Cryto! 2 January 2014

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00:44:37 <complex> joepie91: are you familiar with a handbook for operation security?
00:44:59 <joepie91> complex: that is a very vague question
00:45:06 <joepie91> "a handbook for operation security"?
00:57:56 <complex> ok nvm. i thought operation security was a psychological strategy to keep things hidden from other people
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01:32:49 <joepie91> DOROTEA!
01:32:59 <dorotea> joepie91:) yes hello
01:33:05 <joepie91> hai!
01:33:08 <dorotea> joepie91:) when did I time out >_>
01:33:13 <joepie91> quite some time ago
01:33:14 <joepie91> iirc
01:33:20 <dorotea> yes it would have been days
01:33:23 <joepie91> yes
01:33:27 <joepie91> hm
01:33:33 * dorotea dunno if the power went off
01:33:34 <joepie91> you might've disconnected during the migration of Arvel
01:33:34 <joepie91> lol
01:33:37 <joepie91> Arvel is now in Zurich
01:33:38 * dorotea suspects
01:33:41 <dorotea> hot
01:33:51 <joepie91> so that's one less colocrossing-based leaf
01:33:52 <joepie91> :)
01:33:52 <dorotea> I've been wanting a present in .ch
01:34:09 <joepie91> also, dorotea,
01:34:12 <joepie91> my Blender learning notes
01:34:16 <joepie91> or well, part of them
01:34:18 <joepie91> I have more by now
01:34:21 <joepie91> keybinding tables etc.
01:34:31 <dorotea> :D
01:34:41 <dorotea> gonna animate you a book? :D
01:34:50 <joepie91> the "view coordinates" image worked out particularly nicely
01:34:52 <joepie91> hmm? :P
01:34:59 * dorotea kekeke's
01:35:10 <dorotea> wow
01:35:20 <dorotea> this shitpc seems so fast compared to the mac I've been using for a week
01:35:22 <dorotea> scary
01:35:28 <joepie91> haha
01:35:34 <dorotea> such magnificence. amazing speed. wow.
01:35:50 <dorotea> It, like, just works
01:35:53 <dorotea> (tm)
01:36:06 * dorotea whispers "zoom zoom"
01:36:26 <dorotea> NP: [Lorde - Royals] [Pure Heroine] [753kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6
01:36:44 <dorotea> HAHAHA I can hear the vinyl crackles in this track
01:36:46 <dorotea> EXCELLENT
01:37:49 <dorotea> hmm
01:37:53 <dorotea> Another trip is in order, je pense
01:38:05 <joepie91> mmm
01:38:06 <dorotea> and plus de français
01:38:08 <joepie91> I think I broke Blender
01:38:08 <joepie91> lol
01:38:18 <joepie91> yup
01:38:20 <dorotea> I have to pass a uh
01:38:22 <dorotea> one of those
01:38:23 <joepie91> it's stuck maxing out cores
01:38:23 <dorotea> er
01:38:24 <joepie91> for no reason
01:38:25 <dorotea> test things
01:38:28 <joepie91> ?
01:38:36 <dorotea> need to be fluent in french this spring
01:38:49 <dorotea> like, 3 semesters of french are required to graduate, only have 2 from previous school
01:38:52 <dorotea> fuck retaking any french
01:39:06 <dorotea> I'll learn subjunctive and fuck their test
01:39:23 <dorotea> relearn subjunctive probably
01:39:27 <dorotea> since I learned it last spring
01:39:28 <dorotea> >_>
01:39:49 <dorotea> (it just doesn't count because the system they use to assign value to classes is retarded)
01:40:24 <dorotea> so my one-on-one intensive in conversational french counts for zero units
01:40:42 <dorotea> but the derpy one that was a bunch of shitty homework about grammar, oh yeah you bet that one transfers perfectly
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02:22:31 <Sabit> happy new year all!
02:23:57 <dorotea> yeye
02:25:49 <onions> yep
02:30:05 <joepie91> happy belated new year, Sabit :)
02:30:13 <Sabit> :D
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02:57:01 <tonymontanacipolla> hi, someone speaks Italian?
03:08:18 <joepie91> .welcome tonymontanacipolla
03:08:19 <botpie91> tonymontanacipolla: welcome to #crytocc! Please be aware that this channel is publicly logged, and make sure to read the rules in the channel topic. You may hide messages from the public logs by prefixing them with [off].
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03:09:33 <dorotea> "no"
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04:58:43 <dorotea> hmm
04:58:51 <dorotea> people should stop shooting other people in my city
04:58:54 <dorotea> it's getting old
04:59:23 <dorotea> but whatever, I have cabernet sauvignon
04:59:37 <dorotea> and le pâte!
05:00:18 <dorotea> les pâtes je pense
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17:48:06 <joepie91> morning!
17:48:09 <joepie91> dorotea: there?
18:00:49 <dorotea> joepie91:) yes indeed! I was heating water for coffee so I can continue social commentary
18:01:30 <dorotea> Coinye West and Dogecoin as monetary vehicles for social commentary. Soon: the memecurrencies have public cultural conversations about what wealth really means
18:01:34 <joepie91> dorotea: heh - did you see the tweet thing?
18:01:56 <dorotea> yours? no
18:02:14 <joepie91> right
18:02:15 <joepie91> well
18:02:18 <dorotea> I see no new ones
18:02:18 <joepie91> I accidentally a viral tweet
18:02:19 <dorotea> lol
18:02:19 <joepie91> or something
18:02:27 <joepie91>
18:02:39 <joepie91> look at the retweets and such
18:02:43 <joepie91> and I have no idea how it happened
18:02:46 <joepie91> 2 days later, and it's still going
18:03:04 <dorotea> simple relatable message
18:03:07 <dorotea> :>
18:03:40 * dorotea kicks it back off
18:08:15 <dorotea> hmmhmm
18:08:22 <dorotea> I wonder if I can make a post public on fb
18:08:30 * dorotea looks
18:10:11 <dorotea> joepie91:) you don't have a facebook, do you?
18:10:30 <dorotea> post is public, but I hate fragmenting conversations haha
18:13:07 <joepie91> dorotea: I technically have an account, but I never use it
18:13:56 * dorotea nods
18:14:06 <dorotea> I know many of those people :D
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18:40:15 <joepie91>
18:40:16 <joepie91> er
18:40:18 * joepie91 claps
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18:55:40 <dorotea> I want to hack forbes and disable their interstitial ads. #gentlemanhacker
18:55:57 * dorotea giggles and goes back to stupid shit
19:14:59 <dorotea> cache needs to hurry the fuck up
19:15:02 <dorotea> chrome is waiting on him
19:15:22 <dorotea> contributing factor is probably the load of 7
19:23:42 <joepie91> godfucking
19:23:49 <joepie91> dorotea: cat broke my french press D:
19:24:02 <joepie91> I -knew- I shouldn't have left the goddamn thing on the kitchen counter
19:24:51 <dorotea> NUUU
19:24:52 <dorotea> dude, that sucks
19:25:43 <joepie91> yes :(
19:48:41 <joepie91> dorotea; there?
19:49:47 <dorotea> joepie91:) yep! I'm not leaving until tomorrow :P
19:50:52 <dorotea> I mean if you ever really need me, tweet at me lol
19:51:14 <dorotea> it lights up all my shit
19:51:54 <joepie91> lol
19:51:55 <joepie91> nah
19:51:58 <joepie91> just had a fun idea
19:52:01 <joepie91> hardware hacking idea
19:52:50 <joepie91> raspberry pi + (home-made?) RGB LED lighting strips + daemon on desktop + cheapest possible Android phone with capacitive touchscreen
19:52:50 <dorotea> Yeah? :D
19:52:53 <joepie91> + wall mount
19:53:08 <joepie91> boom, budget RGB room light and volume control
19:53:21 <dorotea> for ultimate party button or what
19:53:24 <joepie91> if you do the mount right, you can use the phone as just a touch panel on the wall
19:53:27 <joepie91> and remove it to use it as a remote
19:53:40 <joepie91> for overall light/volume control
19:54:01 <dorotea> cause all I'd do is put a big red button on the phone that turns on the mic and starts making all the lights dance to the music
19:54:01 <joepie91> basically light/audio home automation on a budget
19:54:06 <joepie91> haha
19:54:09 <joepie91> well you could do that
19:54:09 <joepie91> :p
19:54:17 <dorotea> because, like, reasons
19:54:20 <dorotea> also disco balls
19:54:22 <joepie91> my idea would be to use a rpi for actual orchestration
19:54:24 <joepie91> the phone would just serve as a remote
19:54:27 <dorotea> yeah
19:54:28 <joepie91> and/or wall panel
19:54:29 <dorotea> I gotcha
19:54:38 <dorotea> my friend has something similar for his car
19:54:43 <joepie91> so that you don't have to write your orchestration code in *throws up* java
19:54:50 <joepie91> just the UI
19:54:51 <joepie91> heh
19:54:52 <joepie91> really?
19:54:54 <dorotea> except the phone controls engine tuning remotely, so he has a "sport mode"
19:54:58 <dorotea> yeah
19:54:59 <dorotea> he uh
19:55:00 <joepie91> heh
19:55:12 <dorotea> works on modems at qualcomm, so he's not afraid to rewrite the OS for his car and phone
19:55:14 <dorotea> which he did
19:55:18 <joepie91> hahahahaha
19:55:30 <joepie91> typical
19:55:31 <joepie91> :D
19:55:36 <dorotea> so he has realtime RF transmitted stats on the engine
19:55:46 <dorotea> he's got a turbo in the engine that adjusts in real time when in sport mode
19:56:13 <dorotea> I haven't spoken to him in a couple years, but the next project was the opposite, to see how tuning the engine could improve fuel efficiency
19:56:16 <joepie91> either way, this home automation thing shouldn't be hard to pull off... $100 for rpi + cheapest possible android phone really, probably another $100 for room-covering RGB LEDs and wires and shit
19:56:21 <joepie91> and a bunch of dev
19:56:24 <joepie91> lol
19:56:36 <joepie91> are you sure he's working in the right industry
19:56:37 <joepie91> :p
19:56:47 <dorotea> nope
19:56:48 <dorotea> lol
19:57:07 <dorotea> he's writing android apps that replace 100k$ specialized software shit
19:57:13 <joepie91> hahaha
19:57:37 <dorotea> and his own version of android because the stock ones don't support drivers for RF links and stuff
19:57:49 <dorotea> also he complained to me about the security in the android kernel
19:57:51 <dorotea> lol
19:58:04 <dorotea> (this was before it was remerged with linux mainline
19:58:06 <dorotea> )
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19:58:20 <joepie91> lol
19:58:24 <joepie91> wb zxcvbnm and zxcvbnm_
19:58:24 <dorotea> he's funny
19:58:27 <joepie91> :P
19:58:27 <zxcvbnm_> o ty
19:58:31 <dorotea> it was a great class with him lol
19:58:32 <joepie91> loggy, pointer?
19:58:32 <loggy>
19:58:37 <joepie91> ^
19:58:40 <dorotea> that was my x86asm class
19:58:42 <joepie91> dorotea: I can imagine.. :P
19:58:54 <dorotea> learned more from him than the class
19:58:56 <dorotea> :>
19:59:17 <joepie91> so... what was he doing there
19:59:17 <joepie91> :D
19:59:27 <dorotea> refreshing his memory >_>
19:59:36 <joepie91> lol
19:59:45 <zxcvbnm_> i've got 2 raspberry pies in my room.
19:59:49 <zxcvbnm_> pis
19:59:49 <dorotea> he had an EE degree from a prestigious college already, but it was all on 8-bit and 16-bit systems
19:59:51 <zxcvbnm_> pi's
20:00:00 <dorotea> he wanted to check out 64bit asm
20:00:03 <dorotea> which is what we were writing
20:00:21 <joepie91> lol
20:00:30 <dorotea> he's not much older than me
20:00:35 <dorotea> couple years lol
20:01:07 <dorotea> but he was doing a summer "internship" with qualcomm... an internship that paid for the entire rest of his year of expenses
20:01:09 <zxcvbnm_> where are rpi $100 ??
20:01:10 <dorotea> heh.
20:01:12 <zxcvbnm_> i got mine for $25..
20:01:29 <dorotea> yeah rpi is cheeeep
20:02:10 <joepie91> zxcvbnm, the $100 is for phone + rpi
20:02:16 <zxcvbnm_> ah right.
20:02:23 <dorotea> I bet zte has a cheaper than shit android phone
20:02:25 <joepie91> rpi might be a bit more expensive for me becauise not in the US
20:02:28 <joepie91> because *
20:02:29 <zxcvbnm_> right
20:02:32 <joepie91> phone might be a bit over $50
20:02:33 <dorotea> I'm in love with the moto g right now
20:02:39 <dorotea> (but it's 180/200)
20:02:41 <joepie91> dorotea: I'd just grab a random one from DX really
20:02:44 <joepie91> lol
20:02:45 <dorotea> ye
20:02:51 <joepie91> it just needs to have a capacitive touchscreen and wifi
20:02:54 <zxcvbnm_> so is the purpose of the phone just for touch screen or to actually utilize androidOS
20:02:56 <dorotea> I look at phones to last 5 years though
20:03:11 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: for a mountable, usable-as-a-remote control thing
20:03:13 <joepie91> touch screen
20:03:14 <dorotea> and this one does every 3g spectrum currently in use
20:03:17 <joepie91> but also the battery and circuit
20:03:20 <joepie91> ie. auto-recharge when mounted
20:03:32 <dorotea> which means I'll get 10 years out of the phone, tech-wise
20:03:38 <joepie91> and using wifi to talk to the rest of the system
20:03:50 <zxcvbnm_> mhm
20:03:58 <joepie91> could even be fancy and use the phone speaker for some feedback bleeps
20:03:58 <zxcvbnm_> that does sound fun.
20:04:13 <joepie91> an android phone is by far the cheapest way to accomplish this in a tiny remote-usable package :0
20:04:16 <joepie91> :) *
20:04:25 <joepie91> it would be
20:04:29 <joepie91> I don't have the money for it, but it would be
20:04:29 <joepie91> haha
20:05:00 <zxcvbnm_> come here I'll fund all the projects :P
20:05:14 * joepie91 raises eyebrow
20:05:19 <zxcvbnm_> lol
20:05:22 <joepie91> also "come here" is probably not a very realistic request :)
20:05:28 <zxcvbnm_> i kno
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20:05:35 <zxcvbnm_> we've been over that
20:05:57 * dorotea grins
20:06:03 <dorotea> funding hackers <3
20:06:10 <joepie91> (btw,
20:06:28 <joepie91> :P
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20:06:37 <dorotea> :P
20:06:38 <zxcvbnm_> rofl
20:06:41 <joepie91> I really do want to get into hardware hacking
20:06:44 <joepie91> the problem is the 'hardware' part
20:06:51 <joepie91> because 'hardware' is not something you can arbitrarily spawn
20:07:00 <joepie91> thus incurring c ost
20:07:01 <joepie91> cost *
20:07:06 <dorotea> find fine I'll make any profit made by advice I give to others contingent upon them donating 10% to you or something
20:07:26 <joepie91> um
20:07:27 <dorotea> If only people would follow my advice, you'd be rich
20:07:30 <joepie91> dorotea: can you rephrase that
20:07:33 <dorotea> no
20:07:36 <dorotea> :D
20:07:43 <joepie91> I'm unable to discern a sentence structure from what you said
20:07:43 <joepie91> :P
20:07:58 <dorotea> I give investment advice to people, I will make said advice contingent upon giving some of the windfall to you
20:08:00 <dorotea> better?
20:08:17 <joepie91> oh
20:08:17 <joepie91> haha
20:08:31 <joepie91> yes
20:08:35 * dorotea giggles
20:08:35 <joepie91> it's a real sentence now :p
20:08:41 <zxcvbnm_> dorotea: ironically i do the same thing
20:08:42 <dorotea> It was a real sentence before
20:08:48 <dorotea> I only forgot one comma
20:08:49 <dorotea> :D
20:08:53 <joepie91> but but readabbility :(
20:09:03 * zxcvbnm_ doesn't real sentences
20:09:20 <zxcvbnm_> joepie91 knowing one language is fucking hard ok
20:09:22 <zxcvbnm_> :P
20:09:31 <joepie91> 21:09:25 up 270 days,  1:31,  1 user,  load average: 213.56, 210.58, 208.53
20:09:41 * joepie91 doesn't get the idea that "the iowait will clear up over time"
20:09:49 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: :P
20:09:50 <dorotea> wat
20:09:59 <dorotea> you have to reduce demand for it to clear up over time
20:10:03 <joepie91> dorotea: box running archiving stuff
20:10:07 <joepie91> the RAID array is behind
20:10:12 <dorotea> I see that
20:10:14 <joepie91> by.. quite a bit
20:10:14 <joepie91> well
20:10:15 <joepie91> thing is
20:10:21 <joepie91> if you mass-launch pipelines
20:10:26 <joepie91> it will initially get a lot of tiny items
20:10:33 <joepie91> and over time more and more threads will get stuck on larger ones
20:10:39 <joepie91> so THEORETICALLY the load should decrease after a while
20:10:39 <dorotea> does the controller or OS batch the writes?
20:10:50 <joepie91> but that doesn't seem to be happening as much as I want
20:10:56 <joepie91> because the average went down from 220 to 208
20:11:00 <joepie91> over the past 24 hours or so
20:11:04 <joepie91> dorotea: idk
20:11:07 <joepie91> but it's sw raid
20:11:07 <joepie91> brb
20:11:10 <dorotea> because it'd be nice and clean to batch all the small ones together
20:11:38 <dorotea> all the little 4k writes in one write and put all the 4mb+ blocks into ram for a sec
20:11:49 <dorotea> It'd also greatly reduce file descriptor problems
20:11:59 <dorotea> (too many open at once)
20:12:02 <joepie91> back
20:12:08 <dorotea> but I dunno if any part of the OS has enough introspection to manage that
20:12:25 <joepie91> dorotea: thing to take into account here
20:12:28 <joepie91> is that it's all diff processes
20:12:35 <joepie91> that request and write data independently
20:12:39 <joepie91> that'd be hard to batch intelligently
20:12:54 <dorotea> but that's exactly what filesystems do now
20:12:57 <joepie91> root@x :: ~# ps aux | grep wget-lua | wc -l
20:12:57 <joepie91> 222
20:13:13 <dorotea> part pf what makes btrfs amazing (and very new ext4) is stuff like that
20:13:20 <joepie91> dorotea: it's ext4
20:13:21 <dorotea> s/pf/of/
20:13:24 <joepie91> or that's what I formatted it as anyway
20:13:31 <dorotea> yeah
20:13:39 <joepie91> I have a dedicated RAID array for archiving things
20:13:43 <joepie91> on this box
20:13:45 <joepie91> :P
20:13:49 <joepie91> (it's not my box)
20:13:59 * dorotea nods
20:14:48 <dorotea> excellent
20:15:01 <dorotea> nginx is going in main for ubuntu 14.04
20:15:18 <dorotea> corporate security support ++
20:15:20 <joepie91> also
20:15:20 <joepie91> dorotea
20:15:21 <joepie91>
20:15:32 <joepie91> that site has been shut down since dec 26th
20:15:33 <joepie91> lol
20:15:36 <joepie91> "shut down"
20:15:44 <joepie91> (read: DNS entries changed)
20:15:51 <dorotea> apparently not enough
20:15:53 <dorotea> lol
20:15:59 <dorotea> ahh, IP's still up tho?
20:16:05 <joepie91> yup :)
20:16:09 <dorotea> :>
20:16:09 <joepie91> so we're archiving a zombie
20:16:12 <joepie91> and have been doing so for the past week
20:16:13 <dorotea> excellent
20:16:14 <joepie91> and it's going fine!
20:16:26 <dorotea> basically waiting for the provider to shut servers off
20:16:27 <dorotea> heh
20:16:30 <joepie91> pretty much lol
20:16:33 <joepie91> but the provider is Yahoo
20:16:34 <joepie91> so eh
20:16:39 <dorotea> might be a while
20:16:39 <joepie91> well
20:16:40 <dorotea> lol
20:16:42 <zxcvbnm_> Yahoooooooooooooooooooooo
20:16:42 <joepie91> really it's all over the map
20:16:48 <joepie91> there are netblocks registered to yahoo
20:16:53 <joepie91> even some to inktomi (?!)
20:17:40 <joepie91> LOL
20:17:41 <dorotea> hmm hmm
20:17:47 <joepie91> dorotea: this is an infobox on wikipedia
20:17:50 <joepie91> "Fate"
20:17:51 <joepie91> hahaha
20:18:06 <dorotea> excellent
20:18:09 <dorotea> :>
20:18:18 * joepie91 suspects there is a fellow yahoo hater who added that
20:18:44 <dorotea> hmmhmm
20:19:42 <dorotea> why is everybody and their brother turning into an adtech company
20:19:51 <dorotea> stupid fucking thing to do with your life
20:20:01 <joepie91> holy crap, this still exists:
20:20:16 <joepie91> dorotea: because ads bring in easy money?
20:20:24 <joepie91> and people don't recognize it as the soul-selling it is?
20:20:31 <dorotea> :|
20:20:39 <dorotea> but adtech is retargeting and segmentation and such
20:20:49 <dorotea> it's not even just "ad network" shit
20:20:50 <dorotea> lol
20:21:13 <zxcvbnm_> btw guys i think we should open
20:21:23 * joepie91 throws zxcvbnm out of the window
20:21:25 <zxcvbnm_> lol
20:21:29 <joepie91> oh
20:21:31 <dorotea> I'll run it
20:21:37 * joepie91 throws zxcvbnm_ out of the window as well, following zxcvbnm
20:21:42 <joepie91> there
20:21:43 <zxcvbnm_> much obliged
20:21:46 <zxcvbnm_> at least i'm not alone
20:21:49 <joepie91> lol
20:21:53 <zxcvbnm_> hehe
20:21:54 <joepie91> "me, myself and...?"
20:21:57 <joepie91> :P
20:22:11 <joepie91> but yeah
20:22:13 <joepie91> on a more serious note
20:22:25 <joepie91> dorotea: I'd like the entire marketing/advertising industry to just die
20:22:26 <dorotea> we'll deliver ads for open source security software for free, costing none to post them, via nsq
20:22:29 <joepie91> and go away
20:22:38 <joepie91> nsq, what
20:23:16 <dorotea> bitly's zeromq sorta system
20:23:24 <dorotea> they wrote their own, opensourced it
20:23:39 <joepie91>
20:23:42 <dorotea> it passes messages
20:23:42 <dorotea> yes
20:24:07 <dorotea> I don't like what they do, but the tech they opensource is really neat
20:24:24 <dorotea> and they actively maintain it all
20:24:30 <dorotea> so, like, shrug
20:24:31 <dorotea> lol
20:25:02 <joepie91> wait, they also did asyncmongo
20:25:02 <joepie91> what
20:25:14 <dorotea> yus
20:25:25 <dorotea> like, fuck bitly or whatever, but the stuff they write is cool
20:25:26 <dorotea> :P
20:25:46 * dorotea won't complain about where free awesome shit comes from
20:26:46 <zxcvbnm_> well somebody has to
20:26:53 <dorotea> you do it!
20:26:54 <dorotea> :D
20:27:08 <dorotea> or joepie91, since I know he so loves to bitch
20:27:09 <dorotea> :D
20:27:11 <zxcvbnm_> nah I can't stand complaining
20:27:16 * dorotea giggles
20:27:18 <joepie91> problem is when it stops being maintained...
20:27:19 * zxcvbnm_ grabs some popcorn
20:28:01 <dorotea> yep
20:28:08 <dorotea> doesn't matter though, source is there
20:28:26 <dorotea> source for bitly not so much, but the rest of it yes
20:28:44 <dorotea> would be nice to have db export of shorturl -> longurl in csv or something
20:29:20 <dorotea> they can keep the stats and all that, I don't care about that, but somebody needs to be able to pick up the pieces when they die
20:32:45 zest ( has joined #crytocc
20:33:03 <joepie91> lol
20:33:10 <joepie91> dorotea: I think never got that done
20:33:36 <dorotea> they're not deterministically generated anymore, it'd be difficult to do
20:34:23 <dorotea> agh fucking shit
20:34:30 <dorotea> why are "fancy" certificates so expensive
20:34:48 <dorotea> I really don't relish giving all my traffic to an israeli company
20:34:57 Cypher (Cypher@Cypher.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
20:36:48 <joepie91> dorotea: mm?
20:37:11 <dorotea> startcom? they're israeli
20:37:22 <dorotea> there's a reason those certs are free.
20:37:26 <joepie91> eh?
20:38:00 <dorotea> look at their mailing address and where they're registered
20:39:00 <joepie91> dorotea: what about it?
20:39:13 <dorotea> they're an israeli corporation
20:39:17 <joepie91> okay, so?
20:39:31 <dorotea> israel cooperates completely with the US govt
20:39:46 <dorotea> It's completely safe to assume the NSA has their master signing key
20:39:53 <joepie91> so?
20:39:57 <dorotea> which means all the free cert traffic is decrypted
20:40:14 <dorotea> making the use of a cert almost but not quite irrelevant
20:40:19 <joepie91> um...
20:40:35 <dorotea> you lose encryption and authenticity
20:40:35 <joepie91> how is this any different from any of the many other major cert vendors, who operate directly from the US?
20:40:37 <dorotea> what's left
20:41:11 <joepie91> and how does using a cert signed by them (as opposed to generated by them) mean you lose encryption?
20:41:13 <dorotea> It isn't, that's why I'm pissed
20:41:20 <joepie91> authenticity is not a real thing in the CA model anyway
20:41:29 <joepie91> because -any- vendor can hand out spoofed certs
20:41:50 <dorotea> I'm not sure that their free certs are signed instead of generated
20:41:55 <joepie91> they are
20:42:09 <joepie91> or used to be, anyway
20:42:27 * dorotea signs in to see if there's any indication
20:44:33 <dorotea> hmm
20:44:38 <dorotea> can't find an indication in the UI
20:48:08 * joepie91 lols at people in thread bitching that "the Aldi sells rubbish and I wouldn't buy any dairy stuff there no matter what, I buy Campina instead, at least that's good quality"
20:48:25 <joepie91> the funny part is that quite literally all dairy products at the Aldi in NL are produced by Campina....
20:48:28 * joepie91 facepalms
20:49:01 <Cypher> Aldi's lol he discounter store
20:49:19 <Cypher> well store's
20:49:34 <joepie91> then again, this thread is 8 years old.. back then, people were even more stupid with the whole discount store thing
20:49:52 <Cypher> there 2 Aldi's the Aldi brothers had a fight and each have there own aldi brand theres two aldi outlets
20:50:01 <joepie91> Cypher: there used to be a bit of a culture in NL where shopping at the Lidl or Aldi was seen as "being poor" and a bad thing to do
20:50:05 <joepie91> it's not that bad anymore
20:50:15 <joepie91> especially as people figured out that that whole attitude was basically bullshit
20:50:28 <joepie91> and now have to go buy their shit there themselves because lol economy
20:50:30 <Cypher> Yeah I hear ya but its still a discount store.
20:50:43 <Cypher> I go there sometimes to get fruit
20:50:47 <joepie91> of course it is, but you're a fool if you think that somehow implies worse quality
20:50:56 <Cypher> oh I know lol.
20:51:05 <Cypher> thats why I buy fruit there :)
20:51:10 d4 (dfou@34CA4FF0.88938B7A.4974FA6A.IP) has joined #crytocc
20:51:12 <joepie91> Aldi and Lidl are absolutely discount stores, no doubt about it
20:51:15 <Cypher> fruit is expensive
20:51:27 <joepie91> but Aldi quality is about on par with the average supermarket and 'big brands' here
20:51:33 <joepie91> and Lidl quality is better than those
20:51:42 <joepie91> (which shows, because Lidl isn't as cheap as it used to be)
20:51:52 <joepie91> Cypher: I usually get my fruit at the Lidl
20:51:55 <Cypher> i'm picky about brand names esp with the whole GMO thing today.
20:51:56 <joepie91> very very good fruit
20:52:08 <joepie91> realistically, you won't be able to figure out where everything comes from
20:52:14 <joepie91> (which is a problem)
20:52:26 <Cypher> I know. that needs to be fixed.
20:52:47 <joepie91> I mean, I'm pretty good at tracking the origin of stuff
20:52:48 <d4> i need a botnet
20:52:50 <joepie91> with public info
20:52:53 <d4> who can help me?
20:52:57 <joepie91> and even then I am unable to find some things
20:53:04 <joepie91> d4: you have exactly 5 seconds to leave of your own accord
20:53:06 <Cypher> lol
20:53:11 <d4> ahaha
20:53:18 <d4> thanks..
20:53:27 * dorotea chuckles
20:53:40 <joepie91> (read the channel rules)
20:53:42 <dorotea> somebody's in the wrong irc, best rectify that :)
20:53:45 <d4> im sorry
20:53:49 <joepie91> yes, I was about to do that
20:53:50 <Cypher> Its hard with food labeling these days? the corruption.
20:53:51 <d4> maybe i am an idiot
20:53:54 <d4> sorry too..
20:54:07 <joepie91> no interest in this kind of crap
20:54:20 <joepie91> right
20:54:20 d4 (dfou@34CA4FF0.88938B7A.4974FA6A.IP) has joined #crytocc
20:54:22 <joepie91> ..
20:54:33 <Cypher> I hear ya.
20:54:48 <joepie91> d4: what exactly are you here for?
20:55:05 <Cypher> .topic
20:55:17 <dorotea> .welcome d4
20:55:18 <botpie91> d4: welcome to #crytocc! Please be aware that this channel is publicly logged, and make sure to read the rules in the channel topic. You may hide messages from the public logs by prefixing them with [off].
20:55:37 <d4> sorry boss.
20:55:56 <joepie91> goddamnit, I've lost the entire thread of conversation now
20:56:03 <Cypher> lol
20:56:04 <joepie91> right
20:56:11 <Cypher> hey todays logs are not available till tomorrow right?
20:56:13 <joepie91> Cypher: I do a lot of tracking of origins of the crap I buy
20:56:19 <joepie91> and even then I can't find everything
20:56:22 <joepie91> and no, logs are realtime
20:56:24 <joepie91> loggy, pointer?
20:56:24 <loggy>
20:56:44 <Cypher> i tried to view the real time log today and got a error maybe its my browser headers tho.
20:56:50 <joepie91> oh, /today is broken
20:56:53 <joepie91> you need to go to the actual date
20:56:54 <Cypher> ah.
20:56:59 <joepie91> they're still realtime though
20:57:02 <joepie91> just go to the last day in the list
20:57:07 <Cypher> cp that heh
20:57:23 <joepie91> anyway, Cypher, most of the brand-less stuff
20:57:29 <joepie91> is produced by big brands
20:57:33 <joepie91> as private label stuff
20:57:35 <joepie91> in NL anyway
20:57:46 <joepie91> often with a lower percentage of certain expensive ingredients
20:57:50 <Cypher> yeah thats the kicker. so hard to get clean food these days.
20:57:53 <joepie91> Lidl is an exception to that
20:57:57 <joepie91> they have a bunch of factories of their own
20:58:05 <joepie91> and do a bunch of import stuff
20:58:11 <joepie91> because it can be produced cheaper elsewhere
20:58:31 <joepie91> all the Lidl soda, for example, and the energy drink and bottled water and everything
20:58:36 <joepie91> comes from one of their own 4 factories
20:58:49 <Cypher> That's true I know lots of people that do love Aldi brand tho. pref because its cheaper I guess.
20:58:53 <joepie91> they acquired a large soda/water manufacturer a few years ago
20:58:58 <joepie91> yes
20:59:02 <Cypher> I know I got some lobster tails really good price there.
20:59:05 <joepie91> Aldi mostly sells private label big brand stuff
20:59:17 <joepie91> that's why they also sell different stuff in every country
20:59:20 <joepie91> while the Lidl has more consistent things
20:59:38 <joepie91> Aldi just sells whatever a private label producer in that country can offer
20:59:44 <Cypher> good place for maple syrup :)
20:59:48 <joepie91> Lidl has more centralized distribution
20:59:55 <joepie91> the advantage is that you often have more local things :)
21:00:01 <joepie91> (at the Aldi)
21:00:14 <joepie91> Lidl usually only has local things on sale for like 2 weeks at once, aside from that it's mostly the same stuff in every country
21:00:30 <joepie91> maple syrup isn't something you can buy at the Aldi here for example
21:01:04 <Cypher> Oh? :/
21:01:14 <joepie91> you're likely in North America
21:01:23 <Cypher> lol d0xed :P
21:01:28 <joepie91> afaik it's only sold at Aldi in NA, and sometimes in the UK
21:01:33 <joepie91> lol
21:01:35 cri1 (user@cri1.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
21:01:48 <joepie91> but yeah
21:02:01 <joepie91> the Aldi here sells a lot of dairy products and typical Dutch ready meals
21:02:02 <joepie91> for example
21:02:06 <Cypher> doxed myself lol idk I thought all aldi's were the same. I know my friends in germany have pretty much same things as the Aldi's i go to.
21:02:13 <joepie91> nah
21:02:16 <joepie91> that's just the base things
21:02:32 <joepie91> if you ask them what their Aldi sells in vegetables/fruits/frozen stuff, you'll notice that it differs a lot
21:02:37 <Cypher> ah well I don't really buy much at Aldi's like I said before I mainly go there for fruit lol
21:02:38 <joepie91> as well as other fresh things
21:02:46 <joepie91> bread products will also differ a lot
21:02:55 <joepie91> :p
21:02:59 <joepie91> I don't go to the Aldi for fruit
21:03:02 <joepie91> their fruit is... meh
21:03:03 <joepie91> in NL
21:03:17 <joepie91> it goes bad pretty quickly, and it doesn't taste particularly great either, pretty much on the same level as other supermarkets
21:03:24 <joepie91> Lidl fruit, however... delicious
21:03:25 <Cypher> Its hard to find fresh fruit lol best to grow your own if u can.
21:03:42 <joepie91> we don't actually have any real fresh fruit stores in this city anymore, I think
21:03:47 <joepie91> not in the city center anyway
21:03:57 <joepie91> I know a good one in a nearby town
21:04:05 <joepie91> but it costs like 4 euro for roundtrip with the waterbus to get there
21:04:09 <joepie91> so that becomes expensive quickly
21:04:12 cri1 has quit (User quit:  Leaving.)
21:04:13 <Cypher> Farmer's markets are nice if u are near one.
21:04:17 <joepie91> er
21:04:19 <joepie91> "waterbus"
21:04:23 <joepie91> == ferry kind of thing
21:04:27 <joepie91> except more structured like rest of public transport
21:04:29 <Cypher> fun fun
21:04:31 <joepie91> not an amphibic thingie
21:04:53 <joepie91>
21:05:04 <joepie91> that;s the shiny fast one
21:05:12 <Cypher> the express route
21:05:15 <Cypher> lol
21:05:25 <joepie91>
21:05:30 <joepie91> the cheap type that goes to that town
21:05:33 <joepie91> or well
21:05:35 <joepie91> it probably isn't cheap
21:05:37 <joepie91> but it looks cheap
21:05:37 <joepie91> lol
21:05:44 <joepie91> it's basically just a hull
21:05:55 <joepie91> with stainless steel floors, walls, and a ceiling inside
21:05:57 <Cypher> gets u across tho
21:06:01 <joepie91> and a bunch of plastic chairs
21:06:10 <joepie91> and one of those chip card scanners
21:06:10 <joepie91> yeah
21:06:11 <Cypher> better than doing it the fish way lol
21:06:16 <joepie91> it's like 5 minutes anyway
21:06:18 <joepie91> so it wors
21:06:20 <joepie91> works *
21:06:24 <joepie91> sec
21:07:31 <joepie91> Cypher:
21:07:46 zest has quit (Ping timeout)
21:07:57 <Cypher> :) 3 rivers
21:08:03 <joepie91> ya
21:08:08 <joepie91> that's what that place is more or less famous for
21:08:09 <joepie91> haha
21:08:15 <joepie91> meeting place of 3 rivers
21:08:25 <Cypher> lol
21:08:47 <joepie91> anyway
21:08:52 <joepie91> it's like a 5 minute walk
21:08:54 <joepie91> and a 5 minute ferry
21:08:57 <joepie91> to go there
21:09:01 <joepie91> but... costs money
21:09:10 <joepie91> so I might as well cycle to the Lidl
21:10:04 <Cypher> Yeah thats a good idea if you can save's some cash
21:10:24 <joepie91> I definitely have to :)
21:10:29 <joepie91> don't exactly have much to spend
21:10:34 <dorotea> my favorite thing is that my uni ID gives me unlimited rides on public transit in this county
21:10:38 <Cypher> I hear ya.
21:10:42 <joepie91> dorotea: I hate you
21:10:45 <joepie91> :(
21:11:02 <dorotea> I can go all the way to san jose or paso robles (2 hours in each direction) for "Free"
21:11:16 * joepie91 wonders about the quotes
21:11:28 <dorotea> rides are free, college tuition is not
21:11:34 <joepie91> ahh
21:11:36 <joepie91> :)
21:11:43 <dorotea> so it's "Free"
21:11:51 <dorotea> I'm just paying someone else for it
21:11:52 <dorotea> lol
21:12:09 <dorotea> but whatever, simplifies the finances
21:12:13 <joepie91> at least you didn't get college tuition for the 'free' public transport
21:12:16 <joepie91> like people do with phones
21:12:25 <Cypher> lol
21:12:25 <joepie91> "HEY I GOT A NEW FREE PHON"
21:12:28 <joepie91> PHONE *
21:12:32 <dorotea> with 75/mo plan
21:12:33 <dorotea> lol
21:12:34 <joepie91> turns out they got a $50/mo mobile subscription
21:12:37 <joepie91> that they won't ever use
21:12:41 <joepie91> yeah, pretty much
21:12:46 <dorotea> man I wish it was only 50
21:12:47 <dorotea> lol
21:12:50 <joepie91> I mean, just buy the damn thing directly
21:13:05 <dorotea> I've got a smartphone shit picked out though, if I ever get one this year
21:13:32 <dorotea> walmart sells 30/mo cards with 100 minutes and unlimited texting/data
21:14:00 <dorotea> and the motorola moto g global dual-sim phone is 200$
21:14:15 <joepie91> "unlimited"
21:14:20 <dorotea> yep
21:14:26 <joepie91> wait, actual unlimited data?
21:14:30 <dorotea> yes
21:14:30 <joepie91> no caveats?
21:14:32 <joepie91> no small print?
21:14:40 <joepie91> no "fair use policy" with a set "fair use" limit?
21:14:42 <dorotea> correct
21:14:50 <dorotea> I can only do 3g speeds on the phone
21:14:52 * joepie91 raises eyebrow
21:14:55 <joepie91> you lucky fuckers
21:14:57 <dorotea> so there ends up being no caveats
21:15:04 <dorotea> well, there is officially caveats
21:15:08 <joepie91> we don't have that in NL :(
21:15:09 <dorotea> but my phone doesn't even support 4g
21:15:10 <joepie91> ?
21:15:22 <dorotea> so there is no "x gigs at some speed, and then it slows"
21:15:27 <dorotea> it "slows" to the speed I'd get anyway
21:15:28 <dorotea> lol
21:15:48 <dorotea> the phone is for global market, so it runs every 3g spectrum on earth
21:15:52 <dorotea> but no 4g chip even in it
21:15:54 Sabit ( has joined #crytocc
21:16:16 <dorotea> and dual sim, so I can go abroad with it with ease
21:16:22 <dorotea> :)
21:16:37 <dorotea> and for 200$ I'm not QUITE buying a new pc
21:16:37 <dorotea> lol
21:16:54 <joepie91> lol DX ad:
21:17:11 <dorotea> hahaha
21:17:23 <dorotea> the cameras that can be hacked into via the internet
21:17:24 <dorotea> yes
21:17:27 <joepie91> :D
21:17:28 <dorotea> put them everywhere
21:17:37 GHOSTnew has quit (Ping timeout)
21:18:08 <dorotea> soon: the fbi's million-face facial recognition system will be "open sourced" (forcibly) and we'll be able to do it to people in their homes
21:18:13 <dorotea> because we can
21:18:26 <joepie91> I read that as "the fb's" (Facebook)
21:18:30 <joepie91> oddly, the sentence still made sense
21:18:32 <joepie91> :|
21:18:39 <dorotea> ow, yeah it does
21:18:39 <dorotea> lol
21:19:11 <dorotea> woot
21:19:16 <dorotea> breached
21:19:26 <dorotea> god fucking damnit
21:19:32 <dorotea> we need to stop hosting blogs on wordpress
21:19:40 <dorotea> they can't actually handle being accessed
21:19:55 <dorotea> hackernews/twitter gets ahold of your post? bye bye server
21:20:09 <joepie91> dorotea:!
21:20:22 <dorotea> duct tape over a failed system
21:20:26 <joepie91> but yeah, familiar issue
21:20:26 <joepie91> indeed
21:20:29 <joepie91> but the duct tape works
21:20:31 <joepie91> :)
21:20:46 <dorotea> yes, but like many thing it addresses symptoms not causes
21:20:49 <joepie91> it's also a useful "oh goddamnit CNservers blackholed me AGAIN for no reason" fix
21:21:12 <dorotea> the reason is hackernews wanting your page
21:21:13 <dorotea> lol
21:21:30 <dorotea> I wonder what's bigger than HN, cause they don't actually push that much traffic
21:21:44 <joepie91> slashdot, reddit, HN
21:21:54 <joepie91> also, yes, wordpress is to blame
21:21:59 <dorotea> 10k or 20k hits in a few minutes is a lot compared to when people got slashdotted, but not that much anymore
21:22:03 <joepie91> anonnews had no issues with this
21:23:13 <dorotea> I posted one of my rants and got some tens of thousands of hits in minutes, and I did it on a business cable connection
21:23:25 <dorotea> 2mbit uplink I think
21:23:26 <dorotea> maybe 4
21:23:27 <dorotea> lol
21:23:49 <joepie91> :P
21:23:53 Cryto867 (Cryto867@36E8591C.249EB7B3.7DABD34B.IP) has joined #crytocc
21:23:58 <dorotea> and fuck, that one had images!
21:24:05 <dorotea> can you imagine? me with images?
21:24:15 <dorotea> I mean what is this shit
21:24:16 <dorotea> lol
21:24:21 <joepie91> rare! :p
21:24:35 Cryto867 has quit (User quit:  Page closed)
21:24:54 GHOSTnew (GHOSTnew@GHOSTnew.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
21:29:55 <dorotea> "14 Fucks I Refuse to Give in 2014 :: Forget about New Year’s Resolutions. This year, I’m making a Fuck It list."
21:32:20 <joepie91> lol
21:33:08 <dorotea> could have been funnier
21:33:13 <dorotea> I am underwhelmed
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21:48:56 GHOSTnew (GHOSTnew@GHOSTnew.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
21:54:00 <Cypher> dorotea, cool is that your blog. I know joepie91 has a blog on wordpress. I always wanted to make a blog but didn't ever get around to it because i did not ever make my mind up on what hosting site / software to use. so i just abandoned that idea?
21:54:12 <Cypher> hmmm
21:54:13 <Cypher> loggy
21:54:19 <Cypher> loggy pointer
21:54:25 <Cypher> loggy, pointer?
21:54:25 <loggy>
21:54:36 <Cypher> fun :)
21:54:38 <dorotea> could you regrammar your question?
21:54:50 <dorotea> is my blog? that's what you're asking?
21:54:55 <Cypher> I could but i'm cooking dinner so I'm trying to be quick typer
21:55:09 <dorotea> medium is not my blog, nor is wordpress
21:55:10 stassi has quit (User quit:  Leaving)
21:55:10 <Cypher> yeah i was reading the 14 fucks i give
21:55:15 <dorotea> ahh
21:55:17 <dorotea> no, not mine
21:55:25 <Cypher> oh ok lol bought it was you
21:55:26 * Sabit pokes joepie91
21:55:29 <Cypher> thought*
21:55:33 <Cypher> idk why
21:55:54 <Cypher> ok then funny tho half way reading still trying to grill a steak :)
21:58:26 <dorotea> :P
21:58:41 <dorotea> I still hand write all my html for blogs
22:07:54 <Cypher> Nice :D I could do that but Ive become lazy.
22:08:40 <Cypher> I first thought of thinking of that idea actually, because i have trust issues with such hosting/free blog sites etc.
22:11:41 <joepie91> Sabit: hai!
22:11:48 <dorotea> I just hate not having root
22:11:57 <dorotea> so I cofounded a hosting company
22:11:57 <dorotea> lol
22:12:12 <joepie91> repeat after me; root is good, user jail is fail
22:12:14 <joepie91> :P
22:12:29 <dorotea> not having root is bullshit
22:12:29 <dorotea> lol
22:12:39 <joepie91> doesn't rhyme!
22:12:43 <Sabit> :o
22:12:44 <joepie91> at least try with crapshoot or something
22:12:47 <joepie91> :)
22:12:50 <dorotea> share it or containerize, but don't labor under the assumption that your users can't get out of cute permission boxes
22:13:19 <Cypher> what the hosting company say are u on a vps if not i doubt u would get root ? just curious.
22:13:37 <joepie91> <StatusBot> [ UP ]  Service heartbeat on host reports that is now back up. It was down for 23 seconds.
22:13:37 <joepie91> <StatusBot> [ UP ]  Service heartbeat on host reports that is now back up. It was down for 10 seconds.
22:13:38 <joepie91> sooooo
22:13:44 <joepie91> we've had the daily urpad downtime
22:13:56 * joepie91 ticks box on daily checklist
22:14:12 <joepie91> such quality
22:14:15 <joepie91> so down
22:14:16 <joepie91> wow
22:15:04 <dorotea> Cypher:) indeed, if you're not on a "vps" you probably won't get root
22:15:11 <Cypher> still working out the cobwebs joepie91
22:15:16 <dorotea> or bare metal
22:15:16 <dorotea> lol
22:15:34 <dorotea> joepie91:) is it at least at the same time every day? :D
22:15:44 <Cypher> so was what ur saying was u was about to get root not on a vps lol
22:16:04 <dorotea> about to get?
22:16:09 <dorotea> motherfucker I own the company
22:16:13 <dorotea> I AM root.
22:16:29 <dorotea> :D
22:16:33 <Cypher> oh lol
22:16:52 <Cypher> u started your own hosting or just running your own server at home?
22:17:14 <dorotea> yes and yes
22:17:19 <joepie91> lol
22:17:23 <joepie91> combined yes
22:17:25 <dorotea> we started on home lines, moved to business lines, now we have a rack
22:17:39 <dorotea> we deploy the second blade soon
22:17:42 <Cypher> whats your uplink
22:17:53 <dorotea> 100mbit until we need more
22:18:04 <dorotea> it's still mostly underutilized
22:18:27 pzuraq ( has joined #crytocc
22:18:31 <Sabit> joepie91: tried coding an irc client.. didn't work out too well :(
22:18:37 <Cypher> ok so what are the average download / upload speeds?
22:19:02 * joepie91 sighs:
22:19:11 <joepie91> Sabit: oh?
22:19:20 <Sabit> coudlnt manage threading well
22:19:22 <Sabit> :(
22:19:32 <Cypher> done or have any dstat reports just curious about the specs j/c i enjoy internet stuff lol
22:19:53 <joepie91> Sabit: you shouldn't be threading!
22:20:01 <Sabit> i like organization :(
22:20:01 <joepie91> well
22:20:07 <joepie91> aside from having a GUI thread maybe
22:20:13 <joepie91> Sabit: threads have nothing to do with organization
22:20:18 <joepie91> and shouldn't have anything to do with organization
22:20:21 <dorotea> er, what? average download and upload speeds?
22:20:24 <Cypher> i thought about hosting my own stuff I was thinking of getting gigabit and leasing out vps something like that.
22:20:25 <joepie91> if they do, your architecture was wrong to begin with
22:20:27 <Cypher> yeah
22:20:32 <Sabit> okies
22:20:33 <dorotea> 100mbit is the average download and upload speeds.
22:20:34 <Sabit> time to redo
22:20:42 <joepie91> Sabit: what language are you working in?
22:20:46 <dorotea> that's roughly 12.5megabytes per second, as always
22:20:57 <dorotea> we don't use near that much, though
22:20:57 <Sabit> c++
22:21:04 <joepie91> Sabit: right... what UI toolkit?
22:21:09 <Cypher> whats upload speed per sec
22:21:11 <Sabit> i think i might use c# cuz i dont think i can manage that well :/
22:21:14 <Sabit> the microsoft one
22:21:17 <dorotea> Cypher:) what do you mean?
22:21:19 <joepie91> ah
22:21:27 <joepie91> um
22:21:28 <joepie91> well
22:21:29 <Sabit> microsoft bloat loading everything
22:21:31 <joepie91> anyway
22:21:36 <joepie91> Sabit: you'll want to look into evented I/O
22:21:42 <dorotea> Cypher:) I don't understand the question, as I've answered it already >_>
22:21:48 <joepie91> *if* the WIndows toolkit is of any proper use, it should have a reactor/loop of some sort
22:21:50 <joepie91> to let you do that
22:21:51 <Cypher> like if u was to open a VNC of your server and open a web browser and go to what would the results be lol
22:21:59 <joepie91> if not, you'll need to run the UI in a separate thread
22:22:04 <joepie91> and have one evented thread for all I/O
22:22:10 <dorotea> Cypher:) like I said already, 100mbit
22:22:14 <Sabit> that's what i tried to do :P
22:22:21 <Cypher> do u have a screen shot of the specs
22:22:24 <Sabit> but my ui kept freezing up
22:22:25 <Sabit> or something
22:22:28 <Cypher> from speedtest
22:22:30 <dorotea> Cypher:) no? why would I?
22:22:36 <Cypher> why wouldn't u.
22:22:38 <joepie91> Sabit: then you're doing it wrong
22:22:40 <dorotea> It's a damn server, not a desktop pc
22:22:45 <joepie91> :p
22:22:47 <Sabit> most probably
22:22:50 <dorotea> It has no window system
22:22:51 <Cypher> all u gotta do is click cp link they save it on the site.
22:22:58 <Sabit> i think ill do it in cli first, then try work it out from there
22:23:05 <Cypher> facepalm.
22:23:08 <joepie91> Sabit: you are most likely trying to run your networking code in the GUI thread without using an I/O loop
22:23:12 <Cypher> i know what it is lol.
22:23:14 <joepie91> that won't work
22:23:20 <joepie91> Cypher: sorry, but your questions make no sense
22:23:35 <dorotea> Cypher:) yeah, so this is a different thing. We buy bandwidth by the megabit. We pay for power. Etc.
22:23:36 <joepie91> there is nothing to "click"
22:23:41 <Cypher> i assume u would have vnc installed on a desktop thats what i did with my linux server.
22:23:45 <joepie91> ...
22:23:47 <dorotea> absolutely not
22:23:56 <joepie91> Cypher: why in $deity's name would you install a graphical environment on a -server-
22:23:57 <dorotea> there is absolutely no "vnc" on our servers.
22:24:13 <dorotea> I would never allow such a piece of software to be installed
22:24:36 <joepie91> it's just useless bloat
22:24:39 <joepie91> useless resource usage
22:24:47 <joepie91> that is better spent doing server things
22:24:54 <Cypher> lol idk its possible to be done i've done it just to toy around.
22:25:00 <joepie91> yes, it's possible
22:25:02 <joepie91> and it's an awful idea
22:25:16 <dorotea> all megabytes of ram used by a vnc are megabytes of ram we can't sell to customers
22:25:23 <joepie91> and it's a bit weird to expect somebody to do something that is an awful idea, and reference it as if it's the most normal thing in the world
22:25:23 <joepie91> :|
22:25:28 <Cypher> i did it to see speediest results because i didn't understand my dstat.
22:25:41 <joepie91> Cypher: you know that there are command-line speedtest clients, right?
22:25:50 <Cypher> nope.
22:25:55 <joepie91> not to mention that speedtest generally isn't that useful on a server
22:25:57 <joepie91> due to bottlenecks
22:26:08 <joepie91> Cypher:
22:26:10 <Cypher> i'll have to look in to it more.
22:26:11 <dorotea> bottlenecks of the speedtest servers lol
22:26:15 <Cypher> thanks :)
22:26:20 <Cypher> brb.
22:26:25 <joepie91> dorotea: exactly
22:26:31 <dorotea> our server has as many megabits per second as we purchase for it
22:26:33 <dorotea> lol
22:26:45 <joepie91> dorotea: it's a running joke that anybody can sell you 10gbit regardless of whether they actually have 10gbit
22:26:48 <joepie91> because there's no way to test
22:26:54 <joepie91> because it maxes out every testing endpoint
22:26:54 <joepie91> lol
22:26:55 <dorotea> yep
22:27:18 <dorotea> You'd have to have a directly connected 40gbit capable peer to verify
22:29:01 <dorotea> I dunno what dstat is either, heh
22:29:04 <dorotea> looks neat though
22:29:05 * joepie91 frowns
22:29:09 <joepie91> so apparently
22:29:09 <dorotea> does it from on bsd?
22:29:11 <joepie91> my dad got a letter
22:29:12 <joepie91> from a bank
22:29:15 <joepie91> about my account
22:29:17 <joepie91> being in the red
22:29:23 <joepie91> only problem: afaik I don't even HAVE an account with them anymore
22:29:25 <joepie91> and haven't for like 3 years
22:29:30 <joepie91> so, wtf
22:29:47 <joepie91> also, the wording in the letter, wtf
22:29:54 <dorotea> seems like not, no results for "freshports dstat"
22:30:05 <dorotea> weird
22:30:12 <dorotea> call up the bank
22:30:12 <joepie91> "For the past three months you've been in the red. Perhaps this has escaped your attention?" (pretty much literally translated)
22:30:24 <dorotea> "I shut that shit down years ago wtf nigs"
22:30:27 <joepie91> dorotea: I'll just bother their physical branch later this week
22:30:32 <joepie91> they're like at the end of the street
22:30:32 <joepie91> lol
22:30:35 <dorotea> heh
22:30:36 <dorotea> :>
22:30:39 <joepie91> but seriously
22:30:42 <joepie91> I canceled this thing years ago
22:30:48 <joepie91> so how the fuck
22:31:01 <joepie91> they also threaten to take money from my savings account (which was also canceled)
22:31:07 <dorotea> wtf lol
22:31:15 <dorotea> someone putting money into your account lol
22:31:17 <joepie91> and threaten that if that fails, they will cancel my account
22:31:30 <joepie91> I feel like saying "sure, cancel it for being in the red- and make sure that it's REALLY gone this time"
22:31:30 <joepie91> lol
22:31:39 <dorotea> lmao
22:31:51 <joepie91> but yeah, wtf, I don't even
22:32:11 <dorotea> lol maybe a security service was spying on your account and they couldn't shut it down due to active investigation
22:32:19 <dorotea> :D
22:32:48 HiveResearch (HiveResear@developers.developers.developers) has joined #crytocc
22:32:52 <joepie91> that would be amusing
22:32:57 <joepie91> I'd wonder why, though
22:33:04 * joepie91 raises eyebrow
22:33:06 <joepie91> waaaaait a moment
22:33:19 <joepie91> I had one automatic subscription on that account
22:33:20 <joepie91> let me check
22:33:27 <joepie91> LOL
22:33:31 <joepie91> that domain is still active
22:33:35 <dorotea> :D
22:33:41 <dorotea> you missed a domain lol
22:33:51 <joepie91> so uh... did they not cancel my account because there was an active subscription for a domain and they've been taking money for that for the past few years and only just figured out?
22:33:52 <joepie91> or what?
22:34:03 <joepie91> that is mild insanity
22:34:31 <zxcvbnm_> i've never had it work that way
22:34:40 <zxcvbnm_> if the account no worky, services stop
22:34:40 <joepie91> me neither, but it's the only remotely reasonable explanation I can find
22:34:41 <joepie91> haha
22:34:45 <zxcvbnm_> heh
22:34:51 <joepie91> but yeah
22:34:54 <joepie91> I'll go bother the branch
22:34:57 <joepie91> because this is stupid
22:35:24 <joepie91> oh well
22:35:45 * joepie91 adds that one to the list of insane bureacratic derps that make everybody's life slightly more unpleasant
22:36:15 <dorotea> ooooh
22:36:19 <dorotea> fireeye bought mandiant
22:36:24 <dorotea> sheit
22:36:48 <dorotea> FireEye buys Mandiant for $1B in huge cybersecurity merger  
22:36:48 <dorotea> 15% of all defense M&A now cyber
22:36:56 <dorotea> By buying @Mandiant, @FireEye also acquired @Mandiant's Managed Defense business, which is a MSSP with a large endpoint footprint.
22:37:12 <dorotea> hmmhmm
22:37:16 <dorotea> strategery
22:47:48 <Cypher> sweet. got the speedtest-cli working I like it its simple thanks joepie91 !
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