Cryto! 6 January 2014

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00:09:12 <joepie91> DrWhat; what makes you think it went offline
00:09:17 <joepie91> it's absolutely up
00:10:23 <DrWhat> i was connected to it
00:10:33 <DrWhat> then lost connection
00:10:45 <DrWhat> maybe the crap mobile internet
00:11:21 <Cypher> you timed out.
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00:19:34 <joepie91> loggy, pointer?
00:19:34 <loggy>
00:19:51 <joepie91> DrWhat: probably your internet
00:22:32 <DrWhat> I NEED MY CABLE :'(
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01:30:23 * Sabit pokes the joepie91
01:47:08 <DrWhat> i feel proud :-) i just bitched atvsome guybfor using the do { } while() wrong in the c++ section
01:52:54 <DrWhat> everyone should follow this.
01:52:57 <DrWhat>
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01:56:36 <DrWhat> is go just python...
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03:33:14 <DrWhat> lol watching the news.
03:33:38 <DrWhat> an ambulance was just seized by police for having no insurance or mot.
03:34:21 <DrWhat> the police went to check the rest of the fleat and all the ambulances had no insurance or mot
03:34:27 <DrWhat> ironic
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03:48:50 <DrWhat> fucking internet
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05:05:42 <joepie91> ohai Sabit
05:05:53 * Sabit arrives
05:05:58 <joepie91> lol
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05:08:10 <Sabit> joepie91, i'm starting school tomorrow :(
05:08:14 <joepie91> :(
05:08:19 <Sabit> so i'm probably not going to drop by as often
05:08:57 <joepie91> D:
05:09:14 <joepie91> Sabit: at least come by and say hi now and then? :(
05:09:21 <joepie91> actually
05:09:25 <joepie91> Sabit, you should get a bouncer
05:09:25 <joepie91> :p
05:09:36 <Sabit> recommendations? :P
05:09:44 <joepie91> well
05:09:45 <joepie91> PM
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05:19:09 <joepie91> wb Sabit :P
05:19:26 <Sabit> not used to nettalk :P
05:19:44 <joepie91> change login data in the server list
05:19:48 <joepie91> then click OK
05:19:55 <joepie91> then double click the server in the list
05:20:01 <joepie91> it should reconnect with the new settings
05:20:09 <joepie91> while remembering all your channels etc.
05:20:30 <Sabit> ew i had to use non ssl
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05:20:50 <joepie91> mm, you don't have the SSL plugin?
05:20:51 <joepie91> lol
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05:21:04 <joepie91> yup
05:21:07 <joepie91> connected properly now
05:21:07 <Sabit> alright here we go
05:21:14 <joepie91> :)
05:24:14 <Sabit> i need to install a linux dual boot
05:24:24 <Sabit> talked about it for forever.. still haven't done it yet
05:25:02 <joepie91> heh, common problem
05:25:13 <joepie91> planning stuff and never doing it  :P
05:26:04 <Sabit> oh so when i log off, will it auto-afk me?
05:26:10 <Sabit> erm.. away status me
05:26:17 <joepie91> um, not sure
05:26:20 <joepie91> but it won't spam the channel anyway
05:26:22 <joepie91> (thankfully)
05:26:27 <joepie91> :P
05:26:35 <joepie91> I think it will auto-away
05:27:10 <Sabit> :o
05:27:11 <Sabit> alright
05:27:25 <Sabit> cuz once school starts im going to be afk for days at a time
05:27:34 <Sabit> like the past couple months heh
05:27:57 <joepie91> well, at least this way you can pop in now and then without getting bombarded with messages :P
05:28:07 <Sabit> :o
05:28:26 <Sabit> i used have a znc on my friend's server
05:28:32 <Sabit> but i was a daily user so it didn't matter too much
05:28:38 <Sabit> messeages all the time :P
05:29:00 <joepie91> :P
05:30:09 <Sabit> ahh my fingers hurt from playing osu :(
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06:34:56 <joepie91> Sabit: you too?!
06:35:00 <joepie91> (osu I mean)
06:35:03 <Sabit> yeah :o
06:35:17 <joepie91> second person I talk to who mentions it
06:35:18 <joepie91> lol
06:35:21 <Sabit> LOL
06:35:37 <joepie91> IgnisInCaleum apparently also plays it
06:36:01 <Sabit> is fun
06:43:44 <Sabit> you don't play joepie91? :P
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06:44:55 <joepie91> I do not
06:44:56 <joepie91> too busy
06:44:56 <joepie91> :p
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07:06:20 <Sabit> alright im off
07:06:23 <Sabit> cya joepie91
07:06:59 <joepie91> talk to you soon Sabit :3
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11:08:42 <thenotquiteme> I don't really know what I'm doing...
11:11:27 * thenotquiteme slaps svat around a bit with a large fishbot
11:11:34 <thenotquiteme> hello?
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12:40:44 <joepie91> indeed you don't
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18:30:14 <DrWhat> such torture
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19:58:02 <DrWhat> i wana move to dauth
19:58:26 <DrWhat> i want to move to duatchland, thats where i belong
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