Cryto! 13 November 2013

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01:31:06 <aw9989> /msg nickserv register qwer123zxc
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01:32:20 <probably> oh god
01:32:23 <probably> did he really just do that
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01:40:36 <probably> loggy, pointer?
01:40:36 <loggy>
01:41:02 <lysobit> I think I broke joepie91
01:41:11 <probably> oh god
01:41:12 <probably> you evil person
01:41:14 <probably> OMG
01:41:19 <probably> MY SERVER BILL IS DUE
01:41:21 <probably> AND IT'S $300 THIS MONTH
01:41:22 <probably> ;(
01:41:31 <lysobit> [01:19:21] <@joepie91> k
01:41:31 <lysobit> [01:19:22] <@joepie91> time to sleep
01:41:31 <lysobit> [01:19:25] <@joepie91> enough disk space
01:41:31 <lysobit> [01:19:29] <@joepie91> enough tracker items
01:41:31 <lysobit> [01:19:31] <@joepie91> all should be fine
01:41:31 <lysobit> [01:19:31] <@joepie91> !
01:41:31 <lysobit> [01:37:21] <lysobit> .py exec('import time\nclass joepie91():\n  def sleep(self):\n    print "yawn"\n    while True:\n      time.sleep(8999)\njoe = joepie91(); joe.sleep();')
01:41:32 <lysobit> [01:38:21] <botpie91> A server error occurred.  Please contact the administrator.
01:41:33 <lysobit> [01:38:25] <lysobit> ahaha
01:41:34 <lysobit> [01:39:43] * @joepie91 ( Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
01:41:37 <lysobit> [01:39:48] <lysobit> ahaha
01:42:12 <probably> oh god.
01:46:23 <probably> .py exec(penis)
01:46:24 <botpie91> NameError: name 'penis' is not defined
01:46:28 <probably> ;(
01:46:45 <lysobit> haha
01:56:36 <Zekka> .py dir()
01:56:37 <botpie91> ['args', 'command', 'output', 'self']
01:56:43 <Zekka> .py dir(self)
01:56:44 <botpie91> ['__class__', '__delattr__', '__dict__', '__doc__', '__getattribute__', '__hash__', '__init__', '__module__', '__new__', '__reduce__', '__reduce_ex__', '__repr__', '__setattr__', '__str__', '__weakref__', 'delete', 'error', 'get', 'get_url', 'handle_exception', 'head', 'initialize', 'new_factory', 'ok', 'options', 'post', 'put', 'redirect', 'request', 'response', 'trace']
01:57:11 <Zekka> .py self.__class__.__class__
01:57:12 <botpie91> <type 'type'>
01:58:01 <lysobit> .py type("s")
01:58:02 <botpie91> <type 'str'>
01:58:09 <lysobit> .py type(type("s"))
01:58:10 <botpie91> <type 'type'>
01:58:22 <lysobit> .py dir(type)
01:58:23 <botpie91> ['__base__', '__bases__', '__basicsize__', '__call__', '__class__', '__cmp__', '__delattr__', '__dict__', '__dictoffset__', '__doc__', '__flags__', '__getattribute__', '__hash__', '__init__', '__itemsize__', '__module__', '__mro__', '__name__', '__new__', '__reduce__', '__reduce_ex__', '__repr__', '__setattr__', '__str__', '__subclasses__', '__weakrefoffset__', 'mro']
01:58:38 <lysobit> .py type(type("s")).mro
01:58:39 <botpie91> <method 'mro' of 'type' objects>
01:58:48 <lysobit> .py dir(type(type("s")).mro)
01:58:49 <botpie91> ['__call__', '__class__', '__delattr__', '__doc__', '__get__', '__getattribute__', '__hash__', '__init__', '__name__', '__new__', '__objclass__', '__reduce__', '__reduce_ex__', '__repr__', '__setattr__', '__str__']
01:58:51 <lysobit> .py type(type("s")).mro()
01:58:52 <botpie91> TypeError: descriptor 'mro' of 'type' object needs an argument
01:58:56 <lysobit> .py type(type("s")).mro(1)
01:58:56 <botpie91> TypeError: descriptor 'mro' requires a 'type' object but received a 'int'
01:59:02 <lysobit> .py type(type("s")).mro(type("s"))
01:59:02 <botpie91> [<type 'str'>, <type 'basestring'>, <type 'object'>]
01:59:44 <Zekka> .py type("test", (object,), {"__repr__": lambda x: "If this works I'll deop myself.\r\nMODE +o #crytocc Zekka"})()
01:59:45 <botpie91> If this works I'll deop myself.
01:59:52 <Zekka> .py type("test", (object,), {"__repr__": lambda x: "If this works I'll deop myself.\r\nMODE +o #crytocc Zekka\r\n"})()
01:59:53 <botpie91> If this works I'll deop myself.
02:00:00 <Zekka> hm, probably screwing up the message
02:00:19 <Zekka> .py type("test", (object,), {"__repr__": lambda x: "Trying now.\r\nMODE #crytocc +o Zekka\r\n"})()
02:00:19 <botpie91> Trying now.
02:01:04 <Zekka> .py type("test", (object,), {"__repr__": lambda x: "Trying now.\r\nPRIVMSG #crytocc Newlines at all?\r\n"})()
02:01:05 <botpie91> Trying now.
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02:03:20 <Zekka> .py __import__
02:03:21 <botpie91> <built-in function __import__>
02:03:46 <Zekka> He doesn't filter that? You can get a shell pretty easily with it
02:04:45 <Zekka> .py __import__("sys").stdout.write("if you see this you are executing arbitrary code\n")
02:04:46 <botpie91> if you see this you are executing arbitrary code
02:05:39 <Zekka> .py __name__
02:05:40 <botpie91>
02:05:48 <Zekka> .py __file__
02:05:49 <botpie91> /base/data/home/apps/tumbolia/1.350949564586199535/service/
02:07:49 <Zekka> .py (lambda f: __import__("sys").stdout.write([:50]) ^ f.close())(open(__file__, "rt"))
02:07:50 <botpie91> IOError: invalid mode: rt
02:07:57 <Zekka> .py (lambda f: __import__("sys").stdout.write([:50]) ^ f.close())(open(__file__, "r"))
02:07:58 <botpie91> TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for ^: 'NoneType' and 'NoneType'
02:08:23 <Zekka> .py (lambda f: __import__("sys").stdout.write([:50]) or f.close())(open(__file__, "r"))
02:08:24 <botpie91> import BeautifulSoup
02:08:53 <Zekka> .py __import__("requests")
02:08:54 <botpie91> ImportError: No module named requests
02:09:46 <Zekka> I really should probably ask Joepie if it's OK before I make it vomit up its full source code or anything
02:09:55 <Zekka> or, well, not full, but full source code for what seems to handle commands
02:11:14 <Zekka> .py "does this bot split adjacent messages over multiple lines?" * 15
02:11:15 <botpie91> does this bot split adjacent messages over multiple lines?does this bot split adjacent messages over multiple lines?does this bot split adjacent messages over multiple lines?does this bot split adjacent messages over multiple lines?does this bot split adjacent messages over multiple lines?does this bot split adjacent messages over multiple lines?does this bot split adjacent messages over multiple lines?does this bot split adjacent messages over mul
02:11:52 <Zekka> I might see if I can implement the API for some pastebin in short enough text for one message
02:16:52 <Zekka> .py __import__("urllib")
02:16:53 <botpie91> <module 'urllib' from '/base/data/home/runtimes/python/python_dist/lib/python2.5/'>
02:20:32 <lysobit> Zekka: it's open source
02:21:17 <lysobit> look up phenny on github for the IRC component, and oblique for the web services component, which is hosted on Google Apps so there's nothing you can really do to exploit anything
02:21:37 <Zekka> Oh, that lets the air out of my tires
02:21:44 <Zekka> I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it's open-source
02:22:51 <lysobit> the .py command is run off google apps
02:23:13 <Zekka> I figured he was doing the easy option and running it locally
02:23:14 <lysobit> so if you manage to get a shell from it, then you've hacked google
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02:56:22 <probably> ohai
03:18:41 <cayce> hackin the goog, maaaan
03:18:58 <Sapiosexual> i need to speak to t0p
03:19:24 <Sapiosexual> pls pass this message to him if u see him
03:19:46 <Sapiosexual> "themessiah big conspiracy.coverup"
03:20:42 <cayce> go away
03:21:53 <Sapiosexual> its okay. i wasnt asking u
03:21:59 <Sapiosexual> :)
03:31:21 <cayce> hmm
03:31:46 * cayce tries to find a good topic for an essay about cultural globalization
03:34:22 <cayce> I mean really I want to write about how people's sense of community is changing... but I dunno if there's enough literature for it
03:52:09 <probably> botpie91, tell t0p that Sapiosexual is a faggot and needs to speak with you
03:52:10 <botpie91> probably: I'll pass that on when t0p is around.
03:52:18 <probably> now that was easy
03:53:25 <Sapiosexual> ..
03:53:28 <Sapiosexual> hmmm
03:54:09 <Sapiosexual> probably, that was immature.
03:54:18 * Sapiosexual sighs
03:55:27 <Sapiosexual> botpie91, tell t0p that themessiah conspriracy big coverup
03:55:28 <botpie91> Sapiosexual: I'll pass that on when t0p is around.
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05:36:44 <cayce> oh man
05:36:58 <cayce> taking the cultural frame of a social and economic change
05:36:59 <cayce> fuck YEAH
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05:39:13 <Dwaan> h
05:40:33 <Dwaan>
05:40:34 <Dwaan> .title
05:40:35 <botpie91> Dwaan: Google
05:40:39 <Dwaan>
05:40:42 <Dwaan> .title
05:40:48 <Dwaan> .title
05:40:52 <botpie91> Dwaan: Show Me My IP! - Your IP address is:
05:40:56 <Dwaan> hacked
05:40:57 <botpie91> Dwaan: Show Me My IP! - Your IP address is:
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06:12:48 <Sapiosexual> can someone recommend an article that is good for elaborative personal response. it should be worthy of talking about.  or even debateable.
06:31:17 <Dwaan> no
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07:32:16 <Sapiosexual> Sapiosexual: does freedom of speech include hate speech?
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12:37:59 <DrWhat> Wow dwaan being a dick
12:39:04 <norbert79> So if I am a male, then I have a dwaan? Or what? :)
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13:35:44 <DrWhat> HMMM :) STNKY FINGERS
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14:17:48 <Sapiosexual>
14:24:58 <cayce> are there better dictionaries for libreoffice?
14:25:12 <cayce> cause whatever one this one has doesn't even have words like "sustainably" :/
14:25:13 <Sapiosexual> blast it
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14:26:05 <norbert79> cayce: What version? Because latest is 4.1.3
14:26:33 <cayce> you know the dictionary ships with the OS, right?
14:26:44 <cayce> this is linux, not windows
14:26:51 <norbert79> Question still valid
14:26:59 <norbert79> Libreoffice uses own dictionary
14:27:04 <norbert79> I update mine regulary
14:27:04 <cayce>, correct
14:27:14 <norbert79> using the one from the website
14:27:27 <cayce> I use whatever ships with it
14:27:31 <norbert79> I see
14:27:35 <cayce> which is insufficient
14:27:53 <norbert79> Actually I can't help you there then, I use the one from
14:28:27 <cayce> it's the problem of spellchecks, they don't actually have that many words in them e.e
14:28:54 <cayce> you're completely fucked if you try to use any domain specific jargon
14:28:55 <cayce> e.e
14:28:57 <norbert79> I always wonder why Ubuntu flicks with LibreOffice and installs it using a different way
14:29:02 <cayce> bah
14:29:08 <cayce> it doesn't even fucking have commodified
14:29:09 <norbert79> also Libreoffice can have more wording list
14:29:32 <norbert79> hm?
14:29:36 <cayce> I just spend hours clicking "add to dictionary"
14:29:38 <cayce> which is dumb
14:30:46 <norbert79> heh, sadly official site offers 4.1.3 only by now
14:30:57 <norbert79> see that's why I use the LO from the official website :)
14:31:32 <cayce> perhaps you should tell them to update their ppa then
14:31:40 <cayce> because I'm using that
14:31:50 * cayce don't fucking chastise me
14:32:00 <norbert79> I think they are not affiliated, also LO offers DEB and RPM too :S
14:32:13 <Sapiosexual>
14:35:31 <norbert79> cayce: Actually I just checked, I couldn't find anyone from the LibreOffice PPA Team within So it's a seperate thing; as I have told I have installed the LO by removing the built-in one and installed the one from
14:36:09 <norbert79> maybe it's not worth it, maybe it won't be a help for you, but it's easier for extending it this way
14:36:39 <norbert79> .title
14:36:40 <botpie91> norbert79: Calvin Harris & Alesso - Under Control ft. Hurts - YouTube
14:37:04 <Sapiosexual> cmon dont do that. go listen.
14:37:14 <Sapiosexual> Blast it real loud
14:37:17 <norbert79> Got Gorillaz, and I know Hurts too ;-)
14:37:46 <Sapiosexual> oooh!:)
14:38:09 <Sapiosexual> has avicii and calvin harris worked together?
14:38:18 <norbert79> No idea
14:38:23 <norbert79> but I guess so
14:38:28 <norbert79> the latest song...
14:38:32 <norbert79> hmm, maybe it was him
14:40:21 <norbert79> Seems so Sapiosexual
14:40:22 <norbert79>
14:41:25 <Sapiosexual> mmmk...gonna listen now
14:42:25 <Sapiosexual> sounds like levels xD
14:43:24 <cayce> yeah okay
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14:43:29 <Sapiosexual> but not as explosive as i thought it would be considering its avicii and CH
14:43:38 <cayce> does it have words like sustainably and commodify in it?
14:43:44 <cayce> if not, not useful
14:44:09 <norbert79> cayce: As told I have no idea, you must install the different additional language packs or dictionaries to find out, but let me start my Windows version
14:44:38 <cayce> hooray for being indirect when asked a direct question
14:46:13 <norbert79> Got installed and "sustainably" is being recognized with UK dictionary
14:47:03 <norbert79> Same with the US dictionary
14:48:07 <cayce> hmm, okay
14:48:14 <norbert79> hmm, this reminds me I need to update
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14:56:28 <cayce> hmm
14:56:42 <cayce> I think I'm about to write a paper on the privatization of the commons in Ghana
14:59:31 <cayce> haha win
14:59:49 <cayce> there's a paper on how market incentives failed to get people to farm
15:05:35 <complex> wow
15:05:39 <complex> i got my first stipendium :D
15:05:53 <cayce> NP: [Goldfrapp - Ride A White Horse] [Supernature] [1045kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
15:06:08 <cayce> ---------------------^
15:16:12 Cryto130 (Cryto130@1F189DEA.6D078F83.FAF70614.IP) has joined #crytocc
15:16:33 <Cryto130> some operation right now or who are throwing attack
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15:19:29 <norbert79> wut?
15:19:45 <norbert79> one minute man came and gone
15:23:48 <cayce> hmmhmm
15:25:52 <norbert79> I have no idea what he was talking about :S
15:26:14 <cayce> he was looking for anons to ddos with
15:26:25 <cayce> or an op to join
15:26:31 <cayce> (same thing, really)
15:26:32 <norbert79> Ah
15:27:16 <cayce> hmmhmm
15:28:02 <cayce> hehe
15:29:05 <cayce> 4: Case study: I'm unsure of which to pick for now, but there are quite a few case studies of privatized commons. The likely focus will be Ghana (due to privatization of water rights, timber management, etc), but I will be using observations, challenges, and potentially frameworks, from other areas of the world as well. One paper also focuses on differentiating between different types of privatization, and their effects on a community, which seems exceedi
15:29:06 <cayce> ngly useful as a classification mechanism.
15:29:39 * cayce works
15:49:36 <cayce> NP: [Rage Against The Machine - Maggie's Farm] [Renegades (Limited Edition)] [1012kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
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16:28:14 <DrWhat> Four young men transform into animals and embark on an adventure involving awesome singing, a dance battle, and just chaos in general!
16:28:17 <DrWhat> -.-'
16:28:28 <DrWhat> Furries
16:33:50 Sapiosexual (Sapiosexua@18FFA.95108C33.5B0695F1.IP) has joined #crytocc
16:36:06 Sue ( has joined #crytocc
16:42:27 <Pandora> anyone see this story? Anonymous Says It Hacked the British Parliament During November 5 Protest
16:42:29 <Pandora> bahaaahaaaa
16:42:38 <Sapiosexual> lol
16:58:54 Sonic has quit (Connection reset by peer)
17:03:41 Zekka (zekka@Zekka.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
17:04:42 <cayce> NP: [Godsmack - Serenity] [Faceless] [967kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
17:14:43 <Sue> cayce: i had to force ipv4
17:15:33 <Sapiosexual> Sue,
17:16:14 <Sue> lol
17:16:16 <Sue> "pmv"
17:17:55 joepie91 ( has joined #crytocc
17:19:05 <Sue> joepie91: allo
17:26:20 <cayce> hmm
17:26:33 <cayce> yeah it works from here, but you've gotta wait a minute or more to connect
17:27:17 <cayce> icetwy and I have complained, but he thinks we're full of shit or doesn't care :D
17:28:41 <joepie91> ohai
17:28:57 <probably> oh god this guys stupid -facepalms-
17:28:58 <joepie91> I have new desk, finally!
17:29:04 <joepie91> loggy, pointer?
17:29:04 <loggy>
17:29:28 <probably> nice
17:29:36 <probably> joepie91, any pics of it?
17:29:49 <joepie91> probably: not yet, I'll make some in a bit
17:29:52 <joepie91> let me hook up my camera
17:29:57 * joepie91 <3s this new desk
17:30:00 <probably> kk
17:30:01 <joepie91> or well, new...
17:30:07 <joepie91> my dads old desk, used it before and it's awesome
17:30:47 <cayce> :>
17:30:53 * cayce sprints to class
17:35:13 <joepie91> wtf
17:35:16 <joepie91> cheese is not saving my pictures?!
17:39:23 <joepie91> probably, cayce, others:
17:39:32 <joepie91> had to make a few pictures, couldn't get the entire desk in view otherwise
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17:45:26 lblissett (lblissett@AB3DA3DD.49B673DC.6AAD497F.IP) has joined #crytocc
17:49:16 <complex> is SSL basically just an encryption against man-in-the-middle attacks?
17:49:59 <Sapiosexual> yeah
17:50:10 <Sapiosexual> for some reason
17:50:11 <joepie91> not just encryption
17:50:15 <Sapiosexual> i cant use it
17:50:27 <joepie91> it also provides authentication under certain circumstances
17:50:41 <joepie91> ie. you know that the endpoint certificate isn't falsified, and thus you are communicating with the real peer
17:51:01 <Sapiosexual> haha joepie91 u r spreading pics od ur lovely desk everywhere
17:51:20 <joepie91> Sapiosexual: yes, ofc :P
17:51:49 <complex> your desk looks quite nice
17:51:56 <joepie91> it's <3
17:52:12 <joepie91> it's very spacious and ergonomic - two things I absolutely need
17:52:35 <complex> spacious is good
17:54:04 <joepie91> I also have a USB hub on my desk now
17:54:11 <joepie91> as well as a power strip
17:54:12 <complex> anyways, i guess it will be appropriate to say that HTTPS is HTTP that is secured against man-in-the-middle attacks. its just an assignment, but im interested in knowing what im talking about
17:54:14 <joepie91> neither being in the way
17:54:38 <joepie91> complex; a better description would be asymmetrical transport security
17:54:42 Zekka has quit (Ping timeout)
17:54:52 <joepie91> it uses a keypair mechanism like SSH keys do
17:55:03 <joepie91> also
17:55:04 <joepie91> more appropriately
17:55:07 <joepie91> HTTPS isn't a protocol
17:55:11 <joepie91> it's just HTTP over SSL
17:55:18 <joepie91> SSL is asymmetrical transport security
17:55:22 <MK_FG> complex, Why only mitm, it's provides security vs passive attacks, for example
17:55:26 <joepie91> it's designed for transports, literally
17:55:34 <MK_FG> *it's -> it also
17:55:50 <MK_FG> Also, SSL -> TLS for while now ;)
17:56:41 <MK_FG> 'TLS' is the standard protocol that programs speak to each other over the internet. 'SSL' was a protocol last updated by Netscape used in 1996. :P
17:56:54 <complex> i thought the biggest threat against transported packages was mitm
17:57:18 <MK_FG> For some particular threat - sure, maybe
17:57:24 <complex> so passive attack would be that you send the packages to a threat, who den return malware etc
17:57:33 <complex> :P
17:57:37 <MK_FG> No, it's not passive
17:58:06 <MK_FG> I mean if I go and hook into your ethernet cable and listen to all your traffic as passive attack
17:58:17 <MK_FG> With plain http, I'll see all your passwords
17:58:34 <MK_FG> With https - probably not
17:59:03 anonneko ( has joined #crytocc
17:59:15 <complex> isnt that mitm?
18:00:17 <MK_FG> Heh, in that particular example, I guess mitm might be fitting
18:01:56 <complex> but okay, HTTPS is supposed to prevent that your internet packages gets sniffed up by others
18:02:39 <MK_FG> Yup
18:03:24 Zekka ( has joined #crytocc
18:03:29 <MK_FG> Also, I think "your internet packages" is confusing unorthodox wording, maybe use "traffic" or "data"?
18:03:31 * Sapiosexual like wit but does not get what thepeople above r trying to say
18:09:24 <complex> ok
18:31:31 <Sapiosexual> bye
18:31:33 Sapiosexual has parted #crytocc (None)
18:35:06 <joepie91>
18:35:13 <joepie91> the accuracy of my mouse on this desk is impressive
18:35:19 <joepie91> doesn't look like I'm going to need my mousepad here
18:35:29 <DrWhat> Hmm :D
18:35:31 <DrWhat> Hi!
18:35:39 <joepie91>
18:37:07 <joepie91> whoa
18:37:10 <joepie91> impressed
18:37:29 <joepie91> filled in a "tell us what you think" form about my trip to the UK
18:37:31 <joepie91> on the ferry
18:37:34 <joepie91> (for the ferry company)
18:37:44 <joepie91> pointing out that wifi was barely usable
18:37:54 <joepie91> and that it was unclear whether I could pay in cash at the terminal
18:38:01 <DrWhat> HHHHHHHHH-----HHHHHHHHH-------------------lllllll-lllllll------------------
18:38:01 <DrWhat> HEEEEEEEH-----HEEEEEEEH-------------------lEEEEEl-lEEEEEl------------------
18:38:01 <DrWhat> HEEEEEEEH-----HEEEEEEEH-------------------lEEEEEl-lEEEEEl------------------
18:38:01 <DrWhat> HHEEEEEEH-----HEEEEEEHH-------------------lEEEEEl-lEEEEEl------------------
18:38:01 <DrWhat> --HEEEEEH-----HEEEEEH------eeeeeeeeeeee----lEEEEl--lEEEEl----ooooooooooo---
18:38:01 <joepie91> ... and I just actually got a -personal- response back :o
18:38:12 <DrWhat> --HEEEEEH-----HEEEEEH--eEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee--lEEEEl--lEEEEl-oEEEEo-----oEEEEo
18:38:14 <DrWhat> --HEEEEEH-----HEEEEEH--eEEEEEEEe-----------lEEEEl--lEEEEl-oEEEEo-----oEEEEo
18:38:26 DrWhat (Snake@DrWhat.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
18:38:29 <DrWhat> O_O
18:38:30 <DrWhat> :(
18:38:31 <joepie91> DrWhat: do not do that
18:38:32 <DrWhat> So rude
18:39:02 <joepie91> DrWhat: your spamming in the middle of someone elses story was, yes
18:39:07 MaryJane (MJ@7100F143.3E0CCED9.7F277BCA.IP) has joined #crytocc
18:39:41 <DrWhat> :)
18:45:22 LastOneStanding (lalalala@5C0B2CEF.B458528D.147E7205.IP) has joined #crytocc
18:45:30 <DrWhat> Wait whos story
18:45:46 <joepie91> mine...
18:45:48 <DrWhat> joepie91 Im sorry :9
18:45:49 <joepie91> loggy, pointer?
18:45:49 <loggy>
18:46:31 <DrWhat> IO want to cry :(
18:46:36 <DrWhat> I want to cry :(
18:52:02 mama (me@F0845C18.5982FCB.42C12FD2.IP) has joined #crytocc
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19:10:39 pzuraq ( has joined #crytocc
19:14:57 <joepie91> .bitcoin
19:14:58 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $391.99, 1 BTC = €310.45
19:15:01 <joepie91> haha what
19:15:40 <DrWhat> its going to be at $700 by december
19:15:52 <DrWhat> I said yesturday
19:29:02 TheFlashITA (theflash@TheFlashITA.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
19:30:06 TheFlashITA has parted #crytocc (None)
19:41:26 <lysobit> .bitcoin
19:41:27 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $391.02, 1 BTC = €312.00
19:47:47 LastOneStanding has quit (No route to host)
19:48:45 LastOneStanding (lalalala@5C0B2CEF.B458528D.147E7205.IP) has joined #crytocc
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19:51:04 <MK_FG> I wonder how many people actually made a small fortune off their btc investments already
20:02:47 iceTwy ( has joined #crytocc
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20:03:28 iceTwy ( has joined #crytocc
20:09:25 Zekka (zekka@Zekka.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
20:14:12 <complex> how do you really transfer bitcoins into real cash?
20:14:36 <complex> bitcoins are nice for laundering though :)
20:18:11 <joepie91> uh...
20:18:25 <joepie91> complex: define "real cash" - Bitcoin works like cash and it's definitely real
20:18:43 <joepie91> (more real than pretty much all government-issued currencies, anyway)
20:19:14 <iceTwy> talking of Bitcoins
20:19:16 <complex> real cash = cash you have no difficulty transfer into national currency so you can buy cola
20:19:26 <iceTwy> I need to do a brainstorming session with everyone here
20:19:29 <joepie91> complex: that sounds like an inaccurate definition
20:19:35 <iceTwy> I'm planning on creating a Bitcoin-focused distro
20:19:45 <joepie91> if you meant "exchanging into national currency", then there are plenty of exchanges
20:19:47 <iceTwy> right now it'll be a custom Arch installation
20:19:58 nox has quit (User quit:  )
20:20:03 <iceTwy> but if it can be done otherwise, e.g. with Debian, I'll be glad to do it that way
20:20:04 <joepie91> automated exchanges here:
20:20:14 <iceTwy> but afk atm
20:20:16 <joepie91> person-to-person exchanges here:
20:20:30 <joepie91> and more here:
20:20:35 <complex> cool
20:20:37 <complex> i see
20:20:50 <complex> well, im a bit critical to start buying bitcoins now
20:21:17 <complex> like, do you think the price will only increase because more and more people starts to have faith in btc?
20:22:41 <complex> so i would probably still have made a fortune with bitcoins though im late as hell?
20:24:49 Cryto924 ( has joined #crytocc
20:25:42 <Cryto924> novità?
20:26:41 Cryto924 has parted #crytocc ()
20:30:42 <joepie91> complex; if you're only considering buying BTC to profit off it, then you're investing and not using
20:30:47 <joepie91> and you should approach it as an investment
20:36:19 Ari (Ari@Ari.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
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21:10:57 <crafy_d> o/
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22:17:36 <Ari> ugh
22:17:41 <Ari> why are mail servers impossible
22:19:26 <MK_FG> Are they?
22:20:09 <probably> .bitcoin
22:20:10 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $395.99, 1 BTC = €320.00
22:20:18 <probably> hmm
22:20:23 <probably> $400 shopping spree I suppose
22:31:23 connor (c@BA2D26D0.339A30FF.B40044C0.IP) has joined #crytocc
22:36:26 <lysobit> .bitcoin
22:36:27 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $398.94, 1 BTC = €322.00
23:28:58 iceTwy has quit (User quit:  Disconnecting from server)
23:29:09 <DrWhat> !bitcoin
23:29:16 <DrWhat> .bitcoin
23:29:17 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $390.01, 1 BTC = €314.00
23:29:21 <DrWhat> NAWWWW
23:29:24 <DrWhat> WHY GO DOWN
23:29:26 <DrWhat> GO UP
23:29:27 <DrWhat> GO UP
23:32:28 <IR601> lol
23:35:33 <joepie91> DrWhat, this isn't #speculation...
23:38:22 <IR601> lmao
23:38:50 <IR601> joepie91 what exactly is your twitter picture? it looks like a biscuit with a mug on it
23:42:38 <joepie91> IR601: it's a pie with a mug of joe
23:42:40 <joepie91> (ie. coffee)
23:42:43 <joepie91> :)
23:43:20 <IR601> ooooooooo
23:43:32 fr0z3n has quit (Connection reset by peer)
23:43:45 fr0z3n ( has joined #crytocc
23:48:53 <IR601> mines my face XD i need to make a fancie one
23:49:56 <IR601> im really gonna try have a go at twitter
23:50:11 <IR601> as in followed not following
23:55:07 <probably> ugh
23:55:09 <probably> stupid bot
23:55:15 <probably> won't fucking inject properly
23:55:16 <probably> ;(
23:55:22 <probably> now I have to recode the webinject part
23:59:56 LastOneStanding has quit (Connection reset by peer)