Cryto! 20 January 2014

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00:44:05 <lysobit> botpie91!
00:44:06 <botpie91> lysobit!
00:51:00 <dorotea> :3
00:51:16 <dorotea> fbsd10 is gold! <3<3<3
00:59:19 <dorotea> it's so scary to me that my ghz went down with the new cpu, and my performance increased by at least 50% for most things
00:59:37 <dorotea> 3.0ghz dualcore to 2.33ghz dualcore, latter performs much better
00:59:39 <dorotea> :O
00:59:48 <dorotea> fucking newfangled cpus
01:11:45 <dorotea> fbsdx it is!
01:30:38 <MK_FG> Yay!
01:38:19 <dorotea> ahh yes, building zfs support for linux from source
01:38:25 <dorotea> eeeeexcellent
01:38:47 <dorotea> because they don't make the .debs for jessie :D
01:41:27 <dorotea> and of course it doesn't build
02:17:08 <dorotea> MK_FG:) you don't happen to use gnunet do you?
02:17:31 <MK_FG> No, never got around to that one
02:17:41 <dorotea> debian ships it, but the docs on gnunets site are mostly focused on either : compiling from source or "already perfectly working installation"
02:17:55 <dorotea> I fall under neither case
02:17:56 <dorotea> lol
02:18:25 <dorotea> they suggest running gnunet-gtk from the command line, which is not a binary existing on my system
02:18:27 <MK_FG> I'd check source tarball for docs
02:18:32 <dorotea> (the package of the same name is installed)
02:18:40 <dorotea> and so I'm all {}A_S+O_A+S==
02:19:07 * dorotea reasons I hate gnu people
02:19:20 <dorotea> fuckit
02:19:34 <dorotea> `$ gnunet-setup` it is
02:20:03 <dorotea> excellent! something happened!
02:22:46 <dorotea> I.. what
02:22:52 <dorotea> how did I end up with OS-level adblock
02:23:30 <dorotea> and it's actually the most recent version?
02:23:31 <dorotea> I just
02:23:32 <dorotea> what
02:24:03 <MK_FG> Hm, debian ships it with firefox as an os package?
02:24:09 <dorotea> yeah
02:24:23 <dorotea> xul-ext-adblock-plus
02:24:28 <MK_FG> Wow, that sounds controversal ;)
02:24:41 <dorotea> I dunno if it's a dep, but like wtf
02:24:43 <dorotea> sec
02:25:23 <dorotea> hmm
02:25:36 <dorotea> iceweasel doesn't depend on it.. hmm
02:25:50 <dorotea> maybe I dragged it in on accident? but how
02:25:52 <dorotea> lol
02:33:41 <dorotea> huh
02:34:02 <dorotea> well, it appears the one that ships via debs has the "acceptable ads" list turned off by default
02:34:03 <dorotea> excellent
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07:53:59 <monod> gtg
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09:22:19 <norbert79> botpie91, tell monod I've read!
09:22:20 <botpie91> norbert79: I'll pass that on when monod is around.
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09:25:48 <norbert79> botpie91: tell monod, that he can find me in OFTC.
09:25:49 <botpie91> norbert79: I'll pass that on when monod is around.
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15:22:57 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 6 commit(s) to 03Envoy on branch 10develop: '02Many updates and patches', '02Vagrant and git fixes', '02Logger bugfix', '02More patches', '02EvalHandler fixes', '02First bits of initial presence sync' (
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17:16:15 <dorotea> excellent! Today is a federal holiday and I wake up to Wikileaks shitting on somebody :D
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18:11:33 <MK_FG> I thought it was more of another dogecoin day ;)
18:20:09 <dorotea> nah I'm just spending all my time trying to watch 30c3 videos
18:30:54 <dorotea> hmm
18:31:04 <dorotea> I think what I hate about mass surveillance is that it kills nationalism
18:31:18 <dorotea> because you're assuming people of your own in-group are bad
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18:48:50 <dorotea> an internet has been won:
18:49:00 <dorotea> read that text
18:49:44 <dorotea> money for Jamaican bobsleigh team raised in dogecoin. Amazing!
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20:32:41 <monod> hi fellas
20:32:41 <botpie91> monod: 09:22Z <norbert79> tell monod I've read!
20:32:42 <botpie91> monod: 09:25Z <norbert79> tell monod that he can find me in OFTC.
20:33:46 <monod> thank you botpie91!
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20:55:19 <monod> Right now @#anonnews:
20:55:21 <monod> <KapuTowka> Hello
20:55:21 <monod> <qwk> gtfo
20:55:23 <monod> hahahahaha
20:55:31 <monod> I had to tell ya XD
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21:26:29 <KapuTowka> Hello
21:26:45 <KapuTowka> Write please the server on which communicate Anonymous
21:28:43 <monod> KapuTowka, ehm
21:29:06 <monod> I'm so sorry, my bad. I forgot about the topic
21:29:07 <monod> :D
21:29:10 <monod> "no Anonymous"
21:29:27 <monod> come to askanonymous
21:30:27 <KapuTowka> monod, thanks :)
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21:42:10 <monod> going to shutdownn
21:47:27 <monod> see ya!
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