Cryto! 18 November 2013

00:00:18 <joepie91> probably: avoid HP, avoid Dell consumer line
00:00:28 <joepie91> avoid Packard Bell like the plague
00:01:03 <joepie91> Dell business laptops are generally good, as are Lenovo laptops (both consumer and business, but build quality on consumer line isn't always great)
00:01:08 <DrWhat> Asus
00:01:10 <DrWhat> All the way
00:01:11 <probably> My old laptop here lasted me 5 yaers joepie91 - AMD though
00:01:12 <joepie91> Asus is fine also
00:01:18 <probably> years *
00:01:38 <joepie91> Acer if you want to go cheap - but please buy one physically and not online so that you are sure the build quality and keyboard quality is in order; it varies greatly between models
00:02:18 <joepie91> Alienware is generally overpriced, but not inherently bad afaik
00:02:31 <joepie91> that's pretty much all the big names I think
00:04:08 <joepie91> also, probably, what broke? or did it just become outdated?
00:04:14 <joepie91> (w/ current laptop)
00:05:43 <probably> hm
00:05:59 <probably> joepie91 - instant-battery drain, beeping on startup (CPU failure), HDD failure
00:06:09 <joepie91> oh, yeah, that sounds pretty broken
00:06:11 <probably> Video card issues
00:06:14 <joepie91> surprising
00:06:22 <joepie91> usually it's just the battery and fans that give out on a laptop
00:06:26 <joepie91> before the rest has a chance to die
00:06:30 <probably> I tried seeing if I could re-install it a while ago for the fuck of it,
00:06:35 <probably> and it was in the middle of loading the setup files
00:06:36 <probably> and bang
00:06:37 <probably> crash
00:06:42 <probably> while plugged in
00:06:48 <joepie91> :/
00:07:02 <joepie91> yeah, that sounds like a total loss, from what you describe
00:07:15 <joepie91> shame
00:07:41 <joepie91> but yeah, for new laptops just make sure you stay the fuck away from HP and Packard Bell, the rest is at least decent
00:07:58 <joepie91> and Asus / Lenovo / Dell Business / some Acer models for higher quality
00:08:10 <probably> meh,
00:08:12 <probably> ill check it out
00:08:54 <joepie91> (Packard Bell has serious problems with hardware failures, poor case design leading to overheating, driver issues, generally poor quality components, etc.... HP has shitty chargers/batteries, sometimes other poor components, and their customer service / warranty is fucking awful)
00:12:57 <probably> mmk
00:13:22 <probably> ugh, all the decent laptops start at $500
00:14:45 <joepie91> sounds about right
00:15:50 <cayce> that's what I paid, yeah
00:15:56 <cayce> mine lasted 4 years
00:16:13 <cayce> (not quite dead, I think, but I haven't gotten around to resurrection attempts)
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01:50:56 <Riddler> hello
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02:07:11 <Riddler> Join #askanonymous
02:07:37 <Charles> thx Riddler
02:07:47 <Riddler> np
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02:30:34 <cayce> NP: [Michael Jackson - Thriller] [Thriller] [813kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
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03:33:04 <Riddler> please join #askanonymous
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03:38:51 <joepie91> Riddler: that channel is not to be mentioned here or in #anonnews
03:39:09 <Riddler> okay
03:39:11 <Riddler> why?
03:39:18 <Riddler> I wasnt told this before, sorry
03:39:55 <joepie91> please review the backlog in that channel; the short version is that Charles is behaving extremely misleading to a potentially dangerous degree, and I do not want to put my users at risk
03:40:25 <Riddler> then you are doing the same thing to your users that charles is doing to his.
03:40:39 <joepie91> Riddler: how am I?
03:41:38 <Riddler> you giving them propaganda not to enter that chat room because "you" feel they shouldn't. What if some of your users, such as me, are interested in this chat room? you are trying to dominate and tell what chat rooms we can and can't join by doing this.
03:41:55 <joepie91> Riddler: not really
03:42:06 <Riddler> really
03:42:06 <joepie91> if I wanted to do that I could just remove the channel from the network altogether
03:42:23 <pzuraq> Riddler: It is not based on some emotional feeling, it is based on a reasonable logical justification.
03:42:29 <joepie91> the problem is that he is falsely claiming the channel to be "official", and is showing clear disregard for others
03:42:32 <pzuraq> a fact.
03:42:51 <joepie91> that is a very dangerous combination that, in the past, has led to people getting into dangerous situations
03:42:56 <Riddler> he claiming to speak his mind directly to a select few of people in anonymous who agree with him. Others can also join in this conversation as well and speak their minds. I don't believe that charles would ever try to speak for everyone in anonymous because he bloody knows that anonymous is an idea created by different opinions
03:43:16 <joepie91> doing things putting themselves at risk, because they believed they were part of an "official anonymous blah"
03:43:25 <joepie91> Riddler: please read the above very carefully
03:43:26 <pzuraq> Riddler: Then why does he need to use the word? The word tha clearly will lead some people to think otherwise?
03:43:47 <pzuraq> Anonnews never claims to be the official anon news source
03:44:15 <joepie91> by claiming to be official and having disregard for others, he is potentially creating a very dangerous situation for the users that get involved in it
03:44:29 <joepie91> I am not in a position to stop him from doing so entirely - but I -am- in a position to protect my users from that
03:44:38 <Riddler> joepie...
03:44:51 <Riddler> you banned charles from crytocc and anonnews?
03:44:59 <joepie91> Riddler: no, he left of his own accord
03:45:35 <joepie91> the only thing I have done is making clear that the channel [pretending to be official] is not to be mentioned to #anonnews or #crytocc users
03:45:39 <Riddler> <Charles> sorry. it would help if u saw the prev argument. [19:42] <Charles> joepie91 was unhappy with my use of "official" which i declined to remove. he then said he wld bar me from #crytocc and #anonnews, which i accepted. however he came bck after that and threatened to bar anyone else who stays on the channel, which is UNREASONABLE [19:43] <Charles> i cant tell the truth to everyone as im now banned from the channel. so pls tell th
03:46:05 <joepie91> Riddler; please read back what I actually said in the channel, he is twisting my words
03:46:06 <Riddler> you threaten to bann anyone else on the chat room it seems....
03:46:10 <joepie91> no
03:46:14 <pzuraq> Riddler: He said he would bar him from mentioning #askanonymous
03:46:14 <joepie91> that is just his interpretation of it, apparently
03:46:32 <pzuraq> not from the chatroom itself
03:46:43 <joepie91> ^
03:46:44 <Riddler> this is chaos at its finest.
03:46:48 <pzuraq> yeah
03:46:53 <Riddler> This will make an awesome article
03:47:05 <joepie91> Riddler: I don't care whether he or anybody is in either #anonnews or #crytocc, or participates in it
03:47:14 <Riddler> Thank you for the info and entertainment.
03:47:21 <Riddler> but
03:47:22 <joepie91> I just want to prevent him from taking users from either of those channels and bringing them into a misleading and potentially dangerous situation
03:47:39 <Riddler> freedom of speech my friend..... freedom of speech
03:47:46 <pzuraq> Riddler: So you're going to write an article about the drama going on in anon and not the actual issues?
03:47:51 <Riddler> no
03:47:59 <joepie91> Riddler: freedom of speech is why his channel still exists
03:48:00 <pzuraq> We have never threatened his freedom to speak
03:48:44 <joepie91> Riddler: please read the network MOTD (it is in the server tab)
03:48:49 <joepie91> the most relevant section is this:
03:48:50 <joepie91> - Unless a user or channel is a threat to the network or other users or
03:48:50 <joepie91> - channels that do not choose to be involved in the problematic user's
03:48:50 <joepie91> - business, network operators will not involve themselves into channel
03:48:50 <joepie91> - business. This means you are free to use your channel in a manner that
03:48:50 <joepie91> - you wish, as long as the few network-wide rules that exist are followed.
03:48:50 <joepie91> - We do not impose restrictions on discussion topics, channel moderation,
03:48:50 <joepie91> - bot policy, etc.
03:49:08 <pzuraq> we simply do not want him to represent us. By claiming to be official, he does that. By posting in these channels, he does that.
03:49:31 <joepie91> pzuraq: I am more concerned with the possible practical consequences, than with the representation itself, tbqh
03:49:50 <Riddler> I'm going to write an article about how anonymous is slowly falling apart due to mutiny and inside rebellions an arguments. This discussion gives a clear example of how anonymous is not unified and how in the near future it will fall apart. The bastards at RT, Reuter, and Huffinton post are going to like this.
03:49:56 <Riddler> you see
03:50:01 <Riddler> I am not in anonymous
03:50:06 <Riddler> I'm just the press
03:50:09 <Riddler> that is why I like
03:50:13 <Riddler> askanonymous
03:50:24 <Riddler> it allows me to get questions answered.
03:50:32 <pzuraq> Riddler: Can I read your articles then?
03:50:38 <Riddler> when its done
03:50:49 <Riddler> would you like to read my current article
03:50:55 <Riddler> its on rtamerica
03:51:08 <joepie91> Riddler: I would also like you to have a look at the channel topic here again
03:51:19 <joepie91> for future reference
03:51:19 <pzuraq> joepie91: From my perspective, the justification for our arguments is based on his lack of a right to speak for us. This is why I argue from that pov.
03:51:34 <pzuraq> Riddler: Sure, link?
03:51:54 <Riddler> Anonymous hackers engaged in year-long campaign targeting US govt agencies - FBI
03:52:02 <Riddler> I took the picture myself.
03:53:20 <joepie91> Riddler: you are Saul Loeb?
03:53:42 <Riddler> the thing about rt america is....
03:53:43 <pzuraq> shitty reporting
03:53:49 <Riddler> excuse me
03:53:55 <Riddler> as I was saying
03:53:56 <pzuraq> Jeremy Hammond never pleaded guilty
03:54:01 <pzuraq> he denied all charges
03:54:07 <Riddler> no he didnt kid
03:54:20 <Riddler> I'm a pro I always get my facts right
03:54:28 * joepie91 redirects this discussion to #anonnews
03:54:58 <pzuraq> ah, my bad
03:55:02 <pzuraq> apparently he did
03:55:23 <pzuraq> the article I read last night claimed otherwise.
03:55:27 <joepie91> pzuraq, Riddler, please take this discussion to #anonnews
03:55:43 <joepie91> it's already breaking one channel rule and close to breaking a second
03:56:03 <joepie91> and I'd rather go to sleep without this getting potentially out of hand
03:56:03 <Riddler> fine
03:56:29 <pzuraq> joepie91: Sorry, which rule? I ask as I didn't realize, would like to read the rules again.
03:56:41 <joepie91> pzuraq: see the channel topic
03:57:01 <pzuraq> lol
03:57:12 <pzuraq> definitely one, almost two :p
03:57:31 <joepie91> also, to clarify; these three rules are in place for a reason
03:57:41 <joepie91> these three things have caused trouble here in the past
03:57:52 <joepie91> they are not arbitrary rules
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04:43:02 <cayce> jesus christ
04:43:07 <cayce> I think I lost several IQ points
04:43:12 <cayce> talk about not fucking getting it
04:43:58 <cayce> self important prick, jeez
04:44:20 * cayce smh goes back to writing paper about human rights interventions
04:50:35 <pzuraq> cayce: You talk to them too?
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06:22:47 <cayce> pzuraq:) no? I just read the scrollback
06:22:54 <cayce> finished my paper too
06:22:56 <Ari> damn
06:23:07 <cayce> all 6 fuckin pages
06:23:08 <Ari> kevin mitnick is now high up on the list of people i wanna meet
06:23:31 <Ari> i met ken perlin
06:23:34 <Ari> he's pretty cool
06:23:52 <cayce> sometime before wednesday at 945am I'm supposed to write 1.5 pages on state surveillance and come up with 2 minutes on some aspect of it
06:24:30 <cayce> test tomorrow night for 3 hours
06:24:44 <cayce> 2 essays (of 4) on writings we're supposed to have read this semester
06:25:03 <cayce> and chapter 10 for 10am... then tuesday is nuclear nonproliferation day
06:25:09 <Ari> o_o
06:25:22 <cayce> and another 4 hour break (like tomorrow) where I'll read an entire 100 page book
06:25:47 <cayce> and that's only tuesday
06:25:54 <cayce> the paper and preso are due 945am weds
06:26:06 <cayce> we give the preso that period (10-12 weds)
06:26:14 <Ari> sounds like
06:26:15 <Ari> a lot of work
06:26:17 <Ari> uni?
06:26:19 <cayce> probably test that afternoon
06:26:25 <cayce> on the book I'm reading tuesday
06:26:33 <cayce> and a previous book (another 200 pages)
06:26:48 <cayce> likely a 5 page in class essay
06:27:03 <cayce> (hand written e.e)
06:27:07 <cayce> hee hee
06:27:12 <cayce> and then another essay due friday
06:27:13 <Ari> you poor angel
06:27:14 <cayce> and then break!
06:27:25 <cayce> yes, uni
06:27:28 <cayce> my major, mostly
06:27:34 <cayce> this is only 16 units
06:27:35 <Ari> being?
06:27:38 <cayce> I'm taking 18 next semester
06:27:40 <cayce> global studies
06:27:45 <Ari> ah
06:28:00 <cayce> it's not a major you'll hear of, it's not offered many places
06:28:39 <cayce> neomarxist postcapitalist interdisciplinary crossapplication of theoretical frameworks
06:28:47 <cayce> there's some word I'm missing, not sure which
06:29:04 <cayce> to differentiate it from international studies
06:29:21 <cayce> which is from international relations, and is thus primarily state-based, whereas we're primarily not-state-based
06:29:30 <cayce> green revolution in india, etc
06:29:35 <Ari> sounds fancy as shit
06:29:43 <cayce> it is very fucking neat
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06:29:46 <Ari> i'm just gonna go into networking/CS
06:29:52 <cayce> I started out CS
06:30:06 <cayce> I'mma learn... ceylon over the break, I think
06:30:17 <cayce>
06:30:34 <cayce> decided I don't hate programming anymore
06:30:39 <cayce> need to find a language I like, if not C
06:30:54 <cayce> python/perl/ruby already work for scripting, but I want something sorta like ceylon
06:31:05 <cayce> it runs in the jvm, but it also crosscompiles directly into js
06:31:10 <cayce> (nodejs and browser js)
06:31:30 <cayce> it has some neat shit too
06:31:35 <Ari> damn
06:31:40 <cayce> like all things are implicitly private
06:31:41 <Ari> looks cool
06:31:46 <cayce> so you don't get stuck in java object hell
06:31:49 <cayce> with getters and setters
06:31:58 <Ari> calling vars variables looks like too much verbosity
06:32:12 <cayce> I don't like worthless concision
06:32:16 <cayce> my code should read
06:32:20 <cayce> my C was like that
06:32:28 <cayce> it's why IDE's have autocomplete
06:32:35 <Ari> true
06:32:40 <Ari> but you're not in my java class
06:32:41 <cayce> and yeah, don't go java on it
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06:32:50 <Ari> where we're forced to use something called "ready to program"
06:32:52 <Ari> google it
06:32:53 <Ari> and weep
06:32:58 <cayce> fucking.function.that.does.nothing() {///
06:33:02 <Ari> lol
06:33:09 <cayce> that's java in a nutshell
06:33:20 <cayce> but I'm totally down with functionName()
06:33:26 <Ari> oh
06:33:28 <Ari> you'd love
06:33:28 <Ari>
06:33:53 * cayce waits for chrome
06:34:32 <cayce> oh, cool
06:34:44 <cayce> that'd take me 30m to do, 25 of which would be relearning C
06:34:57 <cayce> and maybe 1m for fighting with compiler
06:34:58 <cayce> lol
06:35:01 <Ari> lol
06:35:03 <cayce> anyway
06:35:06 <Ari> fizzbuzz enterprise
06:35:09 <Ari> fizzbuzz in java
06:35:10 <cayce> I want a compiled language that writes the way I speak code
06:35:26 <Ari>\
06:35:28 <Ari>
06:35:29 <cayce> I'll probably just go back to C (oh how i loved C)
06:35:39 <Ari> never learned it
06:35:42 <cayce> but there's all the new ones, and I should give some a fair shot
06:35:42 <cayce> ahh
06:35:46 <Ari> wonder if there's a lang that speaks naturally
06:35:48 <cayce> I learned C and then x86asm
06:35:52 <Ari> fun
06:35:56 <Ari> i wanna write a kernel
06:35:57 <Ari> eventuall
06:36:00 <cayce> C spoke naturally for me
06:36:14 <cayce> and it doesn't impose lots of restrictions on you
06:36:18 <cayce> if you fuck up, it crashes
06:36:23 <cayce> end of story
06:36:41 <cayce> I'm happy with that
06:36:53 <cayce> oh god
06:36:54 <cayce> fucking
06:37:02 <cayce> dude you can now die
06:37:07 <cayce> just so you know
06:37:10 <cayce> you have entered java hell
06:37:21 <Ari> lool
06:37:25 <Ari> that's the joke
06:38:23 <cayce> da
06:38:24 <cayce> but yeah
06:38:31 <cayce> I'mma look at ceylon and go
06:38:36 <cayce> not sure what else
06:38:44 <Ari> mmk
06:38:44 <cayce> something other than fucking scripting languages
06:38:52 <Ari> lool\
06:38:56 <Ari> LUA PYTHON JS
06:38:56 <cayce> I mean, I love ruby, always will
06:39:09 <cayce> it's like programming while being fucked
06:39:16 <cayce> so sexy
06:39:17 <Ari> lool
06:39:23 <cayce> but not scalable AT ALL
06:39:27 <Ari> the ballmer peak
06:39:30 <cayce> yeah
06:39:49 <cayce> and I've actually heard decent shit about lua
06:39:53 <cayce> it's pretty expressive
06:40:06 <cayce> really good for niche shit, less so for "build a system in lua"
06:40:10 <Ari> yeah
06:40:15 <Ari> nice as a scripting lang for other plats
06:40:26 <cayce> which is awesome, and like lighttpd2's config file is a lua file now
06:40:29 <Ari> like for modding games
06:40:42 <cayce> it expresses a logic for handling incoming connections
06:40:46 <cayce> which is a hilarious idea
06:40:49 <cayce> but totally makes sense
06:41:07 <Ari> lool
06:41:21 <cayce> anyway yeah
06:41:26 <cayce> perl and ruby were my starts haha
06:41:47 <Ari> haha
06:42:04 <cayce> and uh
06:42:08 <cayce> xhtml1.1 strict
06:42:16 <Ari> mines were java and html
06:42:16 <Ari> :P
06:42:22 <cayce> which is why my html is perfect
06:42:23 <cayce> lol
06:42:35 <cayce> because xhtml is "don't follow guides, read the spec"
06:42:52 <Ari> yep :P
06:43:29 <cayce> ugh man
06:43:30 <Ari> those doctypes though
06:43:31 <Ari> ew
06:43:34 <cayce> this week is gonna be fueled by satan
06:43:49 <Ari> brb
06:43:50 <cayce> I give a presentation before the test tomorrow
06:44:09 <cayce> 5 minute presentation on max weber (theorist), and a 2 page paper on him
06:44:21 <cayce> I suppose I'll probably write it during class tomorrow
06:55:14 <MK_FG> cayce, Rust might be closer to C than Go
06:55:36 <MK_FG> (yet without buffer overflows and all that crap)
06:56:52 <cayce> the examples of rust look like shit
06:56:55 <cayce> are there any better ones
06:57:55 <cayce> maybe it's just because they don't fucking indent anything
06:57:57 <cayce> because they're assholes
06:58:07 <MK_FG> Ugh
06:58:25 <MK_FG> There's tutorial -
06:59:04 <cayce> OH
06:59:05 <cayce> this shit
06:59:09 <cayce> this is why I threw rust out
06:59:10 <cayce> let mut count = 0;
06:59:12 <cayce> that shit right there
06:59:25 <cayce> I have to manually identify variables scope and mutability
06:59:25 <cayce> no
06:59:40 <cayce> this is my nope
07:00:06 <cayce> anyway, must sleep
07:00:11 <cayce> will rage more at this in the morning
07:00:22 <cayce> :3
07:00:28 <MK_FG> Um, you do same with C declaring vars in functions, I think
07:00:43 <MK_FG> Here it's a gc thing, iiuc
07:00:45 <cayce> since when
07:00:55 <cayce> I int name; done
07:01:23 <cayce> yeah and you can ~var things to make them get autocleaned by gc
07:01:25 <cayce> which is neat
07:01:26 <cayce> but no
07:01:37 <cayce> I would actually rather manage that myself
07:02:16 * cayce sleep()
07:20:12 <pzuraq> cayce: ah
07:20:26 <pzuraq> I see
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10:47:59 <lysobit>
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13:16:59 <ChauffeR> HELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO joepie91
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13:21:39 <joepie91> seriously...
13:21:41 <joepie91> ohai ChauffeR
13:21:52 <joepie91> "delphi is worse so that makes python good"
13:21:54 <joepie91> I don't even what
13:22:48 <joepie91> I mean, he's basically conflating emotional arguments and own-perspective comparisons, with an objective and atomic measure of quality
13:25:02 Sonic has quit (Connection reset by peer)
13:33:30 <lysobit> I disagree with you there
13:33:41 <lysobit> "good" is an extremely subjective term
13:34:37 <lysobit> If PHP documentation wasn't as good as it is today, I have doubts that you'd have written that blog post, otherwise that blog post would have been titled something like "Programming documentation is bad in general"
13:35:53 <lysobit> because honestly, I can't think of anything better than PHP documentation
13:44:17 d0wn|off ( has joined #crytocc
13:44:37 *** d0wn|off is now known as d0wn
13:51:26 <joepie91> lysobit: sure, which is why I tried to address the problems with the Python documentatiton objectively, only using PHP as an example of how it could be done beter
13:51:39 <joepie91> the mailing list post I linked does an even better job of that
13:51:55 <joepie91> doc quality -is- actually an objective metric
13:52:28 <joepie91> it's the answer to the question "does this documentation help people find and learn information about X efficiently, without being in the way or causing frustration"
13:52:51 <joepie91> also, lysobit, I have to brb ergotherapist but I'll leave you a question in PM
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15:13:24 beowulf (beowulf@beowulf.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
15:26:54 <beowulf> I was wondering if anyone knew if it was more beneficial to run I2P instead of TOR. If so, why? I know more about TOR than I2P and am currently reading the I2P site but was wondering if there was something better about it. I know it's a smaller network and isn't a 'guarantee'
15:28:26 <cayce> it's got a different threat model
15:28:51 <cayce> I've got no complete answer for you, and only to say I won't use i2p because it's written in java
15:29:21 <beowulf> Ah, haven't gotten to that part yet. Didn't know it was java...
15:29:46 <cayce> there might be alternative implementations, and I'm sure it's improved since I tried it oh so many years ago
15:31:51 <beowulf> Yea there are a few different ways in implement it and says here I can use it as a proxy if I want. I'm wondering if I could use both TOR and I2P together, but not I2P as proxy because I dont think it would work with TOR like that
15:40:03 <cayce> agh fuck why am I having intelligent discussion on facebook
15:40:13 * cayce stands in the corner of shame
15:40:26 <cayce> haha that'd be fun
15:40:38 <cayce> tor for source disattribution into i2p with anonymity
15:40:42 <cayce> that would be some shit
15:41:31 <beowulf> yea and I want to add a VPN with all that :)
15:41:44 <beowulf> Just trying to figure out exactly how I want to do it
15:41:51 <cayce> best idea would be to combine that with a chaos box
15:41:59 <beowulf> and not kill my connection speed entirely lol
15:42:59 <cayce> hmm, can't find the wiki with chaos box directions anymore, must be down
15:43:16 <cayce> anyway, unattributed box in unknown location you ssh into via tor
15:43:47 <cayce> runs something like openbsd so you can share the box with lots of other chaos box users and not fuck eachother's data
15:48:15 <beowulf> Thanks for the advice
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17:42:42 <joepie91> future reference; I2P is not intended to be used as an outproxy
17:42:52 <joepie91> ie. proxy to clearnet
17:42:57 <joepie91> it's technically possible but not advised
17:47:14 <ElectRo`> today is a crazy day for bitcoins/litecoins
17:50:19 <vld> joepie91
17:50:29 <vld> should i take my btc out?
17:50:30 <joepie91> yes, vld?
17:50:34 <joepie91> uh
17:50:37 <joepie91> why?
17:50:50 <vld> afraid of going down
17:51:23 <joepie91> if you use it as a transactional currency, that shouldn't matter... if you use it as an investment, I'm the wrong person to give you advice
17:51:24 <joepie91> :P
17:52:59 <vld> i could sell now and buy back when it falls
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17:57:26 <iceTwy> seriously MK_FG
17:57:37 <iceTwy> remember that Russian guitarist I always link you to?
17:57:41 <iceTwy> Andrey Korolev
17:57:48 <MK_FG> I do, yeah
17:57:54 <iceTwy> dude. I really think he's one of the best guitarists, ever
17:57:56 <iceTwy> like
17:57:58 <iceTwy> wow
17:58:37 <MK_FG> Can't raelly comment on that, I don't play guitar and not that much into guitar music
17:58:44 <iceTwy> yeah
17:58:52 <iceTwy> well, my ears get eargasms from his music
17:59:13 <joepie91> right
17:59:21 <iceTwy> my brain rather
17:59:23 <iceTwy> or w/e
17:59:30 <joepie91> so a cop in NL has gotten his own show on the regional TV channel, basically
17:59:33 <joepie91> following him around
17:59:40 <joepie91> and they "blurred" some stuff for "privacy"
17:59:47 <joepie91> except this is probably the worst attempt at blurring I've ever seen
17:59:53 <joepie91> the average kid on YT can do this better
18:00:02 <MK_FG> iceTwy, "best" wrt music gotta be subjective anyway
18:00:33 <MK_FG> I.e. I bet there's no shortage of people who'll like other guitar music more
18:00:58 <iceTwy> MK_FG: yes. here's why I said /my/ brain / /my/ ears
18:01:00 <iceTwy> :P
18:01:05 <joepie91> I mean, look at this: cc iceTwy MK_FG etc.
18:01:19 <joepie91> it's like they're not even trying
18:03:09 <MK_FG> Not that blurring will help there much anyway
18:03:19 <MK_FG> They come to some dude's house
18:03:20 Zekka (zekka@Zekka.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
18:03:38 <MK_FG> We see it, hear him speak, his clothes, his posture, everything
18:03:55 <MK_FG> Everyone in the neighborhood will recognize the person
18:04:08 <iceTwy> yeah exactly lol
18:04:28 Riddler (Riddler@5FD71087.11DC8350.1A26DB37.IP) has joined #crytocc
18:04:32 <Riddler> hello
18:04:34 <joepie91> MK_FG: aside from that, the info on the screen isn't about anybody seen in the show
18:05:08 <MK_FG> And I'm not convinced seeing face once for few secs on some trash show will make me recognize that person on the street later if I don't interact more with them
18:05:19 <MK_FG> So dunno, maybe they shouldn't try ;)
18:06:14 <joepie91> MK_FG: the example I linked was text blur
18:06:16 <joepie91> not face blur :)
18:07:05 <MK_FG> Oh
18:07:34 <MK_FG> On that board on the right, yeah, it was kinda weird
18:08:43 <MK_FG> I wonder what will happen if every cop would wear a cam+sound recorder that streams to public
18:21:18 beowulf (beowulf@beowulf.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
18:26:27 emfe ( has joined #crytocc
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19:07:40 macbeth (JohnSmith@Macbeth.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
19:07:44 <macbeth> New VPN!! Woo Hoo!!
19:08:57 <beowulf> how is it?
19:09:16 <macbeth> It is pretty awesome
19:09:30 <macbeth> Everyone gets the same IP and it links to a weird site that doesn't give any info
19:09:33 <macbeth> It's for OpenVPN
19:09:46 <macbeth> So it is free but totally secure
19:12:27 iceTwy has quit (Ping timeout)
19:12:39 iceTwy ( has joined #crytocc
19:12:47 <macbeth> hey iceTwy
19:12:49 <macbeth> How u doin?
19:15:17 <beowulf> Which one?
19:15:29 <beowulf> Ive been looking for a new VPN for like a month
19:16:16 <macbeth> Ask Doemela
19:16:25 <macbeth> He will set u up with it
19:16:35 <macbeth> It is the Cg VPN
19:27:42 <lysobit>
19:27:43 <beowulf> Oh, that one doesnt work on the AnonOps server...I know about that one
19:27:50 beowulf has quit (User quit:  Leaving)
19:32:27 <lysobit> Sounds like something that joepie91 would say about college :P
19:32:33 <joepie91> macbeth: cyberghost?
19:32:38 <joepie91> avoid like the plague
19:33:34 <joepie91> lysobit: oh hey, that's genjix!
19:37:31 <connor> joepie91, what's your internet speed
19:37:34 <connor> downstram
19:37:37 <connor> downstream
19:38:44 <macbeth> joepie91: No, not cyberghost. It is jsut for OpenVPN by Cyberguerrilla. No tracking, and the guy who runs it helped me set up so im pretty confident
19:39:13 <connor> all public VPN servers log
19:39:16 <connor> whether they're paid or not
19:39:30 <macbeth> this one does not keep logs
19:39:42 <connor> all public vpn servers log though
19:39:49 * joepie91 sighs
19:39:54 <connor> and if you're running your own, then it's most likely that your ISP logs
19:40:01 <macbeth> hang on a minute
19:40:12 <macbeth> aight, ill talk to the guy who runs the VPN
19:40:16 <connor>
19:40:20 <connor> top answer ^
19:40:22 <joepie91> macbeth: I'm really kinda curious why you seem to simply be refusing to absorb the information I gave you, about having to assume that everybody logs what they can
19:40:34 <joepie91> I've told you probably more than 10 times by now
19:40:40 <joepie91> it should really start sticking by now
19:40:40 <macbeth> yes
19:40:46 <macbeth> You're right.
19:41:23 <joepie91> every time you talk about X or Y "not logging" or "not tracking", that tells me you've ignored/forgotten what I've told you again
19:41:24 <connor> "A VPN service like the ones you quote is basically saying: "yeah, we accept to take full legal responsibility for everything you do online for only 7$ per month". Does this really sound... plausible ?"
19:41:47 <joepie91> because if you took my advice to heart, you wouldn't even -think- about that
19:46:29 Riddler has quit (Ping timeout)
19:57:21 Zekka (zekka@Zekka.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
20:06:07 <iceTwy> macbeth: hey there
20:06:10 <iceTwy> sorry was having dinner
20:06:25 <macbeth> its alright
20:06:27 <macbeth> :P
20:06:34 <iceTwy> :p
20:06:41 <iceTwy> doing pretty fine atm
20:06:45 <macbeth> cool
20:06:47 <iceTwy> not too bad y know
20:07:03 <iceTwy> busy between revising & creating a Bitcoin-focused Arch Linux live CD
20:07:08 <macbeth> just got old iPod updated and im putting some new apps on
20:07:12 <macbeth> cool
20:07:39 <iceTwy> this live CD is intended for Bitcoin cold storage
20:08:24 <macbeth> awesome
20:15:52 <pzuraq> what's the best way to buy some bitcoins?
20:15:56 <pzuraq> .bitcoin
20:15:57 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $580.00, 1 BTC = €488.57
20:16:00 <joepie91> pzuraq: country?
20:16:04 <pzuraq> US
20:16:47 <pzuraq> don't have money now, but when I get paid planning on investing a couple thousand
20:16:49 dpk has quit (Ping timeout)
20:17:21 <joepie91> pzuraq: er... the US exchange climate is a bit hostile currently
20:17:45 <joepie91> your best bets would probably be coinbase, bitstamp (do they do US?), or an in-person exchange with somebody through localbitcoins
20:17:59 <pzuraq> what about mtgox?
20:18:10 <joepie91> former two would require bank verification probably
20:18:16 <joepie91> no instant exchanges exist currently in the US afaik
20:18:24 <joepie91> pzuraq: mtgox is still something to avoid, just like before
20:18:25 <joepie91> :P
20:18:31 <pzuraq> lol
20:18:32 <pzuraq> mmk
20:18:45 <joepie91> aside from the withdrawal issues they are having now (and suspected liquidity issues...) they have a terrible track record
20:18:50 <joepie91> so just perma-avoid them
20:18:57 <pzuraq> well like I said, don't have money now
20:19:08 <pzuraq> so I have time to verify bank acct and such
20:19:09 <joepie91> pzuraq: I would recommend having a look at localbitcoins first :)
20:19:14 <joepie91> right
20:19:31 <pzuraq> I'll look at prices, I find that local stuff means more expensive sometimes
20:19:38 <pzuraq> sometimes not though
20:20:50 <pzuraq> joepie91: Any other crypto currencies worth investing in? Litecoin is still pretty cheap it seems
20:22:51 <joepie91> pzuraq: uh, idk
20:22:56 <joepie91> I don't do investing
20:22:56 <joepie91> :P
20:23:09 <joepie91> and don't judge "cheap" by absolute numbers
20:23:30 <joepie91> and know what you're getting into etc.
20:23:51 <pzuraq> yeah, would do some research first
20:25:35 <pzuraq> like for instance, what is the expected max number in existence
20:25:44 <pzuraq> think that is important
20:26:01 <joepie91> pzuraq: yes, it is
20:26:10 <joepie91> but more importantly
20:26:14 <joepie91> what is the expected use
20:26:21 <joepie91> ie. market cap
20:26:28 <pzuraq> very true
20:26:49 <pzuraq> that's where some people speculate btc might be worth as much as $100,000
20:27:17 <pzuraq> I think that's a fair possibility. Seen more and more online retailers accepting btc.
20:28:08 <pzuraq> that's why I wanna buy a few though. Worse comes to worse, I lose some money. Nbd.
20:28:33 <pzuraq> best comes to best, can stop worrying about retirement and get on with life ;)
20:32:14 <pzuraq> hey, on localbitcoins what do the limits mean?
20:33:10 <joepie91> pzuraq: how much somebody is willing/able to trade
20:33:16 <joepie91> they're person-to-person listings
20:33:17 <joepie91> not an exchangeg
20:33:18 <joepie91> :)
20:33:20 <joepie91> exchangeg *
20:33:21 <joepie91> ...
20:33:23 <joepie91> exchange *
20:33:26 <joepie91> THAT ONLY TOOK ME 3 TRIES
20:33:28 <joepie91> TO DO RIGHT
20:33:43 <joepie91> <pzuraq>that's where some people speculate btc might be worth as much as $100,000
20:33:51 <joepie91>
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21:15:23 <joepie91> can't help but find this interesting: (urgent ambulance call was to a mental health clinic, reported fire [but no actual fire] 15 minutes later was to their main office....)
21:15:25 Zekka (zekka@Zekka.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
21:16:45 <pzuraq> joepie91: One thought is that's assuming that btc can grab that much market share alone among crypto currencies. I could see that being the market share of crypto currencies in general, but I think that some of it might be taken by other btc alternatives
21:17:10 <joepie91> pzuraq: I have yet to see a compelling alternative cryptocurrency to bitcoin
21:17:35 <pzuraq> fair, but that doesn't mean one won't come into existence at some point
21:17:44 <joepie91> pzuraq: ofc.
21:18:39 <joepie91> I'm just finding it unlikely to occur any time soon, given the increasing magnitude of bitcoin adoption, lack of compelling alternatives so far, and so on
21:19:42 <pzuraq> I feel if btc were to become the standard cc, then alternatives would popup that mould sort of be like btc is now
21:19:52 <pzuraq> they wouldn't have huge marketshare ofc
21:20:11 macbeth has quit (Ping timeout)
21:20:23 <pzuraq> anyways, class
21:20:26 <pzuraq> I shall return
21:20:33 <joepie91> :P
21:29:33 macbeth ( has joined #crytocc
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22:39:09 <joepie91>
22:52:44 <iceTwy> joepie91: lol
22:52:47 <iceTwy> pwntdobe
22:52:52 <joepie91> hehe
22:57:54 Cryto034 (Cryto034@D8804853.1C1FC404.B1FAC4AB.IP) has joined #crytocc
22:58:09 Cryto034 has parted #crytocc ()
23:13:17 Ari (Ari@Ari.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
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23:30:17 aHlTat (aHlTat@aHlTat.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
23:41:33 <iceTwy> joepie91: 300 people connected to my Electrum node
23:41:38 <iceTwy> and it is running just fine
23:41:40 <iceTwy> ;P
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23:46:02 <joepie91>
23:49:58 iceTwy has quit (User quit:  Disconnecting from server)
23:52:33 <ChauffeR> I wanna steal buttcoins too
23:53:34 <lysobit> "Buttcoin is a peer-to-peer butt. Peer-to-peer means that no central authority issues new butts or tracks butts. These tasks are managed collectively by the network. It’s like a bitcoin, but with butts instead."
23:53:58 <joepie91> cayce:
23:54:00 <joepie91> .tw
23:54:01 <botpie91> I don’t know when this website happened, but TACK is an important and valuable project, so go read: (@tqbf)
23:59:00 Riddler ( has joined #crytocc
23:59:01 <Riddler> hello