotea> wheels
17:33:52 <iceTwy> you're all skipping legs day
17:33:55 <iceTwy> nevar skip legs day
17:33:57 <iceTwy> nevar
17:33:59 <joepie91> iceTwy: wat
17:34:07 <joepie91> also, an hour is hardly something really bad?
17:34:08 <dorotea> the fuck is legs day and where can I find a pair
17:34:18 <dorotea> joepie91:) yes it is
17:34:19 <joepie91> lol
17:34:23 <iceTwy> legs day is the day where you work on your legs at the gym
17:34:27 <iceTwy> i.e. legs workout day
17:34:31 <dorotea> that's more than twice what it takes me currently
17:34:37 <joepie91> iceTwy: and that has a day because?
17:34:37 <dorotea> wat
17:34:46 <dorotea> why the fuck would you go to a gym
17:35:11 <dorotea> I've got a bicycle and a hill, I don't need a fucking gym
17:35:19 <dorotea> get a bike, go until you can't
17:35:21 <dorotea> then ride back
17:35:43 <dorotea> (this is why I can never find exercise partners :D )
17:36:31 <dorotea> fuck
17:36:38 <dorotea> this is so pretty ;_;
17:36:44 <joepie91> wat
17:36:45 <joepie91> a donation chargeback
17:36:55 <dorotea> wtf
17:37:00 <joepie91> and paypal "requires my action"
17:37:04 <joepie91> though what exactly they require, nfi
17:37:05 <dorotea> pimpslapamotherfucker
17:37:11 <iceTwy> joepie91:
17:37:15 <iceTwy> because this
17:37:34 <joepie91> ...
17:37:34 <dorotea> lol
17:37:38 <dorotea> I'm the flip of that
17:37:46 <dorotea> my legs could kill a man, each
17:37:47 <joepie91> iceTwy: sorry, but then you're just not doing gym right
17:37:54 <joepie91> dorotea is secretly chuck norris
17:37:55 <iceTwy> indeed joepie91
17:38:08 <dorotea> I am!
17:38:10 <iceTwy> that's why you must NEVER SKIP LEGS DAY
17:38:13 <dorotea> I melted my bike's pedals
17:38:21 <dorotea> by pedaling too hard, apparently
17:38:22 <iceTwy> aw crap dorotea
17:38:27 <joepie91> iceTwy: if you do gym correctly, you don't need a legs -day-...
17:38:29 <dorotea> Idk the name
17:38:40 <iceTwy> you probably dodged 100000 bullets upon being fired at
17:38:49 <dorotea> the bar the pedal is attached to? it connects between the center by a steel pole
17:38:52 <iceTwy> joepie91: yes you do. doing gym correctly implies separating the different parts of your body
17:38:59 <iceTwy> aka, working them out on separate days
17:39:02 <dorotea> well the pedal arms are aluminum
17:39:09 <dorotea> so if you pedal too hard, they melt
17:39:20 * dorotea deform ALL THE THINGS
17:39:50 <iceTwy>
17:39:52 <dorotea> took a rasp to that shit
17:39:53 <iceTwy> .title
17:39:53 <botpie91> iceTwy: Priorities - Imgur
17:40:00 <dorotea> fixed it right up
17:40:41 <dorotea> I don't understand this populist humor
17:41:18 <dorotea> the clarion call of our age is uniting around shared experiential stupidity
17:41:27 <dorotea> like, what the fuck guys
17:41:31 <dorotea> what the fuck
17:41:32 <dorotea> lol
17:43:02 <dorotea> If you want to know what sexy sounds like, go to 22:00 and start listening
17:43:36 * dorotea deafens
17:47:00 <dorotea> and there's a fucking amazing remix of `a land down under` at 44:00
17:48:46 <dorotea> HAHAHA best random
17:48:46 <dorotea> NP: [Papa Roach - Last Resort] [Infest] [1061kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.0
17:49:01 <dorotea> motherfuckers started out down the road from where I grew up
17:49:04 <dorotea> :D
17:50:27 <dorotea> hahahaha
17:50:29 <dorotea> .tw
17:50:29 <botpie91> Popular reading at Berlin's Bitcoin conference. @ Kalkscheune (@LucyKafanov)
17:51:01 <joepie91> okay, so
17:51:03 <joepie91> dorotea, iceTwy
17:51:08 <joepie91> somebody charged back a 20 euro donation
17:51:18 <joepie91> I have four options to choose from in the dispute thing
17:51:23 <joepie91> "I can prove the object was sent" (not applicable, it was a donation)
17:51:29 <joepie91> "I can give other proof of sending (not via shipping company)" (not applicable, it was a donation)
17:51:30 <joepie91> "I can give other proof of sending (not via shipping company)" (not applicable, it was a donation)
17:51:32 <joepie91> oops
17:51:36 <joepie91> "I've already refunded this person" (not applicable, donation via paypal)
17:51:43 <joepie91> "I accept liability for this transaction" (no mention of chargeback fees, but forum threads suggest that they will charge me $20 for this, on top of the chargeback)
17:51:55 <dorotea> wat
17:52:16 <joepie91> yes, exactly my response
17:52:33 <joepie91> it's marked as a goddamn donation in their bookkeeping
17:52:44 <joepie91> why are they giving me "sold product" options
17:53:23 <dorotea> ugh
17:53:38 * dorotea tries to figure out how to kill evolution because it got stuck trying to grab mail
17:54:08 <dorotea> wat
17:54:12 <dorotea> it survived a kill?
17:54:16 * dorotea -9
17:54:26 <dorotea> better
17:54:39 <dorotea> reap that pid1
17:54:49 <iceTwy> lol
17:55:20 <dorotea> someday I'm going to name the process reaper into the_grim_reaper via a giant patch
17:55:21 <iceTwy> joepie91: contact PayPal
17:55:25 <iceTwy> their support is rather good
17:55:32 <dorotea> wat
17:55:32 <joepie91> iceTwy: they are getting a call tomorrow
17:55:40 <joepie91> dorotea: US support != EU support
17:55:44 <dorotea> oh?
17:55:49 <dorotea> cause they're like satan
17:55:49 <joepie91> some of the EU countries paypal operates in actually have useful support
17:55:54 <dorotea> actively worse than att
17:55:58 <joepie91> my experiences with NL support have been good so far
17:55:59 <joepie91> but eh
17:56:03 <joepie91> we'll see
17:56:31 <dorotea> AGH
17:56:34 <dorotea> WHY YOU PAYWALL
17:56:36 * dorotea shoots
17:56:57 <dorotea> 3 articles per month? really?
17:57:00 <dorotea> I read that many per DAY
17:57:05 <dorotea> per site!
17:57:46 <MK_FG> Guess where you won't be reading that many?
17:57:53 <joepie91> lol
17:58:25 <dorotea> same reason I don't touch nyt anymore
17:58:40 <dorotea> 9 articles per month my ass
18:00:51 <dorotea> I paid for matter when they still charged
18:01:04 <dorotea> and I wanted to pay for nsfwcorp but they got bought
18:01:26 <dorotea> and now they're on pando poking omidyar in the eye
18:02:22 Zekka has quit (Ping timeout)
18:04:10 <dorotea> this is the most amazing art
18:04:51 <joepie91> btw
18:04:53 <joepie91> awesomeness
18:04:54 <joepie91>
18:04:59 <joepie91> looks like somebody forked it! :P
18:05:29 <dorotea> EXCELLENT
18:05:33 <dorotea> assistance++
18:09:50 <dorotea>
18:10:26 Zekka (zekka@Zekka.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
18:10:28 <dorotea> oooooooh
18:23:52 iceTwy has quit (User quit:  WeeChat 0.4.3)
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20:19:22 monod (~pmpf@monod.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
20:20:17 <monod> evening/morning
20:23:55 <monod> while I search for it, does anyone know a channel where to "hack" "broken" devices? Like an mp3 player of mine that has definitely died in some way and now I would like to play a lil bit with it
20:23:59 <monod> loggy, pointer
20:23:59 <loggy>
20:24:06 <monod> and soon get a soul, loggy
20:40:23 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 2 commit(s) to 03Envoy on branch 10develop: '02Bugfix for extauth logging', '02LogProvider' (
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21:06:32 <botpie91> 04musalbas made 1 commit(s) to on branch 10master: '02pgp' (
21:13:53 <monod> (I've come to "logic analyzers" as of now)
21:20:41 <monod> gottttttttttttttttttttttttta catch em a.... derp, gotta go!
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21:24:23 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Added language syntax label to KRL syntax package.', '02Merge pull request #2819 from drautb/masterAdded language syntax label to KRL syntax package.' (
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