Cryto! 14 January 2014

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06:01:17 <zxcvbnm> sup cooterbangers
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06:03:18 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: hai!
06:03:39 <zxcvbnm> ooo they have the internet on computers now
06:03:41 <Veganon`> joepie91!
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06:03:53 <joepie91> lol
06:03:53 * Veganon hasn't been to cryto in a looooong time.
06:03:58 <joepie91> hai Veganon? :P
06:04:04 <Veganon> Lulz
06:04:04 <joepie91> oh, in which case
06:04:07 <joepie91> .welcome Veganon
06:04:08 <botpie91> Veganon: welcome to #crytocc! Please be aware that this channel is publicly logged, and make sure to read the rules in the channel topic. You may hide messages from the public logs by prefixing them with [off].
06:04:11 <Veganon> Yep
06:04:19 <joepie91> zxcvbnm:
06:04:22 <joepie91> sneak preview! :D
06:04:27 <Veganon> I've not been here since the massive douchebag ddos from hell.
06:04:53 <joepie91> oh, that's been a while then
06:04:54 <Veganon> So over a year.
06:04:56 <Veganon> Yeah :)
06:05:25 <Veganon> Moved over to anonops, but that shit be freaky.
06:05:50 <joepie91> mm
06:05:53 <Veganon> And there's a joepie91 bot. :D
06:05:58 <Veganon> You have a fan club.
06:05:59 <joepie91> just be sure to read the channel rules here, those weren't in place back then yet :)
06:06:05 <joepie91> and yeah, I know :P
06:06:07 <Veganon> I know, I read them.
06:06:08 <joepie91> it tends to confuse people
06:06:12 <Veganon> I know lol.
06:06:14 <joepie91> who think that is actually me
06:06:34 <Veganon> I usually get "Who is joepie91?" I'm like "Bot, but I chose that bot name for a reason" lol
06:07:02 <zxcvbnm> joepie91: what am I looking at
06:07:06 <zxcvbnm> i mean i see it
06:07:13 <joepie91> lol
06:07:18 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: new design for
06:07:23 <joepie91> put quite some work into the UI components
06:07:26 * zxcvbnm didn't see the old one
06:07:27 <zxcvbnm> is that bad
06:07:28 <joepie91> the slider and the multi-choice thingie
06:07:30 <joepie91> yes :P
06:07:31 <zxcvbnm> do I lose ?
06:07:32 <zxcvbnm> hehe
06:07:34 <joepie91> it's bad and you should feel bad!
06:07:37 <zxcvbnm> i feel terrible
06:07:37 <joepie91>
06:07:45 <zxcvbnm> well that was obvsiously the next logical step
06:08:13 <zxcvbnm> o
06:08:14 <zxcvbnm> shit
06:08:18 <zxcvbnm> wt
06:08:19 <zxcvbnm> f
06:08:23 <zxcvbnm> why havent i seen this before
06:08:26 <joepie91> lol
06:08:28 <zxcvbnm> joepie you selfish mofoooo
06:08:29 <zxcvbnm> :D
06:08:29 <joepie91> that's usually the response
06:08:33 <joepie91> "I NEEDED THAT 2 MONTHS AGO"
06:08:42 <joepie91> but yeah, it's kinda outdated
06:08:45 <zxcvbnm> jeebus
06:08:49 <joepie91> and needs a lot of work to make it not become outdated quickly
06:08:54 <joepie91> so I don't actively advertise its existence
06:08:57 <joepie91> until the new version is up
06:09:04 <joepie91> new version will have proper correction possibility etc.
06:09:28 <Veganon> Random: Does anyone know if anonops kills connections on mention of this server link?
06:09:36 <Veganon> Because I know it does on other servers.
06:09:37 <joepie91> Veganon: not that I am aware of
06:09:43 <joepie91> oh?
06:09:43 <Veganon> Hm, k.
06:09:47 <joepie91> it does?
06:10:01 <Veganon> Yeah, some fag's private server supposedly auto g-lines if it's fully typed out.
06:10:24 <joepie91> if is typed out you mean, or?
06:10:30 <joepie91> because that's definitely odd :P
06:10:36 <Veganon> Yeah, I gave the link
06:10:41 <joepie91> I can't recall anything having happened here in the past year or so that could've pissed anybody off
06:10:44 <Veganon> And then my connection went caput for a bit.
06:10:48 <Veganon> Lol.
06:10:48 <joepie91> hm
06:10:53 <joepie91> did it actually kill you with a notice
06:10:55 <Veganon> Probably just coincidence.
06:10:58 <joepie91> or was it just a disconnect
06:10:59 <Veganon> Nope, I pinged out.
06:11:03 <joepie91> then it's just coincidence
06:11:07 <joepie91> spamkillers don't ping out
06:11:09 * Veganon chuckles
06:11:16 <joepie91> I know that voxanon was on the spamfilter list on anonops for a while, but that's it
06:11:19 <Veganon> Those fuckers have me paranoid as hell.
06:11:27 <joepie91> not aware of any other such blocks
06:11:30 <Veganon> "THEY READ YOUR PM'S!"
06:11:35 <Veganon> -.-
06:11:43 <joepie91> don't send private shit over PMs
06:11:47 <Veganon> lol
06:11:50 <joepie91> solved
06:11:58 <Veganon> Yeah. I call bullshit, but whatever.
06:12:54 <Veganon> How many servers are linked up now to cryto?
06:13:04 <joepie91> I honestly don't care and don't even want to think or talk about PM logging, those discussions -never- lead anywhere
06:13:10 <joepie91> just assume that it's done
06:13:13 <joepie91> and act accordingly
06:13:15 <joepie91> end of discussion
06:13:19 <Veganon> Yeah
06:13:25 <Veganon> TRUST NO ONE FFS
06:13:25 <joepie91> it's a very tiring subject
06:13:26 <Veganon> :P
06:13:28 <joepie91> pretty much
06:13:37 <joepie91> also, how many servers depends on how you count
06:13:41 <Veganon> lol
06:13:42 <joepie91> 3 standard leafs, one leaf that only does webchat
06:13:47 <Veganon> Ah nice
06:13:56 <Veganon> Last I was here there was only one I believe.
06:14:14 <joepie91> there has always been more than one
06:14:16 <Veganon> Rather, I could only ever get in by typing one.
06:14:20 <joepie91> just not always more than one working one
06:14:21 <joepie91> :P
06:14:22 <Veganon> Lol
06:14:29 <Veganon> I think kerbia was the name.
06:14:32 <joepie91> kerpia
06:14:34 <joepie91> yeah
06:14:36 <Veganon> That's it :)
06:14:39 <joepie91> that was during the ddos debacle
06:14:43 * Veganon dusts cobwebs out of brain.
06:14:44 <Veganon> Yep.
06:14:46 <joepie91> hehe
06:14:51 <joepie91> anyway, things have been calm around here for a while now
06:14:53 <Veganon> That was ridiculous. How long did it last?
06:14:53 <joepie91> thankfully
06:15:00 <joepie91> can't recall
06:15:03 <joepie91> but that's a past event :P
06:15:08 <Veganon> Indeed. :D
06:15:11 <joepie91> purged from brain, no longer relevant
06:15:25 <Veganon> History.
06:16:16 <joepie91> anyway, zxcvbnm, re: that vps-list design... in the new design, I built sliders and that multi-choice thing from scratch using angular
06:16:22 <joepie91> it was pretty tricky, especially the sider
06:16:25 <joepie91> slider *
06:16:29 <zxcvbnm> o right
06:16:31 <joepie91> but it's awesome :D
06:16:33 <zxcvbnm> i saw a cartoon today and thought of you
06:16:37 <joepie91> finally really getting the hang of angular
06:16:39 <joepie91> and it's really very nice
06:17:17 <joepie91> also!
06:17:20 <joepie91> zxcvbnm, did you see Light Table
06:17:43 <joepie91> they went opensource :)
06:17:50 <zxcvbnm> nope
06:17:52 <zxcvbnm> didn't see that
06:22:24 <Veganon> Erm. I have a bit of a lulz... "Host with AnonServ!" *click* "Page cannot be displayed"
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06:33:31 <joepie91> Veganon: heh, anonserv has been down for ages
06:33:39 <joepie91> and the cryto homepage hasn't been updated for ages either
06:33:41 <joepie91> it's on the todo list
06:33:41 <joepie91> :)
06:41:00 <joepie91> did I mention that DNS is kinda evil
06:41:02 <joepie91>
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08:55:48 <DrWhat> joepie0
08:55:53 <DrWhat> i love you
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08:58:48 <joepie91> hai DrWhat
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10:25:12 <DrWhat> joepie91 im not kidding
10:25:22 <DrWhat> i want to learn c++ with you
10:28:48 <DrWhat>
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13:59:15 <DrWhat> joepie91 i won
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16:35:50 <joepie91> WHOOOO
16:35:53 <joepie91> /dev/sda2       1.8T   31G  1.7T   2% /
16:36:01 <joepie91> I have a reasonable amount of HDD space again!
16:36:01 <joepie91> lol
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17:28:09 <Riddler> joe?
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19:01:55 <monod> hello! joepie91: what was that thing you did yesterday?! Going to bed at 8 pm? :D are you trying to beat me? :P And I read that article you posted on twitter about thepiratebay making some cool new stuff
19:09:03 <joepie91> monod:
19:09:05 <joepie91> but I'm a little off
19:09:09 <joepie91> also, I have a 4TB HDD now :)
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19:28:59 <monod> oh wow!!
19:29:17 <monod> I've just realized that I've never ever reached so much space
19:29:38 <monod> and that the only times I read "4TB" was on advertising newspapers :D
19:29:48 <monod> flyers*
19:30:21 <monod> I guess you're still running on your "replacement system" thankfully given to you by officers?
19:32:28 <joepie91> not given to me by police :P
19:32:34 <joepie91> given to me by friend
19:32:37 <joepie91> but yes
19:32:40 <joepie91> still the replacement box
19:32:45 <joepie91> but at least with a reasonable amount of disk now
19:35:23 <monod> oh my, I've just read that article
19:35:33 <monod> very cool :D
19:35:42 <monod> you couldn't be doing anything REGULAR
19:35:50 <monod> lulz
19:37:33 <joepie91> lol
19:43:54 <monod> have you also checked out which time zone are you matching? :P
19:43:59 <monod> I guess it's something like MK's
19:45:17 <monod> strange matching though: cypher and d orotea, one below the other one in the nickname list, and I can think Cytherea is among us.
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20:01:00 <DrWhat> everning
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20:13:52 <joepie91> monod: probably some obscure timezone that nobody uses
20:15:49 <monod> each and every timezone has its own people U_U :P
20:16:55 <joepie91> I'm an awful person:
20:17:04 <joepie91> monod: mm.. true :p
20:19:03 <monod> I saw that yesterday I think, but I couldn't view it
20:19:12 <monod> also, does .title work
20:19:23 <monod> .title
20:19:23 <botpie91> monod: Screen #118747 - Owely
20:19:24 <monod> oh
20:19:30 <monod> I now can see it
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20:20:57 <monod> oh lol, for the search icon right?
20:21:01 <monod> shit happenz :P
20:21:04 <joepie91> :P
20:21:19 <monod> :P spam from me
20:21:43 <monod> It's like a new form of salutation when I come here :P
20:21:49 <monod> oh
20:21:52 <monod> again XD
20:21:58 <joepie91> :)
20:26:48 <monod> *afk*
20:29:55 <DrWhat> joepie9q yay your updating vps list
20:30:32 <joepie91> ya
20:30:33 <joepie91> also
20:30:34 <joepie91> sleep now
20:30:35 <joepie91> goodnight all :P
20:32:26 <DrWhat> :-\
20:32:33 <DrWhat> that was brief
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21:59:18 <monod> hey-ho joepie! g'night!
21:59:24 <monod> *not afk*
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23:20:04 <monod> go!
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23:43:55 <dorotea> of course joepie is asleep
23:45:19 <MK_FG> Hibernated
23:46:43 <dorotea> yeah :<
23:46:54 <dorotea> j'ai retourné :)