Cryto! 8 November 2013

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00:00:30 <macbeth> anyone know lolcode?
01:06:10 <DrWhat> Windsofplague1
01:07:02 <DrWhat> rusrs
01:09:12 <DrWhat> lolcode is stupid shit
01:09:22 <DrWhat> What the fuck do you want to use it for
01:11:09 <macbeth> no, im just curious
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01:46:51 <AnonyOps> A wild anonyops appears
01:49:23 <cayce> AnonyOps:) :D
01:49:38 <AnonyOps> hi
01:49:48 <cayce> hai :D
02:27:47 <cayce> bad ass, priced out a new core for my pc, ~500$
02:27:53 <cayce> not bad
02:29:24 <cayce> 8 core 4ghz cpu, great mobo, and 16g of top shelf ram
02:29:47 <cayce> it'll run linux great
02:29:48 <cayce> :D
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03:43:37 <DrWhat> AMD FX 8350 :)
03:43:41 <DrWhat> Thats what i have
03:43:52 <DrWhat> and a AMD Radeon 7850
03:43:59 <DrWhat> and a AMD Radeon 7850
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05:01:21 <ElectRo`> .bitcoin
05:01:22 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $299.75, 1 BTC = €238.00
05:21:53 <cayce> yup
05:44:38 <ElectRo`> im ready for bubble burst, buy buy buy on the way down
05:46:23 <DrWhat> .bitcoin
05:46:47 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $302.10, 1 BTC = €239.94
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06:51:55 <DrWhat> macbeth
06:51:58 <DrWhat> YOU WANKER
06:52:18 <Macbeth> Wanker means different things by country
06:52:25 <Macbeth> In America, yes, that's me ;)
06:52:36 <Macbeth> In UK, Not so much but sorta...
07:09:56 <Zekka> Macbeth - I haven't much looked into lolcode but doesn't it just find/replace into C?
07:10:04 <Zekka> You asked about it earlier
07:10:17 <Macbeth> Yes, it does/
07:10:28 <Macbeth> I was jsut curious if anyone has knowledge of it.
07:10:31 <Zekka> I didn't get the impression that it did anything interesting
07:10:41 <Macbeth> Like you said, its dumbed down C
07:10:59 <Macbeth> Butincredibly limited for a language that it basic C
07:11:30 <Zekka> What are some of the limitations it imposes?
07:12:09 <Macbeth> Well, i don't know much about it but I know that the syntax is not incredibly powerful
07:12:35 <Macbeth> And when you have limited syntax, you don't have a programming language
07:13:10 <Zekka> There are some programming languages with minimal syntax that are pretty powerful anyway but I don't get the impression lolcode is one of those
07:13:12 <DrWhat> LOLCode is a very Bumb'd down c
07:13:14 <Macbeth> And it's just for people who couldn't cut it in any other language to be able to say, we know a programming language in my opinion
07:13:22 <DrWhat> it forces to user to make spelling misateakes
07:13:30 <Macbeth> I just said that, drwhat
07:13:38 <Zekka> I never got the impression lolcode was designed around being easy to use or useful for 'people who couldn't cut it'
07:13:39 <DrWhat> NO YOU DIDNT
07:13:42 <DrWhat> STOP LYING
07:13:48 <DrWhat> ^_6
07:13:52 <Zekka> if anything it's more of a meta joke for people who know C and like lolcats
07:13:57 <Macbeth> 0.o
07:13:58 <DrWhat> It is
07:14:00 <DrWhat> its a joke
07:14:03 <DrWhat> haha
07:14:04 <DrWhat> see
07:14:07 <Macbeth> hahahahhaa
07:14:09 <DrWhat> I laughed
07:14:16 <DrWhat> he laughed
07:14:16 <Macbeth> u lol'd
07:14:20 <DrWhat> Joke over
07:14:22 <Macbeth> i lol'd
07:14:24 <Macbeth> yes
07:14:25 * DrWhat pulls out gun
07:14:30 <DrWhat> Now lets never speak of this again
07:14:31 <Macbeth> hahaha
07:14:32 <Zekka> If you want an englishlike language that's actually designed for new programmers and well-crafted, you might look into Inform
07:14:46 <Macbeth> Hmm
07:14:56 <DrWhat> macbeth you can learn english right?
07:15:01 <DrWhat> LUE
07:15:08 <DrWhat> LUA is also english like
07:15:13 <Zekka> it's very domain-specific but it's got (rigid) English-like syntax, powerful comprehensions over both collections and types (which work well with the properties of its type system)
07:15:26 <Zekka> Lua uses some English keywords but I'd hardly call it English-like
07:15:34 <Macbeth> many language have english based syntax
07:15:47 <Macbeth> Python, Ruby, etc
07:15:52 <DrWhat> php
07:15:57 <DrWhat> less so
07:15:58 <DrWhat> XD
07:15:59 <Zekka> as far as structure and the like go it's just like most others
07:16:04 <Macbeth> yeah
07:16:06 <Zekka> er, most other imperative scripting languages
07:16:11 <DrWhat> the only time i use english in PHP is if else
07:16:15 <DrWhat> >.>?
07:16:31 <Zekka> I mean, I've run into a language or two that borrowed no syntax from English
07:16:36 <Macbeth> what: do you know of a good site to begin study on php?
07:16:44 <Macbeth> Zekka: same
07:17:10 <Zekka> the author of one said that he didn't feel right using English keywords because they took away perfectly good identifiers
07:17:23 <Zekka> and itw as his opinion that identifiers should be defined only by users
07:17:29 <Macbeth> my biggest problem with some languages is that you need extensive software to run the programs, like say... java
07:17:53 <Zekka> Macbeth - I'm obligated to mention that PHP coding standards are so bad that I'd personally recommend becoming grounded in a language with better conventions before working with PHP
07:18:06 <Zekka> the same way I trust experienced programmers to dip their toes into BASIC but not new ones
07:18:15 <Macbeth> Alright
07:18:24 <Macbeth> Then what client side language do you think is best?
07:18:27 <Zekka> But you might ignore me because I don't write PHP too often
07:18:30 <Zekka> PHP isn't a client-side language.
07:19:00 <Zekka> If you're writing web apps the only client-side languages you'll probably use (not counting markup languages for representing the document) are Javascript and languages that compile to Javascript
07:19:08 <Zekka> Do you mean serverside languages for web applications?
07:19:22 <Macbeth> yes, thats what im thinking... derp
07:19:47 <Macbeth> PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language.
07:19:52 <Macbeth> wikipedia knows erything
07:19:56 <Zekka> Well, both Python and Ruby are pretty popular in web dev at this point. Ruby's standards for code quality aren't great (Python's are a little higher if I'm not mistaken)
07:20:09 <Macbeth> i think ur right
07:20:18 <Zekka> I'm not a huge fan of the most popular 'new to writing webapps' framework for Python (Flask) but it works
07:20:29 <Macbeth> meh
07:20:43 <Zekka> It uses some practices I really don't like (thread locals, lots of magic)
07:20:51 <Macbeth> got cha
07:20:54 <Macbeth> got'cha
07:20:57 <Zekka> I think it tries to borrow some convenience features from PHP without considering that they hurt in the long run
07:21:23 <Macbeth> Ever think or starting a YouTube channel or something?
07:21:35 <Zekka> Hm, what about?
07:21:48 <DrWhat> sex
07:22:23 <Macbeth> yes, sex
07:22:38 <Macbeth> and programming
07:22:45 <Zekka> As far as PHP and webdev questions go you might ask Joepie by the way
07:22:48 <Macbeth> just random thoughts like what you just sent us
07:23:06 <Zekka> he actively works in PHP and does web development on a regular basis
07:23:13 <Macbeth> yea, he's pretty amazing with tht. knows a shitton of languages
07:23:18 <Zekka> he's also, unlike a lot of PHP developers I've seen, concerned with writing good software
07:24:11 <Zekka> As far as producing content for new programmers, I've actually been working on something that I haven't really published yet
07:24:36 <Zekka> I've been working a little bit on slideshows on programming practices and theory exercises because I'm planning to start a club next year for creative coding
07:24:56 <Zekka> and I'm planning to post at least some of it online
07:25:28 <Macbeth> very nice
07:25:50 <Macbeth> internet club or something with real world meetings?
07:26:50 <Zekka> Real-world meetings, I'm currently in the CS program at a local college and might be able to pick some people up there
07:27:03 <Macbeth> Oh, awesome
07:27:21 <Macbeth> do you go to collage, or do you just hang around there and go to some classes?
07:27:31 <Zekka> I'm a freshman, properly enrolled and all
07:27:41 <Macbeth> very nice
07:28:09 <Zekka> Oh, one other thing as far as PHP goes: I'm working with a very ragged PHP codebase at the moment so many of my prejudices are probably fresh in my mind
07:28:22 <Macbeth> nice
07:28:54 <Macbeth> i went to upload some pics to imgur about 2 hours ago
07:29:04 <Macbeth> i never uploaded them, i ve been looking at other pictures since
07:29:07 <Macbeth> :@
07:29:43 <Macbeth> happens too often!!!!!!!!!
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07:47:34 <Zekka> Evening
07:47:40 <Zekka> (well, probably morning to midday for you)
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07:49:29 <Macbeth> yeah
07:49:34 <Macbeth> hey joepie
07:50:59 <Macbeth> brb
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08:01:31 <DrWhat>
08:01:37 <Macbeth> .title
08:01:38 <DrWhat> My porn collection
08:01:38 <botpie91> Macbeth: My Porn collection - YouTube
08:01:44 <Macbeth> Geez.
08:04:42 <Macbeth> I've got some stuff to do with my website and some other things, and I'll be watching tv for a little while, so I'll see you all tomorrow. :) Night all!
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08:53:51 <joepie91> uh
08:53:54 <joepie91> MK_FG:
08:53:57 <joepie91> second subway branch accepting BTC
08:56:31 <joepie91> also..
09:05:58 <DrWhat>
09:09:16 <DrWhat> JOIN YOU JEWS
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09:15:41 <joepie91> bah, referal spam
09:18:35 <DrWhat>
09:19:07 <DrWhat> .title
09:19:08 <botpie91> DrWhat: BBC News - Internet Archive building damaged by fire
09:20:31 <DrWhat> joepie91 ^
09:20:33 <DrWhat> :(
09:20:35 <DrWhat> Vadalism
09:20:47 <joepie91> the BBC is a bit late
09:20:47 <joepie91> lol
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09:23:59 <joepie91> +1 for BBC mentioning their other archiving stuff
09:24:10 <joepie91> -1 for this sentence: Thanks to the fire, the scanning centre in San Francisco will need to be either heavily repaired or rebuilt, Mr Kahle said.
09:24:20 <joepie91> 'thanks to the fire' sounds a bit awkward
09:24:22 <joepie91> :P
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10:43:26 * crytocc804 slaps LapAnon around a bit with a large fishbot
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11:15:10 <DrWhat> I hungry
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11:15:14 <DrWhat> joepie91 Im hungry
11:15:16 <DrWhat> Feed me
11:15:23 <twitchyliquid64> DrWhat: hey!
11:15:27 <twitchyliquid64> joepie91: hey!
11:15:29 <DrWhat> Oh nop
11:15:54 <twitchyliquid64> its been too long
11:15:56 <twitchyliquid64> been busy
11:16:00 <twitchyliquid64> working and whatnot
11:17:47 <twitchyliquid64> DrWhat: how have you been? havent seen you for ages
11:18:25 <DrWhat> Hungry
11:19:01 <twitchyliquid64> DrWhat: theres a burrito in my fridge you can have
11:19:27 <twitchyliquid64> its got tomato, lettuce, chicken, salsa, cheese, sour cream, and other yummies
11:23:23 <DrWhat> Somone cooks me a pizza
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12:39:59 <DrWhat> Seems people are having issues getting lime to work on winows
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13:14:56 <norbert79> .bt
13:15:04 <norbert79> .bitcoin
13:15:05 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $319.23, 1 BTC = €249.95
13:15:16 <norbert79> jumpy
13:26:17 <joepie91> wha
13:26:20 <joepie91> 319
13:30:48 <joepie91> lolphp:
13:31:22 <DrWhat> Im rich
13:31:24 <DrWhat> :D
13:31:30 <DrWhat> joepie91, Suprrise BUTTSECKS
13:33:43 <norbert79> joepie91: Wtf.. Really? :)
13:34:33 <twitchyliquid64> DrWhat:
13:34:45 <joepie91> yarly
13:34:46 <joepie91> :(
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15:28:31 <zxcvbnm> .btc
15:28:36 <zxcvbnm> .bitcoin
15:28:37 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $325.99, 1 BTC = €264.05
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15:47:43 <lysobit> joepie91, remember that 'should we teach Bitcoin dev to kids?' argument we had a few months back?
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16:08:35 <cayce> oh look, bitcoin's rising again
16:08:38 <cayce> like it always does
16:08:52 <cayce> what a fucking surprise
16:10:09 <lysobit> i like those kind of surprises
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16:41:40 <cayce> oooh
16:41:54 <cayce> potentially forthcoming deal with iran on nuclear shit
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16:46:56 <NSAd> how 2 hak facebook plz
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17:00:12 <cayce> look at it the wrong way
17:00:16 <cayce> done
17:01:46 * cayce yells "NEEEEEEEEXT" at the line of idiots parading in
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17:05:08 <NSAInterceptor> need help pls
17:05:18 <NSAInterceptor> to hak my ex's facebok
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17:06:23 <NSAInterceptor> plzzz????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//
17:06:35 <NSAInterceptor> ne1 her?? helllooo????
17:08:00 <joepie91> oh jesus christ
17:08:02 <joepie91> NSAInterceptor
17:08:04 <joepie91> first of all
17:08:07 <joepie91> read the goddamn channel rules
17:08:09 <joepie91> second of all
17:08:11 <joepie91> learn to fucking spell
17:08:22 <joepie91> third of all
17:08:27 <NSAInterceptor> I sincerely apologise.
17:08:30 <joepie91> you are most likely not in the right place
17:08:40 <NSAInterceptor> Alright, sorry.
17:08:45 <joepie91> troll? good
17:09:04 <NSAInterceptor> lol
17:09:18 <joepie91> was afraid for a moment there that you were a legitimate idiot :|
17:09:29 <x> lol
17:09:36 <joepie91> poe's law and all that
17:09:59 <NSAInterceptor> I thought the hostname would've given it away
17:10:05 <x> Off with their heads I say!!
17:10:09 <joepie91> I wasn't looking at the hostname
17:10:12 <joepie91> lol
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17:15:42 <lysobit>     "Any sufficiently advanced troll is indistinguishable from a genuine kook."
17:16:00 <cayce> is there a citation on that
17:16:08 <lysobit> Yes.!topic/[51-75-false]
17:16:19 <lysobit> "Alan's 2nd Law of Newsgroups: Any sufficiently advanced troll is
17:16:19 <lysobit>   indistinguishable from a genuine kook.
17:16:19 <lysobit> Alan"
17:16:49 <lysobit> Alan Morgan
17:16:49 <lysobit> 01/02/2001
17:18:14 * iceTwy le wave
17:18:55 <iceTwy> hm
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17:19:12 <cayce> :)
17:19:13 <iceTwy> speaking of NSA then
17:19:15 <iceTwy>
17:19:16 <iceTwy> .title
17:19:17 <botpie91> iceTwy: NSA and GCHQ mass surveillance is violation of European law, report finds | World news |
17:19:32 <cayce> oh, what a fucking surprise
17:19:40 <cayce> I bet it violates the data privacy laws
17:19:44 <cayce> and none others
17:19:45 <cayce> lol
17:19:47 <iceTwy> but what's the EU gonna do anyway? major EU powers (France, Germany, Spain, etc) PROVIDE data to NSA
17:20:02 <cayce> compel change
17:20:33 * cayce puts thing on quotes page
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19:28:39 <Macbeth> Hai
19:33:53 <cayce> yes hello this is dog
19:34:04 <Macbeth> ?
19:35:09 <cayce> so what was it you tried to paste me
19:35:13 <cayce> some encrypted shit
19:35:43 <Macbeth> I was testing your key I was not sure I had it right. I think it was just lipsum
19:35:58 <cayce> okay
19:36:14 <cayce> well I can't actually decrypt anything until I figure out how to make gpg let me paste my password in
19:36:28 <Macbeth> wht do you mean?
19:36:29 <cayce> so, gl
19:36:33 <cayce> it won't let me paste
19:36:43 <Macbeth> just click the little clipboard
19:36:48 <cayce> maybe cli will, but thunderbird's shit won't
19:36:54 <cayce> clipboard?
19:37:03 <cayce> I suspect you're talking about a program I'm not using
19:37:12 <Macbeth> are we talking about the gpg client, or thunderbird?
19:37:22 <cayce> gpg isn't a gui
19:37:28 <Macbeth> i know
19:37:34 <cayce> so there can't be a clipboard
19:37:35 <cayce> >_>
19:37:37 <cayce> (button)
19:37:40 <Macbeth> lemme send u a screenie...
19:40:05 Zekka has quit (Ping timeout)
19:40:54 <Macbeth> cayce:
19:42:02 <cayce> I see
19:42:07 <cayce> I've never used that program
19:44:18 <Macbeth> It's just the privacy client. Very, very useful. Easy to operate and what-not.
19:44:41 <cayce> mm
19:44:55 <Macbeth> What os are you on?
19:45:46 <Macbeth>
19:46:07 <cayce> ubuntu
19:46:15 <cayce> I don't have windows
19:46:33 <Macbeth> oh, alright
19:46:44 <Macbeth> You know that ubuntu fucked up everything, right?!
19:47:27 <cayce> that's a wonderfully unbacked statement
19:47:45 <cayce> I suspect you're going to tell me about problems with canonical that either don't matter to me or don't affect me
19:47:47 <Macbeth> No, I've got more if you care to hear it
19:48:41 <Macbeth> They are closed source. Linux and GNU were founded on the principle that opensource OSs are the way to be in general. Then, along comes Ubuntu and has closed source. Dafuq?!
19:54:09 <cayce> what is closed source about it?
19:54:19 <cayce> also, fuck gnu and fuck stallman
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20:48:58 <IR601> ghost cms is pretty sweet
20:50:13 <Macbeth> ive tried using it
20:50:15 <Macbeth> complicated
20:50:31 <Macbeth> the node.js was being an asshole to be so i just designed my own blog :P
20:50:48 <IR601> lol
20:51:46 <Macbeth> im dead serious
20:51:47 <Macbeth> ha ha
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21:39:50 <iceTwy> woah lol
21:39:56 <iceTwy> just found a nice thing
21:39:59 <iceTwy>
21:57:43 <cayce> looks a lot like the startup which was crushed by dropbox when they did the same thing
21:57:53 <cayce> except they downloaded the files into your dropbox
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23:42:02 <Macbeth> r/reddit was banned, hahaha
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