Cryto! 24 January 2014

00:03:17 <lysobit> let _your_ brain be fertilized
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01:17:40 <dorotea> multidicks!
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02:02:59 <dorotea> NP: [ZZ Top - La Grange] [Greatest Hits] [809kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.0
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05:17:12 <dorotea> There's a boy by a pool who simply can't move but to drool
05:17:34 <joepie91> wat
05:17:36 <dorotea> Staring ever in to a silly grin, trapped beside the pool
05:17:44 <dorotea> ahhhhh~
05:18:02 <joepie91> also, dorotea.... there seems to be a subtle hint on Tiger Direct's frontpage that they -might- be accepting Bitcoin...
05:18:03 <dorotea> And across the way there's a man who can't wait
05:18:31 <dorotea> man
05:18:35 <dorotea> you'd never have any idea
05:18:41 <dorotea> it's so sublt
05:18:44 <dorotea> subtle
05:19:08 <dorotea> sounds like they're going balls deep
05:19:19 <dorotea> reselling bfl wares
05:20:37 <joepie91> haha
05:20:51 <dorotea> Hour by hour I wait for my flower to bloom... It's a hideous black mushroom! Odious for doom!
05:21:02 <dorotea> And I crouch by the glass in the underpass of the moon
05:21:08 <dorotea> wondering what's in store beyond my bolted door
05:21:20 <dorotea> this music is so fucking ME, jesus
05:21:24 <dorotea> it doesn't make any fucking sense
05:21:36 <dorotea> it flows well, is mildly repetitive but not trance
05:21:56 * dorotea giggles
05:22:22 <dorotea> also, why is such morbid music considered feel-good music to me
05:22:23 <dorotea> lol
05:22:32 <dorotea> the story of this cd is the end of the world
05:22:46 <dorotea> describing, at a metaphysical level, what that would look like to those experiencing it
05:23:02 <dorotea> which again, TOTALLY ME
05:23:43 <dorotea> and my favorite line on the entire CD: Dormouse, Dormouse, have you any cheese? Or, did it melt in the thermonuclear breeze?
05:26:13 <dorotea> .tw
05:26:13 <botpie91> This just in: FBI using COINTELPRO to make me take one too many shots and have a fantastic evening! (@Aranjedeath)
05:28:22 <dorotea> so who is going to find my tweet first and call me out for being insensitive :D
05:28:55 <dorotea> NP: [Beck - Where It's At] [Odelay] [844kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.0
05:35:14 <dorotea> mmm
05:35:16 <dorotea> NP: [Pendulum - Different] [In Silico] [1056kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.0
05:52:25 <dorotea> NP: [Charles Trenet (w/Wal-Berg & His Orchestra) - Boum!] [The Electro Swing Revolution CD 2] [383kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.0
05:57:11 <dorotea> Say boy, whachu doin' round my jazz? You found the funk! Now, you'll have to swing it.
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06:07:12 <joepie91>
06:07:13 <joepie91> The issue came to light on the company’s support forum after camera experts discovered that the Web interface for many Foscam cameras can be accessed simply by pressing “OK” in the dialog box when prompted for a username and password.
06:07:19 * joepie91 claps
06:08:29 <dorotea> hmm
06:08:32 <dorotea> no nsh anymore?
06:08:40 <dorotea> I have a good quote from him in my text file
06:08:57 <dorotea> also, lulz
06:08:58 <dorotea> amazing security
06:09:58 <dorotea> hmm
06:10:25 <dorotea> one of my best irc quotes
06:10:26 <dorotea> <art> hello
06:10:26 <dorotea> <art> is anybody here, or are all of you bots ?
06:10:26 <dorotea> <pettter> define "bot"
06:10:26 <dorotea> <pettter> I am an electrochemical contraption interacting with you via a text interface
06:10:26 <dorotea> <art> i am still trying to define bot
06:10:51 <dorotea> :3
06:15:30 <joepie91> hahaha
06:18:25 <dorotea> man, I will never get tired of sucker punch
06:18:49 <dorotea> it's the only movie to correctly transmit the idea of a perfect victory
06:22:17 <dorotea> heh
06:22:28 <dorotea> "To say I'm detail oriented is a joke. Detail is my aesthetic."
06:23:38 <joepie91> bahahaha
06:23:38 <joepie91> dorotea:
06:23:52 <joepie91> Vodafone is tired of it being unclear how much the blank media tax is supposed to be in NL
06:23:56 <joepie91> (as 'piracy offset' etc.)
06:24:12 <joepie91> so they decided "okay, so, we've now unilaterally decided to only pay half until you guys come up with a policy"
06:24:13 <joepie91> lol
06:25:31 <dorotea> fuck yeah
06:26:20 <dorotea> mmm
06:26:41 <joepie91> "fuck it, you're not getting money until you clear up your act"
06:26:42 <joepie91> hehe
06:31:16 <dorotea> mmm
06:32:22 <dorotea> "The first thing you need is a map, Then fire, Then a knife, and a key." "You said five things." "The fith is a mystery.. Know that It will be a deep sacrifice, and a perfect victory."
06:33:19 <dorotea> that concept is not transmitted in any other movie I've seen
06:33:27 <dorotea> which is very sad, it's something I was raised with :D
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06:54:42 * Sabit pokes the joepie91
06:58:16 <joepie91> Sabit: hai!
06:58:32 <Sabit> joepie91: school is killing me :(
06:59:25 * dorotea hands sabit's school a machete
06:59:31 <Sabit> no stahp
06:59:47 <dorotea> I die from school too, but not yet
06:59:52 <dorotea> not far enough into semester
07:00:03 <Sabit> already have  test tomorrow :(
07:00:12 <dorotea> excellent! get off irc and know the material!
07:00:22 <Sabit> but reddit.
07:00:27 <dorotea> what's that
07:00:30 <Sabit> idk
07:00:39 * dorotea doesn't touch that shit, never will
07:00:58 <dorotea> facebook is plenty enough vices, thanks
07:00:58 <Sabit> :P
07:01:08 <dorotea> and I'm married to twitter, so
07:01:17 <Sabit> oh social networks
07:05:37 <Sabit> alright im off to study
07:05:41 <dorotea> yes!
07:05:45 <dorotea> twitter is my wife
07:05:46 <dorotea> :D
07:06:41 <dorotea> I can't say dating anymore, it's been 5 years
07:06:46 <dorotea> at this point we're sharing finances and shit
07:08:14 <dorotea> oh, I hit my 10 article limit on NYT
07:08:25 <dorotea> time to ban them for 3 months to remind myself why they're cunts
07:09:43 <dorotea> oh thank god, pando has another controversial article out
07:13:19 <joepie91> Sabit: good luck
07:13:28 <joepie91> dorotea: wtf is up with bitcoin right now
07:13:46 <joepie91>
07:14:09 <joepie91> bahahaha
07:14:10 <joepie91> The head of the largest bank in the US said Thursday that bitcoin is a â??terrible store of value,â? in part because international governments, bankers, and other officials are unsure whether they can trust the digital currency.
07:15:31 <joepie91> "It's a terrible store of value. It could be replicated over and over," he said.
07:15:32 <joepie91> haha what
07:19:20 <dorotea> I don't
07:19:21 <dorotea> what
07:19:22 <dorotea> lol
07:22:35 <joepie91> head of bank says that competitor is awful
07:22:36 <joepie91> news at 11
07:23:50 <dorotea> yep
07:24:00 * dorotea tries wow in opengl
07:28:17 <dorotea> nope
07:50:54 <joepie91> dorotea:
08:11:41 <dorotea> fuckit
08:11:43 <dorotea> fucking shit
08:12:06 <dorotea> it failed to teleport me into the dungeon, then penalized me when I dropped out of the group
08:12:52 <dorotea> oh man
08:12:55 <dorotea> that's pretty great
08:13:32 <dorotea> lol sit in dulles for 2 days
08:13:34 <dorotea> uh-huh
08:15:09 <dorotea> I suppose that means I have spies in my textbooks then, right?
08:15:13 * dorotea laughs
08:27:56 <dorotea> joepie91:) night!
08:28:22 <joepie91> night dorotea!
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16:20:02 <dorotea> hmm
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16:28:46 <dorotea> gonna try rebooting to see if my wow starts working better :<
16:29:17 <dorotea> I'm a sad panda (no, really, I'm pandaren)
16:33:35 <dorotea> I had a terrible idea: Everybody name themselves from groups the USG considers to be terrorists so some poor sap has to hit the yes I've seen it button every time you send a paquet
16:34:20 <dorotea> lol "select this"
16:35:13 <dorotea> the clarion call of cryptoanarchists everywhere
16:35:14 <dorotea> lol
16:38:50 <joepie91> lol
16:42:12 <dorotea> this sounds like a chainsaw being run through a synth, and I love it
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16:59:26 <dorotea> such delicious. very music. wow.
16:59:28 <dorotea> NP: [Juno Reactor - Pistolero] [Shango] [923kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.6.0
17:00:00 <dorotea> It's probably been 4 years since I've listened to this song, and yet I still know every movement in it
17:00:02 <dorotea> heh.
17:10:37 <dorotea> he had a left like Henry's Hammer. A right like Betty Bamalam. Rode with the muggers in the dark and dread and all them sluggers went down like lead
17:12:00 <dorotea> :>
17:12:08 <dorotea> joepie91:) Morning :D
17:15:32 <dorotea> <-- meeting god tends to do that
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17:18:29 <dorotea> man, pendulum is like the greatest combination of electronic music and guitars and worthless lyrics
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17:30:08 <joepie91> morning dorotea
17:30:15 <joepie91> even though i'm abotu to sleep
17:30:16 <joepie91> :)
17:30:16 <joepie91> about *
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17:44:02 <Riddler> hey
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17:47:32 <crytocc699> ciao
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17:50:29 <crytocc699> qualcuno parla italiano?
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17:58:38 <dorotea> joepie91:) indeed!
17:58:52 <dorotea> joepie91:) go to bed, you can't even type :D
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18:15:02 <dorotea> woops, killed firefox
18:16:17 <dorotea> profiler is uh weak-kneed it seems
18:17:11 <crytocc699> who sell bitcoins?
18:19:41 <dorotea> you're probably on the wrong server for that
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20:32:32 <iceTwy> so, apparently...
20:32:34 <iceTwy>
20:32:36 <iceTwy> .title
20:32:37 <botpie91> iceTwy: 35% Of All Pirate Bay Uploads Are Porn | TorrentFreak
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20:35:21 <iceTwy> I kind of chuckled at this
20:35:23 <iceTwy> cc joepie91 ^
20:53:21 * monod hates porn industry
20:53:41 <monod> ...and this pushes me forward desiring having a gf
21:01:36 <iceTwy> monod: looks like you ain't alone here
21:01:37 <iceTwy> ;p
21:01:49 <monod> we fight bro!
21:02:06 <monod> if you're looking for motivation, I got some fresh links
21:02:08 <monod> stored
21:02:11 <monod> bookmarked*
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21:36:54 <iceTwy> monod: why not
21:36:58 <iceTwy> monod: :P
21:37:09 <iceTwy> but I think that the best thing if you wanna get sum ass
21:37:16 <iceTwy> is just to go outside on a sunny day
21:39:41 <monod> ehm
21:39:54 <monod> that's a good way to *see* sum ass, iceTwy
21:39:58 <monod> how would you get that?
21:41:05 <monod> it involves approaching the other one
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23:12:24 <iceTwy> monod: well yes, it does involve approaching someone..
23:12:29 <iceTwy> but what's the matter there?
23:12:35 <monod> no, no matter
23:12:39 <iceTwy> if you're extrovert when it comes to that, just go like a boss
23:12:40 <monod> only that:
23:12:40 <iceTwy> ;P
23:12:53 <monod> indeed..
23:13:05 <monod> the only problem with "it's not enough just going out" is that you need to be proactive
23:13:13 <monod> as in everything, if you want to accomplish something
23:13:22 <iceTwy> though, going out might be nice, but I'm not too sure that what you'll end up with will be more than just a date
23:13:48 <iceTwy> obv you're going to find a GF amongst friends of friends, aka your social network
23:14:51 <iceTwy> which reminds me, I'll have to cut my weight at the end of summer
23:15:04 <iceTwy> I've bulked up rather unintentionally because of the rough weather
23:15:06 <iceTwy> and stress, too
23:15:42 <iceTwy> summer will also be the times I'll have my finals but w/e, a little bit of sun and everything shines in your life
23:16:31 <monod> what if you live in London? Or in UK?
23:16:39 <monod> 4 season in every, single, goddamn day.l
23:16:39 <iceTwy> haha, I don't; I live in Paris
23:16:44 <monod> :D
23:16:52 <iceTwy> lol yeah. poor British people :D
23:17:24 <monod> yeah, but they compensate with other great things
23:17:38 <iceTwy> erm, like what
23:18:13 <monod> uhm. uhm. uhm. I have no UK friends atm...
23:18:17 <monod> can't really imagine
23:18:19 <monod> but
23:18:23 <monod> oh, here we go
23:18:27 <monod> english humour!
23:18:37 <monod> it's really characteristic
23:18:41 <iceTwy> oh, that TWISTED kind of humour
23:18:42 <iceTwy> I see
23:18:42 <iceTwy> :D
23:18:45 <monod> XD
23:19:00 <iceTwy> btw, speaking of getting GF's, monod. The first pic describes us
23:19:01 <iceTwy>
23:19:38 <monod> oh lol
23:19:44 <monod> I used to, maybe...
23:19:52 <monod> I mean
23:20:05 <monod> I used to look like that, but not really if I really think of it
23:20:17 <monod> but the point in the image is that
23:20:34 <monod> the guy is enthusiastic, instead of feeling wrong for his passion for computers
23:20:49 <monod> I don't know if that made sense.
23:21:25 <iceTwy> I get your point ;p
23:21:36 <monod> qusetion for everyone: have you ever been on meds? (psychodrugs)
23:21:57 <iceTwy> anti-depressive stuff & co?
23:22:06 <iceTwy> adderall, etc?
23:22:24 <monod> anti-depressants, ansiolitics
23:22:32 <monod> or ansiolytics*
23:22:54 <iceTwy> I haven't been, but they're by far the worst meds out there
23:23:41 <monod> oh my...
23:23:50 <monod> what are you sources for saying that?
23:23:51 <iceTwy> Like, there's potential for abuse.
23:24:09 <iceTwy>
23:24:24 <monod> oh wow
23:24:38 <monod> you know HAVE to tell me what reddit is about. conversations?
23:24:45 <monod> like, topic-based?
23:25:06 <iceTwy> they have an IRC channel which I idle on, usually
23:25:13 <monod> gooosh
23:25:23 <monod> #reddit on somewhere?
23:25:34 <iceTwy> nah, is their own IRC server
23:25:45 <monod> oh ok
23:25:50 <iceTwy> if you have questions about meds and their effects, ask there
23:25:55 <monod> and they talk about taking meds? oh ok
23:25:57 <iceTwy> avoid #drugs, it's a shithole
23:26:00 <monod> ah
23:26:01 <monod> lol
23:26:05 <monod> I will, thanks
23:26:08 <monod> for the advice
23:26:13 <iceTwy> register, then join #tripsitvip
23:30:12 <monod> goosh, these guys are really sleeping....
23:30:48 <monod> yuuppi, someone!
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