Cryto! 29 January 2014

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01:42:11 <lysobit> botpie91!
01:42:11 <botpie91> lysobit!
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04:02:22 * Sabit pokes joepie91
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06:21:43 <joepie91> hai Sabit
06:24:17 <Sabit> joepie91!
06:24:47 <joepie91> :)
06:24:54 <Sabit> i'm alive!
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06:50:36 <joepie91> Sabit: I see!
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07:57:19 <monod> gotta go!
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08:08:41 <jwa> hello
08:21:06 <joepie91> ohai :P
08:29:00 <jwa> I just noticed your MOTD is wrong
08:29:17 <jwa> it says join #cryto but clearly that channel doesn't exist
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08:46:04 <joepie91> jwa: it used to
08:46:13 <joepie91> but nobody ever used it for its intended purpose
08:46:13 <joepie91> heh
09:24:59 <jwa> ic
09:25:02 <jwa> well
09:25:15 <jwa> I'm not sure if I'm upset or very pleased with RedHat Openshift
09:25:31 <jwa> at one the the server my app was running on had a load average of 30 33 30
09:25:54 <jwa> now it's at 1 4 5 and my site's response times for the homepage is down to 200ms :3
09:25:55 <joepie91>
09:25:56 <joepie91> jesus
09:26:05 <jwa> yeah I tweeted that earlier
09:26:18 <jwa>
09:26:19 <joepie91> this kind of crap is why I stick with for my domains...
09:26:34 <joepie91> (I know them not to fall into social engineering traps
09:26:35 <joepie91> )
09:27:13 <jwa> heh, internet bullshit
09:27:19 <joepie91> yeah, the name could've been picked better
09:27:20 <joepie91> heh
09:27:48 <joepie91> their website isn't very well-made either (though it improved a bit in the redesign)
09:27:52 <joepie91> but service-wise they're great
09:28:23 <jwa> maybe it was intentional?
09:28:32 <jwa> i'm with and linode and so far no problems
09:28:48 <jwa> ofc I don't have anything like that to be worth hacking but still I consider my server to be secure
09:30:30 <joepie91> does Linode do domains...?
09:30:36 <jwa> no but dns
09:30:40 <joepie91> ah
09:30:50 <joepie91> my DNS is at
09:30:57 <joepie91> also, see PM
09:33:40 <jwa> TIL hurricane electric offers free dns
09:34:42 <joepie91> :)
09:34:46 <joepie91> jwa: it's anycasted, too
09:35:04 <jwa> quite a handful more features than what linode offers
09:35:09 <jwa> not sure if I need that though
09:35:26 <jwa> but spreading your stuff across different providers is probably a good idea
09:35:58 <joepie91> jwa: I quite like having my DNS separate from my hosting provider
09:36:08 <joepie91> makes it virtually painless to move over if it were ever to become necessary
09:36:10 <jwa> yeah it's like the opposite of namecheap
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14:52:56 <monod> herro guyz
14:53:23 * monod currently through a spiritual enlightenment/awakening.
14:53:35 <monod> I'm going to afk & study!
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14:56:03 <Xeross> Afternoon
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15:45:20 <monod> gotta run!
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15:46:31 <jwa> that was a kinda short study session
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16:55:35 <joepie91>
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18:16:40 <Riddler> hi
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20:26:48 <monod> hola
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22:34:06 <monod> gotta go sleeeeeep tomorrow will be a super cool day (maybeeeeee)
22:34:14 <monod> cross fingers guys, cross fingers.
22:34:20 <monod> g'night!
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23:23:01 <MK_FG> Wat, even cooler day than today? No wai
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