Cryto! 16 January 2014

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00:15:20 <lysobit> help i accidentally build babby
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04:58:27 <Sabit> botpie91!
04:58:28 <botpie91> Sabit!
05:00:55 <joepie91> Sabit!
05:01:05 <Sabit> joepie91!
05:01:17 <Sabit> i have finals in 12 hours :(
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06:01:04 <joepie91> :(
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07:02:05 * Sabit pokes joepie91
07:04:45 <Sabit> alright i must sleep
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07:23:45 <joepie91> goodnight Sabit, and good luck tomorrow :)
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11:03:27 <joepie91> about to testrun code that I've been working on refactoring for the past week or so without testing
11:03:29 <joepie91> wish me luck
11:03:29 <joepie91> :P
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12:05:47 <joepie91> .startgh
12:05:49 <botpie91> Now watching GitHub for users joepie91, iceTwy, FichteFoll, cam1337, codetalkdev, shiny, musalbas.
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13:55:32 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 1 commit(s) to 03Envoy on branch 10develop: '02Import fixes, proper initialization, lazy loading' (
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15:23:19 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Updated sublime_text attribute for SublimeTextGitX', '02Merge pull request #2639 from fabiocorneti/masterUpdated sublime_text attribute for SublimeTextGitX' (
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15:44:00 <lysobit> botpie91!
15:44:01 <botpie91> lysobit!
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16:03:29 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 2 commit(s) to 03Envoy on branch 10develop: '02Numerous refactoring bugfixes', '02WOOOOORDSSSS' (
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16:34:19 <Riddler> hi
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18:18:10 <SatanlovesHash> hi
18:18:19 <SatanlovesHash> I like the fact you are TOR friendly here
18:18:22 <SatanlovesHash> :)
18:18:36 <SatanlovesHash> Thank you for allowing users to protect their anonimity
18:33:03 <hrh23> its Tor not TOR :P
18:33:19 <SatanlovesHash> Tunnel Onion Routing, surely?
18:33:28 <hrh23> :3
18:33:51 <hrh23> read the website and not only the news sites
18:33:52 <SatanlovesHash> What's my IP address?
18:35:04 <SatanlovesHash> What do you code?
18:37:38 <Riddler> satanloveshash So what led you to join anonymous? (I'm assuming you are part of anonymous.)
18:39:20 <SatanlovesHash> Me scratching my head in 2003 working out why are we invading Iraq when Saddam's given up his WMD already? Learning 9/11 was an inside job, learning the Council of Foreign Relations dictates what presidents and prime ministers do globally, learning the Rockefella foundation pays no tax yet "donates" money to politicians to every day erode people's rights to form a new world order and waking up to realise the mainstream media is lyi
18:39:22 <SatanlovesHash> ng to my face
18:39:31 <SatanlovesHash> How about yourself?
18:39:51 <Riddler> I'm not part of anonymous.
18:40:11 <Riddler> I'm merely an observer to this chaos.
18:40:44 <SatanlovesHash> You're one of these "action through inaction" types, huh?
18:41:50 <Riddler> No.
18:42:03 <Riddler> I just like watching other people fight about nonsense.
18:42:10 <Riddler> It amuses me.
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18:47:12 <SatanlovesHash> So you like WWE and boxing then?
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19:48:15 <goom> hello
19:48:34 <SatanlovesHash> greetings
19:48:44 <goom> whats up?
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20:17:55 <lysobit> botpie91!
20:17:56 <botpie91> lysobit!
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21:17:55 <iceTwy> lol.
21:17:59 <iceTwy> more than anything, this is funny
21:18:01 <iceTwy>
21:18:21 <iceTwy> I mean since shit's hitting the fan (aka the public), let's not cry but laugh about it
21:18:23 <iceTwy> lol
21:18:37 <iceTwy> retains everyone's data but US citizens'
21:19:42 <SatanlovesHash> GCHQ does that
21:19:51 <iceTwy> it does
21:20:06 <SatanlovesHash> inter agency spy agreement to circumvent the law legally
21:20:37 <iceTwy> yes, and that's my point. this is just funny
21:21:30 <iceTwy> all it is, is a funny demonstration of the failure of laws that are either not adapted to the digital world because they're too old, or to laws that permit (even if they don't explicitly promote it) data snooping, and collection over the long term
21:21:37 <iceTwy> or of*
21:23:12 <iceTwy> when you've got a set of grumpy 60 to 70 years old 'elected representatives' in every Parliament in the Western world, that's what happens
21:23:37 <iceTwy> they don't know shit about digital communications
21:23:46 <iceTwy> ain't much left to do from there on
21:25:30 <SatanlovesHash> No but they have advisers who do
21:26:02 <SatanlovesHash> The Council on Foreign relations basically tells every senior politican what to say, how to act, what to think
21:26:42 <iceTwy> oh, well, yes.
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22:28:43 <Riddler> hi
22:30:19 <monod> hi riddler!
22:30:21 <monod> gotta go!
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