Cryto! 12 November 2013

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00:50:13 <joepie91> root@sd-53999:/home/archiveteam# cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -E "model name|MHz"
00:50:13 <joepie91> model name      : VIA Nano processor U2250 (1.6GHz Capable)
00:50:13 <joepie91> cpu MHz         : 1596.001
00:50:13 <joepie91> root@sd-53999:/home/archiveteam#
00:50:17 <joepie91> cc cayce
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01:35:49 <cayce> heh
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01:53:03 <Macbeth> Someone pls say my name im testing out highlight colors
01:53:44 <MK_FG> Macbeth,
02:03:47 <Macbeth> thanks
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10:31:14 <Macbeth> does anyone have an email with
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11:37:00 <iceTwy> ohaiiiiiiiiiiiiii
11:37:02 <iceTwy> kawai desu
11:37:03 <DrWhat> Chess world championshops 2013
11:37:04 <iceTwy> moshmoshi
11:37:04 <DrWhat>
11:37:06 <iceTwy> orli
11:37:14 <DrWhat> Anand vs Carlson
11:37:18 <iceTwy> well maybe I should learn to play chess some day
11:37:29 <iceTwy> I hear my dad was really good at it
11:37:33 <DrWhat> 8600 Viewers
11:37:36 <DrWhat> Good watch
11:37:42 <DrWhat> Top channel on Twitch Right now
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11:45:19 <iceTwy> MK_FG: such Russian
11:45:23 <iceTwy> much guitar
11:45:27 <iceTwy> very wow
11:45:32 <iceTwy>
11:47:57 <MK_FG> Nice music, indeed
11:49:05 <MK_FG> Sounds a bit like jazz to me - not much of a pettern there
11:49:14 <MK_FG> *pattern
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11:55:52 <joepie91> iceTwy: sounds familiar
12:00:38 <iceTwy> joepie91: Feodor Dosumov is amazing
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12:05:45 <DrWhat> joepie91 Chess
12:05:49 <DrWhat> WATCH IT!!!
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12:11:49 <DrWhat> joepie91 +B *!*@cryto*.*-*-?
12:12:12 <joepie91> DrWhat: in case you hadn't figured it out yet, I really dislike bans...
12:13:17 <DrWhat> Give me op
12:13:19 <DrWhat> Ill do it
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12:26:32 <joepie91> why is lxml so fucking awful to get running
12:26:34 <joepie91> DrWhat: no
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12:37:56 <DrWhat> joepie91 Fate says yes
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12:42:32 <joepie91> fate is wrong then
12:55:00 *** grows is now known as probably
13:01:01 <probably> ohai
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13:39:35 <Cryto973> ciao a tutti posso chiedere una piacere?
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13:43:48 <joepie91> .tr ciao a tutti posso chiedere una piacere?
13:43:49 <botpie91> joepie91: "Hello everyone I ask a favor?" (it to en,
13:43:54 <joepie91> no, you may not
14:14:24 <cayce> lol
14:26:19 <cayce> morning joepie91 :)
14:26:37 <joepie91> morninh
14:26:38 <joepie91> morning *
14:27:59 <cayce> :D
14:28:14 <cayce> we're doing the cold war today in history :D
14:31:34 <MK_FG> That's where all the spies came from
14:35:07 <cayce> yay :D
14:35:13 <cayce> well we're covering all the nuclear shit
14:35:30 <cayce> my teacher did nonproliferation training with the soviet nuclear scientists after the war
14:35:31 <cayce> :)
14:35:35 <MK_FG> Also spies!
14:35:40 * cayce shrugs at spies
14:35:56 <cayce> unless you're gonna reveal ussr dormant doomsday plan, *shrugs*
14:36:05 <MK_FG> Iirc ussr got their bomb before too late due to spies
14:36:26 <MK_FG> Stole amerikans research
14:36:32 <cayce> yes, one of the lead people on the manhattan project was a russian spy
14:36:51 * cayce shrugs
14:37:10 <cayce> I sorta wish we did shit like that anymore
14:37:21 <cayce> but we're all LETS PLANT A VIRUS, IT'S JUST AS GOOD GUYZE
14:37:52 <MK_FG> Heh, and then some ruskies carry it on usb stick into space for great lulz
15:11:06 <cayce> hey man, that one's on you guys
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16:13:48 <Sapiosexual> hey i think barrettbrown is handsome
16:13:58 <Sapiosexual> any objections/comments?
16:16:00 <joepie91> .welcome Sapiosexual
16:16:01 <botpie91> Sapiosexual: welcome to #crytocc! Please be aware that this channel is publicly logged, and make sure to read the rules in the channel topic. You may hide messages from the public logs by prefixing them with [off].
16:18:06 <Sapiosexual> hes not bad looking just that maybe the drugs damaged his brain
16:18:15 <Sapiosexual> he became a total asshole
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16:31:59 <DrWhat> joepie91
16:32:06 <DrWhat> Iyusfm
16:32:38 <joepie91> ?
16:43:27 <DrWhat> ilysfm
16:45:59 <DrWhat> Im a spy
16:46:09 <DrWhat> Im a German spy
16:47:17 <Sapiosexual> im a russian spy
16:47:33 <DrWhat>
16:47:36 <DrWhat> Fuck yeah :D
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16:48:11 <Sapiosexual> congrats
16:48:15 <Sapiosexual> u the man now dawg
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18:07:50 <lysobit> I'm in a pirated police station
18:08:02 <joepie91> lysobit: what?
18:08:05 <lysobit> with nsh and dpk
18:08:19 <lysobit> an occupied abondoned police station
18:08:21 <lysobit> for squattings
18:08:28 <lysobit> pirated space basically
18:08:35 <Sapiosexual> lysobit rnt u that mustafa albassam dude
18:08:45 <lysobit> oh wait
18:08:47 <lysobit> wrong channel
18:08:47 <lysobit> lol
18:08:53 <lysobit> Sapiosexual: yes, why?
18:09:46 * joepie91 warns Sapiosexual about the channel rules in advance
18:10:02 <joepie91> lysobit: that is kind of interesting
18:10:24 <Sapiosexual> dude,pie dude,u need to chill. like srsly.
18:10:41 <lysobit> Sapiosexual how 2 hak facebok plz
18:10:49 <Sapiosexual> lmao
18:11:03 <Sapiosexual> lysobit, i guess u r not him
18:11:17 <lysobit> yes i am
18:11:31 <lysobit> but I don't really feel the need to prove it
18:11:46 <Sapiosexual> u cant prove anything really
18:12:01 <lysobit> that's true
18:12:04 <lysobit> that's how science works
18:17:26 <Sapiosexual> lysobit, tell me about ur day
18:19:39 <lysobit> nice try PRISM
18:19:48 <Sapiosexual> i didnt even try
18:19:51 <Sapiosexual> anyway,
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18:38:39 <joepie91> .title
18:38:41 <botpie91> joepie91: Fire Update: Lost Many Cameras, 20 Boxes. No One Hurt. | Internet Archive Blogs
18:41:53 <Macbeth> I did not know you could do that
18:42:47 <joepie91> Macbeth: what?
18:43:13 <Macbeth> Add .title before the link so you don't have to type it out after the link is posted.
18:43:26 <joepie91> well ofc you can :P
18:43:32 <joepie91> typing it after is just for when you forget to prefix it
18:43:50 <Macbeth> Oh, that;s awesome
18:43:51 <joepie91> or if you want to get a .title for somebody elses link
18:43:51 <Macbeth> Saves time and space in the irc
18:43:53 <joepie91> yes
18:44:36 <joepie91> also
18:44:37 <joepie91>
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19:12:02 <Macbeth> brb
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20:17:45 <iceTwy> joepie91: link to hyves script?
20:18:27 <joepie91> iceTwy:
20:19:32 <iceTwy> joepie91: all my VPS's are belong to ArchiveTeaaaaaaam
20:19:47 <joepie91> whee
20:19:48 <joepie91> :P
20:20:03 <iceTwy> joepie91: specific chan for the op?
20:20:18 <joepie91> efnet, #angerthehyve
20:21:01 <iceTwy> kk
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20:28:37 <IR601> what is this]
20:31:10 <joepie91> IR601: are you 12?
20:31:12 <joepie91> :P
20:31:29 <iceTwy> joepie91: this is unbelievable
20:31:41 <iceTwy> EFnet does not have a /single/ server with a valid SSL cert
20:31:43 <iceTwy> not a /single/ one
20:34:26 <IR601> lol
20:34:28 <IR601> :P
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20:40:10 <iceTwy> erm, joepie91 File "", line 50
20:40:12 <iceTwy>     print 'Hyves angered (code', status_code, ') Sleep for', sleep_time, 'seconds.'
20:41:54 <probably> erm
20:42:43 <iceTwy> right nvm
20:47:12 <IR601> that sound threatening
20:47:15 <IR601> *sounds
20:47:40 <iceTwy> joepie91: not nvm actually
20:50:16 <joepie91> back
20:50:22 <joepie91> iceTwy: I don't find that so unbelievable
20:50:25 <joepie91> given that it's efnet
20:50:26 <joepie91> lol
20:50:28 <iceTwy> :p
20:50:30 <joepie91> also, what about that line?
20:50:36 <iceTwy> it returns an error
20:50:39 <iceTwy> :/
20:50:40 <iceTwy> syntax error
20:50:46 <iceTwy> even though I'm using Python 2.7
20:51:07 <iceTwy> complains about: (code', ...)
20:51:12 <iceTwy> on line 50 in
20:54:13 <joepie91> iceTwy: paste full trace
20:54:18 <iceTwy> kk
20:58:02 <iceTwy> oh
20:58:05 <iceTwy> well no
21:00:45 <iceTwy> but that is valid python syntax
21:00:47 <iceTwy> so that's weird
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21:06:08 <iceTwy> wtf Python
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21:20:34 <MK_FG> iceTwy, I can think of two options
21:20:46 <MK_FG> One is that you're running it with python3
21:21:01 <MK_FG> I.e. if you have "python -> python3"
21:21:22 <MK_FG> Other is that file has "from __future__ import print_function" on top
21:21:50 <MK_FG> That should cause same error, but I guess for everyone, so it's probably the former
21:22:19 <MK_FG> In py3 or with that import, there's no print statement, only print() function, so that's not a valid syntax indeed
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21:25:56 <iceTwy> ah
21:25:59 <iceTwy> lemme check the imports then
21:34:40 <MK_FG> I'd think it's much more likely to be wrong python (py3)
21:35:02 <MK_FG> That import would've crashed that script for everyone
21:36:05 <MK_FG> So you guys probably know Convergence FF addon...
21:36:48 <MK_FG> Since FF-22 it apparently stopped working on windows and someone filed a bug at
21:37:16 <MK_FG> Today I've got a mail from some fellow with a patch and libs to fix it
21:38:08 <MK_FG> Thing is, he built .dll files and sent these to me, along with a patch that loads these instead of broken ff>=22 ones
21:38:19 <MK_FG> Who knows what's built into these ;)
21:39:13 <MK_FG> It's kinda funny that I can take the libs from old FF, but whole point of addon is not to trust some random authority
21:40:14 <MK_FG> And telling users "go get libs there, here're hashes" or "here are libs, they're legit" seem to be weird in that context :P
21:40:35 <MK_FG> So it's teh dilemma
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22:44:38 <probably> ohai
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